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30 Cases of Major Zeman

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30 Cases of Major Zeman
30 Cases of Major Zeman.jpg
Country CZE.jpg Czechoslovakia
Language Czech
Channel Československá televize (ČST)
Creator Jirí Sequens
Genre Crime
Broadcast 1976-1980
No. of Seasons 3
No. of Episodes 30
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jan Zeman Vladimír Brabec
MUDr. Veselý Vladimír Ráz
Mirek Stejskal Ladislav Mrkvicka
Václav Kalina Milos Willig
Pavlásek Josef Vetrovec
Zitný Frantisek Nemec
Jirí Hradec Rudolf Jelínek
Martin Gajdoš Emil Horváth
Skládal Ivo Niederle
Pavel Bláha Radoslav Brzobohatý

30 Cases of Major Zeman (original: 30 prípadu majora Zemana) is a Czechoslovak produced crime and spy television series directed by Jirí Sequens. The series follows the career of fictional criminologist Jan Zeman (Vladimír Brabec) from the entrance to the National Security Corps (SNB) in 1945 until in his departure for retirement in 1975. Each year represents one case resolved in one year career. The episodes are inspired by real cases, but often grossly distorted for the purpose of communist propaganda.

The following weapons were used in the television series 30 Cases of Major Zeman:


Browning Hi-Power

Policeman-turned-spy Pavel Blaha (Radoslav Brzobohatý) returns to his old country armed with a Browning Hi-Power pistol.

Classic Commercial Browning Hi-Power (Belgian Mfg) - 9x19mm
Spy Pavel Bláha (Radoslav Brzobohatý) carries his gun holstered in the 9th episode "Loď do Hamburku" (Ship to Hamburg).
The Browning Hi-Power is hidden under Blaha's pillow in the 11th episode called "Křížová cesta" (Way of the Cross).
A Browning Hi-Power is also seen in Bláha's trunk in the 14th episode "Konec velké šance" (End for a Big Chance).

CZ 27

Various characters carry CZ 27 pistol, which was used by the Czechoslovak army and police shortly after World War 2.

CZ 27 - .32 ACP
Young criminologist Jan Zeman (Vladimír Brabec) aims his gun at the terrorist on the houseboat in 8th episode "Strach" ("Fear").
StB agent Mr. Zitný (Frantisek Nemec) in 5th episode "Hon na lišku" ("Fox Hunting") searching for a hidden radio.
1st Lt SNB Pavel Blaha (Radoslav Brzobohatý) draws his weapon after the expected arrival of a small plane at the end of 5th episode.
File:Václav Lohniský-CZ-27.BMP.jpg
Detainee superintendent of KZ Jägr (Václav Lohniský) grabs the pistol, not realising that its chamber is empty.
Lt. Vydra (Frantisek Hanus) in the 2nd episode "Vyznavači ohně" ("Fire Devotees") fires his service pistol at a fleeing Nazi.
File:Jan Tríska-CZ-27.jpg
Eda (Jan Tríska) armed with CZ 27 holds a paramedic hostage in the 8th episode "Strach" ("Fear").
File:Josef Vinklár-CZ-27.jpg
Jula (Josef Vinklár) overseeing a robbery with a pistol in his hand.
File:Oldrich Vízner-CZ-27.jpg
Third terrorist Richard (Oldrich Vízner) aims his gun at an ambulance driver.
File:Jirí Plachý-CZ-27.jpg
Masked Jarda Bosák (Jirý Plachý) clutching a gun in the 10th episode "Vrah se skrývá v poli" ("The Murderer Lurks In the Field").
Second bandit Beneš (Zdenek Kutil) wants to take Mutl´s wife Blanka (Jaroslava Obermaierová) as his hostage.
Strm. Skládal (Ivo Niederle) pulls his sidearm on a murderer in the 11th episode called "Křížová cesta" ("Way of the Cross").
File:Eduard Cupák-CZ-27.jpg
Plastic surgeon Hons (Eduard Cupák) pulls CZ 27 in the 12th episode "Kleště" (Pliers), when he tries to blackmail Agent Bláha.
File:R Brzobohatý-CZ-27.jpg
Agent Bláha (Radoslav Brzobohatý) the same gun,now in Blaha's possession. Episode: "Konec velké šance" (Pliers).
File:Ladislav Krivácek-CZ-27.jpg
Honza Böhm (Ladislav Krivácek) in 18th episode "Bílé linky" (White Lines) is armed with a CZ 27.
File:Emil Horváth-CZ-27.jpg
Detective Gajdos (Emil Horváth) about to raid a drug den in "Růže pro Zemana" (A Rose for Zeman).

CZ 70

In episodes taking place during the 70´s, Czechoslovak policemen correctly use CZ 70 pistols as their service weapons.

CZ 70 Pistol - 32 ACP
First lieutenant Skládal (Ivo Niederle) holds a CZ 70 pistol in 30th episode "Růže pro Zemana" ("A Rose for Zeman").
Major Zeman (Vladimír Brabec) is also seen with this weapon in the final episode.


CZ DUO pocket pistol appears in the hands of Rudi Lorenz (Josef Abrhám).

