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Resident Evil Zero

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Resident Evil Zero (2002)

Resident Evil Zero is a 2002 video game prequel to Resident Evil, released following the 2002 remake of Resident Evil. Resident Evil Zero puts players in the role of Rebecca Chambers, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team's medic, and a fugitive US Marine named Billy Coen as the two are forced to work together to survive a hellish night in the Raccoon Forest, setting the stage for the events of the first game.

Zero features several gameplay tweaks over its predecessor, most notably the removal of item boxes, which up until then had been a series staple. The game also allows the player to control both Billy and Rebecca simultaneously, or toggle passive or aggressive AI for one character, as well as the ability to modify certain weapons (a mechanic not seen since Resident Evil 2). The game was also the last title to feature the more traditional fixed camera mode, and marked the last appearance of zombies until Resident Evil 6 almost a decade later. Originally a GameCube exclusive, Capcom later ported the game to the Wii; a current-gen HD port, similar to what was done for Resident Evil, was released in January of 2016 on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Screenshots on this page are taken from the PC HD Remastered version.

The following weapons appear in the video game Resident Evil Zero:


Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge"

All personnel of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) are issued heavily customized Beretta 92FS Brigadier pistols known as the "Samurai Edge". Almost all of S.T.A.R.S., like Bravo Team members Rebecca Chambers and Captain Enrico Marini, carry the standard Samurai Edge Model (identifiable by grip medallions with yellow stars and text). The exceptions are Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, and Barry Burton from Alpha Team who own personalized Samurai Edge pistols that differ from the rest (seen in Resident Evil: Remake).

Interestingly, in the opening CG cutscene, the Samurai Edge pistols used by Bravo Team feature underbarrel flashlights; these do not appear in-game and in the later story cutscenes. The Samurai Edge is the first weapon available in game and has a 15 round capacity.

"Handgun Parts" can be found in the basement of the Umbrella Research Center, and can be used to customize either Rebecca or Billy's handgun. The upgrade consists of a handgun scope that dramatically improves the pistols' chances of landing critical shots on enemies. It also improves their rate of fire, for some reason.

An odd part of reloading both handguns is that while a magazine is visibly ejected when reloading, Rebecca and Billy merely mime inserting a new magazine.

Airsoft Replica of the Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge" standard model made by Tokyo Marui from the Resident Evil video game series. With close up on the engravings.
Rebecca and S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team captain Enrico Marini with Samurai Edge pistols. Note the attached flashlight.
Enrico inspects a crashed jeep with his Samurai Edge in hand.
Rebecca approaches the Ecliptic Express, and readies her weapon by pulling down the hammer.
Enrico with his Samurai Edge in a late-game cutscene. Note that the flashlight is gone.
"The standard equipment for S.T.A.R.S. officers. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds."
The other side of the handgun with Mod. Samurai Edge for police use only on the slide, the original gamecube version has custom Kendo shop instead.
The handgun cycling (and ejecting a round that's already went off-screen) when examined.
Rebecca aims her handgun in-game.
Rebecca reloads her handgun in Leech Hunter.
"A custom handgun that's been fitted with a scope for greater accuracy. These modifications should make it easier to hit a target's weak point."
Rebecca with her customized handgun.

M1911-type Pistol

Billy Coen's primary sidearm is a two-toned M1911-type pistol. It has a blued slide, stainless frame, Beretta 92-style open slide and front sight, a target rear sight, and the front end in the style of older M1902/M1903 pistols. Other features include a "three-hole" trigger (common for modern 1911s) and wooden Hogue-style grips. It holds fifteen rounds of 9mm ammunition (which is possible for some modern 9mm high capacity M1911 clones, but this weapon appears to be a single-stack 1911) and is described as a military standard issue weapon. It is slightly more powerful than Rebecca's Samurai Edge, having better damage and better critical hit rate.

