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12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

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J. Stevens and Company Side by Side Shotgun (Circa 1878) exposed hammers and designed to fire Black Powder shotgun shells - 12 gauge
Charles Parker 1878 Side by Side Shotgun - 12 gauge. The Parker Gun Company was absorbed into Remington in 1934.
1960s Era Commercial Stevens hammerless side by side shotgun - 12 gauge
L.C. Smith case hardened hammerless side by side Field shotgun - 12 gauge
Modern Baikal MP-43 Commercial hammerless side by side shotgun - 12 gauge. Baikal is a Russian manufacturer and a version of this budget shotgun is known as the Remington Spartan SPR 220.
Samuel Buckley & Company/Anson & Deeley Side by Side Shotgun - 12 gauge
Winchester Model 24 Side by Side - 12 gauge
Stoeger/IGA Coach imported side by side shotgun - 12 gauge
Stoeger/IGA Coach Gun Supreme Blue with Stainless Receiver - 12 gauge
Stoeger/IGA Longfowler side by side Shotgun - 12 gauge
Zabala 213 side by side Shotgun - 12 gauge
Savage/Stevens 311A Shotgun - 12 gauge
J.P. Sauer Shotgun - 12 gauge
Merkel 40E Shotgun - 12 gauge
Remington SPR210 Shotgun - 12 gauge
Remington SPR210 Shotgun Hammerless Coach Gun - 12 gauge
Remington SPR220 Shotgun - 12 gauge
Remington SPR220 Shotgun Exposed hammer Cowboy Action Gun - 12 gauge
VG Bentley - 12 gauge

The vast majority of shotguns seen in films and television are 12 gauge shotguns. Despite the existence of other gauges like 410, 16, 20, and 28 as well as the older 10 gauge and 8 gauge punt guns (and others), the shotguns most likely to be seen in a film would be the ubiquitous 12 gauge.

There are many instances of 12 Gauge Double Barreled shotguns in films, television, and video games. However it is difficult to determine the exact make and model of gun since the distinctive features are hard to make out, even in close up. However, it is possible to ID the guns eventually if enough of their details are clearly visible in a film. Several things make this possible:

a)The Wooden foregrips are distinctive as is the factory checkering,
b)The lever that removes the foregrip is distinctive,
c)The buttstock is distinctive as well as the shape as seen from the side profile.

It is hoped that more and more of these 'mystery' shotguns will be identified as time goes on.

For identification purposes, don't label the shotgun with a specific model name, if you are not 100% sure that is a this model. Due to the countless number of companies that make the double barreled shotguns that are nearly indistinguishable apart, all shotguns should be identified using the "12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun" term in the absences of any information to the contrary, such as unique parts or visible receiver markings.

Trivia note: Lefever Arms was the first company to introduce a double barreled shotgun without exposed hammers (aka "rabbit ears") in 1878. However, all companies still made double barreled shotguns with exposed hammers until the end of the 19th Century. Only by the 1920s were the vast majority of commercial double barreled shotguns 'hammerless'. Most Westerns use the iconic 'exposed hammer' shotguns because they were the most ubiquitous in the 19th Century, but hammerless shotguns did exist after 1878. By the Prohibition Era of the 20th Century, you would probably see only Hammerless shotguns (with the random exception).

Please check the talk page for additional models and variants of the 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun not shown on the main page. See also Double barreled shotgun for Double Barreled Shotgun models with their own pages.

Side by Side Shotgun

The 12 gauge side by side shotgun is the iconic hunting or 'country' shotgun. From Jed Clampett of "The Beverly Hillbillies" to Frank Castle in The Punisher, the side by side shotgun has been the staple of the hunter or sportsman. The Black powder versions are iconic weapons of the Old West and percussion cap or muzzle loader shotguns are symbols of the Pioneer expansion westward throughout the 1800s. As of the late 1890s, double barreled shotguns were built to withstand the higher pressures of the modern smokeless powder shells.

This section is for all Side by Side shotguns of legal length (i.e. 18" to 28" (or longer)


