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Went the Day Well?

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Went The Day Well?
DVD Cover Art
Country UKD.jpg United Kingdom
Directed by Alberto Cavalcanti
Release Date 1942
Language English
Studio Ealing Studios
Distributor Associated British Film Distributors
Main Cast
Character Actor
Oliver Wilsford Leslie Banks
Nora Ashton Valerie Taylor
Kommandant Orlter a.k.a Major Hammond Basil Sydney
Tom Sturry Frank Lawton

Went the Day Well? is a 1942 film which was released in Great Britain as unofficial propaganda. In the (fictional) village of Bramley End, a platoon of British soldiers arrive on maneuvers. They are welcomed by the residents, until it is revealed they are German paratroopers serving as the vanguard for the invasion. The villagers are rounded up and put in the Town Hall, where they try to get the word out to the Home Guard whilst planning an uprising. It is (loosely) based on a short story by Graham Greene, The Lieutenant Died Last and this plot bears some resemblance to the Jack Higgins novel The Eagle Has Landed and its 1976 film adaptation.

The following weapons were used in the film Went the Day Well?:


Colt New Service

The Colt New Service is carried by Lieutenant Jung (David Farrar) and several other German paratroopers. One of these revolvers is captured by the villagers, and used in the uprising, notably by Joe Garbett (Johnnie Schofield) and Nora Ashton (Valerie Taylor). One scene shows a close-up of it being fired, which gives an excellent view of the hammer cocking back.

Colt New Service - .45 Caliber
A German paratrooper aims his Colt New Service. Note the trigger being gently squeezed and the hammer being cocked back.
The revolver after firing - note the smoke, the finger easing off the trigger and the hammer back in position.
A Colt New Service revolver lying on a smashed table.
Joe Garbett (Johnnie Schofield) fires on German paratroopers with a captured revolver.
Nora Ashton (Valerie Taylor) unloads a Colt New Service. The panicked firing and closed eyes are in-character.
Lieutenant Jung (David Farrar) fires his revolver during a counterattack.

Webley Mk VI

Kommandant Orlter (Basil Sydney) and several of the paratroopers under his command carry the Webley Mk VI.

Webley Mk VI - .455 Webley
Kommandant Orlter (Basil Sydney) aims his Webley Mk VI.
A German soldier draws his Webley.


12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

Poacher Bill Purvis (Edward Rigby) carries a 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun.

Charles Parker 1878 Side by Side Shotgun - 12 Gauge
Bill Purvis (Edward Rigby) with his 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun.
Bill Purvis fires his shotgun at a German paratrooper.

Submachine Guns

M1921A Thompson

The M1921A Thompson is carried by German soldiers, fitted with a 50-round drum magazine. It is later captured and used by the villagers, notably Tom Sturry (Frank Lawton), his father Jim (Norman Pierce) and Joe Garbett (Johnnie Schofield).

Colt M1921A Thompson - .45 ACP
Tom Sturry (Frank Lawton) with a captured M1921A Thompson.
Jim Sturry (Norman Pierce) with a Thompson.
Peggy (Elizabeth Allan) brings in a captured M1921A Thompson.
An M1921A Thompson in a weapons stockpile.
Tom with his Thompson.
Joe Garbett (Johnnie Schofield) opens up with his M1921A Thompson.
Joe loads his last magazine.
Tom fires on infiltrating paratroopers.

M1928A1 Thompson

The M1928A1 Thompson is used by several German soldiers, fitted with a stick magazine.

M1928A1 Thompson with 30-round magazine - .45 ACP
An M1928A1 Thompson is visible behind Kommandant Orlter (Basil Sydney).
A German paratrooper ambushes a Home Guard patrol.


Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III*

The Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III* is used by German paratroopers and British Army and Home Guard soldiers, as well as the villagers, notably Land's Army girls Peggy (Elizabeth Allan) and Ivy (Thora Hird).

Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III* - .303 British
A German soldier distributes Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III* rifles to his comrades.
A German paratrooper with a slung Lee-Enfield.
A Home Guard soldier aims his Lee-Enfield.
A No.1 Mk.III* slung around a slain Home Guard member.
A British soldier opens up with his Lee-Enfield.
Peggy (Elizabeth Allan) with her No.1 Mk.III*.
Ivy (Thora Hird) works the bolt on her Lee-Enfield.

M1917 Enfield

The M1917 Enfield is used by British Home Guard troops.

M1917 Enfield - .30-06 Springfield
British Home Guard soldiers with M1917 Enfield rifles.
A German paratrooper with a captured M1917 Enfield.

Machine Guns

Bren Mk1

German paratroopers use the Bren Mk1 to defend against the British counter-attack.

Bren Mk1 - .303 British
A German paratrooper marching with an unloaded Bren.


Mills Bomb

British and German troops use the Mills Bomb in the final battle.

Mills Bomb - High-Explosive Fragmentation Hand Grenade
A bouncing Mills Bomb. This is the best quality cap available.

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