Two tone Colt Government Model M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Billy Coen approaches Rebecca with his sidearm out.
"A standard army-issue handgun. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds."
The other side of Billy's Handgun, all pistols are animated when examined in the inventory with the slide moving back and a round ejecting.
Billy aims his handgun in-game.
"A custom handgun that's been fitted with a scope for greater accuracy. These modifications should make it easier to hit a target's weak point."
Billy with his customized handgun.
A different model of a M1911-like pistol appears in the holsters of certain zombies.


The "Magnum" is a fictional handgun with an overall design resembling that of an M1911-type pistol (such as AMT Hardballer), and to a lesser extent Desert Eagle. It is found on a corpse in the Umbrella lab. It uses Magnum Ammunition and holds eight shots. It is powerful enough to kill virtually any enemy in one shot and is very effective against bosses. The Magnum's recoil will knock Rebecca back upon firing, resulting in her moving back slightly. Considering it's M1911-style and being chambered in .454 Casull, it may possibly be a reference to Hellsing with the 1911-inspired Hellsing Arms .454 Casull from that series.

AMT Hardballer Longslide - .45 ACP
IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII - .357 Magnum. This is the most commonly seen Desert Eagle pistol in films before 1999.
Non-firing model replica of Hellsing Arms "Joshua" seen in the manga Hellsing.
"A large handgun capable of firing powerful magnum rounds."
The slide fully locked back when examined.
The other side of the Magnum as it ejects a bullet when examined, oddly the cartridge is silver in the HD version unlike the ammo icon in all versions and the 3D model in the original GameCube version.
Rebecca aims the Magnum.

Taurus Raging Bull

A Taurus Raging Bull with a 5-inch barrel and wood grips (which seem to have been borrowed from the Colt Python) is used in the final cutscene to land the final blow to the Queen Leech. It can be unlocked for use in gameplay by completing Leech Hunter (a minigame unlocked after completing the game once) with a B rank, (B rank exactly on Gamecube/Wii or B and A rank on the HD port as in that version lower rank awards will be unlocked as well instead of having to get each rank individually.) after which it can be found in Cabin 202 in the first area of the game, the Ecliptic Express. It is called "Magnum Revolver" in-game, uses Magnum ammunition, and has a 5-shot capacity. It is significantly more powerful than the Magnum handgun, and can even kill some of the bosses in one shot.

Taurus Raging Bull - .44 Magnum
Rebecca finds a revolver hidden in a corner after being knocked away by the Queen Leech.
Rebecca throws the revolver to Billy.
Billy aims the revolver at the Queen Leech.
Ditto in a CGI cutscene, the CGI and Gamecube Magnum Revolver looks more pristine compared to the Remaster's Magnum Revolver.
The Magnum Revolver in Cabin 202 after being unlocked.
"A Magnum Revolver containing enhanced parts like a new cylinder and frame. Its tremendous firepower makes it more of a 'hand cannon' than a handgun."
The cylinder is opened and spun when examined.
RE0 Magnum Revolver examined 2.jpg
Rebecca (in one of her bonus costumes based on the original N64 prototype version of the game) holds the revolver.
Unlockable remaster added bonus character Wesker reloads the magnum, it is reloaded in typical video game fashion by an invisible speed loader then flicked shut.


Over and Under Shotgun

An Over and Under Shotgun can be found in the first area of the game, the Ecliptic Express train. It is more powerful than the later pump-action Shotgun but obviously limited to two rounds. It is called the "Hunting Gun" in the most recent edition of the game; earlier editions of the game incorrectly call it "Hunting Rifle".

Hartmann & Weiss over and under shotgun - 12 gauge
"A shotgun used for hunting. There's a design carved on the barrel ["forestock" on the PC version]. This model can only be loaded with 2 shells at a time." Note that the barrels are equipped with chokes.
Billy aims the Hunting Gun in-game.

Pump-Action Shotgun

A pump-action shotgun with wood furniture, an long barrel with rifle sights and extended magazine tube, can be found inside the training facility. It deals less damage than the Hunting Gun and has a wider spread, but has a significantly larger capacity at 7 rounds. It is mainly based on the Remington 870, but some details seem to be inspired by the Winchester M1912.