Title Actor Character Note Date
Tarzan of the Apes Thomas Jefferson Professor Porter 1918
Foolish Wives Erich von Stroheim Count Wladislaw Sergius Karamzin 1922
Pigeon hunters
The Gold Rush Charlie Chaplin The Tramp 1925
Tom Murray Black Larsen
Mack Swain Big Jim McKay
By the Law (Po zakonu) Vladimir Fogel Michael Dennin 1926
Aleksandra Khokhlova Edith Nelson
The Man Who Knew Too Much 1934
China Seas Rosalind Russell Sybil Barclay 1935
Jean Harlow Dolly Portland
Soo Yong Yu-Lan
Wallace Beery Jamesy McArdle
The Petrified Forest Adrian Morris Ruby 1936
Ski Battalion (Za Sovetskuyu Rodinu) Pyotr Kirillov Lt. Riuttu 1937
Ivan Chuvelyov Arttu
Red partisans
The Defense of Volochayevsk Lev Sverdlin Col. Ushijima 1938
Pavel Volkov Fyodor
Each Dawn I Die Prison Guard 1939
Siberians Daniil Sagal Alexey 1940
Aleksandra Kharitonova Valya Kedrova
Sundown Harry Carey Dewey 1941
Fighting Film Collection No. 6 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 6) Pavel Geraga Onisim Petrov 1941
Aleksandra Danilova Pyotr Petrov's wife
Vasili Novikov Old partisan
Went the Day Well? Edward Rigby Bill Purvis 1942
Lady Gangster Police Officer 1942
We Will Come Back (Sekretar raykoma) Mikhail Zharov Gavrila Fedorovich Rusov 1942
Kotovsky Mikhail Astangov Karakozen 1942
Fighting Film Collection No. 11 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 11) Soviet partisans 1942
Fighting Film Collection No. 12 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 12) Mikhail Zharov Grandfather 1942
The Last Chance An Italian partisan 1945
Golden Path (Oqros biliki) Fyodor Ishchenko Rybak 1945
Pursuit to Algiers Olaf Hytten Mr. Stimson 1945
Fort Apache Grant Withers Silas Meacham 1948
Francis Ford Fen
My Darling Clementine Henry Fonda Wyatt Earp 1946
The Paleface Backwoodsmen 1948
Johnny Belinda Jane Wyman Belinda McDonald 1948
Johnny Belinda Charles Bickford Black McDonald 1948
Stray Dog 1949
Rio Grande A Deputy Marshal 1950
Conspiracy of the Doomed (Zagovor obrechyonnykh) Ivan Pelttser Steban 1950
His Kind of Woman Vincent Price Mark Cardigan 1951
Lodge guest
The Witch (Noita palaa elämään) Aku Korhonen Baron Hallberg 1952
Chuk and Gek Nikolai Komissarov Watchman 1953
Vera Vasileva Mother
Incident in the Taiga (Sluchay v tayge) Boris Bityukov Andrey Pavlovich Sazonov 1954
Rimma Shorokhova Yelena Mikhaylovna Sedykh
Aleksandr Antonov Fyodor Nikolaevich Volkov
Anatoliy Kubatskiy Nikita Stepanovich
Gombozhap Tsydynzhapov Bogduyev
Muza Krepkogorskaya Katya Volkova
Ivan Kuznetsov Dolgushin
Tsyren Shagzhin Uladay
Pyotr Lyubeshkin Yegor Ivanovich
Konstantin Nemolyayev Mefodiy
Valentina Belyaeva Maria
Vladimir Gulyaev Yasha
Yevgeniya Ten Jaghda Anykanova
Ivan Ryzhov Hunter
Aleksandr Timontayev Hunter
Lkhasaran Linkhovoin Hunter
Godzilla (1954) Japanese Villagers 1954
Johnny Guitar Mercedes McCambridge Emma Small 1954
Johnny Guitar Clem Harvey Posseman 1954
They Come Out of the Darkness (Pricházejí z tmy) Adolf Král Karel Martinec 1954
School of Courage (Shkola muzhestva) Yevgeni Kudryashov A student 1954
Georgi Gumilevsky Akim Ryabukha Possibly TOZ-B
The Road (Doroga) Andrei Popov Sergei Ignatyevich Baytalin 1955
Viktor Avdyushko Vasya
Lev Sverdlin Beimbetov
Boris Bityukov A musician
Tracks in the Snow (Sledy na snegu) Pyotr Reshetnikov Innokentiy Bykadyrov Possibly TOZ-B or TOZ-BM 1955
Mikhail Medvedev Ivan Sharaborin
Georgi Gumilevsky Pakhomych
And God Created Woman hanging on the wall 1956
A Day of Fury in arms rack 1956
Baby Doll Karl Malden Archie Lee Meighan 1956
At Map Grid 45 (V kvadrate 45) Vsevolod Platov Valentin Volgin probably TOZ-B 1956
Vladimir Zeldin Shmelyov
Ivan Voronov The elder saboteur
Nikolai Khryashchikov Grigory Fedotov
On the Count's Ruins (Na grafskikh razvalinakh) Georgi Gumilevsky Maksim Nefyodovich Babushkin 1958
Smugglers of Death Miroslav Holub Gamekeeper Paleček 1959
To Catch a Thief Cary Grant John Robie 1955
20 Million Miles to Earth Sid Cassel Farmer 1957
The Golden Eshelon (Zolotoy eshelon) A Red partisan 1959
The Siege of Sidney Street London police 1960
The Magnificent Seven Man guarding graveyard 1960
The Unforgiven (1960) Albert Salmi Charlie Rawlins J. Stevens and Company Side by Side Shotgun 1960
Charles Bickford Zeb Rawlins
Flaming Star Steve Forrest Clint Burton 1960
Richard Jaeckel Angus Pierce
The Black Monocle (Le Monocle noir) Raoul Saint-Yves Jean 1961
How the West Was Won George Peppard Zeb Rawlings 1962
To Kill a Mockingbird Vigilante 1962
Treasure of Silver Lake Lex Barker Old Shatterhand 1962
Treasure of Silver Lake Götz George Fred Engel 1962
Treasure of Silver Lake Marianne Hoppe Mrs. Butler 1962
The Four Days of Naples Italian Resistance fighters 1962
Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace (Sherlock Holmes und das Halsband des Todes) Wolfgang Lukschy Peter Blackburn Standard and Coach Gun 1962
Corrado Annicelli Samuels Coach Gun
Apache Gold Lex Barker Old Shatterhand 1963
Highway Pick-Up (Chair de poule) Roux's son 1963
The Girl Hunters Mickey Spillane Mike Hammer 1963
The Girl Hunters Shirley Eaton Laura Knapp 1963
The Black Abbot Dieter Borsche Lord Harry Chelford 1963
The Indian Scarf Seen in the weapon closet 1963
It Happened at the World's Fair Olan Soule Henry Johnson 1963
The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle In the gun cabinet 1963
The Killers Robert Phillips George Fleming 1964
Atentát Oldrich Lukes Gamekeeper 1964
Old Shatterhand Ralf Wolter Sam Hawkens 1964
Mirko Ellis Joe Burker
Dixon's henchmen, Apache and Comanche warriors
The Yellow One Lex Barker Kara Ben Nemsi The Bear Killer 1964
Marianne Hold Annette Galingré
Ralf Wolter Hadschi Halef Omar
Amongst Vultures Walter Barnes Martin Bauman Sr. 1964
Renato Baldini Judge Leader
Vladimir Medar Baker Sr.
I Am Cuba (Soy Cuba) Cuban guerrillas 1964
Kissin' Cousins Arthur O'Connell Pappy Tatum 1964
Room 13 Erik Radolf Ambrose 1964
Mark of the Tortoise Hans Paetsch Sir Cyrus Bradley 1964
The Seventh Victim Used in a trap 1964
The Heroes of Telemark Michael Redgrave Uncle 1965
Major Dundee José Carlos Ruiz Riago 1965
Major Dundee R.G. Armstrong Reverend Dahlstrom 1965
Major Dundee Dub Taylor Priam 1965
The Sons of Katie Elder Paul Fix Sheriff Watson 1965
Old Surehand Veljko Maricic McHara 1965
Miroslav Buhin Bob McHara
The Sleeping Lion (Spyashchiy lev) Sergey Filippov Matvey Gavrilovich Goloskokov Supposedly TOZ-B or TOZ-BM 1965
The Chase Posse 1966
Island of Terror 1966
Wild Honey (Dikiy myod) Lev Polyakov A geologist 1966
Winnetou and the Crossbreed Uschi Glas Apanatschi 1966
Walter Barnes McHaller
Vladimir Leib Pincky
Thunder at the Border Rod Cameron Old Firehand 1966
Pierre Brice Winnetou
Todd Armstrong Tom
Vladimir Medar Caleb
Ilija Ivezic Moses
Harald Leipnitz Silers
Viktor de Kowa Sir Robert Ravenhurst
A Colt Is My Passport Akio Miyabe Miyoshi 1967
In the Heat of the Night James Patterson Mr. Purdy 1967
Day of Anger Andrea Bosic Abel Murray 1967
Will Penny Joan Hackett Catherine Allen 1967
Hour of the Gun Jon Voight "Curly Bill" Brocius 1967
Hour of the Gun Jason Robards Doc Holliday 1967
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre David Canary Frank Gusenberg 1967
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre George Segal Pete Gusenberg 1967
Hombre Martin Balsam Henry Mendez 1967
Cool Hand Luke Luke Askew Boss Paul 1967
Sorrel Flower (Fleur d'oseille) Mireille Darc Catherine also sawed-off 1967
Sorrel Flower (Fleur d'oseille) Anouk Ferjac Marité 1967
Bonnie and Clyde Gene Hackman Buck Barrow 1967
The End of Agent W4C Jan Libícek A Resident 1967
I, Justice (Já, spravedlnost) Angelica Domröse Inge 1967
Shock Troops (Un homme de trop) Resistance fighters 1967
Major "Whirlwind" (Mayor "Vikhr") Vladislav Strzhelchik Col. Berg 1967
Once Upon a Time in the West Frank henchmen 1968
The Great Silence Walter's outlaw 1968
Targets Tim O'Kelly Bobby Thompson 1968
Otley Leonard Rossiter Johnson 1968
Otley James Villiers Hendrickson 1968
The Marathon (Maratón) Jaromír Hanzlík Ruda Strecha 1968
I, Justice (Já, spravedlnost) Angelica Domröse Inge 1968
Madigan N.Y.P.D. officer 1968
Targets Tim O'Kelly Bobby Thompson 1968
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Gert Fröbe Baron Bomburst 1968
Stay Away, Joe Joan Blondell Glenda Callahan 1968
The Horror of Blackwood Castle Heinz Drache Humphrey Connery 1968
P.J. Raymond Burr William Orbinson hammerless 1968
Bonnot's Gang (La bande à Bonnot) Annie Girardot Maria la Belge Exposed hammers; possibly pinfire Lefaucheux model, converted to centerfire 1968
Bruno Cremer Jules Bonnot
Jean-Pierre Kalfon Octave Garnier
Seen in the gun store, hammerless and with exposed hammers
One Chance in One Thousand (Odin shans iz tysyachi) Nikolay Grinko Denis Korneevich Prokhorenko 1969
Grigoriy Shpigel SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Schirach
Oleg Savosin Maj. Kracht
German officers
That Splendid November Gina Lollobrigida Cettina 1969
Support Your Local Sheriff! Jack Elam Jake 1969
On a Comet Karel Effa Corporal Ben 1970
Rider on the Rain (Le passager de la pluie) Marlène Jobert Mélancolie 'Mellie' Mau 1970
Little Big Man Stagecoach guard 1970
Little Big Man Stagecoach guard 1970
Little Big Man Stagecoach guard 1970
They Call Me Trinity Bud Spencer Bambino 1970
Terence Hill Trinity
And God Said to Cain Hanged on a wall 1970
Chisum Forrest Tucker Lawrence Murphy 1970
Chisum Ben Johnson James Pepper (coach gun) 1970
No Blade Of Grass Nigel Davenport John Custance 1970
The Ballad of Cable Hogue shotgun messenger 1970
The Black Angels (Chernite angeli) Participants of shooting contest 1970
Olesya Anatoli Barchuk Dmytro 1971
Mission in Kabul (Missiya v Kabule) Gleb Strizhenov Gedeonov Hammerless 1971
Algimantas Masiulis Gerhard Epp Hammerless and with exposed hammers
Get Carter Michael Caine Jack Carter 1971
Prime Cut Henchmen 1971
Trinity is Still My Name Jessica Dublin Farrah 1971
Take It Easy It's a Waltz (Laisse aller ... c'est une Valse) Paul Préboist As Rollas 1971
Hannie Caulder Strother Martin Rufus Clemens 1971
Big Jake John Wayne Jake McCandles 1971
Big Jake Christopher Mitchum Michael McCandles 1971
Big Jake Bruce Cabot Sam 1971
Big Jake Richard Boone John Fain 1971
Bad Man's River Jess Hahn Tom Odie (coach gun) 1971
Straw Dogs Dustin Hoffman David Sumner 1971
The Seventh Bullet (Sedmaya pulya) uncredited Ghulyam 1972
The Grand Duel Alberto Dentice Wermeer Not loaded 1972
Lee Van Cleef Sheriff Clayton
Gastone Pescucci Borghesse
The Revengers Ernest Borgnine Hoop 1972
The Godfather Richard S. Castellano Peter Clemenza 1972
The Godfather Angelo Infanti Fabrizio 1972
The Godfather Franco Citti Calo 1972
The Path Towards Uninterested Love (Tropoy beskorystoy lyubvi) Dmitriy Orlovskiy Forester Mikhalych 1972
Arkadi Tolbuzin Poacher Viktor
Sergei Yurtajkin Poacher Lyokha
Evgeniy Zosimov Poacher
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid R.G. Armstrong Clell Miller 1972
Chato's Land Simon Oakland Jubal Hooker 1972
Peter Dyneley Ezra Meade
Horror Express Peter Cushing Dr. Wells Exposed hammers 1972
Christopher Lee Sir Alexander Saxton
The Man from Acapulco (Le Magnifique) Jean-Paul Belmondo Bob Saint-Clair Sawn-off 1973
Black Caesar Mafia henchmen 1973
