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News of the World

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News of the World
Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Paul Greengrass
Release Date 2020
Language English
Studio Universal Pictures
Perfect World Pictures
Pretty Pictures
Distributor Universal Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd Tom Hanks
Johanna Leonberger Helena Zengel
Willie Branholme Bill Camp
J. G. Almay Michael Covino
John Calley Fred Hechinger
Wilhelm Leonberger Neil Sandilands
Merritt Farley Thomas Francis Murphy
Tom Farley Gabriel Ebert

News of the World is a 2020 Western movie directed by Paul Greengrass, based on the 2016 novel by Paulette Jiles, and starring Tom Hanks as Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a former Confederate officer who meets orphaned girl Johanna (Helena Zengel) and accepts responsibility for taking the girl to her relatives.

The following weapons were used in the film News of the World:


Remington 1858 New Army

Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks) carries a Remington 1858 New Army revolver that he receives from his friend Simon Boudlin (Ray McKinnon). The revolver is a cartridge conversion. What appears to be a Remington 1858 is also seen in holster of Cavalry Lieutenant (Tom Astor).

Remington 1858 New Army (Cartridge Conversion) - .45 Long Colt
A Cavalry Lieutenant carries a holstered revolver. The revolver lacks a screw in the heel of the grip that is used on all Colt models of the relevant period so a Remington 1858 is a good choice.
Boudlin gives the revolver to Kidd.
Kidd draws the revolver.
Kidd fires the Remington 1858 during the shootout with Almay and his henchmen.
The revolver is seen from another side.
Kidd reloads the revolver.

Unidentified Smith & Wesson

J. G. Almay (Michael Covino) carries a nickel plated top-break Smith & Wesson revolver. Strangely, it combines features of various versions of the Model 3, such as the Model 3 style frame, Russian Model or Schofield style extractor shroud and frame latch, and the angular rear part of the frame and the grip are similar to the New Model No. 3. Exactly the same revolver is seen in Deadwood (2019) which had the same armorer Joey Rocketshoes Dillon. In any case, even the original Model 3 would be too modern a gun for 1870 Texas.

Almay's revolver in a holster.
Almay fires.
Almay holds the revolver.
The angular rear part of the frame looks more like a New Model No. 3.
Almay holds his revolver during a shootout with Kidd.
A good view of the revolver.
Another good view of the revolver.

Colt 1851 Navy

Both of Almay's henchmen, Clay (Clay James) and Cash (Cash Lilley), carry Colt 1851 Navy revolvers. In the climactic scene, Merritt Farley (Thomas Francis Murphy) holds a Colt 1851 Navy.

Colt 1851 Navy - .36
A Colt Navy in Cash's saddle bag.
A Colt Navy in Clay's saddle holster of the first henchman.
Revolver-wielding Clay is gunned down.
One of Farley's men holds a Colt Navy revolver.
Farley prepares to kill Kidd.
He cocks the hammer.
Farley's revolver on the ground.
Farley's man with a Colt Navy is seen at the background left in a promotional image.

Colt 1848 Dragoon

Farley's henchman John Calley (Fred Hechinger) carries a Colt Dragoon. Later, he gives it to Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks).

Original Colt Dragoon 1st Model - .44
Calley fires his revolver in the night scene.
Another view of the same scene.
Calley gives his revolver to Kidd.
Kidd holds the revolver.
Kidd goes to performs a mercy kill on a wounded horse.

Colt 1836 Paterson

Benjamin Farley (Gabriel Ebert) holds a Colt Paterson 1836 in the climactic scene.

Colt Paterson 5th Model - .36 caliber
Benjamin Farley draws his revolver...
...and approaches Johanna.


Remington 1858 "Cattleman's Carbine"

One of Farley's men is armed with a Remington 1858 "Cattleman's Carbine".

Remington 1858 "Cattleman's Carbine" - .44
A man at the left holds a Remington 1858 Carbine.
The same man with his carbine is seen at the right.

Henry 1860

Tom Farley (Clint Obenchain) carries a Henry 1860 rifle. A Henry rifle is also seen in hands of an aged Kiowa tribesman.

