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El Diablo (1990)

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El Diablo
El Diablo (1990).jpg
El Diablo (1990)
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Peter Markle
Release Date 1990
Language English
Studio HBO Pictures
Distributor HBO
Main Cast
Character Actor
Billy Ray Smith Anthony Edwards
Thomas Van Leek Louis Gossett Jr.
El Diablo Robert Beltran
"Bebe" M.C. Gainey
̶F̶r̶ Kid Durango Joe Pantoliano
The Preacher John Glover

The following weapons were used in the film El Diablo (1990):


Elgin Cutlass Percussion Pistol

Incredibly archaic for the time of the film, Chak Mol (Geno Silva), carries an Elgin Cutlass Pistol as his primary handgun. Chak Mol often uses it in conjunction with the Blunderbuss.

Elgin Cutlass Percussion Pistol - .54 Caliber
One of El Diablo's bandits, Chak Mol (Geno Silva), carries a Elgin Cutlass Pistol in his left hand during the Texas bank robbery.
A side view of the Elgin Cutlass Pistol at the bottom left of the shot.
After being wounded, Chak Mol fires his Elgin Cutlass Pistol into nothingness.

Remington 1866 Derringer

The Preacher (John Glover) uses a Remington 1866 Derringer to defend himself against one of El Diablo's bandits when they raid the carriage with dynamite.

Remington 1866 Derringer 4th Model - .41 Rimfire
A perfect front view of the Remington 1866 Derringer just before the Preacher fires the gun at one of the Mexican bandits.
A better view of the Remington 1866 Derringer in the Preacher's hands.


Colt 1847 Walker (Cartridge Conversion)

Billy Ray Smith's (Anthony Edwards) main sidearm is a Colt 1847 (Cartridge Conversion) that he carries throughout the film. Billy's choice of a Colt Walker as his first firearm is very strange, considering that this revolver was the most powerful handgun of his time and he has no prior experience using firearms. He requires Van Leek's training to use the revolver correctly ( although he falls asleep and kills his horse).

Colt 1847 Walker - .44 Caliber
Before beginning his odyssey in search of Sarah, Billy Ray receives a holstered Colt 1847 Walker. Generally, if a person has no experience with firearms, they are given other options, not what was once considered the most powerful handgun in history.
During Billy Ray's escape from the bounty hunters, El takes out his Colt 1847 Walker to try to defend himself against them, but accidentally fires his revolver at his horse's neck, killing him instantly.
Billy Ray manages to hide from the bounty hunters in an old cabin. Billy looks at his Colt 1847 Walker and thinks about how to get out of the situation. He note that the cylinder lacks the nipples of a normal Colt Walker, indicating that this is a cartridge conversion.
A good side shot of the Colt 1847 Walker.
During the night after the shootout against the bounty hunters, Van Leek cleans Billy Ray's Colt 1847 Walker.
A close-up view of Van Leek placing a .45 Long Colt cartridge into the cylinder of the Colt 1847 Walker. There is no need to point out the anachronism.
A central view of the Colt 1847 Walker being pointing to the sky by Billy Ray.
The best side view of the Colt Walker is still pointed skyward by Billy Ray, who was aiming at the same position all night.
Billy Ray draws his Colt Walker during the duel against Pestoso (Luis Contreras), noteworthy is the extremely slow drawing of the revolver by Billy.

Colt Single Action Army

Different variants of the Colt Single Action Army are used by several characters in the film, including "El Diablo" and Kid Durango, who carry the same "Quick-Draw" variant with a nickel finish and pearl grips, being a parallelism of both characters.

