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The Godfather (VG)

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Nice, but where's the trigger?

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The Godfather (2006)

The following guns were used in the 2006 video game The Godfather:


Colt Detective Special

Called just the "Snubnose" in the game, the Colt Detective Special is the most silent and the weakest of the handguns in the game. The Level 2 revolver is a variant of the Level 1 one, and is called the "38 Special". The Level 3 variant is called the "Saturday Night Special", and has gold plating and an ivory handle (this is odd, as normally the term "Saturday Night Special" refers to a small, inexpensive handgun). An enhanced Level 4 version of this revolver, called the "Black Widow" can only be accessed with DLC. The use of a 3rd Gen. Detective Special is anachronistic, because production didn't start until 1973, while The Godfather takes place from 1945-1955, well too early for a 3rd Gen model. A more realistic choice would have been the 1st Gen or an early 2nd Gen model.

Colt Detective Special 3rd Gen. - .38 Special. Note the smaller grips and shorter barrel, compared to other models.
The Detective Special in game, being fired at an enemy.

Colt M1911A1

The M1911A1 is simply called the "Pistol" in the game, and holds 8 rounds. The "Extended Clip" Level 2 variant holds 10 rounds. The Level 3 ("Assassin Pistol") variant of this gun can be picked up from a gun merchant; it is given a black finish, carries 14 rounds, and kills with one shot. The Level 4 version is called the "Herzstopper" and can only be obtained with DLC. The "Herzstopper" has rich engravings, an extended 20-round magazine, suppressor, and fires in full-auto.

Colt M1911A1 pistol - .45 ACP.
The player character prepares to give an enemy a .45 caliber surprise.
The player character. holds the "Herzstopper". Note the rather counter-productive vent holes in the suppressor, and the extended magazine, which couldn't hold anywhere close to 20 rounds.

Colt Official Police

The Colt Official Police is called "Magnum" in the game, even though in reality this gun fires .38 Special ammunition just like the "Snubnose", rather than any type of "Magnum" cartridge. A version with a 5" barrel (that mysteriously increases the damage) is the Level 2 variant, and is referred to as the "Extended Barrel Magnum". This can be upgraded to Level 3, at which point it becomes the "Python" (actually a different Colt revolver altogether) with a 6" barrel, which is gold plated with an ivory handle, holds an incorrect 8 rounds, and is much more powerful. The Level 4 Magnum is called the "Annihilator".

Colt Official Police - .38spl.
Gunning down an enemy with the Official Police.
Colt Official Police - 6" Heavy Barrel - .38 Special.
Luca Brasi holds the "Annihilator". This is actually only an advertising image, as the "Annihilator" is only available with purchased DLC, and can only be used by the player.


Winchester Model 1912

The Winchester Model 1912 is called the "Long-Barreled Shotgun" in game. It has a strange set of mechanics; despite being pump-action, it is possible to fire 2 shots before one actually has to actually pump it. As one would expect from a game's shotgun, this gun does nice work in close range shootouts.

Winchester Model 1912 Riot Gun - 12 Gauge.
With the Corleones, you only miss once!
Note the extended receiver cover above the trigger and lack of exposed hammer, differentiating it from the Winchester Model 1897 that some previously thought it to be.

Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun

The Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun appears as "Double Barrel Shotgun", and is an level 2 shotgun.

Remington Spartan Sawed Off shotgun - 12 gauge
This enemy took a gamble, and he lost.

"Street Sweeper"

The level 3 shotgun is named the "Street Sweeper" which has a 10 round drum and is capable of rapid fire. However, despite being an obvious reference to the real-life Street-Sweeper shotgun - which also fires rapidly and has a drum - this is clearly not the same weapon, as it looks significantly different, and the real Street-Sweeper was introduced much later on than the game's setting. In appearance, this weapon looks like an sawed-off M1912, feeded from detachable magazines, while the magazine tube is replaced on the foregrip which is very similar to the M1/M1A1 Thompson.

The player character holds a "Street Sweeper". Note the weapon selection menu, with all 3rd level guns.


If you are a member of the Playstation store, you can buy an add on content that gives you an automatic shotgun that you can pick up from a merchant in the game. This fictional weapon is similar to "Street Sweeper", but has a two barrels. This is the Lvl 4 Shotgun. It is also available on Xbox Live as downloadable content. The name is odd, as the term "Lupara" is normally slang for a sawn-off SXS shotgun like the one above.

Submachine Guns

M1A1 Thompson

The anachronistic M1A1 Thompson is called inside the game only by its nickname, "Tommy Gun". It will load from drum magazines (something that the M1A1 Thompson can't actually do, due to its magazine well design), while the handguard is replaced with the foregrip normally found on the 1921/1928 Thompson variants. It inaccurately carries only 25 rounds in the ridiculous little drum magazine (while in reality it would be a stick). A Tommy Gun of level 2 with a correct 50 round drum can be bought, and is referred to as the "Modified Tommy Gun".

M1A1 Thompson with 30-round magazine - .45 ACP.
For comparision: Colt M1921A Thompson with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP
Note the small drum magazine, and the foregrip around twice the size it should be.
Note M1A1 sights and charging handle.

M1919 Thompson

The "Level 3" Thompson variant appears as the "Dillinger"; his name, of course, a reference to gangster John Dillinger. It has a 30-round box magazine (that holds 75 rounds, which is inaccurate), removed buttstock, and it does not have any sights, which makes it similar to several M1919 prototypes.

M1919 Thompson serial number 17 as it appears in early sales literature, with 50-round drum magazine (20-round box and 100-round drum beside) - .45 ACP
The player holds the "Dillinger".

"Spectre Minigun"

If you are a member of the Playstation store, you can buy an add on content that gives you an heavy-modified M1A1 Thompson that you can pick up from a merchant in the game. This evil mutation has a 4 barrels and drum magazine. This is called the "Lvl 4 Tommy Gun" or "Spectre Minigun". It is also available on Xbox Live as downloadable content.

The "Spectre Minigun".
The player character holds the "Spectre Minigun".
The player character the fires the "Spectre Minigun". Note that he holds the weapon by the rotating barrels.

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