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Contagion (VG)

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Contagion (2013)

Contagion is a game produced by Monochrome Games that is the spiritual successor to Zombie Panic! Source, with several elements and references borrowed from the Resident Evil series, specifically Resident Evil Outbreak. The game was distributed via Steam and Desura on October 25th, 2013.

The following weapons appear in the video game Contagion:


SIG-Sauer SP 2340

The SIG Pro SP2340 has a capacity of 15 rounds and features a flashlight attachment. The SIG is the most all-rounder gun in the game, given to players at the start of missions in most modes. While its damage is nothing to write home about, the large magazine capacity and very common ammo makes it a perfect back-up gun for any play style.

SIG Pro SP 2340 - .40 S&W
The in-game render of the SIG Pro SP 2340. Note the bottlenecked .357 SIG cartridges.
A freshly spawned player stands ready with their SIG Pro.
While wandering a city park turned impromptu medical station, a survivor comes on a box of 9mm ammo.
A survivor uses the flashlight to good use while they navigate a hospital.


The M1911A1 has a 7-round magazine and comes equipped with a flashlight and is modeled with adjustable night sights, nickel finish and wood grips. Somewhat curiously, the ammunition boxes are marked .357 Magnum. The game developers have indicated that this will likely change in a future update as it has caused confusion among players. While the magazine size is half of the SIG, the 1911 is still a useful sidearm, bridging the gap between the revolver and the SIG. While recoil is a bit snappy and ammo not too common, it is still a powerful piece in the right hands. After an update, the M1911A1 can also randomly spawn with a silencer.

A Kimber Warrior M1911A1
A survivor stands outside the medical camp's fence with their M1911.
The suppressed variant.

Manurhin MR-96

An update released on December 12th, 2013 included a new weapon, simply referred to as the "Revolver". The developers indicated that it is similar to the revolver found in Zombie Panic: Source, although it looks much more like a Manurhin MR-96 than the Smith & Wesson Model 66 in ZP:S. It's reloaded by two half-moon clips, and does not feature a flashlight. The Revolver is the most powerful gun outside of the rifle category, with very good accuracy and a reasonably fast reload for a revolver. However, this power is tempered by a very slow fire rate, as the player characters opt to fire the gun in single action, meaning quick shots are very hard to pull off.

Manurhin MR-96 with 5.25" barrel - .357 Magnum
Smith & Wesson Model 66 with 4" barrel, for comparison - .357 Magnum
A survivor holds their revolver while they search one of the many tents in the medical camp.
Later on, he draws a bead on a zombie, giving us a look at the revolver's iron sights.
Following his close encounter, he reloads his revolver with moon clips.
Said survivor runs around the park, giving us a look at the top of his gun.


Mossberg 590

The Mossberg 590 appears as one of the games shotguns. Fitted with ghost-ring sights with tritium inserts as well as a flashlight attachment, it is the most common shotgun in the game. The Mossberg is the all-rounder shotgun, balancing magazine capacity, usefulness and power very nicely and serves well in all modes.

Mossberg 590 with ghost-ring sights - 12 Gauge
A survivor looks at the night sky with his Mossberg at the ready.
Having noticed someone is trying to intervene in his stargazing, he takes aim.
A survivor uses the flashlight on his Mossberg after the emergency lights kicked on.

Over-Under Shotgun

The over-under shotgun appears as the "Over & Under". While it doesn't have the higher firerate of the 870 or the Mossberg 590, it can fire both barrels very fast if the fire button is held down. The O/U is a gun for when shotgun ammo is scarce, boasting some fairly good accuracy for a shotgun. However this is tempered by the 2 shot capacity, forcing frequent reloads that make the gun much less powerful in PvP mode.

A Browning O/U shotgun.
A survivor finds some scoundrels on his lawn and readies his O/U.
Having killed one, he takes aim and warns the other ruffian to get off his lawn.

