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Operation "Satan" (Operatsiya "Satana")

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Operation "Satan"
(Operatsiya "Satana")
Operatsiya Satana Poster.jpg
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Language Russian
Creator Yuriy Moroz
Broadcast 2018
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 8
Main Cast
Character Actor
Militsiya Maj. Ivan Petrovich Tcherkasov Andrey Smolyakov
Militsiya Capt. Sonya Timofeeva Marina Aleksandrova
Olga Kuskova Viktoriya Isakova
Nikolay Andreevich Rybakov alias Rybak Igor Gordin
Sergey Petrovich Mednikov Vladimir Ilyin
Anatoliy Vitalyevich Desnitskiy Sergey Koltakov
KGB Col. Robert Mikhailovich Lebedev Sergey Ugryumov
Militsiya Lt.Col. Nikita Pozhidaev Yuriy Tarasov
Militsiya Gen. Fyodor Grigoryevich Sablin Vadim Andreev
Militsiya Sr. Lt. Aleksey Garkusha Aleksey Bardukov

Operation "Satan" (Operatsiya "Satana") is a 2018 Russian detective TV series. In 1975 Militsiya Maj. Ivan Petrovich Tcherkasov (Andrey Smolyakov) is fired from Moscow Ugolovny Rozysk and continues his service as a district inspector. But he finds himself involved in the counterintellegence operation against an American agent who hunts for the secrets of the newest Soviet intercontinental ballistic missile R-36M (the NATO codename SS-18 Satan, hence the title of the series).

Operatsiya "Satana" is the fifth installment in the TV series about detective Ivan Tcherkasov.

The following weapons were used in the television series Operation "Satan" (Operatsiya "Satana"):


Makarov PM

Makarov PM pistols are service sidearms of Militsiya personnel. They are seen in hands of Maj. Ivan Petrovich Tcherkasov (Andrey Smolyakov), Capt. Sonya Timofeeva (Marina Aleksandrova), and Sr. Lt. Aleksey Garkusha (Aleksey Bardukov). Unlike other series about Tcherkasov, the PMs in Operatsiya "Satana" are original guns, not less-lethal versions.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Sonya, posing as a prostitute, draws a PM in an attempt to arrest a criminal in train.
The criminal manages to disarm Sonya.
A Militsiya Jr. Sergeant holds his PM when arresting said criminal.
Tcherkasov holds his PM during the operation on detention of the spy Nikolay Rybakov.
Another view of Tcherkasov's pistol in the same scene.
Garkusha holds his PM in the same scene.
Garkusha aims his pistol.
Tcherkasov holds a PM on a promotional image.
Garkusha holds a PM on a promotional image.


A Groza-041 rubber-firing pistol, a version of Fort-17, is used to depicts the "foreign-style" pistol that is the personal weapon of the American agent Nikolay Rybakov alias Rybak (Igor Gordin).

Groza-041 - 9mm P.A. Rubber
Rybak takes his pistol. The grip is seen.
A good view of the gun.
The top cartridge in the magazine is a 9x18mm PM, alien for Groza and used here only to make the pistol look a live gun.
Rybak loads the pistol.
Rybak uses the pistol with obviously fake sound suppressor to kill a Militsiya inspector.
A good view of the "suppressed" pistol.
Rybak takes Olga Kuskova as hostage.

Reck Government

A Reck Government blank-firing pistol, standing for M1911A1, is seen in the drawer in the office of CIA resident in US embassy in Moscow. An M1911-style pistol of a Marine Security Guard is most likely the same prop.

Reck Governmant - 8mmK blank firing
The pistol in the drawer.
Same pistol is seen in another scene. Note the marking on the slide.
A Marine Security Guard carries a pistol in M1916 leather holster. Probably the same Reck Government is used.

Assault Rifles


Militsiya personnel use AKM assault rifles during the arrest of Rybak.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
A good view of the barrel.
A Militsioner with the AKM.
Another Militsioner with the AKM.


SOK-9 Medved

During the boar hunt, the General Secretary Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev (Vladimir Novikov) uses a SOK-9 Medved or Medved-2 semi-auto hunting rifle with sniper scope.

SOK-9 Medved with 3-round magazine - 9x53R
Brezhnev aims.
A general view of the rifle.
Operatsiya Satana-Medved-3.jpg
A good view of the handguard and the barrel.
The rifle in hands of the gamekeeper (Dmitriy Radonov).


Double Barreled Shotguns

Several Double Barreled Shotguns are seen during the boar hunt.

The gamekeeper (Dmitriy Radonov) carries a shotgun.
Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov (Vyacheslav Zholobov), at that time the Chairman of the KGB, carries a shotgun.
Andropov and an unnamed Brezhnev's personal assistant (in the black sheepskin coat) carry shotguns. In previous moment the personal assistant is seen carrying an over and under shotgun (see below).
The gamekeeper takes a hammerless shotgun.
Operatsiya Satana-Shotgun-7.jpg
Andropov hands his shotgun to the gamekeeper. His gun has exposed hammers.

Over and Under Shotgun

The abovementioned Brezhnev's personal assistant is seen carrying an Over and Under Shotgun that switches to a side by side shotgun due to a continuity error.

For comparison: TOZ-34 - 12 gauge
Brezhnev's personal assistant carries an over and under shotgun.

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