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Open Range

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Open Range
Open rangePOSTER.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpgUnited States
Directed by Kevin Costner
Release Date 2003
Studio TIG Productions
Distributor Touchstone
Main Cast
Character Actor
Boss Spearman Robert Duvall
Charley Postelwaite Kevin Costner
Denton Baxter Michael Gambon
Sue Barlow Annette Benning
Marshal Poole James Russo
Percy Michael Jeter
Button Diego Luna
Butler Kim Coates
Wylie Julian Richings
Mose Abraham Benrubi

The following weapons were used in the film Open Range:

Single Action Army

The most common handgun in the film is the famous "Peacemaker" or Single Action Army revolver, which is seen in the hands of several characters in the film in various barrel lengths, including Charley Waite (Kevin Costner) and Wylie (Julian Richings). Based on certain aspects on the SAAs, they appear to be mainly Uberti and Cimmeron modern reproductions.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 5 1/2" barrel known as the "Artillery" model. .45 Long Colt
Colt Single Action Army w/ 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model.
"You're the one killed our friend?" Charley Waite (Kevin Costner) uses his Cavalry model Single Action Army to put a .45 in the forehead of the man who murdered his friend Mose (Abraham Benrubi) and shot his other friend Button (Diego Luna).
Waite fans his SAA. He fires what seems like 16 shots from both his SAAs before reloading.
Waite reloads his SAA.
One of Denton Baxter's (Michael Gambon) thugs armed with a 4 3/4" barrel "Quickdraw" model SAA.
Button (Diego Luna) checks his Cavalry SAA while in the doctor's house.
Waite shoots one of Baxter's thugs with his SAA which knocks him to the ground, as movie myths claim any .45 can knock a man down.
One of Baxter's men holds Waite's love, Sue Barlow (Annette Bening) hostage with his 5 1/2" Artillery SAA fixed on Waite, who dispatches him quick and efficiently for endangering her.
Denton Baxter (Michael Gambon) armed with an Artillery SAA.
Button firing his SAA.
Sheriff Poole (James Russo) armed with an Artillery SAA before being shot.
Waite firing two SAAs akmibo style.
The candy shop owner (Cliff Saunders) firing an SAA.
While Costner is clearly knowledgeable with guns, his ability to reload an SAA is somewhat questionable. Instead of using the ejector rod to push out the empty shells, he vigorously shakes it until they fall out.
Close up on Baxter's SAA after firing it at Boss. Note the distinct notch on the hammer, which is common on reproduction revolvers like Cimmeron copies.

Remington 1875

Boss Spearman (Robert Duvall) uses a Remington 1875 revolver as his sidearm throughout the film.

Remington 1875 - .45 Long Colt.
Boss points his Remington 1875 at Baxter's men in the jailhouse.
Boss shooting Baxter with his Remington 1875.
Boss' empty 1875 after firing it in Baxter.

J. Stevens & Company 1878 Coach Gun

Seen several times throughout the film is a J. Stevens & Company 1878 Coach Gun or "scatter gun", most notable used by Boss Spearman (Robert Duvall) during the final gunfight and by Charlie Waite (Kevin Costner) when he fires it in the town bar when denied service for being a "free grazer".

J. Stevens & Company 1878 coach gun - 12 Gauge.
Mose (Abraham Benrubi) loads brass blackpowder shells into the Stevens 1878.
Mose with the "scatter gun" ready to go.
Waite fires the shotgun into the bartenders wall mirror when he and boss are denied service for being "free grazers". The shotgun report is deafeningly loud and extremely realistic sound-wise.
When one of Baxter's thugs tries to take cover in a house during the final shootout he is greeted by the owner who simply claims "It's locked", and then fires his shotgun at him.
Boss cocks the hammers on his 1878 shotgun.
Boss aims his shotgun so he can fire it through the barn door.
Boss readies his shotgun.
When shot through the barn wall with the shotgun, this guy is sent flying through the air, which looks cool but just wouldn't happen.
It also leaves the classic but unrealistic "pizza pie" hole in the wall.
A town citizen fires his shotgun at Baxter's men.
Boss charges Baxter, who is holed up in the jailhouse, with his shotgun blazing.

Winchester 1873

The Winchester 1873 or "The Gun That Won the West" is seen several times in the film in the hands of both Boss Spearman (Robert Duvall) and notably Charlie Waite (Kevin Costner) during the final shootout.

Winchester 1873 - 44-40.
When Boss and Waite leave to find Mose, they leave Button a Winchester 1873 rifle and tell him to stay close to it.
Boss wields a '73 rifle when he and Waite beat up Baxter's men around their campfire.
Denton Baxter (Michael Gambon) meets with Boss and Waite before the shootout armed with a '73 rifle.
Waite with a '73 rifle during the shootout.
Waite racks the lever on his '73 rifle.
Waite aiming down the sights like a proper shooter and accurately depicting recoil.
One of Baxter's men armed with a '73 rifle.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy"

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" rifles appear in the hands of many of Baxter's men and is seen used notable by Percy (Michael Jeter) during the final shootout.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" - .44RF.
One of Baxter's thugs armed with a Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy".
The thug fires his '66 rifle at Percy in the barn.
Percy with his '66 rifle.
A town citizen is seen armed with a '66 rifle to the left.
Percy firing his '66 rifle. Michael Jeter also properly imitates recoil during the film.

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