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Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles (Sherlok v Rossii)

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Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles
(Sherlok v Rossii)
Sherlok v Rossii Poster.jpg
Original Russian Poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Language Russian
Creator Nurbek Egen
Genre Detective
Broadcast 2020
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 8
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sherlock Holmes Maksim Matveev
Dr. Ilya Philimonovich Kartsev Vladimir Mishukov
Sofya Kasatkina Irina Starshenbaum
Lavr Sidorovich Trudniy Pavel Maykov
Pyotr Porfiryevich Znamenskiy Konstantin Bogomolov
Prof. Fyodor Lvovich Bakhmetyev Konstantin Yushkevich

Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles (Sherlok v Rossii ("Sherlock in Russia") is a Russian 2020 TV series directed by Nurbek Egen. This is a non-canon version of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The trail of Jack the Ripper leads Holmes (Maksim Matveev) to the Russian Empire. In St. Petersburg he meets Dr. Kartsev (Vladimir Mishukov) who eventually becomes "Russian Watson". Holmes and Kartsev solve not only the mystery of Jack the Ripper but also several other cases that puzzle the Russian criminal police.

The following weapons were used in the television series Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles (Sherlok v Rossii):


Nagant M1895 "Blef"

Nagant M1895 revolvers, anachronistic for 1888 when the plot is set, are widely used throughout the series. Close-ups reveal most if not all the screen guns as "Blef" blank-firing version. They are used by Sherlock Holmes (Maksim Matveev), Dr. Ilya Philimonovich Kartsev (Vladimir Mishukov), Kholmogorov (Gennadiy Alimpiev), Luka Sviridov (Sergey Mardar), Arseniy Petrovich Mogolev (Ilya Savelyev), criminal Konstantin Naydyonov alias "Kat" (Evgeniy Romantsov) and his henchman "Letopisets" ("Chronicler") (Aleksandr Averin), Russian police personnel, and in the opening scene, set in London, by Dr. Watson (Andrey Feskov) and Inspector Lestrade (Aleksey Vdovin).

"Blef" (VPO-503 "Nagan-S"), a blank-firing version of Nagant M1895 - .22 Gevelot small cap
Dr. Watson holds Jack the Ripper at gunpoint.
Holmes picks up the revolver of wounded Watson.
The revolver in Luka Sviridov's dead hand.
The police detective (Ilya Borisov) holds his revolver in the scene in Sviridov's house.
Kholmogorov fires his revolver at someone whom he thinks to be an evil spirit Kele that hunts for Kholmogorov, Sviridov and Dreitzen due to their deeds in the past.
The flashes from the cylinder are common for "Blef".
Dr. Kartsev holds his revolver.
Mogolev holds a revolver.
"Letopisets" aims his revolver.
"Kat" fires.

Gletcher NGT Nagant

Gletcher NGT CO2 replicas of Nagant M1895, identified by the raised rear part of the frame, are seen in the hands of Sherlock Holmes (Maksim Matveev) and Ivan "Khromoy" ("Lame") (Nikita Kologrivyy).

Gletcher NGT F Black - .177
Ivan aims at Bakhmetyev.
Another view of Ivan's revolver.
Holmes aims his revolver at a bomb, planted by "Kat"'s gang on the way of Tzar's cortege.
Another view of Holmes' revolver in the same scene. The gendarmes officer who holds Holmes at gunpoint is armed with a Webley .38 Mk IV (see below).

Bruni Olympic 6

The Ober-politsmeister (cheif of police) of St. Petersburg Pyotr Porfiryevich Znamenskiy (Konstantin Bogomolov) owns a pocket revolver. This is a Bruni Olympic 6 blank-firing gun that may be used as a stand-in for a Bulldog.

Bruni Olympic 6 with composite grips - .22 blanks
Sherlok v Rossii-PocketRevolver-1.jpg
Sherlok v Rossii-PocketRevolver-2.jpg
Holmes (Maksim Matveev) with Znamenskiy's revolver.
Sherlok v Rossii-PocketRevolver-5.jpg
Znamenskiy holds his revolver.

