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Stray Dogs (Psy)

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Stray Dogs (Psy)
Psy DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Dmitriy Svetozarov
Release Date 1989
Language Russian
Studio Panorama Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Ivan Maksimchuck Yuriy Kuznetsov
"The Silent" Mikhail Zhigalov
Boris Makarenko Sergey Kokovkin
Viktor Utekhin Andrey Krasko
Yegor Manikin Aleksey Krychenkov
Innokentij Fursov Aleksandr Susnin
Gili Raikhan Aitkozhanova
Stas Andrey Nikolaev

Stray Dogs (Psy) is a 1989 Soviet action thriller directed by Dmitriy Svetozarov. Inhabitants of a ghost town, located near the dried Aral Sea, one by one fall victims of a pack of abandoned and gone wild dogs. Local authorities organise a hunting party with the mission to exterminate the predators. But the tensions among motley crew hunters and the horrible cunning of dogs make the task deadly dangerous.

The following weapons were used in the film Stray Dogs (Psy):


MTs 21-12

The informal leader of the team, known as "The Silent" (Mikhail Zhigalov), carries an MTs 21-12 semi-auto shotgun.

MTs 21-12 semi-automatic shotgun - 12 gauge
"The Silent" loads his shotgun.
The receiver of the shotgun is seen.
The vent rib over the barrel is seen.
The shotgun leans against the wall.
"The Silent" fires MTs 21.

Double Barreled Shotgun

Boris Makarenko (Sergey Kokovkin) caries a Double Barreled Shotgun, most likely TOZ-63 in 16 gauge or TOZ-66 in 12 gauge (both shotguns have very similar outlook). "The Silent" (Mikhail Zhigalov) briefly uses Makarenko's shotgun in one scene. The shotgun of same outlook (probably the same movie prop) is seen in hands of local woman Gili (Raikhan Aitkozhanova).

TOZ-63 - 16 gauge
Gili raises the shotgun at approaching hunters.
"The Silent" opens Gili's shotgun and finds it unloaded.
Makarenko's shotgun on the wall.
Makarenko (in center) fires his shotgun during the night attack of the dogs.
Another view of the shotgun.

Rifles and Assault Rifles

Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbine

Innokentij Fursov (Aleksandr Susnin) and Yegor Manikin (Aleksey Krychenkov) both carry Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbines.

Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine - 7.62x54mm R
A close view of Manikin's carbine.
Manikin fires.
Fursov holds his carbine.
Fursov in action.

Winchester Model 1895

Viktor Utekhin (Andrey Krasko) is armed with a Winchester M1895 Russian contract model. Later he exchanges his rifle for Maksimchuck's (Yuriy Kuznetsov) AK-47.

A Russian contract Model 1895 in 7.62x54 Russian. Note the loading bridge over the reciever
Utekhin holds his Winchester.
He fires at attacking dogs.
He reloads.
Maksimchuck holds the Winchester.
Maksimchuck loads the rifle.
He aims.
A closeup.


An AK-47 is the weapon of Ivan Maksimchuck (Yuriy Kuznetsov), the formal leader of the team. When Maksimchuck proves himself not fit for fight, Viktor Utekhin (Andrey Krasko) takes the AK and gives his Winchester to Maksimchuck.

Type II AK-47 (note stock mounting bracket) with prototype slab sided magazine - 7.62x39mm
Closeups of Maksimchuck's AK.
The AK is seen on the wall.
Maksimchuck widely fires at attacking dogs.
Utekhin takes the AK.
Utekhin fires.

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