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Black Out (2012)

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Black Out (2012)
Country NTH.jpg Netherlands
Directed by Arne Toonen
Release Date 2012
Language Dutch
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jos Raymond Thiry
Bobby Bas Keijzer
Charles Edmond Classen
Inez Renée Fokker
Wally Willie Wartaal
Björn Kempi
Detective Andre Alex van Warmerdam
Deputy Youssef Marwan Kenzari

Black Out is a 2012 Dutch crime comedy about ex-criminal Jos who, on the day before his wedding, wakes up with a gun in his hand next to an unidentifiable corpse. If that’s not bad enough, several characters from the local crime scene accuse him of stealing 20 kilos of cocaine.

Jos has exactly 24 hours to solve this mess with the inconvenient circumstance is that he’s suffering from a total black out as to what happened the day before. In a race against time, Jos must manage to settle old scores, retrieve the cocaine and last but not least, be in time for his own wedding.

The following guns were used in the film Black Out:


Taurus PT99AFS

In the opening scene, Jos (Raymond Thiry) wakes up with a corpse to his right and a Taurus PT99AFS to his left. The distinctive raised target sights are clearly visible. This gun is also used by Jos’ partner Bobby (Bas Keijzer), as well as by Jos’ ex-girlfriend Inez (Renée Fokker) and Russian crime boss Vlad (Simon Armstrong).

Older-model Taurus PT99AF (stainless) - 9x19mm
Jos reaching for the alarm clock, instead putting his hands around the Taurus PT99AFS. Note the good view of the frame-mounted safety.
Obviously dazzled by the bizarre situation that he finds himself in, Jos picks up the Taurus PT99AFS. The raised target sights are very well visible.
In a recurring flashback, an unidentified shooter uses a Taurus PT99AFS. When this image is enlarged, ‘PT 99 AFS’ becomes visible on the slide.
A Taurus PT99AFS is held on one of Vlad’s men in a flashback scene.

Desert Eagle Mark I

A Desert Eagle Mark I is the side-arm of choice for Bobby for most of the movie. Jos also uses it in some scenes as well as Wally (Willie Wartaal) when he and his partner steal Jos’ car and find the gun in the trunk.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle MK I - .357 Magnum
Bobby holding the Desert Eagle Mark I on Jos when they finally catch up after many years. The distinctive "teardrop"-shaped safety is clearly visible.
Wally with the Desert Eagle Mark I (left) as he and his partner Björn make an attempt to rob a jewellery store.
The least likely man-gun combination; dog-grooming salon owner Wally, dressed in a nice cardigan, pulls out his Desert Eagle Mark I during a drug deal.
Jos carrying the Desert Eagle Mark I as he carefully inspects the grounds of the bowling alley where a drug deal is about to take place.

COP 357 Derringer

The COP 357 Derringer is used by Inez (Renée Fokker) whose nickname is ‘Coca-Inez’ due to her activities in the drugs trade. This easy to conceal but deadly weapon seems to be very appropriate for her character. Later on, it is taken by Charity (Katja Schuurman) who, together with her partner Petra (played by her real life sister Birgit), serve as debt collectors for godfather Charles.

COP 357 Derringer - .357 Magnum
Inez holding her COP 357 Derringer at the bowling alley. Note the good view of the 4 (!) separate barrels.
A good view of the COP 357 Derringer as Inez is holding it. The very basic sights and the overall simplicity of the gun are clearly visible.
Charity, on the right, has added the COP 357 Derringer to the tools that she uses in her activities as a debt collector.

Bersa Thunder 380 Super

Godfather Charles (Edmond Classen), living under-cover in a retirement home, keeps a stainless steel Bersa Thunder 380 Super with ivory grips at the back of his wheelchair for emergencies.

Bersa Thunder 380 Super - .380 ACP
”Those who try to mess with me like this usually seem to be keen to know if there is life after death…”

Glock 17

Vlad’s henchman Saban (Joop Kasteel) carries a Glock 17, when he accompanies Jos to pick up drugs that Jos allegedly owns. It can be identified as a 3rd generation model because of the accessory rail on the frame.

3rd Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm
Saban struggling to keep Jos away from him as he’s driving a car. In scenes like this, the Glock 17 would actually be a rubber stunt gun, but several screenshots show too much detail for that.
Jos finally managing to remove the Glock 17 from Saban’s hands by closing the window so that Saban is stuck and has to let go. Note the gun is too detailed for a stunt gun.

Colt M1911A1

Several characters in the movie carry the Colt M1911A1 pistol but it is impossible to get a good look to determine the version or the manufacturer.