Remington 870 Police Magnum customized with extended magazine tube - 12 gauge
Winchester Model 1912 Riot Gun - 12 gauge
"A conventional pump-action shotgun."
The shotgun ejecting a shell when examined. Oddly, the bolt is only partway back in the ejection port, despite the pump handle being all the way back.
Billy aims the Shotgun in-game.
Billy reloads the shotgun, like most Resident Evil games, he loads it with only 2 shells and the animation has him seemingly insert the shells into the solid side of the shotgun. (Rebecca also only inserts 2 shells but they're at least properly inserted into the bottom of the shotgun.)


Heckler & Koch MP5

A submachine gun that appears to be more or less a heavily altered Heckler & Koch MP5 (with a "tactical" forend and front sight in the style of the AK) is unlocked for use after beating the game with an A or S rank on Normal or Hard, where it will be added to Billy's inventory at the start of a new game. Like the MAC-11 in Resident Evil 2, the SMG counts ammo in percentage form, with every three shots equating to 1% of ammo. Getting an E Rank in Leech Hunter will add additional ammunition to the main game, adding an extra magazine to Rebecca's starting inventory and scattering more throughout the game.

The weapon's model is completely mirrored aside from the fire selector meaning it somehow ejects brass through solid metal when fired.

The fact its ammo pick-ups (aside from the one in Rebecca's inventory and Cabin 202 where other unlockable items are put which have 100% ammunition) have surprisingly little ammo, low damage compared to other unlockable weapons, the trial edition having an incomplete seemingly incendiary version (having a red ammo counter like the Grenade Launcher when loaded with napalm rounds and Molotov Cocktails), as well as unique controls (where using the movement controls while firing will have Billy/Rebecca start spraying the submachine gun in that direction without turning) indicates this may have been a cut "normal" weapon that was moved to being an unlock for balancing.

It can also be found in Leech Hunter itself in a specific variant of the mode; in one out of the 5 different randomized item/enemy sets, it will replace the Magnum that can be found in the mode with a spare magazine replacing a shotgun shells pickup.

What appears to be MP5 variants are also used by Umbrella Security Service Delta Team sent to secure the train in the first act of the game. They're also seen in the hands of Umbrella assassins sent to kill Dr. James Marcus during his flashback. These cutscene weapons appear to be modeled more true-to-life.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 - 9x19mm
"A small sub-machinegun. It uses its own type of ammo magazine."
Billy (in bonus costume) with the unlockable SMG.
Rebecca reloads the SMG, an oversight means the removed magazine model is facing backwards when the weapon is reloaded by Rebecca.
An Umbrella trooper reports to Wesker while holding an MP5.
The Umbrella trooper helplessly fires his MP5 while being assaulted by mutant leeches. Note that unlike the MP5-like SMG found in gameplay, this one more clearly has an MP5 forend.
The second Umbrella trooper bursts in, also wielding an MP5.
An Umbrella assassin wielding an MP5 in Dr. Marcus's flashback.
Close-up shot, showing off proper HK front sights.
The Umbrella assassins lower their guns when Wesker walks in following Marcus's assassination, giving a side look of the guns. Note that these SMGs appear to have no stocks.

Hybrid Grenade Launcher

The "Grenade Launcher" is a fictional design that resembles a cross between an ARWEN 37, a DefTech 37mm launcher, and a Milkor MGL while having the folding stock of a SPAS-12. It is found inside the Umbrella Training Facility. Grenade rounds available include normal explosive Grenades, Napalm Grenades, and Acid Grenades.

ARWEN 37 - 37mm
Defense Technologies/Federal Laboratories launcher 37mm with fixed stock
Milkor MGL fitted with Armson OEG reflex sight - 40x46mm
Franchi SPAS-12 with stock folded and butt-hook removed - 12 gauge
"A large grenade launcher featuring a revolver-style chamber."
Billy aims the Grenade Launcher in-game.