Denix Single Action Army

Denix replicas of Single Action Army Civilian Model revolvers are seen in hands of Sherlock Holmes (Maksim Matveev), Dr. Ilya Philimonovich Kartsev (Vladimir Mishukov), police detective Lavr Sidorovich Trudniy (Pavel Maykov), Albert Lyudvigovich Dreitzen (Valeriy Kukhareshin), Anton Sviridov (Fyodor Fedotov), and Prof. Bakhmetyev's aide Fadey Lukich Parshin (Andrey Lyovin). Revolvers with "grey patina" and "blue" finish are used.

Denix Peacemaker with 4.75" barrel and "grey patina" finish
Denix Peacemaker with 4.75" barrel and "blue" finish
Trudniy holds his revolver.
The barrel with thick walls reveals a non-firing replica.
A close-up of Anton Sviridov's revolver.
Sviridov fires at supposed Kele. The muzzle flash is a CGI effect.
Another view of Sviridov's revolver.
Dreitzen fires at supposed Kele.
Kartsev, disguised as a policeman, holds an SAA revolver. In this scene his gun switches from a Nagant to an SAA due to a continuity error.
Holmes, also disguised as a policeman, examines Dreitzen's revolver.
Parshin holds a revolver.
A good view of Trudniy's revolver.

Denix Webley .38 Mk IV

A Denix replica of anachronistic Webley .38 Mk IV revolver is seen in hands of an unnamed gendarmes officer.

Denix "Mk 4 revolver, UK 1923", a non-firing replica of Webley .38 Mk IV revolver
Sherlok v Rossii-DenixWebley-1.jpg
The officer aims his revolver at Holmes.
Note the lack of the Webley logo on the grip that allows to identfy the revolver as a replica.

ASG Schofield

In several scenes Sherlock Holmes (Maksim Matveev) is armed with a CO2 revolver ASG Schofield, a replica of Smith & Wesson Schofield. ASG Schofield revolvers are also seen in hands of police Podporuchik (2nd Lt. rank) Arkadiy Koshko (Kirill Gordleev), Prof. Bakhmetyev's coachman (uncredited) and the brothel doorman (uncredited).

ASG Schofield CO2 revolver
Sherlok v Rossii-CO2Schofield-1.jpg
Holmes chases Kele on the rooftop of Dreitzen's house.
Koshko fires at Kele.
The visible internal barrel reveals a CO2 gun. The muzzle flash is a CGI effect.
The hammer lacks the firing pin.
The grip has the hole for the pressure key.
The coachman returns fire when the coach is fired upon.
Holmes fires the coachman's revolver.
The doorman holds two revolvers: a CO2 ASG Schofield (at the left) and a Denix "Schofield Cal.45" (see below).

Denix "Schofield Cal.45" (Smith & Wesson Model 3)

A Denix replica of Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolver (erroneously labeled as "Schofield Cal.45 revolver, USA 1869") is also seen in hands of Holmes, Koshko and the brothel doorman.

Denix "Schofield Cal.45 revolver, USA 1869", a non-firing replica of Smith & Wesson Model 3.
Koshko's revolver is seen at the right.
Sherlok v Rossii-DenixSWMod3-2.jpg
The doorman's Denix revolver.
Holmes holds the revolver.
He hands the revolver to Kartsev.

Denix "Wells Fargo" (Colt 1849 Pocket)

A Denix replica of Colt 1849 Pocket revolver (labeled as "Wells Fargo revolver, USA 1849") is used by "Kat"'s accomplice Netochka (Aleksandra Drozdova).

Denix "Wells Fargo" non firing replica
Netochka draws the revolver, hidden in her muff.
The Colt Pocket in the drawer of an unnamed official.
Netochka holds her revolver in another scene.

Denix Griswold & Gunnison

A Denix replica of Griswold & Gunnison Revolver (labeled as "Confederate revolver, USA 1860") is used by "Kat"'s henchman (Ivan Tarabukin).

Denix non-firing replica of Griswold & Gunnison revolver
Sherlok v Rossii-DenixColtNavy-1.jpg
Tarabukin in grapple with Holmes.
Sherlok v Rossii-DenixColtNavy-3.jpg
A close-up of the revolver.
Holmes squeezes the barrel of the revolver in his hand.

Denix LeMat

A Denix replica of LeMat Revolver is used by one of "Kat"'s henchmen.