Oklahoma Crude John Mills Cleon Doyle 1973
The Silent One (Le Silencieux) KGB killer in a car 1973
Electra Glide in Blue Drug smuggler 1973
Papillon John Quade Masked Breton 1973
The Seven-Ups Victor Arnold Barilli 1973
Walking Tall Joe Don Baker Buford Pusser 1973
High Plains Drifter Anthony James Cole Carlin 1973
High Plains Drifter John Mitchum Warden 1973
The Crazies infected resident 1973
Chino Charles Bronson Chino Valdez Coach Gun 1973
Vincent Van Patten Jamie Wagner
And on the Pacific... (I na Tikhom Okeane...) Vladimir Van-Zo-Li Xing Bing Wu 1974
The Sugarland Express civilian police reservist 1974
Foxy Brown Peter Brown Steve Elias 1974
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia Grandpa 1974
Zardoz Exterminators 1974
McQ Al Lettieri Santiago 1974
Melvin Purvis G-MAN Elliott Street Buckwheat Longaker 1974
Melvin Purvis G-MAN Bob Pinson Mr. Longaker 1974
Lacombe, Lucien Pierre Blaise Lucien Lacombe 1974
Act of Aggression (L'Agression) Claude Brasseur André Ducatel 1975
Bucktown Carl Weathers Hambone 1975
The Day That Shook the World Christopher Plummer Archduke Ferdinand 1975
The Day That Shook the World Florinda Bolkan Sophie 1975
Libera, My Love (Libera, amore mio ...) Adolfo Celi Libera's father 1975
The Old Gun (Le vieux fusil) Philippe Noiret Julien Dandieu 1975
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze Ron Ely Doc Savage 1975
The Deadly Tower Kurt Russell Charles Whitman 1975
The French Detective (Adieu, poulet) Mercier sons 1975
A Boy and His Dog Tim McIntire Theater guard 1975
The Yakuza Robert Mitchum Harry Kilmer 1975
The Yakuza James Shigeta Goro 1975
French Connection II Fernando Rey Charnier 1975
Bite The Bullet Candice Bergen Miss Jones 1975
The Lost Expedition (Propavshaya ekspeditsiya) Sergey Shevkunenko Mitya 1975
Nikolay Grinko Smelkov
Peasant Son (Krestyanskiy syn) Red partisans 1975
The Tree of Guernica (L'arbre de Guernica) Spanish Republicans Exposed hammers 1975
The Climber (L'ambizioso) Aldo's and Don Enrico's henchmen Exposed hammers 1975
Golden River (Zolotaya rechka) Andrey Kharybin Tyomka 1976
The Eagle Has Landed Jenny Agutter Molly 1976
The Eagle Has Landed Donald Sutherland Liam Devlin 1976
Jaws Shark Hunter 1976
The Victor (Pobeditel) Evgeniy Shutov Mityay Arsanov 1976
Mikhail Lobanov Yegor
Aleksei Loktev Aleksandr Ganin
Armed and Dangerous (Vooruzhyon i ochen opasen) Lyudmila Senchina Julie Prudhomme 1977
gold digger
Judge Fayard Called the Sheriff Police officer Side by side 1977
I Am the Law (Il prefetto di ferro) Giuliano Gemma Caesare Mori 1977
I Am the Law (Il prefetto di ferro) Various 1977
The Deep Robert Shaw Romer Treece 1977
Jacqueline Bisset Gail Berke
Death of a Corrupt Man (Mort d'un pourri) Alain Delon Xavier 'Xav' Maréchal 1977
Death of a Corrupt Man (Mort d'un pourri) Klaus Kinski Nicolas Tomski 1977
The Silent Nephew (Un neveu silencieux) Jean Bouise Alexandre 1977
Rolling Thunder William Devane Major Charles Rane 1977
The White Buffalo Douglas Hume Aaron Pratt 1977
F.I.S.T. Mob enforcers 1978
Go Tell the Spartans South Vietnamese militia 1978
The Deer Hunter 1978
The Thirty Nine Steps Miles Anderson David Hamilton 1978
The Thirty Nine Steps Derek Anders Donald 1978
Blood Feud Sophia Loren Conchita Paterno 1978
Marcello Mastroianni Rosario Maria Spalone
Mario Scarpetta Tonino
An Ordinary Miracle (Obyknovennoye chudo) Vsevolod Larionov Hunter TOZ-BM 1978
Andrey Leonov Hunter's servant
Evgeniya Simonova Princess
Shadows of a Hot Summer (Stíny horkého léta) Juraj Kukura Ondrej Baran 1978
Revenge of the Pink Panther Robert Webber Philippe Douvier 1978
Severino Zephi Alsec "Quarter of a Litre" 1978
Ranchers and Indians
Sweeney 2 Ken Hutchison Frank Hill Gold-plated 1978
The Muppet Movie Charles Durning Doc Hopper 1979
The Muppet Movie Henchmen some coach guns 1979
1941 Ned Beatty Ward Douglas 1979
Moonraker Roger Moore James Bond 1979
Moonraker Michael Lonsdale Hugo Drax 1979
The Hijacking of Savoy (Pokhishchenie Savoi) Aleksandr Mikhajlov Gido Torstensen 1979
Antoni Jurasz Prof. Stanislaw Werzanski
Savage Hunt of King Stakh (Dikaya okhota korolya Stakha) Igor Klass Rygor 1980
Heaven's Gate Christopher Walken Nathan Champion 1980
Brubaker Yaphet Kotto Richard 'Dickie' Coombes 1980
Maniac Joe Spinell Frank Zito 1980
Tom Horn Slim Pickens Sheriff Creedmore 1980
Race for the Yankee Zephyr Robert Bruce Frank the Bartender 1981
Eye of the Needle Kate Nelligan Lucy Rose 1981
Eye of the Needle Christopher Cazenove David Rose 1981
Two Long Hoots in the Fog (Dva dolgikh gudka v tumane) Andrey Tolubeev Gusakov 1981
Anadyr crewmembers
Creepshow Stephen King Jordy Verrill 1982
Lone Wolf McQuade bandit 1983
Trading Places Dan Aykroyd Winthorpe 1983
Christine Robert Prosky Will Darnell 1983
Confidentially Yours (Vivement dimanche!) Philippe Morier-Genoud Supt. Santelli 1983
The Africain (L'Africain) The poacher 1983
The Little Shepherd Boy from the Valley (Pasácek z doliny) Bronislav Poloczek The gamekeeper 1983
The Lynx Follows the Path (Rys vykhodit na tropu) Dmitriy Orlovskiy Forester Mikhalych 1983
Uncredited Poacher Vitya
The Sign of Four Robert Russell Butler Williams 1983
The Mysteries of Bucharest (Misterele Bucurestilor) Florin Piersic Margelatu Exsposed hammers 1983
George Motoi Delvos
Ion Marinescu Rosetti
Shades of Fern (Stín kapradiny) Various Gamekeepers 1984
Smoky the Cowhorse (Dymka) Ermengeld Konovalov Ziv 1985
Wheels of Fire uncredited Spike's grandfather . 1985
Back to the Future Will Hare Old Man Peabody 1985
Plenty Maquisard 1985
Silverado 1985
The Quiet Earth Bruno Lawrence Zac Hobson 1985
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning Carol Locatell Ethel Hubbard 1985
The Emerald Forest Chico Terto Paulo 1985
Atkins Oleg Borisov Tom Atkins 1985
Peter Zimmermann Morris
Indian warriors
Young Sherlock Holmes Freddie Jones Chester Cragwitch 1985
The Lynx Returns (Rys vozvrashchayetsya) Elena Melnikova Nadya 1986
Kirill Stolyarov Poacher
Vladimir Prokhorov Poacher
Anatoly Vedyonkin Poacher
Nikolay Pogodin Poacher
Aleksandr Mikhajlov Forester Yuriy Ivanovich Drozdov
Out of Africa Meryl Streep Karen Blixen i 1986
Raw Deal Mobsters 1986
Critters Billy Green Bush Jay Brown 1986
Critters Dee Wallace Helen Brown 1986
Critters Scott Grimes Brad Brown 1986
Evil Dead II Bruce Campbell Ash Sawed-off 1987
The Monster Squad Vampire Hunters Sawed-off 1987
Matewan Mary McDonnell Elma Radnor 1987
Near Dark bartender 1987
Island of Lost Ships (Ostrov pogibshikh korabley) Islanders 1987
Messenger of Death John Ireland Zenas Beecham 1988
Scrooged Bobcat Goldthwait Eliot Loudermilk 1988
Colors gang members 1988
Road House Kevin Tighe Frank Tilghman Stevens 311 1989
Kill Me Again Indian boy 1989
Stray Dogs (Psy) Sergey Kokovkin Boris Makarenko Supposedly TOZ-63 1989
Mikhail Zhigalov "The Silent"
Raikhan Aitkozhanova Gili
Misery Kathy Bates Annie Wilkes 1990
L.A. Story L.A. commuter 1990
The Hot Spot Don Johnson Harry Madox 1990
The Hot Spot William Sadler Frank Sutton 1990
Night of the Living Dead William Butler Tom 1990
Under Northern Lights aka Under Aurora (Pod severnym siyaniyem aka Orora no shita de) Zhan Baizhanbayev Alyosha 1990
Andrei Boltnev Arseniy
Nikita Mikhalkov Lezhnev
Vladimir Kuznetsov Store owner
seen at the store
Ay, Carmela! Spanish Republicans 1990
The Passport Leo Pilpani Vakhtang Papashvili Exposed hammers 1991
Lumi Andrey Shcherbovich-Vecher Jacob Gumpert 1991
Ricochet John Lithgow Earl Talbot Blake 1991
Past Midnight Natasha Richardson Laura Mathews 1991
The Big Gold of Mr. Greenwood (Bolshoe zoloto mistera Grinvuda) Vladimir Borisov Lyonka Panteleev 1991
Ivan Agafonov Ageich
Aleksandr Yakovlev Maksimych
Dmitiry Kozlov A criminal
Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady Patrick Monckton Laszlo Karparti Hammerless 1991
Dominic Jephcott Von Bork Exposed hammers
Unforgiven John Pyper-Ferguson Charley Hecker 1992
Freejack Amanda Plummer Nun 1992
Of Mice and Men Richard Riehle Carlson 1992
Beyond the Law Michael Madsen Blood 1992
Hoffa Danny DeVito Bobby Ciaro 1992
Thunderheart GOONs (Guardians of the Oglala Nation) 1992
Belle Epoque Ariadna Gil Violeta 1992
Chaplin An Actor on the set of Goldrush 1992
Sherlock Holmes: Incident at Victoria Falls John Indi Khumalo Exposed hammers 1992
Christopher Lee Sherlock Holmes
Necronomicon Judith Drake Mrs. Benedict 1993
Signy Coleman Sarah
The Wild East Konstantin Shamshurin Godfather 1993
Lilliputians, Bikers
The Full Moon (Polnolunie) seen on the wall 1993
Istanbul Transit (Stambulskiy tranzit) Anatoliy Kotenyov Viktor Zvyagin 1993
Blood In, Blood Out Gangmember 1993
Army of Darkness Bruce Campbell Ash Sawed-off 1993
Nowhere to Run Ted Levine Dunston 1993
Wyatt Earp Mark Harmon Sheriff Behan 1994
The Gray Wolves (Serye volki) Rolan Bykov Nikita Khrushchyov 1993
Lev Durov Anastas Mikoyan
Pyotr Velyaminov Nikolay Ignatov
Legends of the Fall Anthony Hopkins Colonel Ludlow 1994
The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin Vladimir Ilin Golubev 1994
The Black Veil (Chyornaya vual) 1995
Wild Bill Bruce Dern Will Plummer 1995
A Judgement in Stone (La Cérémonie) Jean-Pierre Cassel Georges Lelievre 1995
A Judgement in Stone (La Cérémonie) Sandrine Bonnaire Sophie Bonhomme 1995
A Judgement in Stone (La Cérémonie) Isabelle Huppert Jeanne 1995
Babe James Cromwell Farmer Arthur Hoggett 1995
In the Mouth of Madness Wilhelm von Homburg Simon 1995
Independence Day Judd Hirsch Julius Levinson 1996
Lone Star 1996
The Juror Shooter Sawed off 1996
The Postman Ron McLarty Old George 1997
Marie from the Bay of Angels (Marie Baie des Anges) Marc Brunet Louis 1997
U-Turn Store owner 1997
Sara Marek Perepeczko Jozef 1997
Insomnia (1997) Bjørn Floberg Jon Holt 1997
Last Stand At Saber River Suzi Amis Martha Cable 1997
Brother Danila's drunkard-neighbor 1997
Jane Austen's Mafia! Stefan Lysenko Ruffo 1998
Black Cat, White Cat (Crna macka, beli macor) On the Wall 1998
B. Monkey Asia Argento B. Monkey 1998
B. Monkey Jared Harris Alan Furnace 1998
Dollar for the Dead Ed Lauter Jacob Colby Probably Spanish manufacturing, with exposed hammers 1998
William Forsythe Dooley
Akers' henchmen
Hard Rain Betty White Doreen 1998
Free Money Prison guards 1998
Sunshine Ralph Fiennes Ivan Sors 1999
Sunshine William Hurt Andor Knorr 1999
Rifleman of the Voroshilov Regiment Ilya Drevnov Vadim Pashutin 1999
eXistenZ Willem Dafoe Gas 1999
Random Hearts Bill Cobbs Marvin 1999
The Green Mile Lawmen and posse members 1999
The Green Mile James Cromwell Warden Hal Moores 1999
The Lost Son Katrin Cartlidge Emily 1999
Daniel Auteuil Xavier Lombard
The Long Kill Travis Tritt Sheriff Dalton Probably Spanish manufacturing, with exposed hammers 1998
High Noon Tom Skerritt Will Kane 2000
The Watcher Keanu Reeves Griffin 2000
James Spader Campbell
Shanghai Noon Town Sheriff at bar fight 2000
The Way of the Gun used as a booby trap, IGA Coach Gun 2000
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Death on the Nile the lord 2000
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Death on the Nile Daniel Lapaine Tim Allerton 2000
The Prince of the Pacific (Le prince du Pacifique) Fijian soldiers 2000
Formula 51 skinhead 2001
Charlotte Gray John Pierce Jones Monceau 2001