Remington 870

A rather heavily modified Remington 870 appears in the game. Said Remington is modified with a usable flashlight, reflex red dot sight, silver finish similar to a Mariner variant, and not one, but two side mounted saddle shell holders. The 870 is an interesting weapon in that it really doesn't replace any other weapon. Its red dot sight and flashlight make it very useful for fighting in dark maps, however it has a slow reload and the same magazine capacity as the Mossberg, making it just the ugly duckling, in gameplay and in looks.

Remington 870 Police with extended magazine tube and Surefire dedicated forend weaponlight - 12 gauge
A survivor lights up a zombie with his freakish 870.
Later on, he uses it's reflex sight to paint his toolshed a new shade of red.
After painting happy little walls, he reloads and wonders what his gun truly is.


Heckler & Koch MP5K

The Heckler & Koch MP5K is one of two 9x19mm submachine guns featured in the game. It features a 30-round magazine and a flashlight. The MP5K is a weapon that requires a bit of discipline to be used properly. While it is more accurate than the TEC-9, the rate of fire between the two is fast enough that it is very easy to empty a full magazine without careful control, so be wary.

Heckler & Koch MP5K - 9x19mm
A survivor runs around a suburban neighborhood with his MP5K.
Meanwhile in the park, a survivor sights up some zombies making a ruckus on the playground.
Back in suburbia, the survivor reloads his MP5K and gives us a good look at the flashlight.

Intratec TEC-9

The opposite to the MP5k, the TEC-9 appears as the "KG9", named after its older cousin and comes converted to full auto. In similar fashion, the TEC-9 is a slightly inferior SMG to the aforementioned MP5K, with a faster rate of fire and no flashlight. However if you need to vaporize a horde very quickly, you may find the TEC-9 to be a very good close quarters combat bullethose.

Intratec TEC-9 - 9x19mm
Taking advantage of the apocalypse, a survivor does what he always wanted to do and lets it rip with his KG9.
Following his brief Rambo moment, the survivor comes to his senses and takes careful aim at an approaching zombie.
A zombie wanders a home and stumbles upon a TEC-9 on a computer table.


AR-15 Carbine

The AR-15 Carbine is a rather generic M4A1-style carbine rifle fitted with a RIS handguard and a flip up rear sight as well as a usable flashlight. It fires in full auto, like the following AKS-74u and is loaded from 30-round Magpul PMAGs. The AR-15 is the basic assault rifle, fitted with a flashlight and a fairly decent rate of fire, it is a good way to learn how to use assault rifles without making too many mistakes.

Colt M4A1 with 6 position collapsible stock and carrying handle removed - 5.56x45mm

A survivor hides behind some cars with his M4A1.
The survivor takes aim at a minivan, hoping their aren't any zombified soccer moms in it.
After clearing the minivan, the survivor turns their flashlight on.
Realizing he's gotten some unwanted attention, the survivor takes aim at an illuminated zombie.
In a nearby town, a survivor looks at the ammo pickup for the M4A1, that being a Magpul PMAG.


The AKS-74U, serves as the opposite to the AR-15 and is named the "AK74u" in-game, and comes with an incorrect 38-round magazine. It fires in full auto and doesn't get a flashlight attachment. While it might seem inferior to the AR-15, the AKS-74U has some uses in comparison to its American counterpart. While it lacks the flash light, it makes up for it with a very high rate of fire, which can be handy in close quarters.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
A survivor stands next to their stairs with their AKS-74U at the ready.
Following the sounds of grunts and breaking glass, the survivor takes aim at the stairs, preparing to ambush whatever comes up.

Browning BLR

The Browning BLR appears as the other rifle in .30-06, the "BLR". It doesn't mount a scope, but does allow use of iron sights. The BLR is the middle of the road with the .30-06 caliber rifles. While it lacks the scope of the Remington 700 and the rate of fire of the M1 Garand, it still has a fairly large magazine and very good accuracy, tempered by a slow cycling animation and wonky sights.

Browning BLR
A survivor holds his scavenged BLR, intrigued at the diner's choice of defensive weapon.
Hearing the sound of zombies, he drops the thought of the diner's former owners and checks the sights of the BLR.


