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6 Guns

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6 Guns
6 Guns DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Shane Van Dyke
Release Date 2010
Studio The Asylum
Distributor The Asylum
Main Cast
Character Actor
Frank Allison Barry Van Dyke
Selina Stevens Sage Mears
Sheriff Barr Greg Evigan
Will Stevens Brian Wimmer
Lee Horn Geoff Meed
Chris Beall Shane Van Dyke
Joe Beall Carey Van Dyke
Tommy Kleiber Jason Ellefson

6 Guns is a 2010 direct-to-video Western movie by The Asylum film studio, directed by Shane Van Dyke (the son of Barry Van Dyke who is in the leading role). Selina Stevens' (Sage Mears) family is killed by the gang lead by Lee Horn (Geoff Meed, also the screenwriter of the film). Miraculously escaped Selina turns to bounty hunter Frank Allison (Barry Van Dyke) in teaching her the art of gunfighting to exact the revenge.

The following weapons were used in the film 6 Guns:


Single Action Army "Cavalry" Model (.22 caliber)

Throughout the movie, Selina Stevens (Sage Mears) uses a Single Action Army "Cavalry" Model revolver with silver Eagle grips that belonged to her husband Will Stevens (Brian Wimmer), a retired Texas sheriff who is killed by the gang. Judging by the size of the muzzle and the cylinder bores, the revolver is chambered in .22 caliber. It can be seen in the movie that even this small caliber gun is too heavy for the actress, and doubtless she wouldn't be able to handle the .45 caliber gun.

For comparison: Colt Peacemaker .22 with 6" barrel - .22LR / .22 Magnum. This revolver has same grips with Colt "Rampant Pony" logo and Federal Eagle. Colt Peacemaker .22 aka "G Series" revolvers were produced in 1970s.
The revolver is seen in Stevens' house in the opening scene.
Will Stevens grabs the revolver when strangers approach to his house.
Will's revolver on the floor.
Selina trains to shoot the revolver under the guidance of Frank Allison (Barry Van Dyke).
Frank: You need to learn how to draw before you learn how to shoot.
Selina: I don't need to learn how to draw! I need to learn how to kill a man!
The revolver is seen from the muzzle. The muzzle and the cylinder bores are of small caliber.
Frank holds the revolver.
Another view of Selina's revolver.
Selina fires at a wounded gang member.
Selina holds the discharged revolver.
A perfect view of the grip. The cartridges in Selina's bandolier look more like .45 ACP ammunition as they are rimless, and even the extractor groove can be seen on the second from the left cartridge.

Single Action Army "Artillery" Model

Gang member Tommy Kleiber (Jason Ellefson) carries a Single Action Army "Artillery" Model revolver with matte grey finish and plain wooden grips. Such features allow to identify the exact model as Uberti 1873 Cattleman Old Model with Old West Patina finish. A nickel plated "Artillery" revolver is seen in Sheriff Barr's office. The film poster shows Frank Allison (Barry Van Dyke) holding an "Artillery" revolver that he doens't use in the movie.

Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel aka "Artillery" model with wooden grips, a replica by Cimarron - .45 Long Colt
Tommy holds his revolver when the gang breaks into Stevens' house.
Another view of Tommy's revolver.
Tommy aims at wounded Will Stevens. The wooden grip is seen.
Another view of the revolver, now in Tommy's left hand.
Tommy holds his revolver during the shootout with Deputy Thompson's posse.
Sheriff Barr's nickel plated revolver is left on the table, partially unloaded, when the gang surprises the sheriff.

Single Action Army "Civilian" Model

Gang member Chris Beall (Shane Van Dyke who is also the film director) carries a Single Action Army "Civilian" Model revolver. During the massacre in Stevens' house, Chris' brother Joe Beall (Carey Van Dyke, a real life brother of Shane Van Dyke and the elder son of Barry Van Dyke) takes this revolver. A "Civilian" revolver is also used by one of the Deputy Thompson's posse members.

