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War Horse

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War Horse
Movie Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
UKD.jpg United Kingdom
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Release Date December 25, 2011
Language English
Studio Touchstone Pictures
Amblin Entertainment
Dreamworks Pictures
Distributor Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Albert Narracott Jeremy Irvine
Captain James Nicholls Tom Hiddleston
Major Jamie Stewart Benedict Cumberbatch
Friedrich Nicolas Bro
Brandt Rainer Bock
Günther Schröder David Kross

War Horse is the 2011 feature film adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's novel of the same name. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film follows a young horse finds itself through a course of amazing events serving both the German and British armies during World War I. The title character was played by fourteen horses, with no CGI and little animatronics, all under the watchful eye of the American Humane Society. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

The following weapons were used in the film War Horse:



Luger Artillery Model

An Luger LP08 "Artillery" is used by Brandt (Rainer Bock) to put down a dying artillery horse.

Luger P08 long barreled "Artillery" model - 9x19mm Parabellum
Brandt detaches his Luger from the shoulder stock.
The stock appears to be attached to a sling.
Brandt reattaches his Luger to the shoulder stock.
This closeup reveals the stock.
A German emerges from a trench to fire at British troops.

Webley Mk. VI

The Webley Mk VI is used by Sergeant Fry (Eddie Marsan) when he attempts to put down Joey at the end of the film. David Lyons (Robert Emms) is armed with one as well.

Webley Mark VI - .455 Webley
The younger Lyons with his Webley during the Second Battle of the Somme.
Sergeant Fry readies his Webley.
Sgt. Fry opens up his Webley to check to see if it is loaded.
Sergeant Fry prepares to shoot Joey. There has got to be a better place to shoot a horse than in front of nurses and wounded men.
The Webley Mk VI is used by Sergeant Fry (Eddie Marsan).


Double Barreled Shotgun

Ted Narracott (Peter Mullan) attempts to kill Joey with a Double Barreled Shotgun.

Double Barreled Shotgun -12 Gauge
Albert Narracott (Jeremy Irvine) stops his father from shooting Joey.
Ted with the Double Barreled Shotgun.


Mauser Gewehr 1898

The Mauser Gewehr 1898 rifle is used by German troops during The Great War. The German brothers Günther (David Kross) and Michael Schröder (Leonard Carow) are seen with slung G98s. So does the German soldier Friedrich (Nicolas Bro).

Early Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Late Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A Gewehr 98 slung on a German soldier.
The German soldier at the farm (Sebastian Hülk) with his Gewehr 98.
A Gewehr 98 in the hands of a dead German soldier.
Albert removes the Gewehr with his SMLE. Note the M17 Gas Mask.
A German soldier (Trystan Pütterv) fires a warning shot at the Geordie soldier (Toby Kebbell) coming to help Joey. Note the extended "Lange Visier" rear sight.

Mauser Karabiner 98AZ

Some German troops are armed with Mauser 98AZ Artillery Carbines

Karabiner 98AZ - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A rider with his slung carbine.
Two riders with their carbines.
A soldier leads Joey away with his carbine slung while Emilie (Celine Buckens) and her grandfather (Niels Arestrup) look on. In a continuity error, this soldier is later showing with a full-sized Gewehr 98 over his shoulder.

Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III

British troops during The Great War are armed with the Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) rifle, including Albert Narracott (Jeremy Irvine). The Geordie soldier (Toby Kebbell) uses a Pattern M1907 sword bayonet as an improvised white flag to get to Joey.

Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mark III - .303 British
"If anybody turns back, if anyone of our boys comes running towards you, you take this rifle and you shoot them dead! Do you understand?"
British Trench Captain (Julian Wadham) announces his men what to expect when they retire.
Albert fires his SMLE. Note the "Dorset" shoulder mark, of the Dorset Regiment. This is a bit of a goof, as Albert, Andrew, and David are all from Devon, which meant they should've been members of the Devonshire Regiment. The Dorset and Devonshire Regiments didn't merge until 1958, and has since been absorbed into The Rifles.
Andrew Easton (Matt Milne) with the SMLE, disobeying his orders to shoot anyone trying to retreat.
Albert takes cover in a crater while in No Man's Land.
He observes the Maxim position waiting for an opportunity.
In the German trench Albert takes aim at Andrew considering him as an enemy.

Machine Guns

Maxim MG 08

German troops use Maxim MG08s to defend their camp during a British Calvary attack. The successful use of the MGs was the first hint in the movie about the demise of the cavalry in modern warfare.