The only other suppressed weapon besides the later-added suppressed M1911A1 is an FN SCAR-L, known as the "SCAR". Said SCAR-L comes with a rather small suppressor as well as a foregrip. The SCAR-L is a rather useful weapon in the right hands as its suppressor renders it very quiet. While this does not mean you are entirely silent, it lowers the radius in which zombies will hear your shots, and also makes the gun very useful in PvP mode. However, the gun is balanced with really tight sights, meaning close quarters combat will be a tad harder.

Third-Generation FN SCAR-L STD - 5.56x45mm.
A survivor stands outside of a medical camp with her "reclaimed" SCAR-L.
Before venturing any further, the survivor checks out the flip up sights of the SCAR.
After dropping his SCAR-L on the ground, she finds that the handy foregrip has disappeared.

M1 Garand

The third weapon in the game chambered in .30-06 is the famous M1 Garand. Named the "M1 Garand", the Garand serves as the only semi-automatic weapon in the powerful .30-06 round. The M1 Garand is the faster .30-06 rifle in the game. While it is a fairly rare sight in the game, the Garand is a perfect high power weapon for any use, with easy to read sights and a fairly fast reload to boot.

M1 Garand semiautomatic Rifle with leather M1917 sling - .30-06
A survivor holds her 70 year old rifle in a deserted city street.
She then checks the sights before going off to off some zombies.

Remington 700

The Remington 700 serves as the scoped hunting rifle of the game and comes chambered in .30-06. It boasts a fixed 4 round magazine and a scope, but no flashlight. The Remington is the loud long range option in the game, allowing players to reach out and touch zombies past the range of the other guns on offer, at a cost that it is very hard to use in close quarters and has a fairly slow reload.

Remington 700
A "hunter" wanders the park looking for some "wildlife", armed with his trusty Remington 700.
The "hunter" draws a bead on some "prey" and gives us a look at the 700's scope reticle.


M26 Hand Grenade

A M26 appears in the game as its resident hand grenade. A decent explosive weapon, the M26 can very easily deal with 1-2 zombies and a hapless survivor if thrown well.

M26 High Explosive-Fragmentation hand grenade
A survivor looks at his Vietnam-era grenade and hopes the fuze is still good.
A bit later, his hopes are proven to be good as the grenade blows both it and various zombies to bits.
Meanwhile in suburbia, a survivor watches a grenade detonate in the street from their roof perch.

Improvised Explosive Device (IED)

An IED appears as a weapon. It can be planted on wall and then is detonated by the in-game cell phone. The IED is a powerful explosive weapon, most likely due to being a block of C4 with a phone taped to it. It's powerful enough to deal with a decent sized horde of zombies as well as any survivor in a PvP match.

A survivor holds their IED while looking at a familiar pinball machine.
Said survivor decides to hide their creation between some diner stools.
Before running to a safe distance, they decide to check their phone to make sure the number is correct.


A modern, scoped crossbow can be found in-game. The crossbow is a useful weapons in the right hands, allowing a very silent weapon with easily recovered ammo and fitted with a fairly easy to read scope. However the Crossbow has a fault in that the bolts have a horrifically bad drop, meaning it is limited to close to medium range fighting.

A survivor stands in the rain with their crossbow.
Said survivor decides to sight up a road for no reason with their crossbow's scope.

Compound Bow

The other bow-type weapon appears as the "CompBow" and appears to be based off of the PSE Deer Hunter. The bow is another weapon to use when you've collected a ton of bolts. The Compound is the other main bolt using weapon, and allows for much easier close quarters combat in comparison to the Crossbow. While it does work well, it struggles to deal with crowds of the undead and should only be used for a few stragglers.

While wandering a deserted train station, a survivor uses his compound to quietly eliminate a foe.
Hearing some shuffling in the crashed Amtrak passenger cars, the survivor draws a bead and shows us the PSE's sight.

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