Colt 1873 Single Action Army w/ 5.5" barrel - .45 Long Colt
When Billy Gray goes to find Kid Durango, he talks to one of the town's deputies, who is soon executed by Van Leek. The deputy appears to carry a Single Action Army "Artillery".
One of the bounty hunters listens to the cavalcade of an unknown individual while aiming his Single Action Army at the cabin where Billy Ray is hiding.
Suddenly, he is shot by the same stranger who did not aim at him correctly.
Colt 1873 Single Action Army w/ 4.75" barrel - .45 Long Colt
One of El Diablo's bandits, Pestoso (Luis Contreras), during the Texas bank robbery carries two Single Action Armys with a 4.75" barrel.
An unnamed bounty hunter fires his Single Action Army "Quick-Draw" at Van Leek.
Pitchfork Napier (David Dunard) suddenly pulls out his Colt Single Action Army to the surprise of the entire group.
One of the Mexican bandits carries a Single Action Army "Quick-Draw" when they assault Bebe, Roberto, and the Preacher's carriage.
Colt 1873 Single Action Army w/ nickel finish and pearl grips - .45 Long Colt
"El Diablo" gets off his horse, ready to rob the Texas bank. A good shot of the Colt Single Action Army holstered.
After executing one of the bank employees, El Diablo holsters his Colt Single Action Army.
El Diablo explains to Billy Ray why a few familiar stones in spurs aren't enough to rescue his new fiancée, while aiming his Colt SAA at a hanging Billy Ray.
After the explosion at his hideout, El Diablo appears before Billy Ray to challenge him to kill him if he is quick enough to draw. Another good shot of El Diablo's Single Action Army.
However, Kid Durango appears in Billy Ray's defense. He takes into account that his Single Action Army is the same variant that El Diablo uses.
A nervous Kid Durango keeps his hand close to his Single Action Army so he can quickly pull it out.
A good view of Durango's Single Action Army.
The best close-up shot of El Diablo's Single Action Army.
El Diablo removes a .45 Long Colt cartridge from the chamber of his Single Action Army.
Thomas Van Leek: "Damn boy, you shot him in the back!"
Billy Ray Smith: "Well, his back was to me!"
Colt 1873 Single Action Army w/ 3.5" barrel - .45 Long Colt
Another of the Mexican bandits (Robert Miano) who tries to steal Bebe's carriage carries a rare Colt Single Action Army without the ejector rod.
The best side view of the Colt Single Action Army without ejector rod.

Colt New Service (with forend and long barrel)

One of the many weapons Thomas Van Leek (Louis Gossett Jr.) has is a Colt double-action revolver, presumably a Colt New Service, modified with an 12" barrel and a forend. It also appears to have an ejector rod, indicating that it may be some type of Buntline Special mockup.

Colt New Service - .45 ACP. Model in the film has forend, 12" barrel and a ejector tube (similar to a Buntline Special).
The Colt New Service with 12" barrel is seen holstered on Van Leek's horse (named "Rio"), he would later use it against one of the bounty hunters.
Thomas Van Leek cleans his New Service until he notices Pitchfork slowly approaching Billy Gray with a knife.
Van Leek aims his New Service at Pitchfork to prevent him from hurting Billy Gray.
Billy Gray watches with surprise as Van Leek threatens Pitchfork with killing him, but does not intervene because the entire group agreed to get rid of him for his unpleasant attitude. Note that in addition to a longer barrel, the Colt New Service appears to have a forward handguard.
A distant view of the Colt New Service.

Colt New Service (Mocked-up as a Colt 1878 Double Action)

Thomas Van Leek's main handguns are two Colt New Services, which he uses during the shootout with the bounty hunters and in the shootout at El Diablo's hideout. At first glance, these appear to be a pair of Colt 1878 Double Actions, since it has an ejector rod, a cylinder without a recoil shield, and is used in double-action in some scenes, but a closer inspection reveals that it is a Colt New Service, as it has the same grips and a swing-out cylinder.

Colt New Service - .45 ACP
Colt 1878 Double Action w/ 4.75" barrel - .38 Long Colt, for comparison.
Thomas Van Leek takes out his Colt New Service to threaten some poor bastard who was about to ride away.
Van Leek threatens the poor bastard to give his horse to Billy Ray.
Van Leek holsters his Colt New Service. Note the grips that do not match any Colt revolver from the Wild West era.
Van Leek takes out his two revolvers to confront the bounty hunters.
Van Leek Fires his Colt New Service at one of the bounty hunters.
A close-up view of the Colt New Service.
Another close-up view of the Colt New Service as Van Leek fires it.
Van Leek, noticing one of the bounty hunters escaping into the mountains, pulls out his Smith & Wesson Perfected Model because his other revolvers are out of ammunition.
Van Leek's New Service is seen holstered during Billy Ray's group's stay in the Mexican desert.
Due to Dancing Bear's strange behavior, Van Leek sneaks his New Service along just in case...
Van Leek prepares his revolvers before entering El Diablo's hideout. Although this revolver is styled after a Colt 1878, a swing-out cylinder revolver would be historically incorrect (considering that the film takes place before the creation of the first swing-out cylinder revolver). It should also be noted that this detail makes it unnecessary for the revolver to have an ejector rod since since it would not be needed in the first place.
Van Leek holsters his revolver at the sight of a reflective Kid Durango.

Smith & Wesson New Model No.3

Aside from his Colt New Service, Van Leek carries two Smith & Wesson-style revolvers, one of which is a Smith & Wesson New Model No. 3

Smith & Wesson New Model No.3 w/ nickel finish - .44 S&W American
Van Leek shows his exorbitant variety of revolvers to Billy Ray.
Van Leek appears at El Diablo's hideout with his two Smith & Wesson revolvers...
...and manages to spot one of El Diablo's men who is carrying a rifle and fires his Smith & Wesson Perfected Model at him.
This shot is very similar to a scene from Sergio Leone's film Duck, You Sucker!
Eventually, Van Leek runs out of ammunition in both of his revolvers, so he gets rid of them.