Henry 1860 - .44 Rimfire (RF)
Tom Farley (at the left) holds a Henry rifle.
Another view of Tom Farley's rifle.
An old Kiowa (at the left) carries a Henry rifle while the group travels in the sandstorm.
Tom Farley (at the far right foreground) with a Henry rifle in hands and some unidentified holstered revolver in a promotional image.

Winchester Model 1866 Rifle

Almay's henchman Clay (Clay James) is armed with a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" rifle.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle - .44 RF
Clay hides behind the stone with the "Yellow Boy" rifle in hands.
Clay holds his rifle.
A Kiowa in center holds what seems to be a "Yellow Boy" rifle or carbine.

Winchester Model 1866 Carbine

Almay's henchman Cash (Cash Lilley) is armed with a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" carbine. Carbines are also seen in the hands of Mr. Farley's men.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Carbine - .44 RF
Cash holds the "Yellow Boy" carbine.
Cash fires.
A close-up of Cash's carbine.
One of Farley's men (mounted one at the right) holds a "Yellow Boy" carbine.
The same man with his carbine is seen at the left.
Farley's man at the background holds a "Yellow Boy" carbine.
A "Yellow Boy" carbine is seen at the right.

Sharps Carbine

Cavalrymen are armed with Sharps Carbines of 1859, 1863 or 1869 model.

For reference: Sharps 1859 Carbine - .52
Two cavalrymen in center hold Sharps carbines.
Three cavalrymen hold or carry Sharps carbines.
A Sharps carbine is seen at the far left.

Spencer 1860 Carbine

Benjamin Farley (Gabriel Ebert) carries a Spencer 1860 carbine.

Spencer Model 1860 Carbine - .56-56 Spencer rimfire
Benjamin Farley holds a Spencer carbine.
A good view of the stock.
Benjamin Farley holds the carbine.

Springfield Rifled Musket

Infantry soldiers are armed with Springfield 1861, 1863 or 1864 rifled muskets.

Springfield Model 1861 - .58 caliber Minie ball. Note curved hammer and conventional priming.
Two soldiers with Springfield rifled muskets.
The rifle in center seems to have a curved hammer so it is supposed to be an M1861.
Two soldiers carry Springfields in the night scene.
Soldiers with Springfields on slings walk down the street.

Hawken rifle

Johanna's uncle Wilhelm Leonberger (Neil Sandilands) holds a Hawken rifle.

Hawken Rifle - .50 caliber
Wilhelm Leonberger holds a Hawken rifle.


Holland & Holland Double Barreled Coach Gun

Throughout the movie, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks) carries a double barreled Coach Gun. This is a model with exposed hammers and underlever. Such guns were produced by a number of manufacturers, notably English Holland & Holland, Purdey or Greener. The markings one the gun are seen not very clearly, but still allow to guess that this shotgun may be a Holland & Holland. The shotgun shells are originally loaded with birdshot, but Johanna (Helena Zengel) suggests to load the shells with the dimes Kidd earned from his work to make more lethal ammunition. The size of dime coins perfectly fits the 12 gauge.

For reference: Holland & Holland Paradox, an example of double barreled underlever shotgun. The screen gun has shorter barrels and probably is a common smoothbore shotgun without Paradox rifling.
A cavalryman inspects the ammo of Kidd's shotgun.
A close-up of the shotgun in Kidd's hands.
Kidd shows Johanna that the shell is loaded with birdshot.
Johanna loads a shell with coins. Curiously, at least one dime has the marking "1887" on it.
Kidd reloads the shotgun during the shootout with Almay's gang.
A close-up of the shotgun in the same scene. The marking on the gun is seen unclear, but may be Holland & Holland markings.
Kidd holds the shotgun.
Johanna takes the shotgun.
Johanna aims the shotgun. The barrels are plugged, so possibly a dummy gun was used in this scene.

Double Barreled Shotgun

A common Double Barreled Shotgun is seen in the hands of Farley's man.

For reference: J. Stevens and Company Side by Side Shotgun (Circa 1878) exposed hammers and designed to fire Black Powder shotgun shells - 12 gauge
A man at the background holds a shotgun.

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