M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
A thug from the gang of Vlad making his way to the scene of a drug deal with his Colt M1911A1 at the ready.
Deputy Detective Youssef (Marwan Kenzari) holding his Colt M1911A1 as he does a first inspection of the crime scene at the bowling alley.

M1911A1 (KWC airsoft)

During the intro credits, an airsoft KWC M1911A1 can be seen. It can be conclusively identified by the engraving with the manufacturer name on the slide just above the forward section of the trigger guard. This particular KWC model seems to be based on the Springfield Armory National Match 1911.

Example of KWC-produced airsoft replica of customized M1911A1

Heckler & Koch P7M13

A Heckler & Koch P7M13, in a rare satin nickel sports version with compensator and target sights, is seen lying on a crate during a drug transaction.

Heckler & Koch P7M13 in Satin Nickel Finish - 9x19mm

Beretta 92FS

Detective Andre (Alex van Warmerdam) is seen threatening godfather Charles (Edmond Classen) with what seems to be a Beretta 92FS, but more details could prove it to be an airsoft variant.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
What looks cool in a movie is not always true in real life. Rather than the Beretta 92FS, a Dutch detective would be carrying a Walther P5.

Walther P1

In a flashback scene, Bobby is seen held at gunpoint with a Walther P1. This is the post-war version of the Walther P38 and can be distinguished by the grooves that extend around the safety lever.

Walther P1 - 9x19mm

Benelli B76 Sport

During the robbery on the jewellery store, Wally (Willie Wartaal) carries a Benelli B76 Sport that can be reconized by the pronounced front target sight and slide.

Benelli B76 Sport - 9x19mm


Dan Wesson PPC

Local drug dealer Gianni (Robert de Hoog) carries a Dan Wesson PPC revolver. The distinctive target sights have been removed but the gun can still be identified by the massive rectangular barrel.

Dan Wesson PPC - .357 Magnum
Gianni pulling his Dan Wesson PPC when a drug deals goes wrong. Note the distinctive massive barrel.
The same shot but from a different angle. The shape of the barrel, and the corresponding weight, show the compensator function.

Dan Wesson 14

Several characters use the Dan Wesson 14 with 2.5" barrel. It can be identified by the cylinder latch that is located ahead of the cylinder and the fixed sights.

Dan Wesson Model 14 - .357 Magnum
Björn (Kempi) holding the Dan Wesson 14, the distinctive location of the cylinder is easily visible.
Another shot of Björn with his Dan Wesson 14, during a robbery. Note the fixed sights, giving this gun away as a Model 14 rather then a Model 15 with adjustable sights.
Bobby holding his Dan Wesson 14 on Jos after their visit to Gianni’s office, the diamond shape on the wooden grips another sign of this gun being of Dan Wesson making.

Taurus Model 689

Next to above Dan Wesson 14, Björn (Kempi) is carrying a Taurus Model 689 which can be distinguished from the Colt Python and Colt Anaconda by the 5 ribs in the barrel, the Colt models have 3.

Taurus Model 689 Stainless Steel revolver - .357 Magnum
Björn showing his Taurus Model 689 during the robbery on the jewellery store, the distinctive 5 ribs on the barrel can easily be counted.
Björn again presenting his Taurus Model 689, this time during the shoot-out at Gianni’s office. Again, there's a good view of the distinctive 5 ribs.

Smith & Wesson Model 686

Gianni’s bodyguard Abel (Sem Schilt) carries a Smith & Wesson Model 686 for those situations where his impressive physique is not enough to make his point.

Smith & Wesson Model 686 6" Barrel - .357 Magnum
During the stand-off in Gianni’s office, Abel (right) pulls his Smith & Wesson Model 686 to put pressure on negotiations about a shipment of drugs.


Franchi PA3

Another one of Gianni’s thugs, Rex (Horace Cohen) unexpectedly pulls out a Franchi PA3 when a stand-off arises during a drug deal in his boss’ office.

Franchi PA3/215 with vertical foregrip - 12 gauge
Gianni (middle) looking very surprised as his assistant Rex (left) is suddenly holding the Franchi PA3 and instantly becomes the guy with the biggest gun in the room.

Over-and-under shotgun

Jos and his partner Bobby use an over-and-under shotgun in their raid on Gianni’s drug stash. The brand cannot be positively identified and both barrel as well as stock are sawn-off.

Sawn-off Browning over-and-under shotgun - 12 Gauge (Photoshop image)
A ‘still life’ of crime; a Heckler & Koch P7M13, an over-and-under shotgun, bank notes plus several kilo’s of cocaine.
Jos (front) with the over-under shotgun as he and his partner Bobby (back) make their way into Gianni’s warehouse.

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