Scotland, PA. Glenn Wadman Andy the Homeless Guy 2001
The Forsaken Carrie Snodgress Ina 2001
The Forsaken Kerr Smith Sean 2001
Training Day Cliff Curtis Smiley 2001
Training Day Noel Gugliemi Moreno 2001
The Mummy Returns Brendan Fraser Rick O'Connell 2001
Jeepers Creepers Eileen Brennan The Cat Lady 2001
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Richard Griffiths Vernon Dursley 2001
Heist Gene Hackman Joe Moore 2001
Heist Delroy Lindo Bobby 2001
Escanaba in da Moonlight Guy Sanville Uncle Alvin 2001
Don't Tempt Me Demian Bichir Manny 2001
Monster's Ball Billy Bob Thornton Hank Grotowski Savage/Fox Model B 2001
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course Magda Szubanski Brozzie Drewitt 2002
The Bourne Identity Matt Damon Jason Bourne in the farm's scene 2002
The Scoundrel's Wife Rudolf Martin Neg Picou 2002
Crocodile 2: Death Swamp Martin Kove Roland 2002
Crocodile 2: Death Swamp Chuck Walczak Zach 2002
City of God Gangster 2002
Darkness Falls seen at the Gun Shop 2003
Dark Woods (Villmark) Bjørn Floberg Gunnar 2003
Eva Röse Elin
Simon Norrthon The German
Knockaround Guys Kevin Gage Gordon Brucker 2002
Insomnia Al Pacino Detective Will Dormer 2002
Insomnia Robin Williams Walter Finch 2002
Bad Boys II Gloria Irizarry Donna Maria Tapia 2003
The Ghost and the Darkness John Kani Samuel 2003
Wrong Turn Desmond Harrington Chris Flynn 2003
Wrong Turn Ted Clark One Eye 2003
The Big Empty Adam Beach Randy 2003
Open Range Kevin Costner Charlie Waite 2003
Open Range Abraham Benrubi Mose 2003
Open Range Robert Duvall Boss Spearman 2003
Zelary Villager 2003
The Wolf of Vesyegonsk (Vesyegonskaya volchitsa) Oleg Fomin Yegor 2004
Lev Borisov Matvey
Elena Drobysheva Masha
The Corsican File (L'enquête Corse) Jean Reno Ange Leoni Sawn-off 2004
The Corsican File (L'enquête Corse) Guy Cimino Borgnoli 2004
Choking Hazard Dagmar Patrasová Woman in leather overalls 2004
The Punisher Thomas Jane Frank Castle long barreled hunting (Savage/Stevens 311H); also sawed off 2004
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Death on the Nile Daniel Lapaine Tim Allerton 2004
Saw mounted in quadruple shotgun hallway trap 2004
House of Wax Brian Van Holt Bo Sinclair 2005
Chad Michael Murray Nick Jones
Elisha Cuthbert Carly Jones
The Skeleton Key Gena Rowlands Violet Devereaux 2005
Peter Sarsgaard Luke Marshall
The Dukes of Hazzard Steve Lemme Jimmy 2005
Miracle at Sage Creek David Carradine Ike 2005
Miracle at Sage Creek Bill McLain "Stagecoach Shotgun" 2005
End Game Burt Reynolds General Montgomery 2006
The Illusionist Rufus Sewell Crown Prince Leopold 2006
Saw III mounted in "Rack" trap 2006
Death Note 2: The Last Name Uncredited Bank Robber 2006
Kilometer 31 Adrià Collado Nuño Coach Gun 2006
Piranha (Okhota na piranyu) Anna Ukolova Nina 2006
The Hitchhiker Jeff Denton Jack 2006
The Prestige Andy Serkis Alley 2006
Cold Prey Ingrid Bolsø Berdal Jannicke hammerless 2006
Cold Prey Rolf Kristian Larsen Morten Tobias hammerless 2006
Dead End (Dood eind) Aram van de Rest Ben hammerless 2006
Everon Jackson Hooi Chris
female bandit
Pan's Labyrinth Spanish Maquis 2006
Desperation 2006
The Golden Compass Gyptian men 2007
Skinwalkers Kim Coates Zo 2007
Shooter Ned Beatty Senator Meachum 2007
Cargo 200 (Gruz 200) Aleksey Serebryakov Aleksey 2007
Natalya Akimova Antonina
Agniya Kuznetsova Angelika
Aleksey Poluyan Captain Zhurov
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End Henry Rollins Dale Murphy 2007
Jeff Scrutton Three Finger
Wayne Robson Old Man
Snow Angels Sam Rockwell Glenn Marchand 2007
The Abandoned Paraskeva Djukelova Marie's Mother 2007
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Garret Dillahunt Ed Miller 2007
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Michael Copeman Edward O'Kelley 2007
There Will Be Blood Daniel Day-Lewis Daniel Plainview 2007
Wild Field (Dikoe pole) Militians 2008
Max Manus: Man of War Aksel Hennie Max Manus 2008
Miracle at St. Anna Redneck 2008
Saw V Tobin Bell John "Jigsaw" Kramer 2008
The Gravedigger (Hrobník) Vilma Cibulková Sojková 2008
The 39 Steps Patrick Kennedy Hellory Sinclair w/ & w/o hammers 2008
The Brothers Bloom Robbie Coltrane Curator 2008
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay Beverly D'Angelo Sally coach gun 2008
Appaloosa Various characters 2008
Zombieland Jesse Eisenberg Columbus 2008
Zombieland Emma Stone Wichita 2008
Mesrine: Killer Instinct numerous characters 2008
Twilight Billy Burke Charlie Swan 2008
Lone Rider Lou Diamond Phillips Bobby Hattaway 2008
Humans Christian Kmiotek Paulo 2009
Carriers Lou Taylor Pucci Danny 2009
Saw VI Tobin Bell John "Jigsaw" Kramer flashback from Saw III 2009
Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Graham Greene Harry 2009
Habermann Karel Roden Karel Březina 2010
Habermann Radek Holub Mašek 2010
Outside the Law French shopkeepers 2010
Outside the Law Algerian protestors 2010
Winter's Bone Jennifer Lawrence Ree Dolly 2010
Shanghai Hon Ping Tang Chen Sawed off 2010
Shanghai Chow Yun-Fat Anthony Lan-Ting Sawed off 2010
Shanghai Chinese resistance fighters Sawed off 2010
The Assault (L'Assaut) Suspect 2010
Cold Prey III Nils Johnson Jon 2010
Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen Anders
Ida Marie Bakkerud Hedda
Endre Hellestveit The Mountain Man
The Clinic Marcel Bracks Duncan 2010
Tabrett Bethell Beth
The Pack Yolande Moreau La Spack 2010
Émilie Dequenne Charlotte Massot
Big Money Rustlas Shaggy 2 Dope Sheriff Sugar Wolf 2010
Steve Robinson The Store Owner Coach gun
Mark Jury Dirty Sanchez Coach gun
Jamie Madrox Raw Stank
Monoxide Dusty Poot Coach gun
Mike E. Clark The Bartender Coach gun
6 Guns A posse member Coach gun 2010
Zombie Ass: The Toilet of the Dead Arisa Nakamura Megumi 2011
Me and my Demon (Nenu Naa Rakshasi) Abhimanyu's father 2011
Blackthorn Eduardo Noriega Eduardo Apodaca 2011
Catch .44 Jill Stokesberry Francine 2011
The Prey (La Proie) Stéphane Debac Jean-Louis Maurel 2011
The Prey (La Proie) Stéphane Debac Jean-Louis Maurel 2011
The Guard 2011
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Beverly D'Angelo Sally coach gun, reused footage from Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay 2011
Cowboys & Aliens Daniel Craig Jake Lonergan coach gun 2011
Cowboys & Aliens Harrison Ford Woodrow Dolarhyde 2011
Cowboys & Aliens Buck Taylor Wes Claiborne coach gun 2011
War Horse Peter Mullan Ted Narracott 2011
War Horse Jeremy Irvine Albert Narracott 2011
Contagion Matt Damon Mitch Emhoff 2011
Cockneys vs. Zombies 2012
Five Brides (Pyat nevest) Patrolmen in the village 2011
Rebellion Rebels 2011
Assassination Games Jean-Claude Van Damme Vincent Brazil 2011
Hotel Lux 2011
The Baytown Outlaws Clayne Crawford Brick 2012
The Dark Knight Rises Marion Cotillard Miranda Tate 2012
The Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy Bane 2012
Iron Sky farmer 2012
The Liability Tomi May Danil 2012
Meeting Evil Ryan Lee Scooter 2012
Meeting Evil Samuel L. Jackson Richie 2012
Kill Zombie! Noel Deelen Joris Remington SPR220 with sawn-off stock 2012
Kill Zombie! garage owner Remington SPR220 with sawn-off stock 2012
Skyfall Albert Finney Mr. Kincaid 2012
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Colm Meaney Pat Farrell 2013
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Steve Coogan Alan Partridge 2013
Pawnshop (Lombard) Denis Nikiforov Mark only on the poster 2013
Yuriy's gang member
Blue Ruin Macon Blair Dwight 2013
Kevin Kolack Teddy
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared Mia Skäringer Gunilla 2013
The Dark Valley Tobias Moretti Hans Brenner 2014
Helmuth A. Häusler Hubert Brenner
Martin Leutgeb Otto Brenner
Clemens Schick Luis Brenner
ABCs of Death 2 Vigilant 2014
All at Once Ilya Naishuller armorer 2014
Life After Beth John C. Reilly Maury Slocum 2014
Gun Woman Andrew Shepherd The Room Caretaker Stoeger Double Defense 2014
Fugitives (Begletsy) Pyotr Fyodorov Pavel Nechayev 2014
Fugitives (Begletsy) Elizaveta Boyarskaya Ustya 2014
The Hateful Eight Michael Madsen Joe Coach Gun 2015
The Rover Scoot McNairy Henry 2014
Far from Men Viggo Mortensen Daru 2014
Algerian rebels
Cold in July Sam Shepard Ben Russell 2014
Beyond the Reach Michael Douglas John Madec 2014
Martyrs Troian Bellisario Lucie 2015
Bailey Noble Anna
The Last Witch Hunter seen in the Kaulder's armory 2015
Bone Tomahawk Richard Jenkins Chicory 2015
The Dawns Here Are Quiet (A zori zdes tikhie...) Aleksey Barabash Guest of Brichkin's 2015
Slow West Kodi Smit-McPhee Jay Cavendish Promo image only 2015
Here Alone Lucy Walters Ann 2016
Gina Piersanti Olivia
Jeffrey Rinick Man
Danielle Smith Mother
Forsaken Christopher Rosamond Daniel Peterson 2015
Don Bland Mr. Chadwick
The Magnificent Seven Chris Pratt Josh Farraday 2016
Jason Bourne Matt Damon Jason Bourne 2016
Blood Father Erin Moriarty Lydia Link 2016
Blood Father Mel Gibson John Link 2016
Free State of Jones Matthew McConaughey Newton Knight 2016
The Legend of Tarzan Samuel L. Jackson George Washington Williams 2016
Daylight's End Johnny Strong Thomas Rourke 2016
Daylight's End Lance Henriksen Frank Hill 2016
The Captain German Villager 2017
All the Money in the World Mark Wahlberg Fletcher Chase 2017
All the Money in the World Christopher Plummer John Paul Getty 2017
The Nun Jonas Bloquet Maurice "Frenchie" Theriault 2018
Taissa Farmiga Irene
The Legend of the Christmas Witch Giovanni Calcagno Igor 2018
Holmes & Watson Lauren Lapkus Millicent Coach Gun 2018
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Alejandro Patiño Bartender 2018
Bad Times at the El Royale Dakota Johnson Emily Summerspring 2018
A War Within Veit Stübner Wilhelm Schmidt 2018
Sator Gabriel Nicholson Adam 2019
Michael Daniel Pete
Daughter of the Wolf Gina Carano Clair Hamilton 2019
The Highwaymen Woody Harrelson Benjamin Maney Gault coach shotgun 2019
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Jason Statham Deckard Shaw 2019
Shotgun Justice (Teroristka) Iva Janzurová Marie 2019
Martin Hofmann Vlastimil Mach
6 Underground mounted in trap 2019
Secret in the Mountain Austrian resistance fighters 2019
Blizzard of Souls Oto Brantevics Arturs Vanags 2019
A German officer
Mantis Jump (Pryzhok Bogomola) Dmitry Brauer Hauptmann Gustav Günther With exposed hammers 2019
Sergey Sosnovskiy Grigoriy Kuzmin Hammerless
Tatyana Lyalina Tanya Kuzmina Hammerless
The Kid Sheriff's deputies Coach Guns and full length shotguns 2019
Deadwood: The Movie John Hawkes Sol Star 2019
News of the World Tom Hanks Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd Underlever coach gun, supposedly Holland & Holland 2020
Helena Zengel Johanna Leonberger
Persian Lessons Pascal Elso A French Policeman 2020
Gennadiy Fomin A Farmer
The Eight Hundred A Chinese civilian Exposed hammers 2020
Witch Hunt BWI Agents Coach Gun 2021
Old Henry Tim Blake Nelson Henry 2021
Gavin Lewis Wyatt
The Batman One of Riddler's followers 2022
Dead for a Dollar (2022) Benjamin Bratt Tiberio Vargas With exposed hammers 2022
Terror on the Prairie Gina Carano Hattie McAllister 2022
Donald Cerrone Jeb McAllister
Rhys Becker Will McAllister
Heath Freeman Gold Teeth
Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis The Kid