Smith & Wesson Perfected Model

The other of Van Leek's Smith & Wesson-style revolver appears to be a Smith & Wesson Perfected Model with ivory grips. Both revolvers are primarily seen holstered in Van Leek's holsters, as he uses his other revolvers more frequently. While the year the film is set is not specifically stated, it appears to be around the 1870s-1880s, likely making this revolver anachronistic.

Smith & Wesson Perfected Model - .38 S&W
After one of his revolvers runs out of ammo, Van Leek pulls out his Smith & Wesson Perfected Model to continue his firefight against the few bounty hunters left standing.
Your target right now is a bounty hunter who is escaping over the high ground, so using your Smith & Wesson revolver with a shorter barrel is illogical.
A good side view of the Smith & Wesson Perfected Model.
Another good side view of the Smith & Wesson Perfected Model.

Remington 1875

One of the bounty hunters searching for Billy Ray Smith after being incorrectly identified as a sheriff's killer carries a Remington 1875 when he attempts to ambush Billy. One of El Diablo's henchmen also carries the same Remington 1875 when he stops the carriage where Bebe, Roberto, and the Preacher are carrying dynamite to raid El Diablo's hideout.

Remington 1875 - .45 Long Colt
One of the bounty hunters manages to slowly approach the cabin where Billy Ray is hiding, armed with his Remington 1875 ready to kill him.
However, Van Leek shoots him, causing him to fall from the ceiling to the ground. The bounty hunter tries to aim his revolver at Billy Ray, but he doesn't have enough strength.
One of the bandits who tries to steal Bebe's carriage carries a Remington 1875.
The same bandit is wounded by a shot from the preacher, he tries to fire his revolver but fails and falls dead. However, his death was not in vain, as he alerted his companions of the threat that the preacher is.

Remington 1858 New Army

A man with no name is seen in a bar in a Mexican town carrying a Remington 1858 New Army when Billy and his companions enter the place in search of Kid Durango.

Remington 1858 New Army - .44 Army
The Man with No Name points his Remington 1858 New Army at Billy Ray, then is threatened by Thomas Van Leek and holsters his revolver again.

Webley Mk VI

The Texas bank owner tries to arm himself with his Webley Mk VI when El Diablo and his bandits enter the bank armed to rob it, ready to kill them all. This revolver is likely anachronistic to the film's time period.

Webley Mk VI - .455 Webley
El Diablo, seeing that the owner of the bank tries to draw his Webley MK VI, grabs it to examine it.
The bank owner has the opportunity to shoot at El Diablo at the latter's will, but hesitates to do so, probably thinking that if he doesn't, he will spare his life.
A close-up view of the Webley Mk VI.


Henry 1860

Aside from his five revolvers, Thomas Van Leek also carries a Henry 1860 when he needs to take out targets from long range, it has an engraved finish and is often seen holstered on Rio's saddle. Van Leek uses the Henry 1860 when he notes that one of the bounty hunters managed to flee the shootout where his companions were executed.

Henry 1860 - .44 Rimfire
After realizing that one of the bounty hunters managed to survive a fatal shot and is escaping, Van Leek arms himself with a Henry 1860 so he can take an accurate shot from long range.
Van Leek adjusts the sights of his Henry 1860.
A first-person view of the Henry 1860 being aimed by Van Leek using the rear ladder sight, a practice that is rather rare to see in popular media.
A close-up view of the Henry's receiver.
This shot is very similar to another shot from the Giancarlo Santi film The Grand Duel.
Van Leek's Henry 1860 is seen on the ground with the Colt New Service and a unidentified weapon.
Van Leek points his Henry 1860 at the ropes hanging Roberto and Pitchfork.
A good side shot of the Henry 1860.
Knowing perfectly well that Billy Ray is not a good shot, he decides to put himself in an elevated position to help him in his duel against one of El Diablo's men.

Marlin-Ballard No. 4 Perfection

One of El Diablo's men carries a rare Marlin-Ballard No. 4 Perfection when guarding the entrance to his boss's hideout. The rifle is never used, as its wielder stupidly decided to take a photo with his group instead of doing his job.

Marlin-Ballard No.4 Perfection - .45-85 WCF
The Mexican Bandit proudly holds his Marlin-Bellard No. 4 while being photographed...
...but he realize that everything was a trap from the Preacher.

Sharps 1863 Carbine

One of El Diablo's bandits guarding his hideout carries what appears to be a Sharps 1863 Carbine.

