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The Thirty Nine Steps

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The Thirty Nine Steps (1978)

The Thirty Nine Steps is the 1978 adaptation of John Buchan's novel of the same name directed by Don Sharp starring Robert Powell, John Mills and David Warner. Most fans of the novel believe this film the most faithful of the four feature adaptations to the source material, but it still strays considerably. The film spawned a 1988 television spinoff, Hannay, with Robert Powell reprising his title role, which ran for two series.

The following weapons were used in the film The Thirty Nine Steps:


Colt Model 1908

Scudder (John Mills) carries a Colt Model 1908, which Hannay (Robert Powell) secretly unloads.

Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless Pistol Blued - .32 ACP
Scudder points his Colt at Hannay.
Hannay takes Scudder's Colt as he's sleeping.
Hannay unloads Scudder's Colt. Note that these are clearly dummy .380 rounds, since many of them are missing primers.
Scudder immediately notices something is amiss when he picks up his pistol. Unlike what some movies and TV shows would suggest, most people would notice if their pistols were empty.

Webley Bulldog

Marshall (Donald Pickering) carries a Webley Bulldog throughout the film. Inspector Lomas (Eric Porter) carries one at the end of the film.

Webley 'British Bull Dog' - .45 caliber - 1870s
Marshall enters Hannay's flat with revolver drawn.
Marshall keeps Hannay at bay with a revolver in the face.
Inspector Lomas with his Bulldog.

Webley revolver

Bayliss (Ronald Pickup) is armed with a small Webley revolver for the entire film. There's not enough detail to pin down exactly which model, however.

Bayliss draws his Webley before entering Hannay's flat.
Bayliss opens fire on the cops.


Double Barreled Shotgun

Donald (Derek Anders), a gamekeeper, is seen with a Double Barreled Shotgun. Hannay encounters a party lead by David Hamilton (Miles Anderson) fowling armed with double barreled shotguns as well.

Charles Parker 1878 Side by Side Shotgun - 12 Gauge. The Parker Gun Company was absorbed into Remington in 1934.
Donald (Derek Anders) with his shotgun.
Hannay meets up with David Hamilton and his fiance Alex (Karen Dotrice).


Double Rifle

Hannay answers the door while cleaning a double rifle. It is later revealed that he did quite a bit of hunting while living in South Africa.

Stephen Grant Sidelock Double Rifle - .500 Nitro Blackpowder
Hannay with his rifle in his left hand.
Hannay closes his double rifle.

Mannlicher-Schonauer rifle

Marshall uses a Mannlicher-Schonauer rifle for much of the film.

Mannlicher-Schonauer - U.S. 30-06.
Marshall adjusts the scope on his rifle. Note the "butter knife" bolt handle.
Marhsall chambers a round.
Marshall takes aim.
A brief shot of the left side of the receiver.

Mauser 98 Sporter

Bayliss uses a Mauser 98 Sporter for much of the film.

Mauser 98 Sporter with scope - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Bayliss chambers a round into his Mauser.
Sherlock Holmes, sniper.
An over the shoulder shot of the Mauser.

Martini-Henry Carbine

A constable is armed with a Martini-Henry Carbine while hunting for Hannay on the moors.

Martini-Henry Carbine 1881 .577-.450 caliber.
A brief shot of the Martini-Henry Carbine.

Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbine

Constables in London are ared with Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbines. Hannay takes one to smash a hole in the face of Big Ben.

Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbine - .303 British
Constables with their carbines.
Hannay prepares to smash a hole in Big Ben.
39Steps78 MEAC 03.jpg


Hannay's Gun Rack

Having spent nearly his entire life in Africa, Hannay is a skilled hunter, with a gun collection to back it up.

39Steps78 gunrack 01.jpg

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