Title Actor Character Note/Episode Air Date
The Twilight Zone Claude Akins Steve Brand "Monsters on Maple Street" 1960
F Troop Forrest Tucker Sgt. O'Rourke "Honest Injun" (S01E12) 1965
Czterej pancerni i pies Janusz Gajos Janek Kos 1966-1970
Dragnet Various 1967-1970
Sherlock Holmes Nick Tate James McCarthy "The Boscombe Valley Mystery" (S02E06) 1968
The Adjutant of His Excellency (Adyutant ego prevoskhoditelstva) Lyudmila Chursina Oksana 1969
Shadows Disappear at Noon (Teni ischezayut v polden) Valeri Gatayev Frol Kurganov 1972
Red partisans
Doctor Who Terry Walsh Global Chemicals Guard "The Green Death" 1973
Alan Chuntz Global Chemicals Guard
30 Cases of Major Zeman Jaroslav Rozsíval Bosak 1974-1979
Father Brown Richard Heffer Harry Druce "The Oracle of the Dog" (Ep.2) 1974
Police Story Various 1973-1977
Omega Option (Variant "Omega") Igor Vasilyev Georg von Schlosser 1975
The Strogovs (Strogovy) Viktor Pavlov Demyan Shtychkov 1976
Wings BBC TV series Tim Woodward 2nd Lt. Alan Farmer Season 1 Ep 01 "Volunteer" 1977
Data Tutashkhia Bukhuti Zakariadze Duru Ep.3 1977
The Twelve Chairs (12 stulyev) Saveliy Kramarov Viktor Polesov 1977
Aleksey Drozdov A watchman
Anatoliy Papanov Ippolit Matveevich Vorobyaninov
Fiery Roads (Ognennye dorogi) Nazrulla Saibov Buranbai Ep.1 1979
Bimbolat Vatayev Sadiqjan-bai Ep.4
Shavkat Abdusalamov Umid Abdusalamov Ep.7
Hill Street Blues Ken Foree armed robber "Jungle Madness, Pt 1" (S1E16) 1981
Bergerac Ray Mort Kranski "See You in Moscow" (S01E05) 1981
Warren Clarke Philip Bernard "Relative Values" (S01E09)
Reilly: Ace of Spies Sam Neill Reilly "An Affair With A Married Woman" (Ep.1) 1983
The A-Team Various 1983-1987
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple Moray Watson Colonel Bantry "The Body in the Library" 1984
Dempsey and Makepeace Michael Brandon Lt. Dempsey "Cry God for Harry" (S01E09) 1985
Dempsey and Makepeace Ralph Michael Lord Winfield "Cry God for Harry" (S01E09) 1985
Dempsey and Makepeace Seretta Wilson Susan Sims "Cry God for Harry" (S01E09) 1985
North and South Lewis Smith Charles Main 1985
James Read George Hazard
Patrick Swayze Orry Main
Blott on the Landscape David Suchet Blott 1985
Geraldine James Lady Maud Lynchwood
Attempt on GOELRO (Pokusheniye na GOELRO) Boris Klyuev Hans Müller 1986
Gediminas Girdvainis Franz Fischer
Crime Story Paul Butler Det. Walter Clemmons 1986-1988
Bergerac Christopher Fairbank Sydney Sterrat "Root and Branch" (S05E03) 1987
John Nettles DS Jim Bergerac
Bergerac Matyelok Gibbs Alice Thorwell "Retirement Plan" (S06E08) 1988
Lonesome Dove Timothy Scott Pea Eye 1989
Lonesome Dove Jordan Lund Hutto 10 Gauge shotgun 1989
Bergerac John Abineri Delage "Entente Cordiale" (S08E05) 1990
Jeeves and Wooster Ralph Michael Tom Travers "How Does Gussie Woo Madeline?" (S01E04) 1990
Richard Garnett Gussie Fink Nottle
Hugh Laurie Bertie Wooster
John Turner Roderick Spode "The Silver Jug" (S02E01) 1991
Black Shorts members "The Bassetts' Fancy Dress Ball" (S02E02)
John Woodnutt Sir Watkyn Bassett "Totleigh Towers" (S04E05) 1993
Seinfeld Rance Howard The Farmer "The Bottle Deposit, Pt. 2" 1991
Bergerac Franck Dubosc Gerard Cossec "Something to Hide" (S09E01) 1991
Therese Liotard Danielle Aubry "Snow in Provence" (S09E03)
John Nettles Jim Bergerac "All for Love" (S09E11)
Suzan Crowley Cressida Draper
Deborah Grant Deborah Hungerford
Star Trek: The Next Generation Brent Spiner Data (as Bandito) "A Fistful of Datas" (S6E08) 1992
Star Trek: The Next Generation Jorge Cervera Jr. Bandito "A Fistful of Datas" (S6E08) 1992
Return To Lonesome Dove CCH Pounder Sara Pickett Coach Gun 1993
Return To Lonesome Dove Rick Schroder Newt Dobbs 1993
Return To Lonesome Dove Oliver Reed Gregor Dunnigan 1993
The X-Files Police officers/deputized citizens "The Jersey Devil" (S1E04) 1993
Alaska Kid Mark Pillow Alaska Kid 1993
Donovan Scott Shorty
Aleksandr Alekseev Mr. Orsini
Ingeborga Dapkunaite Sally Bunce
Gold prospectors
The Stand Storekeeper 1994
Inspector Morse Neil Dudgeon David Michaels "The Way Through the Woods" (S08E01) 1995
Michelle Fairley Cathy Michaels
Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei various 1996-
Midsomer Murders Honeysuckle Weeks Fleur Bridges S2E4 "Blood Will Out" 1999
The X-Files Alf Humphreys Michael Asekoff "Detour" (S5E04) 1997
The X-Files Gene Dynarski Ernie Stefaniuk "Patience" (S8E03) 2000
Dead Man's Tale (Chto skazal pokoynik) Vladimir Episkoposyan "Bearded" 2000
The X-Files townsfolk "The Gift" (S8E11) 2001
Brigada Guerillas 2002
Ultimate Force Alex Reid Capt. Caroline Walsh 2002
The Wire Michael K. Williams Omar Little "The Pager". 2002
Julie Lescaut Jean-Claude Lecas Richard Nollet "Pirates" (S12E02) 2002
L.A. Confidential C. Thomas Howell bank robber unsold pilot 2003
Frank Riva - Season 1 A criminal Coach gun 2003
Julie Lescaut Laurent Lafitte Valérie's husband "Hors-la-loi" (S12E03) 2003
Julie Lescaut Cris Campion Berteau "Hors-la-loi" (S12E03) 2003
Julie Lescaut David Alaya Garnier "Sans pardon" (S13E05) 2004
Julie Lescaut François Dunoyer Pierre Verdon "Dangereuses rencontres" (S16E04) 2006
Julie Lescaut Erick Desmarestz Vincent "Dangereuses rencontres" (S16E04) 2006
The Company Rory Cochrane Yevgeny Tsipin 2007
The Company Natascha McElhone Elizabeth Nemeth 2007
Julie Lescaut Frédéric Gélard Jacques Feuillant "Rédemption" (S20E03) 2010
King Solomon's Mines Ian Roberts Sir Henry Curtis 2004
Agatha Christie's Marple Jason Flemyng Lawrence Redding "The Murder at the Vicarage" (S01E02) 2004
Stephen Tompkinson DI Slack
Martin Compston Alfred Pollock "Greenshaw's Folly" (S06E02) 2013
Riches (Bogatstvo) Kamchatka hunters Various models with exposed hammers and hammerless 2004
My Name is Earl Tracy Ashton Didi the one legged girl (S1E02) 2005
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries Richard Armitage Philip Turner "In Divine Proportion" (S04E01) 2005
Nathaniel Parker DI Thomas Lynley
Jimmy Yuill Pat Garratt
George Costigan Owen Harcourt-Baines "Natural Causes" (S05E01) 2006
Nicholas Farrell Sam Oborne "Limbo" (S06E01) 2007
Prison Break Stuart Greer Hunter (S2E01) 2006
His Majesty's Secret Service (Sekretnaya sluzhba Ego Velichestva) Yuriy Tarasov Sergey Izvekov 2006
Yuriy Oskin Timokha
Survivors Dexter 2008-2009
CSI Andel (Kriminálka Andel) Hunters "Loupež" (S1E10) 2008
Supernatural Amy Gumenick Mary Winchester "In The Beginning" (S04E03) 2008
Harper's Island C.J. Thomason Jimmy "Gurgle" (S1E08) 2009
Saving Grace Holly Hunter Grace Hanadarko 2007-2010
Sanctuary “Edward” (S1E08) 2008
Inspector George Gently Martin Shaw DCI George Gently "Bomber's Moon" (S1E02) 2008
Meteor Billy Campbell Jack Crowe 2009
Midsomer Murders - Season 12 Christopher Fulford Alan Best (S12EP12) "The Black Book" 2009
The Day of the Triffids Brian Cox Dennis Masen 2009
The Day of the Triffids Dougray Scott Bill Masen 2009
Lewis David Hayman Richie Maguire "Counter Culture Blues" (S03E04) 2009
Murder weapon; "The Dead of Winter" (S04E01) 2010
Covert Affairs Eriq La Salle Christopher McAuley "In the Light" (S1E05) 2010
Haven - Season 2 Eric Balfour Duke Crocker "Who, What, Where, Wendigo?" (S2E10) 2011
Justified Various 2010
Boardwalk Empire Michael Pitt Jimmy Darmody "Pilot" (S1E01) 2010
Humanoid Monster Bem Robber (Ep. 01) 2011
Peasant (Ep. 09)
Community E.J. Callahan Prospector "Paradigms of Human Memory" (S02E21) 2011
Haven Eric Balfour Duke "Who, What, Where, Wendigo?" (S2E10) 2011
The Promise Arab fighters 2011
Vegas Henchman "Pilot" (S1E01) 2012
The Lost Gate (Ztracená brána) Viktor Preiss Profesor Rohan 2012
Longmire - Season 1 John A. Lorenz father "Dog Soldier" (S1E05) 2012
Longmire - Season 1 Katee Sackhoff Victoria "Vic" Moretti "8 Seconds" (S1E07) 2012
Longmire - Season 1 J. Michael Oliva pawn shop owner "8 Seconds" (S1E07) 2012
The Walking Dead - Season 3 Alex Van Hermit "When the Dead Comes Knocking" (S3E07) 2012
Vincent Ward Oscar
The Tunnel - Season 1 Philippe Girard Joel Mougin 2013-Present
The Bridge (Bron) Tova Magnusson-Norling Viktoria Nordgren (S2E08) 2013
The Bridge (Bron) Camilla Bendix Gertrud Kofoed (S2E08) 2013
Fargo Martin Freeman Lester Nygard 2015
Ash vs Evil Dead Bruce Campbell Ash Sawed-off 2015-
The Witch (Vedma) Maksim Radugin Roman TOZ-63 2015-2016
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride Natasha O'Keeffe Emelia Ricoletti "The Abominable Bride" 2016
V.I.P. Murders (V.I.P. vraždy) Jakub Kohák Cont Božetěch Leskovec "Mimo realitu" (S1E02) 2016
Hap and Leonard James Purefoy Hap "Savage Season" (S1E01) 2016
Wynonna Earp Shamier Anderson Deputy Marshal Dolls "Landslide" (S1E11) 2016-present
Tim Rozon "Doc" Holliday "Everybody Knows" (S2E07)
The Crown Jared Harris King George the VI episode: "Wolverton Splash" (S01E01) 2016
The Crown Matt Smith Prince Phillip episode: "Wolverton Splash" (S01E01) 2016
The Crown Anton Lesser Prime Minister Harold MacMillan episode: "Mystery Man" (S02E10) 2016
Endeavour - Season 3 David Oakes Joss Bixby's twin brother "Ride" (S03E01) 2016
Darrell D'Silva Geoff Craven "Prey" (S03E03)
Ben Lambert Guy Mortmaigne
Local farmers
Tokyo Vampire Hotel hanged on the wall 2017
Endeavour Roger Allam DI Fred Thursday "Harvest" (S04E04) 2017
Specialists (Specialisté) Robert Nebrenský Alfons Halbich "Krevní pouto" (S1E09) 2017
Father Brown Bradley Hall John Hammond S05E13 2017
Emma Pallant Peggy Hardwick S05E15
John Light Flambeau
Emer Kenny Bunty Windermere
Midsomer Murders - Season 19 Seen in gun rack; S19E05 2017
Grantchester - Season 3 Simon Lennon Marcus Ruskin (S3E5) 2017
Ewan Mitchell Abraham
The Son - Season 1 J. Quinton Johnson Neptune "No Prisoners" (S1E05) 2017
The Son - Season 1 Matthew Posey Tom Sullivan "No Prisoners" (S1E05) 2017
The Son Pierce Brosnan Eli McCullough "Honey Hunt" (S1E08) 2017
Endeavour - Season 4 Sheila Hancock Dowsable Chattox "Harvest" (S04E04) 2017
Chris Coghill Seth Chattox
Hunting the Devil (Okhota na dyavola) Nikolay Shrayber Mikki 2017
Godless Adam David Thompson Gatz Brown Coach Gun 2017
Matthew Dennis Lewis Donnie Devlin
Merritt Wever Mary Agnes McNue
Erik LaRay Harvey Elias Hobbs
Russel G. Jones Hiram
The Rookie - Season 1 criminal 2018
Operation "Satan" (Operatsiya "Satana") Vyacheslav Zholobov Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov With exposed hammers 2018
Dmitriy Radonov A gamekeeper
(uncredited) Brezhnev's personal assistant Hammerless
The Walking Dead: Red Machete Seen in armory; "Gone" (S1E05) 2018
Black Pea Coats (Chyornye bushlaty) Igor Kulachko "Pomor" With exposed hammers, supposedly a TOZ model 2018
The Last Battle (Posledniy boy) Anastasiya Ivanova Alesya Supposedly TOZ-BM 2019
Yaroslav Granko A forester
Stranger Things - Season 3 Brett Gelman Murray Bauman 2019
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 5 Garret Dillahunt John Dorie "Humbug's Gulch" (S5E03) 2019
Father Brown - Season 7 Jasper Jacob Lord Henry Hollingworth (S07E09) 2019
Miranda Hennessy Henrietta Hollingworth
Emer Kenny Bunty Windermere
Grantchester - Season 4 Nathaniel Parker Thomas Davenport (S04E05) 2019
Subject to Destruction (Podlezhit unichtozheniyu) A watchman 2019
Endeavour - Season 7 Shaun Evans DS Endeavour Morse (S07E02) 2020
Ryan Gage Ludo Talenti
Alex the Fierce (Alex Lyutyj) Vladislav Konoplyov Aleksandr Lekhnovskiy 2020
Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles (Sherlok v Rossii) Vladimir Mishukov Dr. Ilya Kartsev 2020
Head of Medusa (Hlava Medúzy) hanging on the wall "Hlava Medúzy" (S1E1) 2021
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier "Power Broker" (S1E03) 2021
Midsomer Murders Lizzy McInnerny Alberta Tooms "The Stitcher Society" (S22E02) 2021
Jacob Fortune-Lloyd Gideon Tooms
Peter De Jersey Toby Wagner
John Thomson Cooper Steinem
Michael Nardone Mack McInally
David Rubin Graham Handsworth "For Death Prepare" (S22E05) 2022
1883 LaMonica Garrett Thomas 2021
Marc Rissmann Josef
Gratiela Brancusi Noemi
Yellowstone - Season 4 Kelly Reilly Beth Dutton "Half the Money" (S4E01) 2021
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 7 Seen in armory; "Breathe With Me" (S7E04) 2021
Paris Police 1900 Marc Barbé Marc Barbé Exposed hammers 2021
Hunters, Count Sabran's men Exposed hammers and hammerless
Crossfire Keeley Hawes Jo Cross 2022
Hugo Silva Mateo Rodriguez
Father Brown - Season 9 Ryan Gage Finbar Finch "The Enigma of Antigonish" (S09E09) 2022
Peter Singh Victor Peters
Alex Price Sid Carter
Moon Knight - Season 1 Arthur Harrow's cultist "The Goldfish Problem" (S1E01) 2022
1923 - Season 1 Helen Mirren Cara Dutton "1923" (S1E01) 2022
1923 - Season 1 Michael Greyeyes Hank Plenty Clouds "The Rule of Five Hundred" (S1E07) 2022
Secret Invasion Mark Bazeley Victor Dalton "Harvest" (S1E05) 2023
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - Season 1 Eriq Ebouaney Fallou Boukar "La Dame de Fer" (S1E04) 2023
Chrystal Boursin Nadine
Zombie Hunter "Deux Amours" (S1E05)
Hassam Ghancy Azlan
Nest Resident "Coming Home" (S1E06)
The Continental: From the World of John Wick Jessica Allain Lou Burton "Brothers in Arms" (S1E01) 2023
Echo - Season 1 Seen in gunshop; "Lowak" (S1E02) 2024
Fallout - Season 1 Jacob A. Ware Slim "The End" (S1E01) 2024
Walton Goggins Cooper Howard / The Ghoul