Colt Single Action Army with 4.75" barrel, case colored and blued, referred to as "Quick-Draw" or "Civilian" model - .45 Long Colt
Chris Beall holds his revolver when the gang breaks in Stevens' house.
Chris fires at Will Stevens.
Joe Beall holds his brother's revolver when the gang leader Lee Horn orders him to kill Selina.
A member of the Deputy Thompson's posse aims his revolver at the gang members.
Chris Beall disarms the man, using the whip.
A flashback scene reveals Joe firing in air instead of killing Selina.
Chris holds his revolver during the final shootout.
Chris aims at Selina but he is gunned down himself.
Chris' revolver lies on the ground. The thick plain wooden grips are seen.

Colt 1871-72 Open Top

An aged gang member Russian Pete (Peter Sherayko who is also the film's armorer) is armed with a Colt 1871-72 Open Top revolver.

Cimarron 1872 Open Top Navy - .38 Colt/Special
Pete holds his revolver when the gang breaks in the Stevens' house.
Another view of Pete's revolver.

Colt Lightning

A short-barreled version of Colt Lightning is seen in hands of the Deputy Thompson's posse member.

For comparison: Cimarron replica of Colt Lightning with 3 1/2" barrel - .38 Special
A posse member holds his revolver.
He is gunned down and drops the gun. The bird's beak grip is seen.
Another view of the same scene.

Remington 1875

Frank Allison (Barry Van Dyke) carries a nickel plated Remington 1875 revolver with ivory grips.

Nickel Remington 1875 with ivory grips - .45 Long Colt. This sample has a lanyard ring unlike the screen gun but otherwise they are similar.
Frank shoots into the air to get Selina's attention.
Frank draws his revolver in the scene in the hotel room.
Another view of the same scene.
Frank holds his revolver at Selina's head who covertly sneaked into his room.
Frank holds his revolver on the rest stop on the way to the town.

Smith & Wesson Schofield

The gang leader Lee Horn (Geoff Meed) carries a pair of Smith & Wesson Schofield revolvers. He holds only a single gun at a time.

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 with blued finish - .45 Schofield
Lee Horn aims his revolver at Will Stevens.
Lee's holstered revolver is seen.
Lee opens the revolver...
...and loads it with a single cartridge...
... to play Russian roulette with Stevens' litte son.
The revolver is aimed at the boy's head.
Lee cocks the hammer, threatening Joe Beall.
Lee catches Selina.
Selina (Sage Mears) gets one of Lee's revolvers from the holster.


Winchester Model 1873 Carbine

Winchester Model 1873 Carbines are used by Frank Allison (Barry Van Dyke) and Joe Beall (Carey Van Dyke) in various scenes. The film poster shows Lee Horn (Geoff Meed) holding a Winchester carbine that he doens't use in the movie.

Model 1873 carbine with 20" barrel - .44-40 WCF
Joe aims his carbine at Will Stevens in the opening scene.
Frank holds his carbine.
The barrel of Frank's carbine is seen.
Joe holds his Winchester when the gang encounters the posse.
Joe fires at a posse member.
Joe holds his Winchester after the shootout.
Frank loads his Winchester.
Frank appears on the balcony with the carbine in hands.
Another view of the same scene.

Spencer 1860

A Spencer 1860 carbine is seen in Will Stevens' house.

Spencer Model 1860 Carbine - .56-56 Spencer rimfire
The Spencer carbine is seen on the wall during the opening credites.
A photo of Will Stevens (Brian Wimmer) shows him holding the Spencer carbine.


Coach Gun

A posse member holds a hammerless Coach Gun.

For reference: Stoeger/IGA Coach Side by Side Shotgun - 12 gauge
A posse member aims his shotgun during the encounter with the gang.
A good view of the shotgun.
The man is gunned down by Joe Beall.

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