Sharps 1863 Carbine - .52 caliber
The Sharps 1863 Carbine in the hands of one of El Diablo's men.
The same guy still holds his Sharps 1863 Carbine while being immortalized in a photograph.

Springfield "Trapdoor" M1884 Carbine

A Mexican is momentarily seen carrying what appears to be a Springfield "Trapdoor" M1884 Carbine when El Diablo's hideout is hit by an explosion.

Springfield "Trapdoor" M1884 Carbine - .45-70 Government
One of El Diablo's bandits is briefly seen carrying a Springfield "Trapdoor" M1884 Carbine.

Winchester-Hotchkiss Model 1883

The leader of the bounty hunters uses a Winchester-Hotchkiss M1883 carbine (another quite rare rifle) when he and his men corner Billy Ray Smith. Noticing that someone unknown was approaching the place, he quickly turns to point the rifle at the approaching person, only to realize that it is Van Leek, a personal former colleague.

Winchester-Hotchkiss Model 1883 - .45-70 Government
The leader of the bounty hunters arrives at the place where Billy Ray is hiding, with his Winchester-Hotchkiss M1883 in his hands.
With with his companions, they begin to intimidate and persuade Billy Ray to turn himself in for the sheriff's murder.

Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy"

Another of the bounty hunters looking for Billy Smith carries a Winchester Model 1866 during the ambush where the latter is cornered.

Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" - .44 Rimfire
One of the bounty hunters points his Yellow Boy to the sky when he hears the cavalcade from an unknown individual.
A side shot of the Yellow Boy in the moment when his bearer is hit by a shot from Van Leek.

Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine

Several of El Diablo's henchmen carry Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbines in most of their appearances, mainly in El Diablo's hideout where almost everyone carries this rifle to defend the place when Billy's plan and Van Leek's attempt to blow up a carriage with dynamite is successful.

Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine - .44-40 WCF
A Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine is seen in the hands of one of El Diablo's bandits guarding his boss's hideout.
When Van Leek examines El Diablo's hideout, he notices several Mexican bandits armed with Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbines.
The only El Diablo bandit guarding the entrance to the hideout watches with surprise as Bebe and his carriage arrive at the place without being able to do anything to prevent it.
The best side view of the Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine when a Mexican bandit is hit by a shot from Van Leek and throws his rifle.


Blunderbuss Flintlock

Apart from his Elgin Cutlass Pistol, Chak Mol also uses a Blunderbuss as his other main firearm. Chak Mol fires his blunderbuss at a bank security guard he robs at the beginning of the film. He also carries the same shotgun when Billy Smith breaks into El Diablo's hideout.

Blunderbuss Flintlock - .49 Caliber
One of El Diablo's bandits, Chak Mol (Geno Silva), during the Texas bank robbery carries a Blunderbuss in his right hand.
Chak Mol adjusts his Blunderbuss on his arm to shoot one of the bank guards.
Chak Mol goes with Billy Ray to El Diablo's hideout with his Blunderbuss in hand.

12 Gauge Short-Barreled Spanish Zabala Shotgun

When the carriage where Bebe is transporting the dynamite is stopped by some bandits from El Diablo, the latter orders everyone to drop their weapons, and Bebe pulls out a 12 Gauge Double-Barreled Shotgun that is not used by any character.

Spanish Zabala Double-Barreled Shotgun - 12 gauge
Bebe throws away his Zabala Double-Barreled Shotgun when he is forced to do so.


Cobra CB38 Derringer (Two-Tone Finish)

On the film's DVD box set, Sarah can be seen wearing what appears to be a Cobra Derringer with a two-tone finish. In the film, Sarah does not use a firearm at any time.

Cobra CB38 Big Bore Derringer - .38 Special
Cobra CB38 Big Bore Derringer w/ satin nickel finish - .38 Special
El Diablo DVD box art.
Note that Billy Ray carries a Colt Single Action Army w/ a 4.75" barrel that he uses only when practicing his marksmanship.

Griswold & Gunnison 1860

On one of the film posters depicts a decorative Griswold & Gunnison 1860 at the top right.

Griswold & Gunnison 1860 - .36 Caliber
El Diablo (Alternative Poster).
At the top of the poster you can see the Griswold & Gunnison 1860.​

Colt Model 1878

In an image from the film's production, M.C Gainey holds a Colt Model 1878 that he never use in the film (not to be confused with the Zabala Double-Barreled Shotgun).

Colt Model 1878 w/ sawed-off barrel (Modern Reproduction) - 12 gauge
The cast of the film posing in a production photo.
Note that M.C. Gainey is holding a Colt Model 1878 which is not used in the film.

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