Title Character Note Date
Lupin III: The Fuma Conspiracy Old Man Suminawa Hammerless 1987
Sailor Moon Bank robber Hammerless 1992
Space Pirate Captain Herlock: The Endless Odyssey - Outside Legend One of the brainwashed settlers 2002
The Skull Man Gōzō Kuroshio Removable choke tubes 2007
Michiko e Hatchin Mauro 2008
Gosick Sergius, Ambrose Exposed hammer 2011
Nichijou - My Ordinary Life 2011
Undead Girl Murder Farce Lord Godard Exposed hammer 2023


Title Voice Actor Character Note Date
Atlantis, The Lost Empire Cookie 2001
Love, Death & Robots - Season 1 Nolan North Dave Dvorchackhave "The Dump" (S1E09) 2019
Love, Death & Robots - Season 2 Brian Keane Bill w/sawed-off stock; "Automated Customer Service" (S2E01) 2021
Nancy Linari Jeanette
Love, Death & Robots - Season 3 "Three Robots: Exit Strategies" (S3E01) 2022

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Timesplitters 2000
Serious Sam: The First Encounter "Coach Gun" 2001
Max Payne 2001
Timesplitters 2 2002
Hidden & Dangerous 2 2003
Serious Sam: Next Encounter "Double-Barrel Shotgun" 2004
Dead Man's Hand Stephens SBS Double Barrel 2004
Timesplitters: Future Perfect 2005
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth 2005
The Godfather 2006
Zombie Panic! Source 2007
Call of Duty: World at War 2008
The Saboteur 2009
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter "Coach Gun" 2010
Deus Ex: Human Revolution "Huntsman Silverback" Augmented Edition only 2011
Serious Sam 3: BFE "Double Barrel Coach Gun" 2011
ZombiU 2012
State of Decay "Coachgun" added in Breakdown DLC 2013
Payday 2 "Mosconi 12G" 2013
"Claire 12G" Added during the Breaking News event (2018)
Fistful of Frags "Coach Gun" 2014
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Winchester Model 21 normal and sawed-off Winchester Model 21 2014
Rainbow Six Siege Unusable; seen on poster 2015
Yakuza 5 "Hunting Rifle" Rifled barrels 2015 is the western release date. 2015
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 2016
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades "Model 1882" Remington Model 1882 2016
"Hammerless Long" Full-length hammerless shotgun
The Division 2016
The Walking Dead: Michonne 2016
Superhot 2016
Ring of Elysium Browning Citori 2018
Far Cry 5 "SBS" 2018
Krunker Shotgun / Good Ol' Days 2-round shell holder The Good Ol' Days skin lacks a trigger or trigger guard 2019
Far Cry New Dawn "SBS" 2019
The Division 2 2019
Into the Radius VR "Hunting Shotgun" Adjustable choke, 6-shell side saddle, optional Picatinny rail segments Hammerless + double triggers, removed from in-game store in v2.0 2020
Serious Sam 4 "Double Shotgun" 2020
Far Cry 6 "SBS" 2021
Military Conflict: Vietnam 2022
Alan Wake 2 2023
Arizona Sunshine 2 w/ rifle-type glow sights Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme, version with sawed-off barrels and stock available 2023

Short barreled Side by Side Shotgun (Sawed Off)

Dominion Arms Outlaw Sawed Off shotgun - 12 gauge
Sarasqueta Sawn-off DB - 12 gauge
Remington Spartan Sawed Off shotgun - 12 gauge
This is the screen used Zabala short barreled shotgun used by Denzel Washington in the film Man on Fire, very similar to Tony's lupara on The Sopranos.
Photoshopped Sawed-off Savage/Stevens 311A - 12 gauge
This is the actual screen used Spanish Zabala Shotgun held and used by The Skull (Geno Silva) in Scarface - 12 gauge
Stevens 311R (sawed-off) - 12 gauge
Sawed off side by side shotgun with exposed hammers - 12 gauge

Also known as a "Sawn Off" in British English (the American vernacular sounds similar to the phrase "sod off"). This section is for any short barreled shotgun that has been modified by sawing off the barrels to a short length (either by user or factory) and has a factory pistol grip or a sawed off buttstock.

