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Istanbul Transit (Stambulskiy tranzit)

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Istanbul Transit
(Stambulskiy tranzit)
Stambulskiy tranzit poster.jpg
Movie poster
Country UKR.jpg Ukraine
Directed by Grigori Kokhan
Release Date 1993
Language Russian
Ukrainian (Episodically)
Studio Studio Ch
Dovzhenko Film Studios
Main Cast
Character Actor
Olga Borisovna Lyubov Polishchuk
Nikolay Yevgenyevich Anatoly Kuznetsov
Vladimir Nikolayevich Petrovsky Stepan Oleksenko
Viktor Zvyagin Anatoliy Kotenyov
Shavkuta Yuriy Mazhuga
Sotnichenko Anatoli Lukyanenko
Tolya Mishchenko Vitaliy Borisyuk
Volobuyev Oleg Shavarskiy
Chekmaryov Evgeniy Smirnov
Shalygin Valeriy Nakonechnyy

Istanbul Transit (Original title is Стамбульский транзит, Stambulskiy tranzit) is a 1993 Ukrainian (predominantly Russian language) action detective movie. The giant party of confiscated heroine was secretly transported by Interpol from Turkey to Romania for it's liquidation. However, during the transit throughout the Ukraine, it was stolen. Militia (Ukrainian police), realises, that somebody of it's militiamen (ukrainian policemen) cooperated with criminals.

The following weapons were used in the film Istanbul Transit (Stambulskiy tranzit):


Walther P38

Corrupted militiaman Viktor Zvyagin (Anatoliy Kotenyov) illegally possed the suppressed Walther P38 and used it throughout the movie.

Walther P38 with unmounted suppressor - 9x19mm
Viktor Zvyagin (Anatoliy Kotenyov) fires his pistol.
Stambulskiy tranzit pistol 1 2.jpg
Close Up.
Good view of the pistol
Viktor Zvyagin (Anatoliy Kotenyov) takes Olga Borisovna (Lyubov Polishchuk) hostage.

Tokarev TT-33

Militiamen Vladimir Nikolayevich Petrovsky (Stepan Oleksenko) and Sotnichenko (Anatoli Lukyanenko) both uses Tokarev TT-33 Pistols at the film climax.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Post-1947 version. Tula Arsenal (Soviet Union) Note CCCP printing around the star on the plastic grips
Sotnichenko (Anatoli Lukyanenko) with the pistol.
Stambulskiy tranzit pistol 2 3.jpg
Vladimir Nikolayevich Petrovsky (Stepan Oleksenko) with the pistol.
Vladimir Nikolayevich Petrovsky (Stepan Oleksenko) fires his pistol. Note the pistol cycling.
Vladimir Nikolayevich Petrovsky (Stepan Oleksenko) covers with his pistol.
Note the post-1947 slide serration.
The pistol lies near the killed Sotnichenko (Anatoli Lukyanenko).

Makarov PM

The scheme of Makarov PM design can be seen on the poster in Militia office.

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Stambulskiy tranzit pistol 3 1.jpg

Coach Gun

The Coach Gun can be seen hanged on the wall in the storage. Corrupted militiaman Viktor Zvyagin (Anatoliy Kotenyov) takes it at the film climax and fires two times.

Stoeger/IGA Coach imported side by side shotgun - 12 gauge
Shotgun is seen on the wall.
Viktor Zvyagin (Anatoliy Kotenyov) grabs the shotgun...
...and fires it.

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