Maxim MG 08 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A full view of the Maxim while the Germans getting in position. Note the ZF.12 scope.
German soldiers fire MG08 machine guns at oncoming British cavalry
A Maxim in action.
A German soldier about to take aim at Capt. Nicholls.
A smoking MG08 after the Calvary attack.

Lewis Gun

A Lewis Gun is seen when the British prepare to go over the top at the Somme in late 1918.

Lewis Gun - .303 British
Lewis Gun behind Albert and Andrew.
David Lyons instructs the Lewis gunner.
A Lewis gun on the left.


Mills Bomb

Albert Narracott uses a Mills Bomb to take out a German machine-gun nest in the battle of the Somme.

Mills Bomb
Albert picks out some Mills Bombs before going over the top.
Albert fumbles with the Mills Bomb.

Model 16 Stielhandgranate

A German soldier searching Emilie's grandfather's farm has a Model 16 Stielhandgranate on his belt. Later, many of these grenades can be seen in the German trench.

Stielhandgranate Modell 16
The German soldier (Sebastian Hülk) with the grenade.
The grenades on his belt on the left.
The same German stands next to the Grandfather (Niels Arestrup).
Several M16s hanging in the German trench between the ladders on the left wall.


Ordnance QF 18-pounder Field Gun

Two British Ordnance QF 18-pounder Field Guns can be seen in the background.

Ordnance QF 18-pounder Field Gun Mk II, Halifax, Nova Scotia
The field guns being towed behind Joey on the right.

21 cm Mörser 16

Joey and Topthorn are assigned to drag a battery of 21 cm Mörser 16 howitzers to a position on top of a hill. These howitzers are built by Lamb Industries.

Langer 21 cm Mörser Model 16, displayed at the Finnish Artillery Museum in Hämeenlinna - 210mm
WarHorse Morser16 01.jpg
WarHorse Morser16 02.jpg
WarHorse Morser16 03.jpg

7.7 cm Feldkanone 96 n.A.

A 7,7 cm Feldkanone 96 n. A. Field Gun is seen as Joey drag a 21 cm Mörser 16.

Feldkanone 96 neuer Art - 77x234 mmR
The FK 96 over Friedrich's (Nicolas Bro) head on the top right.

Unknown Howitzer

An unknown Howitzer can be seen in the background which could be a 15-cm-schwere Feldhaubitzen 13. This howitzer can be seen also in the 2008 movie The Red Baron.

For comparison: 15-cm-schwere Feldhaubitze 13 L17
The howitzer on the left.

Mark IV tank

A Mark IV tank makes a brief appearance in the film, to symbolize the changing face of warfare, making warhorses like Joey obsolete. This Mark IV is actually a replica of a Mark IV owned by The Tank Museum (formerly the Bovington Tank Museum) built from a modern commercial excavator. The replica was later purchased by The Tank Museum to allow the museum to show a working Mark IV without risking damage to the actual Mark IV, which was almost (and now is) a hundred years old.

WarHorse MarkIV 01.jpg
Note the two QF 6 pounder guns in the forward sponsons, and the three Lewis guns, one in each of the rear sponsons, and one towards the front of the hull.

German Helmets and Body Armor

The costume designers went above and beyond when it came to marking the passage of time by showing the evolution of German helmets.

At the start of the war, German troops were issued leather Pickelhaube helmets, which offered little protection against shrapnel.
Early Stahlhelms had ventilator lugs built into them, which allowed an additional armor plate, the Stirnpanzer, to be attached. These were not popular as they were too heavy, and later versions of the Stahlhelm did away with the lugs.
White helmet covers started appearing in late 1916.
In mid-1918, the Germans started painting camouflage on their helmets. Note that the shooter is also wearing plate body armor, which was issued along with the Stirnpanzer.

Pattern 1908/1912 Cavalry Sword

British Cavalry troopers and officers are armed with Pattern 1908 and 1912 Cavalry Swords, respectively. Like sidearms, NCOs and enlisted men were issued their sabres, while officers were expected to purchase their own. These were the last service swords issued by the British Army, and thus, remain in service today in a ceremonial role.

A row of P1908 and P1912 sabres.
Captain Nicholls (Tom Hiddleston) with his more ornate P1912, while the troopers next to him are equipped with P1908s.
Major Steward (Benedict Cumberbatch) with his P1912.

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