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Sinners and Saints

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Sinners and Saints
Sinners and saints.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpgUnited States
Directed by William Kaufman
Release Date 2010
Studio Noire Blanc Films
Distributor Anchor Bay Entertainment
Main Cast
Character Actor
Detective Sean Riley Johnny Strong
Colin Sean Patrick Flanery
Raymond Crowe Costas Mandylor
Detective Dave Besson Kim Coates
Captain Trahan Tom Berenger
Mr. Rhykin Jürgen Prochnow
Cole Louis Mandylor
Stacy Jolene Blalock
Griff Mark Hanson
Weddo Method Man

Sinners and Saints is a 2010 thriller starring Johnny Strong as Sean Riley, a detective with the NOPD, who while coping with a death of his son, is partnered with Will Ganz (Kevin Phillips), a young detective as together they try to solve series of murders in New Orleans. In the course of their investigation, the pair uncover a much bigger conspiracy. The cast includes Tom Berenger, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Jolene Blalock.

The following weapons were used in the film Sinners and Saints:


Springfield Armory TRP Operator

Detective Sean Riley (Johnny Strong) carries a Springfield Armory TRP Operator with full rail as his main sidearm throughout the film. It should be noted that he also uses Chip Mccormick 10-round extended mags in the pistol throughout the film.

Springfield Armory TRP Operator Full Rail - .45 ACP
Detective Sean Riley (Johnny Strong) firing his Springfield .45 TRP Operator.
Detective Sean Riley (Johnny Strong) with a holstered Springfield .45.
Sean firing his weapon during the shootout at Louis's house.
Sean holds his Springfield .45 TRP Operator on Raymond Crowe.

SIG-Sauer P220 Sport

Raymond Crowe (Costas Mandylor) uses a SIG-Sauer P220 Sport during the final shootout.

SIG-Sauer P220 Sport - .45 ACP.
Raymond Crowe (Costas Mandylor) firing a SIG-Sauer P220 Sport at the Sean a promotional still.
Raymond Crowe holds his SIG-Sauer P220 Sport.

Glock 17

A Glock 17 is used by Detective Tom Wyatt (Holt Boggs) during the raid at the begining of the film.

Glock 17 - 9x19mm
Wyatt taking cover with his Glock 17 - 9x19mm

Beretta Px4 Storm

Detective Will Ganz (Kevin Phillips) uses a Beretta Px4 Storm during the shootout at Louis's house.

Beretta PX4 Storm - 9x19mm
Det. Will Ganz uses a Beretta PX4 Storm.
Ganz firing his PX4 Storm.

Heckler & Koch USP

Cole (Louis Mandylor) uses a Heckler & Koch USP in .45 ACP to trade fire with Riley and Ganz, and he later holds a woman hostage with it.

Cole (Louis Mandylor) firing his H&K USP during the shootout at Louis's house.
Sean (Johnny Strong) holds the H&K USP on Dekker (Bas Rutten)

Heckler & Koch USP Tactical

Heckler & Koch USP Tactical seen with adjustable sights, and slanted trigger guard (unlike the cupped version common on MK 23).

Heckler & Koch USP Tactical - .45 ACP.
Raymond Crowe (Costas Mandylor) holds his USP Tactical.


Benelli M1 Super 90

Detective Dave Besson (Kim Coates), Riley (Johnny Strong), and another NOPD officer, Franco (Mike Muñoz) use a Benelli M1 Super 90 during the house raid in the begining of the film.

M1 Super 90 "Entry" model with rifle-type open sights, shorter barrel, normal buttstock
Det. Dave (Kim Coates) Besson with Benelli M1 Super 90
Franco (Mike Muñoz) uses a Benelli M1 Super 90 to lay down suppressing fire
Franco (Mike Muñoz) taking aim with the Benelli M1 Super 90
Riley (Johnny Strong) with a Benelli M1 Super 90 as he kicks in the door to the home

Sawed-Off Shotgun

A gangster is seen using a sawed-off shotgun to fire at NOPD when they raid his home.

Stevens 311R (sawed-off) for comparison - 12 gauge
The gangster firing his Stevens 311R sawed-off shotgun.

Mossberg 500

A mercenary uses a Mossberg 500 during the shootout at Colin's grandfathers house.

Mossberg 500 "Persuader" with standard five-shot magazine tube - 12 Gauge. This is the most commonly produced version of the 500 series today.
The mercenary firing his Mossberg 500 at Riley, Ganz, and Colin.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5KA3

Another mercenary uses a Heckler & Koch MP5KA3 to fire at Riley's El Camino until being killed.

The mercenary firing his H&K MP5KA3 at Riley

Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW

A bald mercenary uses a Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW during the shootout at Louis's house.