Denix LeMat non-firing replica
The henchman, posing as a bread merchant, draws his revolver.
The henchman with the LeMat revolver is seen at the left. Two men at the right hold a Nagant and a pocket revolver, most likely the same Bruni Olympic.


Denix Flintlock Pistol

A Denix replica of a Flintlock Pistol is seen in hands of Grand Duke Georgiy Aleksandrovich of Russia (Dmitriy Lomakin).

Denix replica of Russian 18th century flintlock pistol
The Grand Duke takes the pistol.
He puts the pistol to his head.


Denix "Carbine Mod. 66" (Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy")

Denix replicas of Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" (labeled as "Carbine Mod. 66, USA 1866") are used by Dr. Ilya Kartsev (Vladimir Mishukov), Capt. Zosimov (Oleg Popov), and Prof. Bakhmetyev's unnamed manservant.

Denix "Carbine Mod. 66" non-firing replica. The dull grey finish wasn't used on real Winchester 1866 rifles.
Bakhmetyev's manservant holds a rifle. Note the dull grey finish.
Sherlok v Rossii-DenixWinchester-2.jpg
Zosimov fires at Bakhmetyev's coach. The muzzle flash is a CGI effect.
Zosimov is wounded in hand.
Kartsev readies the rifle that he took from Bakhmetyev's gun cabinet.
The rifle in hands of hypnotized Kartsev. Note the makeshift barrel band; Zosimov's rifle lacks this feature.
Kartsev's rifle in close combat.

Kropatschek Rifle

While most guns in the series are replicas, a genuine Kropatschek Rifle is used by "Kat"'s henchman. It is fitted with a WW2 era sniper scope, supposedly a German Zeiss ZF39 (19th century scopes are similar, but have a simpler design). Holmes identified this gun as a Berdan Rifle.

Portuguese Kropatschek Model 1886 - 8x60mmR. The screen gun may be a French Mle 1884 or 1885 that is very similar.
The criminal with the sniper rifle.
The rifle near the killed sniper.
Kartsev examines the rifle.
Sherlok v Rossii-Kropatschek-7.jpg
Close-ups of the rifle in Holmes' hands. Note that in this scene the sniper scope is crudely fastened with the tape.
Sherlok v Rossii-Kropatschek-9.jpg
Sherlok v Rossii-Kropatschek-10.jpg
Holmes holds the rifle when he stops the Tzar's cortege.

Mosin Nagant M1891

One or two of Prof. Bakhmetyev's unnamed manservants are armed with anachronistic Mosin Nagant M1891 rifles, supposedly Dragoon model.

Imperial Russian Mosin Nagant M1891 Dragoon - 7.62x54mm R
One of Bakhmetyev's men with a Mosin Nagant rifle.
The same or another man with a Mosin Nagant rifle.

Denix Pattern 1861 Enfield Musketoon

A Denix replica of Pattern 1861 Enfield musketoon is used by Sherlock Holmes (Maksim Matveev) in one scene.

Enfield Pattern 1861 Musketoon replica by Pedersoli. Denix replica looks very similar.
Holmes holds the carbine, taken from Bakhmetyev's gun cabinet.
A close-up of the barrel.
One more view of the rifle.

Unidentified percussion cap rifles/muskets

Several percussion cap muskets or rifles are seen on the wall in Dr. Kartsev's apartments and among the guns, smuggled by Anton Sviridov.

Two percussion cap guns are seen on the wall. Judging by the shape of the stock grips, these are hunting guns rather than military ones.
The guns, smuggled by Anton Sviridov.


Double Barreled Shotgun

In the scene in Dreitzen's country house Dr. Ilya Kartsev (Vladimir Mishukov) takes a Double Barreled Shotgun.

For reference: Russian TOZ-B double barreled side by side shotgun with exposed hammers - 16 Gauge
Kartsev loads a shotgun.
Kartsev, in police uniform, holds the shotgun.
A close-up of the exposed hammers.
Kartsev with the shotgun.



The Russian police personnel carry holsters for Smith & Wesson No.3 Russian Model revolvers. In the series these holsters are used for Denix replica revolvers.

Podporuchik Koshko (Kirill Gordleev) carries a holster.
Gendarmes Col. Kobylin (Evgeniy Dyatlov) carries a holster.


English language release poster

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