CZ DUO - 0,25 ACP-side L
File:Josef Abrhám-B1906.jpg
Smuggler and human trafficker Rudi Lorenz brandishes his pocket pistol In the seventeenth episode called "Pán ze Salcburku" ("Lord of Salzburg").

. ‎‎

Closeup from the same scene.

Luger P08

German Luger P08 pistol is featured in several episodes.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Captain Vaclav Kalina (Milos Willig) confronts a former Gestapo informant Karel Prágr (Josef Somr) with a murder weapon in the 1st episode "Smrt u jezera" ("Death at the Lake")


File:Vilém Besser-L-P08.jpg
Sepp (Vilém Besser), disguised as a mental patient, points his Luger at Zeman in the 4th episode "Vyznavaci ohne" ("Fire Devotees").

Bayard Model 1908

One of the guns used by the plane hijackers is Bayard Model 1908 pocket pistol.

Bayard Model 1908 - .32 ACP
File:Hana Pastejríková-MZ.jpg
When the plane took off, (Hana Pastejríková) aims her gun at passengers ...


... in 29th episode called "Mimikry" ("Mimicry").


A TT-33 pistol is seen in the hands of aRed Army officers.

CZ 27 - .32 ACP
Soviet officer guarding the demarcation line fires at a suspect in the pilot episode called "Smrt u jezera" ("Death at the Lake").

Walther P38

Nazis and collaborators use Walther P38 pistols.

Walther P38 pistol - 9x19mm

Ukrainian Insurgent Army agent Richard Lipinsky (Vladimír Brabec) shoots at SNB policemen men from his Walther in the 4th episode "Rubínové kříže" ("Ruby Cross").
RG man Velenský (Stanislav Fiser)posing with hs pistol in the 3rd episode "Vyznavači ohne" ("Fire Devotees").
Former SS officer Mauer (Petr Hanicinec) holds his weapon in hand in the 4th episode "Rubínové kříže" ("Ruby Cross").
File:Václav Lohniský-W-P38.jpg
The fleeing war criminal Jägr (Václav Lohniský) fires from his Walther in the episode "Hon na lišku" ("Fox Hunting").
File:Jirí Kvasnicka-W-P38.jpg
Drug dealer Kuffa (Jirí Kvasnicka) uses a Walther P38 during a standoff with the police in the episode "Růže pro Zemana" ("Rose for Zeman").

Walther PPK

Many bad guys of the series seem to have a soft spot for Walther PPK.

Walther PPK with Waffenamt Markings - 7.65mm

RG Mr. Velenský (Stanislav Fiser) aims his pistol at Zeman in the 2nd episode "Vyznavaci ohne" ("Fire Devotees").
Sergeant Jan Zeman (Vladimír Brabec) disarms Nazi doctor Wolf (Ludek Munzar) at the end of 2nd episode.
File:Jirí Nemecek-W-PP.jpg
Hit squad commander known as "The Captain"" (Jirí Nemecek) in the 10th episode "Vrah se skrývá v poli" (The Murderer Lurks In the Field).
File:Jirí Holý-WaltherPP.jpg
Arnold Hackel (Jirí Holý) pulls his gun at Bláha in the 14th episode "Konec velké šance" ("The End of a Great Chance").
File:Borivoj Navrátil-W-PPK.jpg
Criminal Rusnak (Borivoj Navrátil) draws a pocket pistol on his buddy Ledvinka in the 17th episode "Prokleté dědictví" ("The Cursed Inheritance").
Rusnak drops his gun during a brawl with his former accomplice.
File:Ladislav Krivácek-W-PP.BMP.jpg
Honzulka Böhm (Ladislav Krivácek) aims his gun at Jiří Hradec in the 18 episode called "Bílé linky" ("White Lines").
File:Josef Bláha-W-PPK.jpg
American spy Leopold Fanta (Josef Bláha) holds a corrupt journalist Holan at gunpoint in the 20th episode "Modrá světla" ("Blue Lights").
Mestrey´s henchman (Cerezo Salazar) searching for Jiří Hradec with his Walther in hand.
Jirí Hradec (Rudolf Jelínek) dies a hero's death in the South American jungle in 28th episode "Poselství z neznámé země" ("Message From An Unknown Land").)
Kamil Moudrý (Jaroslav Drbohlav) (left) and Karel Vondrich (Oldrich Vlach) (right) test their handguns.
Hijacker Karel Vondrich (Oldrich Vlach) executes a pilot with a shot to the head in the 29th episode "Mimikry" ("Mimicry").
File:Emil Horváth-W-PP.jpg
CZ 27 held by Martin Gajdoš (Emil Horváth) transforms into a Walther PPK in a continuity error in the 30th episode "Růže pro Zemana" ("A Rose for Zeman").

Welrod pistol

Western spy Pavel Bláha (Radoslav Brzobohatý) uses a Welrod pistol during his final confrontation with Major. Zeman

Welrod pistol Mark II - .32 ACP.
Spy Blaha in the 14th episode called "Konec velké šance" ("The End of A Great Chance") decides to assassinate Zeman in the park ...