The bald mercenary fires his H&K MP5K-PDW at Riley

Heckler & Koch MP5K

Cole (Louis Mandylor) uses a MP5K with a SEF plastic trigger pack and folding stock to hit the counterfeiting house.

Cole holds both his Heckler & Koch USP and his Heckler & Koch MP5K

Heckler and Koch UMP .45

A Heckler & Koch UMP .45 is the weapon used by the mercenary Griff (Mark Hanson) throughout the film. He notably uses it during the shootout at Colin's (Sean Patrick Flanery) grandfathers house.

H&K UMP .45
Griff (Mark Hanson) firing his H&K UMP .45 at Riley, Ganz, and Colin
Griff firing his H&K UMP .45 at Riley

Brügger and Thomet MP9

The Brügger & Thomet MP-9 is used by one of the mercenaries when they hit the counterfeiting house. It is fitted with a suppressor and a micro dot aim point sight.

Brügger and Thomet MP9
The Mercenary holds his MP-9 on the roof of the counterfeiting house.
The Mercenary firing a MP-9.

Ingram MAC-10 .45 ACP

A MAC-10 is shown during the first interrogation scene. It is never seen again throughout the film.

Ingram MAC-10 .45 ACP
Ingram MAC-10

M3A1 "Grease Gun"

Detective Sean Riley (Johnny Strong) uses a M3A1 "Grease Gun" that Colin (Sean Patrick Flanery) had at his grandfather's house to trade fire with the mercenaries when they attack the house.

M3A1 "Grease gun"
The M3A1 at Colin's grandfathers house prior to the firefight. Note the lack of the cocking lever
Detective Sean Riley fires the M3 at the Mercenaries.
Sean pulling the bolt of the M3A1.

Smith & Wesson M76

When Detective Riley and his street crimes crew goes to raid a house, a gangster with a Smith & Wesson M76 fires on them.

Smith & Wesson M76 - 9x19mm
The Gangster fires his Smith & Wesson M 76 at Riley

Assault/Battle Rifles

Heckler & Koch HK416D

Riley (Johnny Strong) uses what is believed to be a Heckler & Koch HK416D dressed up to resemble William Kaufman's (the film's director) own personal Noveske 10.5. Riley uses this rifle to dispatch many of the mercenaries in their head quaters, located in "Ray's Boom Boom Room". Riley then tosses the rifle when he runs out of ammo.

HK416 in D10RS sub-variant with EOTech red dot sight, RIS foregrip, AN/PEQ-2 IR designator, & Crane stock - 5.56x45mm
Noveske Rifleworks Diplomat with M68 Aimpoint red dot scope and Surefire M900 weapon-light fore-grip - 5.56x45mm
Sean checks his HK416D.
A closeup of Sean's HK416D.
Sean firing a HK416D at the mercenaries.


Dekker (Bas Rutten) uses a DSA SA58 OSW Carbine to fire on Riley, Ganz, and Colin at Colin's grandfathers house.

DSA-SA58OSW - 7.62x51mm NATO
DSA-SA58 OSW with Eotech holosight and Sure Fire M900A Vertical Foregrip WeaponLight - 7.62x51mm NATO
Dekker (Bas Rutten) firing a DSA-SA58OSW
Dekker (Bas Rutten) firing a DSA-SA58OSW at the Sean and Will Ganz.

M4A1 Carbine

A mercenary uses a M4A1 Carbine during the shootout at Colin's grandfathers house

Colt M4A1 Carbine with 4 position collapsible stock - 5.56x45mm NATO
Colt M4A1 Carbine with M68 Aimpoint reflex optic and Knight's Armament RAS railed handguard and vertical forward grip - 5.56x45mm
mercenary armed with the M4A1.
mercenary holds his M4A1 Carbine on Colin .
mercenary and Colin (Sean Patrick Flanery) holds his M4A1.


Colin (Sean Patrick Flanery) fires an AKMS during the shootout at his grandfathers house. an AKMS is also used by the gangster "Remo" In the begining of the film during the raid.

AKMS, stamped steel receiver w/ slant muzzle brake and under-folding stock - 7.62x39mm
Colin (Sean Patrick Flanery) holds his AKMS.
Colin firing a AKMS at the mercenaries
"Remo" firing the AKMS at NOPD


Renko (Sonny Puzikas) caries a AKMSU with RIS handguard and Aimpoint T1 red dot sight during the shoot out at Sonny's house. Sean later takes the AKMSU to kill Cole.

AKMSU with RIS handguard - 7.62x39mm
Renko (Sonny Puzikas) firing a AKMSU
Detective Sean Riley (Johnny Strong) aims with the AKMSU on Cole

Steyr AUG-A1

A different bald mercenary uses a Steyr AUG-A1 during the shootout at Colin's grandfather's house.

Steyr AUG A-1 Austrian Army Version
The bald mercenary firing a Steyr AUG A-1

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