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Old Shatterhand

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Old Shatterhand
Old Shatterhand Poster.jpg
Original German Theatrical Release Poster
Country GER.jpg Germany
FRA.jpg France
ITA.jpg Italy
YUG.jpg Yugoslavia
Directed by Hugo Fregonese
Release Date 1964
Language German
Studio Central Cinema Company Film
Serena Film
Criterion Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Winnetou Pierre Brice
Old Shatterhand Lex Barker
Paloma Daliah Lavi
Capt. Bradley Guy Madison
Sam Hawkens Ralf Wolter
Corp. Bush Gustavo Rojo
Dixon Rik Battaglia
Gen. Taylor Charles Fawcett

Old Shatterhand (alternative English title Apache's Last Battle) is a 1964 Eurowestern directed by Hugo Fregonese. It is the third movie in Winnetou film series, based on the novels by Karl May.

The following weapons were used in the film Old Shatterhand:


Colt 1851 Navy

Colt 1851 Navy revolvers (probably modern replicas) are used as service sidearms by most US Cavalry officers and NCOs, notably Capt. Bradley (Guy Madison) and Corp. Bush (Gustavo Rojo). In several scenes Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker) and Sam Hawkens (Ralf Wolter) briefly hold Colt Navy revolvers.

Colt 1851 Navy - .36 caliber
Old Shatterhand with Winchester Model 1892, Corp. Bush and Capt. Bradley (Guy Madison) with Colt 1851 Navy revolvers and Sam Hawkens (Ralf Wolter) with Double Barreled Shotgun.
Old Shatterhand takes the revolver that belonged to deceased Col. Hunter.
Old Shatterhand disarms Capt. Bradley.
Bradley fires his revolver during the battle for Fort Grant.
Bush aims the revolver at jailed Tujunga (Alain Tissier).
Sam uses the Colt Navy to break Old Shatterhand's manacles.

Arminius HW-1S Revolver

Dixon (Rik Battaglia), Joe Burker (Mirko Ellis) and other brigands, Sheriff Brandon (Nikola Popovic) and some US Cavalry NCOs, including Sgt. Flanner (Andrea Scotti), are armed with 5-shot Arminius revolvers with 6" barrels. It appear to be the same long barreled version of HW-1S signal revolver that is widely used in other Winnetou movies.

Arminius HW-1S signal revolver with 6" barrel - 9mm Knall blank
Dixon holds the Arminius revolver.
A good view of Dixon's revolver during the shootout on Burker's ranch.
Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker) fires a pair of revolvers, taken from incapacitated Burker.
Another view of the scene.
Dixon's henchman (Stevan Petrovic) fires his revolver.
Soldiers raise their revolvers on Tujunga (Alain Tissier).
Dying soldier (at the right) drops his revolver during the battle for Fort Grant.


Double Barreled Shotgun

Double Barreled Shotgun is the favoured weapon of Sam Hawkens (Ralf Wolter). Some Dixon's brigands and Apache and Comanche warriors also use shotguns.

Charles Parker 1878 Side by Side Shotgun - 12 gauge
Joe Burker (Mirko Ellis) takes the shotgun during the massacre on Kampendijk farm. He also carries a pair of Arminius revolvers in holsters.
Sam holds the shotgun on shoulder.
Dixon's henchman with the shotgun.
An Apache warrior at the right holds the shotgun.

Rifles and Muskets

Winchester Model 1892

Old Shatterhand's (Lex Barker) main gun is the Winchester Model 1892 rifle. Winchester 1892 rifles are also seen in hands of Paloma (Daliah Lavi) and numerous US Cavalry soldiers, Dixon's brigands and Apache and Comanche warriors.

Winchester 1892 - .38-40
Dixon's henchman fires at fishering Apache.
Another view of the scene.
Old Shatterhand fires his Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine.
Sam's friends Dick Stone (Mirko Boman) (at the left) and Will Parker (Vojkan Pavlovic) (at the right) carry Winchester rifles in saddle holsters.
Old Shatterhand with Winchester, Corp. Bush (Gustavo Rojo) and Capt. Bradley (Guy Madison) with Colt 1851 Navy revolvers and Sam Hawkens (Ralf Wolter) with Double Barreled Shotgun.
Paloma holds her engraved Winchester.
Apache warriors with Winchester rifles (Gojko Mitic in center).
Old Shatterhand-Winchester-12.jpg
Soldiers fire Winchester rifles at attacking Apaches.

"The Silver Gun"

The double barreled rifle, named "The Silver Gun", is Winnetou's (Pierre Brice) signature weapon.

Three screen "Silver Guns", used by Pierre Brice in Winnetou films
Old Shatterhand-SilverGun-2.jpg
Old Shatterhand-SilverGun-3.jpg

"The Bear Killer"

The double barreled rifle, named "The Bear Killer", is briefly used by Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker) in one scene.

Old Shatterhand's "The Bear Killer", as it appears on screen
Old Sutterhand holds "The Bear Killer".

Kipplaufbuchse Single Shot Rifle

Single shot top-break hunting rifles are widely used by Apache and Comanche warriors. Due to a continuity error, Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker) holds a single shot rifle instead of his Winchester Model 1894 in one scene. Such rifles were (and still are) produced by various manufacturers in Europe and America, often referred by the German term Kipplaufbuchse.

Savage Model 219 - .30-30. A good example of top-break single shot rifle, similar to the screen guns.
Comanche Chief Big Bear (Aleksandar Djuric) uses the buttstock of his rifle to open the crate with whiskey.
A Comanche warrior with rifle.
Comanche warriors with single shot rifles in ambush.
Old Shatterhand holds the single shot rifle (at the far left).
Sgt. Flanner (Andrea Scotti) carries the single shot rifle in saddle holster.
Lata-Nalgut (Milivoje Popovic-Mavid) fires his rifle.
Apache warriors with single shot rifles.

1862 Richmond Carbine

Most US Cavalry soldiers are armed with percussion cap muskets. These guns are probably modern replicas of 1862 Richmond Carbine.

Modern replica of 1862 Richmond Carbine, manufactured by Chiappa Firearms - .58
Soldiers fire at attacking Apaches.
Old Shatterhand-Musket-5.jpg
Old Shatterhand-Musket-6.jpg
These three screenshots prove that the muskets are firing props. Note the moving of the hammers.
Old Shatterhand-Musket-10.jpg
Old Shatterhand-Musket-11.jpg
More closeups of the muskets.

Remington 1863 Zouave

Some muskets with longer barrels are also seen. Due to two barrel bands and brass patch box on the buttstock they appear to be Remington 1863 Zouave (probably modern replica).

Remington 1863 Zouave Rifle - .58 Minie ball
The musket with longer barrel is hanging on a pole.
The long barrel is seen at the right.
Dying soldiers hold what appear to be 1863 Zouave rifles. Note the patch box on the buttstock, seen at the far left.

Percussion Cap Hunting Musket

In one scene aged Apache Lata-Nalgut (Milivoje Popovic-Mavid) who serves as Paloma's guard holds the gun that appears to be percussion cap hunting musket.

Lata-Nalgut watches with the gun in hands as Old Shatterhand approaches Paloma's house.


During the battle for Fort Grant the soldiers use several field cannons against Apaches. These movie props are Napoleonic-style guns on simple wooden carriages, probably standing for 12-pounder guns, widely used by US Army in mid-19th century. When firing, the cannons recoil just as real guns, and they are seen rammed.

Cannons are deployed on the walls of Fort Grant.
A close view of the barrel.
Soldiers are ramming the cannon.

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