Rocket Launcher

A Rocket Launcher with infinite ammunition is unlocked by beating the main game with an S Rank, given to Rebecca's inventory upon the start of a new game. Its design is completely fictional.

"A devastatingly powerful piece of weaponry that fires rockets."
Rebecca holds the launcher.

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktails can be obtained by combining gas tanks and empty bottles that the player can find in the environment and generally function as worse versions of the Grenade Launcher's Napalm grenades but they are scripted to both do the same damage against the "Leechmen" enemies that the player encounters. (As well both being the only weapons that will consistently prevent a Leechman from exploding on death unlike other weapons.)

In contrast to the norm, Rebecca is actually more effective with Molotovs than Billy as she can throw them faster than he can. (Unlike most weapons, such as the Magnums, where Rebecca has notably more recoil and therefore a slower firing speed compared to Billy.)

By unlocking universal infinite ammo in Leech Hunter with an A rank by collecting all 100 Leech Charms in one run, the player will unlock infinite ammo for all firearms and an additional infinite use Molotov will spawn in Cabin 202 as the only "premade" Molotov in the game, this is permanent in the Gamecube/Wii versions but the HD Remaster ports add a new "Bonus" option in the game's settings that allow the player to disable infinite ammo.

"A rather primitive weapon capable of causing massive damage to certain enemies."
Rebecca throwing Molotovs.

Training Room Arsenal

In the Training Room at the basement of the training facility, an arsenal of unusable weapons can be found, consisting of several MP5s, AK rifles, and M16 rifles. Inspecting the weapons reveals that all of the weapons are broken.

RE0 Training Room 1.jpg
RE0 Training Room 2.jpg


During Billy's flashback to the events in Africa that falsely implicated him of murdering 23 people, his unit wielded M16-style rifles with SIG SG 550 stocks and M203 perforated heat shields.

Colt M16A2 - 5.56x45mm
SIG SG 550 with proprietary bipod - 5.56x45mm
RE0 Billy Flashback 1.jpg
RE0 Billy Flashback 2.jpg
RE0 Billy Flashback 3.jpg
RE0 Billy Flashback 4.jpg


Ammo images

Handgun ammunition. Unlike the remake of Resident Evil (2002), ammunition for the handgun is kept as boxes of bullets instead of magazines; this is presumably due to there being two handguns in the game.
Shotgun ammunition. This comes in a military-style ammunition can, seemingly meant for rifle rounds; while a paper label reading "Q380 target short total" has been pasted over the original markings, some bits can still be read, with the cut-off "200 CARTRIDGES" marking at the top and the "M13" on the third line suggesting it was based on a box for belt-linked 7.62x51mm NATO ammo.
The other side of the Shotgun ammunition can.
Magnum ammunition; the box somewhat inconveniently fails to specify a caliber...
...until it is rotated, showing it's .454 Casull.
SMG ammunition, packed in a magazine that doesn't seem to have been sized with this round in mind, given the rather sizable spacer at the front.

Unused Weapons

In the game's "Trial Edition" there are unused inventory icons for several cut weapon parts/weapons:


The player would have been able to attach a suppressor to either the Beretta 92FS or 1911.

The Magnum would have been upgradable, giving it an AMC Auto Mag Pistol-like slide.

The M26 hand grenade was cut, it's 3D Model is reversed but the inventory icon isn't. It is the only cut weapon with a full 3D model as the rest either have no model or an incomplete one for the upgraded Shotgun.

A different Rocket Launcher that appears to be based on the Mk 153 SMAW.

There also would have been upgrades for the Shotgun which would have added a pistol grip and seemingly converting it to semi-auto due to a lack of a pump on the shotgun parts icon, and while no icon for the upgraded shotgun remains this unfinished upgraded Shotgun can be accessed in the Trial Edition via hacking with an unfinished 3D model.

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