This section is for all sawed off Side by Side shotguns


Title Actor Character Note Date
Dragnet gunman 1954
3:10 to Yuma Van Heflin Evans 1957
3:10 to Yuma Ford Rainey Bisbee marshall 1957
Rio Bravo Walter Brennan Stumpy 1959
Major Dundee Charlton Heston Major Amos Charles Dundee 1965
Major Dundee James Coburn Samuel T. Potts 1965
Django Jackson's men Zabala Hermanos S.A. 1966
El Dorado James Caan Alan Bourdillion Traherne A.K.A Mississippi 1967
Shock Troops (Un homme de trop) Resistance fighters 1967
El Topo David Silva The Colonel Small caliber, possibly .410 1970
They Call Me Trinity Remo Capitani Mezcal Hammers exposed 1970
Long Live Your Death Eli Wallach Max Lozoya/El Salvador Dominion Arms Sawed-off Shotgun 1971
The New Centurions Street hood 1972
Angel's Leap (Le Saut de l'ange) Gordon Mitchell Henry Di Fusco 1972
Trouble Man Robert Hooks Mr. T 1972
Trouble Man Wayne Storm Frank 1972
The Seven-Ups Bill Hickman Bo 1973
Walking Tall Rosemary Murphy Callie Hacker 1973
Coffy Pam Grier Coffy 1973
Dog Day (Canicule) Lee Marvin Jimmy Cobb 1974
Dog Day (Canicule) Victor Lanoux Horace 1974
Dog Day (Canicule) David Bennent Chim 1974
Brannigan Set up as a booby trap 1975
The Muthers Jeannie Bell Kelly 1976
The White Buffalo Charles Bronson Wild Bill Hickok 1977
Sweeney 2 Ken Hutchison Frank Hill Gold-plated 1978
Brian Gwaspari Will White
Matthew Scurfield Jefferson
Mad Max Mel Gibson Max VG Bentley 1979
Money Movers Gangster 1979
The Long Good Friday Gangsters 1980
The Long Good Friday Brian Hall Alan 1980
The Long Good Friday Nigel Humphreys Dave 1980
The Road Warrior Mel Gibson Max VG Bentley 1981
The Investigation Ascertained (Sledstviyem ustanovleno) Leonid Kulagin Ivan Shostak 1982
Honkytonk Man Clint Eastwood Red 1982
Scarface Geno Silva The Skull (Zabala Hermanos S.A. Shotgun) 1983
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Mel Gibson Max 1985
Young Sherlock Holmes A tavern patron 1985
Big Trouble in Little China Dennis Dun Wang Chi 1986
Cobra Brian Thompson the Night Slasher 1986
Tough Guys Eli Wallach Leon B. Little 1986
Dana Carvey Richie Evans
Cold Steel Adam Ant Mick 1987
Stakeout Ian Tracey Caylor 1987
Married to the Mob Mercedes Ruehl Connie Russo 1988
8 Million Ways to Die Fred Asparagus Mundo 1988
Miracle Mile Edward Bunker the night watchman 1988
King of New York Christopher Walken Frank White 1990
El Diablo (1990) M.C. Gainey Bebe Zabala Hermanos S.A 1990
Goodfellas Ray Liotta Henry Hill 1990
Revenge Kevin Costner Michael J. "Jay" Cochran 1990
The Krays Tom Bell Jack "The Hat" McVitie 1990
Four Sheets of Plywood (Chotyry lysty fanery) seen in Militia museum 1992
Rapid Fire Mobsters 1992
The Democratic Terrorist Stellan Skarsgård Carl Hamilton 1992
The Wild East Farkhad Amankulov Mongol 1993
uncredited Ibrahim
Aleksandr Baranov II Skull's bandit
Fascists, Skull's thug
Boiling Point Viggo Mortensen Ronnie 1993
The Canary Connection (Kanárská spojka) Petr Drozda Big bodyguard 1993
Hagi-Tragger uncredited Tyutyunik expossed hammers 1994
Vladimir Fyodorov A midget criminal
Zero Tolerance Robert Patrick Jeff Douglas 1994
Steel Frontier Brion James General J.W. Quantrell Sawn-off 1995
La Haine Abdel's brother 1995
Mercenary Kevin Knotts Barman 1996
Pusher Slavko Labovic Radovan 1996
Pusher Thomas Bo Larsen The junkie 1996
Pusher Levino Jensen Mike 1996
Brother (Brat) Sergei Bodrov Danila Bagrov (Sawn Off) 1997
Dangerous Ground Muki´s man 1997
Vampires Slayers 1998
Scarred City Michael Broughton A robber 1998
Held Up Roselyn Sanchez Trina 1999
Diego Fuentes Sal
The Crew Joseph Rigano Frankie the Rash 2000
Beyond the City Limits Freddy Rodriguez Topo 2001
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Matt Damon Himself/Will Hunting 2001
Ben Affleck Himself/Holden McNeil
Cabin Fever Tim Parati Andy 2002
Zelary György Cserhalmi Józa 2003
Man on Fire Denzel Washington Creasy 2004
The Business Tamer Hassan Charlie 2005
The Business Geoff Bell Sammy 2005
16 Blocks Bruce Willis Jack Mosley 2006
Zero Woman R extremist 2007
The Golden Compass Gyptian men 2007
Racketeer (Reketir) Saken Aminov Aman 2007
Crossfire (Les Insoumis) Arabian thug 2007
Onechanbara - Zombie Bikini Squad Manami Hashimoto Reiko 2008
Miracle at St. Anna Italian partisan 2008
Crank: High Voltage El Huron thug 2009
State Affairs (Une affaire d'état) Hervé P. Gustave the bald hitman 2009
Case 39 Ian McShane Detective Mike Barron 2009
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans Xzibit Big Fate 2009
The Book of Eli Tom Waits The Engineer 2010
The Book of Eli Denzel Washington Eli 2010
Yakuza Hunters 2: The Revenge Duel in Hell Asami Sugiura Asami 2010
Sinners and Saints 2010
Animal Kingdom Luke Ford Darren Cody 2010
Dark World (Tyomnyy mir) Mikhail Solodko A driver exposed hammers 2010
Resident Evil: Afterlife Milla Jovovich Alice dual-wielded 2010
Survival of the Dead Murderous redneck 2010
Inception Motorcycle men 2010
The Pack Philippe Résimont Motard 2 2010
The Pack Benjamin Biolay Max 2010
Edge of Darkness Hit man 2010
Kill the Irishman Robert Davi Ray Ferritto 2011
Kill the Irishman Steven R. Schirripa Mike Frato 2011
Resident Evil: Retribution Milla Jovovich Alice 2012
Seven Psychopaths Thug 2012
Killing Them Softly Scoot McNairy Frankie 2012
Killing Them Softly Ben Mendelsohn Russell 2012
Killing Them Softly Poker game robber 2012
John Dies at the End Chase Williamson David Wong 2012
John Dies at the End Rob Mayes John Cheese 2012
I Declare War Spencer Howes Joker 2012
I Declare War Alex Cardillo Frost 2012
On the Other Side of the Tracks Gang member 2012
Suicides (Samoubiytsy) Mitus' thug with the exposed hammers 2012
The Baytown Outlaws Clayne Crawford Brick 2012
Home Sweet Home Shaun Benson The Killer 2013
Pawnshop (Lombard) Denis Nikiforov Mark 2013
A Good Day to Die Hard Bruce Willis John McClane sawn-off 2013
Parker Jason Statham Parker 2013
Parker Clifton Collins Jr. Ross 2013
Battleground Hugh Lambe The Hunter 2013
Survivor Survivors 2014
Danielle C. Ryan Kate Mitra
Good People Michael J. Fox Bobby Witkowski 2014
John Wick Tarasov Mob Henchman 2014
Cold in July Don Johnson Jim Bob Luke 2014
Cold in July Michael C. Hall Richard Dane 2014
We Still Kill the Old Way Ian Ogilvy Richie Archer 2014
Fugitives (Begleci) Kirill Anisimov Mikhei 2014
Fugitives (Begleci) Sergey Tsepov Kudim 2014
Hansel vs. Gretel Brent Lydic Hansel 2015
Mad Max: Fury Road Tom Hardy Max 2015
Mad Max: Fury Road Charlize Theron Furiosa 2015
Mad Max: Fury Road Nicholas Hoult Nux 2015
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials 2015
Gangster Ka Seychelles policeman 2015
Wilson City Vojtech Dyk Kvido Eisner 2015
Wilson City Hoji Fortuna Bobby 2015
Anthropoid Gestapo officer 2016
In a Valley of Violence John Travolta Marshal Clyde Martin 2016
I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore David Yow Marshall 2017
Jane Levy Dez
Jigsaw Tobin Bell John "Jigsaw" Kramer 2017
Laura Vandervoort Anna
Avengement Scott Adkins Cain Burgess 2019
Rambo: Last Blood Sylvester Stallone John Rambo 2019
Gunpowder Milkshake Waitress 2021
Nobody Christopher Lloyd David Mansell 2021
Lion-Girl Derek Mears Kaisei Kishi 2023
John Wick: Chapter 4 Andrej Kaminsky Ruska Roma Priest 2023


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Date
Lawman John Russell Marshal Dan Troop 1958-1962
Dragnet Jack Webb Joe Friday 1967
Miami Vice Philip Michael Thomas Detective Ricardo Tubbs 1984-1989
Dempsey and Makepeace Ray Charleson Joe Delaney "The Hit" (S2E08) 1986
Dempsey and Makepeace Tony London Levey "No Surrender" (S2E04) 1985
Dempsey and Makepeace Jamie Foreman Ramsey "No Surrender" (S2E04) 1985
Bergerac A kidnapper "Weekend Off" (S07E05) 1989
The Thin Blue Line Rowan Atkinson Inspector Fowler "Rag Week" (S1E04) 1995
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Gangster "Mystery of the Blues" 1993
The Thin Blue Line bank robbers "Rag Week" (S1E04) 1995
The X-Files Salvage dealer "Piper Maru" (S3E15) 1996
drug dealer "Kill Switch" (S5E11) 1998
Dan Desmond Harry Odell "Salvage" (S8E09) 2001
The Sopranos James Gandolfini Tony Soprano (Zapala) 1999
Grazhdanin nachalnik Aleksey Shevchenkov Makhnach Possibly TOZ-63 or TOZ-66 2001
Maksim Drozd Podgaytsev
Egor Beroev Andrey
Ultimate Force Various criminals and terrorists 2002-2006
CSI: NY various w/ & w/out sawed-off barrels and stock 2004-2013
Zero Hour (2004) Josh Young Dyland Klebold Stevens 311, "Massacre at Columbine High" (S1E03) 2004-2006
Supernatural Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester (Baikal) 2005-
Supernatural Jared Padalecki Sam Winchester (Baikal) 2005
CSI Andel (Kriminálka Andel) - Season 1 Jan Antonín Duchoslav Maximovich "Baba na zabití" (S1E09) 2008
Parks and Recreation Nick Offerman Ron Swanson 2008
Parks and Recreation Chris Pratt Andy 2008
Romanzo criminale - La serie - Season 1 Francesco Montanari Libanese Zabala Hermanos S.A. 2008-2009
Alessandro Roja Dandi
Lorenzo Renzi Sergio Buffoni
Luther Idris Elba DCI John Luther 2010
Steven Mackintosh DCI Ian Reed
Ruth Wilson Alice Morgan
Boardwalk Empire Stephen Graham Al Capone 2010
Boardwalk Empire various 2010
The Walking Dead - Season 1 Laurie Holden Andrea Harrison Promo Only 2010
Mob City Robert Knepper Sid Rothman 2013
Mob City Richard Brake Terry Mandel 2013
Falling Skies Peter Shinkoda Dai 2011-2015
True Detective Chris Kerson Nails 2015
The Witch (Vedma) Boris Georgievskiy Khudoy 2015-2016
Endeavour - Season 3 Tom McKay Cole Matthews "Coda" (S03E04) 2016
Tom Mothersdale Peter Matthews
Jimmy Walker Tommy Thompson
Black Cat Boris Zverev Pan's henchman 2016
(uncredited) A watchman of a warehouse
The Labyrinth (Labyrint) Robert Jasków The receptionist Hrouda S2E5 2017
The Labyrinth (Labyrint) Jirí Dvorák Karel Kříž S2E5 2017
Wynonna Earp Dominique Provost-Chalkley Waverly Earp S2E11 2017
The Departed (Gorod) Igor Bityutskiy Tolya Karyakin Sawed-off TOZ-B or TOZ-BM 2017
Vladimir Yumatov Militsiya Starshina Nazar Barsukov
Specialists (Specialisté) Michal Slaný Jiří Vondruška "Na vlastní pěst" (S1E46) 2018
Krystof Racek Max
Endeavour - Season 5 David Jonsson Cromwell Ames (S05E06) 2018
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 4 Daryl Mitchell Wendell Rabinowitz Sawed-off; "The Code" (S4E11) 2018
The Punisher - Season 2 Alexa Davalos Beth Quinn "Roadhouse Blues" (S2E01) 2019
Eldorado KaDeWe A robber Ep. 01 2021
Paris Police 1900 Thibaut Evrard Inspector Joseph Fiersi Hammerless 2021
The Last of Us - Season 1 Raider "Long Long Time" (S1E03) 2023
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - Season 1 Hugo Denisse Henri "L'ame Perdue" (S1E01) 2023
Paul Deby Michel Codron
Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon
Andy Deschamps Martin
The Continental: From the World of John Wick Matt Brewer Cam "Brothers in Arms" (S1E01) 2023
The Boy's Word: Blood on the Asphalt (Slovo patsana. Krov na asfalte) Uncredited "Tyap-lyap" gang member Episode 1 2023
Fallout - Season 1 Matty Cardarople Huey "The Ghouls" (S1E04) 2024

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Note Release Date
Doom 2 "Super Shotgun" Full stock 1993
Fallout "Shotgun" 1997
Clive Barker's Undying 2001
Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive 2001
Max Payne 2001
Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven "Lupara" 2002
BloodRayne 2002
Postal 2 2003
Manhunt 2003
Dead Man's Hand Overload Express With full stock 2004
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas "Sawnoff Shotgun" 2004
The Matrix: Path of Neo 2005
The Suffering: Ties That Bind 2005
El Matador 2006
Eternal Damnation "Sawnoff Shotgun" 2006
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl 2007
Team Fortress 2 "Force-A-Nature" / "Soda Popper" w/sawn-off barrels & full stock; "Soda Popper" has a can of Crit-A-Cola taped in place of the handguard 2007
Manhunt 2 2007
Combat Arms 2007
Cross Fire "Dual Double Barrel" Dual wielded 2007
Counter-Strike Online "Double-Barreled" / "Quad-Barreled" Sawn-off stock; "Quad-Barreled" variant has, as the name implies, 4 barrels 2008
Condemned 2: Bloodshot 2008
Dark Sector "Spectre" 2008
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots "Twin Barrel" 2008
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky 2008
Far Cry 2 2008
Xenus 2: White Gold 2008
Call of Duty: World at War A variant of the aforementioned full-length double-barreled shotgun 2008
Wanted: Weapons of Fate 2009
Godfather II, The (VG) "Sawn off Double Barrel Shotgun" Quick barrel; the standard length of the cob 2009
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 "Ranger" Based off a Sears Ranger 2009
Bioshock 2 2010
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker "Twin Barrel" 2010
Red Dead Redemption "Sawed-off Shotgun" 2010
Fallout: New Vegas "Sawed-off Shotgun" / "Big Boomer" w/o stock 2010
Uncharted 3 2011
Alan Wake's American Nightmare 2012
Max Payne 3 2012
Ravaged 2012
Aliens: Colonial Marines "Sawed-off Shotgun" w/o stock, fitted with a side accessory rail 2013
State of Decay "Doubleshort" added in Breakdown DLC 2013
Grand Theft Auto V "Double Barrel Shotgun" Added in the "Lowriders: Custom Classics" DLC in 2016 2013
Fistful of Frags Sawed-Off Shotgun w/o stock 2014
Far Cry 4 "D2" 2014
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades "Break Action Shorty" Sawn-Off hammerless shotgun 2016
"Break Action Super Shorty" Extremely short version, similar to the example in Killing Them Softly
"Wells 1864" Sawn-Off Coach Gun, with leather shell loops
"The OG" Giant 3 gauge shotgun
"Toz63" Sawn-off TOZ-63
Mafia III "Lupara" 2016
Shadow Warrior 2 "The Stick Of Doom" 2016
Superhot VR 2016
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 2017
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered "Rangers" Dual-wielded; based off a Sears Ranger 2017
Far Cry 5 "D2" 2018
The Walking Dead: The Final Season sawed-off 2018
Vigor "Sawed Off" 2018
Maximum Action "Sawed Off" Sears Ranger 2018
Krunker Sawed Off Fluted barrels, modified handguard 2019
Into the Radius VR "Sawed-Off Shotgun" Fitted with 6-shell side saddle, adjustable choke, Picatinny rail segments 2020
Paradox of Hope With full stock, unusable 2022
Alan Wake 2 2023
The Finals "SH1900" 2023