... but ends up killing Zeman´s wife Lída (Renáta Doleželová) .

Wheellock Pistol

Wheellock Pistol is seen hanged on the wall.

Wheellock riding pistol
Wheellock Pistol is seen at the center above the chear.

Submachine Guns


Nazis and terrorist of all kinds in the series are equipped with German MP38 and MP40 submachine guns.

MP38 submachine gun - 9x19mm
File:Josef Vinklár-MP40-MZ..jpg
Jula (Josef Vinklár), the leader of the terrorist group uses a German submachine gun.
File:Jan Tríska-MP40-MZ.jpg
The younger of the brothers Eda (Jan Tríska) aims at paramedics with a submachine gun in the 8th episode entitled "Strach" ("Fear").

Nazi guard (Jan Kanyza) holds SNB Jan Zeman (Vladimír Brabec) in check with a submachine gun in his hands.
Nazi Werewolves fire by submachine guns during a shootout in the 2nd episode "Vyznavači ohně" ("ire Devotees").
MP40 submachine gun - 9x19mm
Innkeeper Beneš (Zdenek Kutil) armed with submachine gun taunts several members of the Communist party before their execution.
File:Jaroslav Rozsíval-MP40.jpg
Gamekeeper Bosák (Jaroslav Rozsíval) fires his MP40 at an undesirable witness in the hayloft.
File:Jirí Nemecek-MP40.jpg
Terrorists commander known as "The Captain" (Jirí Nemecek) hiding in a field with his MP40 in the same episode.


Red Army troops, Czechoslovak soldiers and SNB policemen use PPSh-41 submachine guns.

Soviet PPSh-41 Submachine Gun - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
SNB Sergeant Jan Zeman (Vladimír Brabec) and a radioperator Lojza Bártík (Miroslav Masoust) (back) are both armed with PPSh-41s in episode "Hon na lišku" ("Fox Hunting").
Soviet soldier shoots at a fleeing suspect with his submachine gun in the first episode "Smrt u jezera" ("Death at the Lake").
Czechoslovak soldier fires his submachine gun at a bus full of Nazi fugitive in the episode "Vyznavaci ohne" ("Fire Devotees").

Sa 24

Czechoslovak SNB patrolmen are often seen armed with Sa 24 submachine guns.

Sa 24 - 7.62x25 mm Tokarev
A member of the emergency task forces SNB with a submachine gun on his shoulder in the episode (Vrah se skrývá v poli" ("The Murderer Lurks In the Field").
An SNB patrolman fires at asuspect from a train window in the 4th episode "Rubínové kříže" ("Ruby Cross").


BRNO Model 22F

Jan Zeman (Vladimír Brabec) and many of the striking arms factory workers hold BRNO Model 22F rifles during the communist coup.

BRNO Model 22F bolt action rifle - 6.5x57mm
SNB officer Jan Zeman (Vladimír Brabec) sides with the striking workers and aims at the factory owner in the 5th episode "Hon na lišku" ("Fox Hunting").
Factory foreman Svoboda (Oldrich Lukes) leads other workers that refuse to lower their weapons and surrender them to the factory owner.

Mannlicher 98 Brno Carbine

Karel Mutl (Petr Oliva) defends his home with a Mannlicher 98 Brno Carbine in 10th episode "Vrah se skrývá v poli" ("The Murderer Lurks In the Field").

Mannlicher 98 BRNO Carbine
Petr Oliva-ZBR.jpg

Mannlicher-Schönauer 1903

Industrialist Čadek (Ilja Prachar) shoots from a Mannlicher-Schoenauer 1903 carbine.

Mannlicher-Schönauer 1903 Carbine with Scope - 6.5x57mm
Čadek displays his favorite "piece" from his collection of hunting rifles.
1st Lt. Pavel Bláha (Radoslav Brzobohatý), who is a firearms connoisseur immediately takes liking to the rifle.

Sniper rifle "Flintůvka"

File:Josef Bláha--flintuvka.jpg
Leopold Fanta (Josef Bláha) has a "Flintůvka" from Zbrojovka Brno in his collection.
File:Alena Karesová-flintuvka.jpg
Fanta's wife Rosemarie (Alena Karesová) uses the rifle in the 20th episode "Modrá světla" ("Blue Lights") to dispose of Arnold Hackel on the boat.


Winchester Model 62

James Spellman (Jan Pohan) wields a Winchester Model 62 pump action .22 rifle during a manhunt on a hunt on Jirí Hradec in the 28th episode "Poselství z neznámé země" ("Message From Unknown Land").

Winchester Model 62A Pump Action Rifle - .22 LR
Jan Pohan-DBS.jpg
Jan Pohan-W1912.jpg

Double Barrel Shotgun

Gamekeepers in the series frequently carry Double Barrel Shotguns, but it is downright impossible to determine the specific models.

Modern Baikal Commercial hammerless side by side shotgun - 12 Gauge.
File:Jaroslav Rozsíval-DBS.jpg
Gamekeeper Bosak (Jaroslav Rozsíval) and his son Jarda (Jirí Plachý) (left) in the 10th episode "Vrah se skrývá v poli" ("The Murderer Lurks In the Field").

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