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Dolph Lundgren

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Dolph Lundgren wields a fictional Soviet assault rifle as Nikolai Rachenko in Red Scorpion (1989).
Dolph Lundgren wields an M60 fitted with a Smith & Wesson Model 276 Gas Gun as Frank Castle in The Punisher (1989).
Dolph Lundgren holds a suppressed Desert Eagle Mark I as GR13/Sgt. Scott in Universal Soldier (1992).
Dolph Lundgren holds a suppressed Steyr AUG A1 as the "Waxman" in Silent Trigger (1996).
Dolph Lundgren holds the Arsenal Shipka as Mike Riggins in Direct Contact.
Dolph Lundgren holds a Valtro PM5 shotgun as Icarus in The Killing Machine (2010).
Dolph Lundgren holds a Serbu Super Shorty as Gunnar Jensen in The Expendables (2010).
Dolph Lundgren holds a Milkor MGL Mk 1L as Gunner Jensen in The Expendables 2 (2012).

Dolph Lundgren can be seen using the following weapons in the following films and television series:

For the films directed by Dolph Lundgren, please visit the talk page.


Gun Character Title Note Date
Tokarev TT-33 Venz A View to a Kill 1985
Russian Assault Rifle Lt. Nikolai Rachenko Red Scorpion mockup built from an FN FAL 1989
IMI Romat
Underbarrel grenade launcher
MagTech MT 586P.2
M40 Recoilless Rifle
Desert Eagle Mark I Frank Castle The Punisher modified
Smith & Wesson Model 29
Smith & Wesson Model 10
Micro Uzi
M1928 Thompson
Colt Commando
Mossberg 500
Franchi SPAS-12
M26 hand grenade
Remington 870 Jack Caine I Come In Peace 1990
Calico M950 converted
Desert Eagle Mark I Sgt. Chris Kenner Showdown in Little Tokyo nickel 1991
Smith & Wesson 3000 Shotgun folding stock removed
M16 (SP1)
M60 Sgt. Andrew Scott/GR13. Universal Soldier 1992
Desert Eagle Mark VII fitted with laser sight
Glock 17 Holstered
Heckler & Koch MP5K Imatronic LS45 Laser Sight installed
Ithaca 37 Wellman Santee Army of One sawed-off 1993
Smith & Wesson 6906
Micro Uzi
M1928 Thompson
Cobray M11/9
Franchi SPAS-12
Colt Lawman MK III
Beretta 92FS
Armsel Striker Nick Gunar Men of War 1994
Carl Gustav recoilless rifle
M26 Hand Grenade
SIG-Sauer P228 Michael Dane Hidden Assassin 1995
Astra A-100 continuity error
SIG-Sauer P226
Retay Eagle
Smith & Wesson Model 19
Benelli M3 folding stock
SVD Dragunov with laser and suppressor
Steyr AUG Waxman Silent Trigger 1996
Iver Johnson AMAC-1500
Steyr GB
Beretta 92FS Inox Jack Devlin Blackjack 1998
Beretta 92FS
Walther PPK
Steyr AUG SR
SIG-Sauer P226
Beretta 92FS Sam Decker Detention With weaponlight 2003
Glock 17
Colt MK IV Series 70
Heckler & Koch MP5A3
Colt Model 727
M203 grenade launcher Mounted on Colt Model 727
Beretta 92FS Sgt. Frank Gannon Direct Action also non-gun 2004
Mossberg 590A1
Beretta 92FS Nikolai "Nick" Cherenko The Mechanik 2005
AKS-47 custom, shortened
Mossberg 500 Cruiser
O/U Shotgun
Taurus PT92 Ryder Missionary Man 2007
Mossberg 500 Cruiser
Remington 870 Sawn-off
EKOL Jackal Dual Mike Riggins Direct Contact 2009
Arsenal AR
Arsenal Shipka
Desert Eagle Mark XIX Edward Genn/Icarus The Killing Machine fitted with suppressor 2010
Beretta 92FS Inox
Taurus PT92 nickel plated, continuity error
Walther P99 two-tone
Makarov PM
Remington 870
Valtro PM5 sawed-off
Zoraki 925 dual-wielded
M79 grenade launcher Gunnar Jensen rowspan=3The Expendables laser sight
Serbu Super Shorty
M1911A1 customized
Beretta 92FS Granger In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds 2011
Reck Miami 92F Aleksey Andreev One in the Chamber 2012
SIG-Sauer P226 Gunnar Jensen The Expendables 2
Heckler & Koch UMP Red dot scope
Noveske Rifleworks Diplomat Vltor VIS-1 monolithic upper rail assembly, KX-3 flashhider, EMod stock
Milkor MGL Mk 1L
Heckler & Koch G36K The German The Package 2013
Heckler & Koch Mark 23 with suppressor
M1928 Thompson
Heckler & Koch P30 Gunnar Jensen The Expendables 3 2014
Heckler & Koch G36K
M4A1 Carbine Red dot scope, laser designator, foregrip, surppressor
SIG SG 551
Beretta 92FS Nick Cassidy Skin Trade 2015
Heckler & Koch HK45 in the gun case
Glock 17
Norinco Type 56
Remington 870
Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun" Captain Hans Picault War Pigs
Glock 17 Zack Reed Kindergarten Cop 2 2016


Gun Character Title Note Date
Desert Eagle Mark I Marco Chuck Chrome, "Chuck Versus the Anniversary" (S4E01) 2010

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