Over and Under Shotgun (O/U)

Otto Seelig O/U - 12 gauge
Beretta S3 O/U - 12 gauge
Beretta DT11 - 12 gauge
Browning 5.25 O/U - 12 gauge
Baikal MP-27M-1C O/U - 12 gauge
Stevens 512 O/U - 12 gauge
CZ Redhead Deluxe O/U - 12 gauge
Beretta SV10 Perennia III - 12 Gauge
Baikal IZH-27 (also sold as the Model 27) O/U Shotgun - 12 gauge
Winchester Model 101 - 12 gauge


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Mysterious Discovery (Tainstvennaya nakhodka) Aleksey Gribov Nikanor Sarvanov 1954
A Colt Is My Passport Jô Shishido Shûji Kamimura 1967
The Black Angels (Chernite angeli) Participants of shooting contest 1970
Puppet on a Chain Vladek Sheybal Meegeren 1971
Prime Cut Mary Ann's men 1972
The French Conspiracy (L'Attentat) Michel Bouquet Mr. Lampereur 1972
Street Law Nazzareno Zamperla "Beard" Sawed-off barrels, intact stock 1974
French Connection II Ed Lauter General Gordon 1975
Boomerang (Comme un boomerang) Pierre Malet or Laurent Malet One of Feldman twins 1976
Louis Julien Eddy Batkin
Death of a Corrupt Man (Mort d'un pourri) Daniel Ceccaldi Lucien Lacor 1977
Breaker! Breaker! Uncredited Dave 1977
Paul Kawecki Wade
Race for the Yankee Zephyr Theo Brown's henchmen 1981
Sharky's Machine Henry Silva Billy Score Sawed off 1981
The African (L'Africain) Philippe Noiret Victor 1983
Confidentially Yours (Vivement dimanche!) Jean-Louis Trintignant Julien Vercel 1983
Road House Jon Paul Jones Pete 1989
Downtown Joe Pantoliano White Sawn-off 1990
The Hitman Chuck Norris Cliff Garret/ Danny Grogan Sawed off 1991
The Big Gold of Mr. Greenwood (Bolshoe zoloto mistera Grinvuda) Aleksandr Bureyev Oleg Petrovich 1991
Patriot Games Anne Archer Cathy Ryan 1992
Casino Don Rickles Billy Sherbert 1995
Eraser Arnold Schwarzenegger John Kruger Sawed-off 1996
There Once Was a Cop II: Major Maisner Strikes Again! Rudolf Hrusínský Jr. Pathologist Slavíček 1997
There Once Was a Cop II: Major Maisner Strikes Again! Bank robbers 1997
Wild Things Denise Richards Kelly Van Ryan 1998
Rushmore Jason Schwartzman Max Fischer 1998
Ripley's Game John Malkovich Tom Ripley 2002
Darkness Falls seen at the Gun Shop 2003
Collateral Club Fever Bodyguard Sawn-off 2004
San Antonio Hubert Saint-Macary M. Chapon 2004
The Mechanik Dolph Lundgren Nick Cherenko Full-Size Hunting Baikal 2005
Fun with Dick and Jane (2005) Alec Baldwin Jack McCallister 2005
Today You Die Darren Ting Ming Lee sawn-off 2005
The Lookout Greg Dunham Bone cut-down 2007
The Reaping Cody Sanders Hank 2007
Frontier(s) Karina Testa Yasmine 2007
Joël Lefrançois Hans
Maud Forget Eva
Flu Birds Brent Lydic Gordon 2008
Wild Field (Dikoe pole) Aleksandr Zavyalov Perfilyev with a sawed off buttstock 2008
Anaconda 3: Offspring Banica Gheorghe farmer Sawn-off 2008
Doomsday Jeremy Crutchley Richter Sawn-off IZh-27 2008
The Spirit Samuel L. Jackson Octopus Sawn-off 2008
Killers Tom Selleck Mr. Kornfeldt 2010
Killers Ashton Kutcher Spencer 2010
Crossfire (Les Insoumis) Eric Godon Johan Pauwels 2008
Machine Gun Preacher Michael Shannon Donnie sawn-off 2011
Cat Run Janet McTeer Helen Bingham 2011
Cat Run Karel Roden security chief Carver 2011
In Time Sawed-off barrels 2011
Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman 2012
Black Out (2012) Bas Keijzer Bobby sawn-off 2012
Black Out (2012) Raymond Thiry Jos sawn-off 2012
The Lost Gate (Ztracená brána) Viktor Preiss Profesor Rohan 2012
The Hooligan Wars Sean Cronin Wictor stock/barrel sawn-off 2012
Broken City Russell Crowe Nicholas Hostetler Beretta SV10 Perennia III 2013
Broken City Mark Wahlberg Billy Taggart Beretta SV10 Perennia III 2013
The Host (2013) William Hurt Jeb 2013
Chandler Canterbury Jamie
Max Irons Jared
Homefront (2013) A gang member Stevens 512 2013
The Last Witch Hunter seen in the Kaulder's armory 2015
Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe Deshun Wang Anliru 2015
Hold the Dark 2018


Show Title / Episode Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Stawka wieksza niz zycie German officers 1966-1968
The A-Team Roy Dotrice Charles Jourdan Browning O/U 1983-1987
Bergerac Donald Churchill David McKenzie "Fires in the Fall" (S04E10) 1986
Bergerac David Horovitch Simeon Fox "Treasure Hunt" (S05E09) 1987
Bergerac Tony Haygarth Chester Ackerman "A Horse of a Different Colour" (S06E03) 1988
The X-Files "Shapes" (S1E18), "Die Hand die Verletzt" (S2E14), "Revelations" (S3E11), "Wetwired" (S3E23), "The Gift" (S8E11), other episodes 1993-2002
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries Tim Pigott-Smith Philip Weaver "For The Sake Of Elena" (S01E03) 2002
Sophie Ward Justine Weaver
Pippa Haywood Juliet Spence "Missing Joseph" (S01E04)
Brigada Sergei Bezrukov Alexander Belov TOZ-34 2002
Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt - Season 6 a few characters 2003
Lewis Jack Ellis Rex Griffon "Reputation" (Pilot) 2006
Dennis Matsuki Mr. Tanigaki
His Majesty's Secret Service (Sekretnaya sluzhba Ego Velichestva) Seen in Kulebyako's apartments 2006
Criminal Minds Joe Mantegna David Rossi "About Face" (S3E06) 2007
The Unit Dennis Haysbert Sgt. Major Jonas Blane Stevens 512 Gold Wing O/U Shotgun 2006-2009
Supernatural - Season 4 Jim Beaver Bobby Singer Sawed off 2008-2009
Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester Sawed off / Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" (S04E02)
Harper's Island 2009
Parks and Recreation Amy Poehler Leslie Knope "Hunting Trip" (S02E10) 2009
Wallander Suspect "Faceless Killers" 2010
Supernatural - Season 6 Jim Beaver Bobby Singer Sawed off 2010-2011
Haven - Season 1 Lucas Bryant Nathan "Fur" (S1E06) 2010
Supernatural - Season 7 Jim Beaver Bobby Singer Sawed off 2011-2012
Kriminálka Staré mesto II. Miroslav Donutil Judge Brezina 2013
Clona David Puncochár Babka "První ohen" (S1E2) 2014
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1 Frank Dillane Nicholas Clark "The Dog" (S1E03) 2015
Kim Dickens Madison Clark
Rubén Blades Daniel Salazar
Lorenzo James Henrie Christopher Manawa
Cliff Curtis Travis Manawa "The Good Man" (S1E06)
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 2 Rubén Blades Daniel Salazar Mossberg Silver Reserve; Monster" (S2E01), "We All Fall Down" (S2E02), "Blood In The Streets" (S2E04) 2016
Jesse McCartney Reed Mossberg Silver Reserve; "Blood In The Streets" (S2E04)
Mercedes Mason Ofelia Salazar
Wynonna Earp (TV Series) Dominique Provost-Chalkley Waverly Earp Sawed off 2016-2017
Midsomer Murders - Season 19 Seen in gun rack; S19E05 2017
Tin Star Genevieve O'Reilly Angela Worth 2017
Tin Star Abigail Lawrie Anna Worth 2017
The Mist looter 2017
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 4 Uncredited Leland's Bandit "What's Your Story?" (S4E01) 2018
Operation "Satan" (Operatsiya "Satana") (uncredited) Brezhnev's personal assistant May be TOZ-34 2018
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 5 Daryl Mitchell Wendell Rabinowitz Sawed-off barrel; "Here to Help" (S5E01), "Skidmark" (S5E04), "Is Anybody Out There?" (S5E08), "Leave What You Don't" (S5E13) 2019
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 6 Uncredited Cole's Bandit "Mother" (S6E14) 2021
Midsomer Murders - Season 22 Hannah Waddingham Mimi Dagmar "The Stitcher Society" (S22E02) 2021
Keith Allen Harry Marx
Jacob Fortune-Lloyd Gideon Tooms
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 7 Uncredited Former Cultist "PADRE" (S7E08) 2021
Moon Knight - Season 1 Arthur Harrow's cultist "The Goldfish Problem" (S1E01) 2022
Reacher party guests "Spoonful" (S1E03) 2022


Title Character Note Date
Silver Fang 1986
Devilman: The Birth Ryou Asuka, Akira Fudou Short-Barreled 1987
Case Closed 1996
Trigun Thug Futuristic O/U Shotgun 1996 - 1997
Bible Black: New Testament bank-robber "Revival" (Ep.01) 2004-2007
Darker Than Black Pro-Alma cultists 2007
High School of the Dead Citizen 2010
Gyo Huntsmen 2012
Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Nederland civilians 2014-2015
Jujutsu Kaisen 0 2021
The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch Fennel "Irregular Fairy Tale Theater" (E08) 2023

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Date
Resident Evil 0 Hunting Gun 2002
Condemned: Criminal Origins Sawed-Off Shotgun Sawed off version with shorter barrels and an unusually short buttstock 2005
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 2005
Cross Fire "Double Defense Shotgun" Stoeger Double Defense Over and Under 2007
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 seen on a wall 2008
Alan Wake Shotgun 2010
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Double Barreled Shotgun 2010
Fallout: New Vegas Caravan Shotgun 2010
Serious Sam Double D 2011
Uncharted 3 Pistole 2011
Contagion Over & Under 2013
Warface Lupara Sawed-off; added in 2022 2013
Payday 2 Joceline O/U 12G Optional sawed-off barrels and sawed-off stock or shell carrier Hybrid Beretta DT11 and CZ Redhead Deluxe 2015
Phantom Forces DT11 Shortened "combat" or sawed-off barrels, alternate stocks ("Olympian," "sporting," or remove stock) DT11 PRO w/ Olympian stock, DT11 ACS w/ sporting stock 2015
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades DT11 Beretta DT11. Variants with shortened barrel, or shortened barrel and stock 2016
"Outback Double" Stoeger Condor Outback 20 gauge
TheHunter: Call of the Wild "Caversham Steward 12G" 2017
Vigor "Silver Pigeon" Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 2018
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 725 Browning Citori 725 2019
The Last of Us Part II 2020
Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 "KINGS ARM SAWN OFF" 2021
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Lockwood 300 Browning Citori 725 2022

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