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Single Action Army

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Peacemaker is the most common nickname associated with the SAA. For similarily named pages, visit Peacemaker (Disambiguation)

Colt Single Action Army with 4.75" barrel, case colored and blued, referred to as "Quick-Draw" or "Civilian" model - .45 Long Colt
Colt Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel known as the "Artillery" model. The most common of the SAA revolvers as it is just the right length. - .45 Long Colt
Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel aka "Artillery" model with wooden grips - .45 Long Colt (this is a Cimarron reproduction - and an actual movie gun) Note lack of 4th screw on revolver frame in front of cylinder. The Colts all have this.
Colt Single Action Army with 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model - .45 Long Colt
2nd Generation Colt Single Action Army with 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model - Nickel plated model - .45 Long Colt
Bisley model Colt Single Action Army with 7.5" barrel - .45 Long Colt
Bisley model Colt Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel known as the "Bisley Colt". Note distinct grip and hammer shape - .45 Long Colt
Colt Single Action Army with 12" barrel known as the "Buntline Special" - .45 Long Colt

The Colt 1873 Single Action Army Revolver, also known as the Colt .45, the Frontiersman, the Peacemaker, but most often as simply the Single Action Army (or SAA) was a single-action revolver manufactured and produced by Samuel Colt Firearms beginning in 1873. It is the firearm most commonly identified with the American Wild West and the 19th Century in general, for its widespread popularity with both civilian and military users, its appearance in numerous sensationalist news stories about shootouts, and its association with the most famous duelists and marksmen of that era, including "Wild Bill" Hickock, William H. "Billy the Kid" Bonney, the Earp brothers, and even with later figures such as General George S. Patton. Another of its nicknames is "The Gun That Won The West."

Notes on Identification

For identification purposes, it is preferred the gun is labeled as a "Single Action Army" as opposed to a "Colt 1873" or "Colt Single Action Army" as many companies such as Uberti, Ruger Vaquero, and Beretta have replicated SAAs to the point in which labeling them all as a Colt would be incorrect. Do not label it as a Colt unless 100% positive it is a Colt. In addition there needs to be made clear a distinction between two types of frames for all SAA-type guns. The first is the standard (and ubiquitous) cross pin frame. This is evident by what looks like a screw protruding from the left side of the frame just in front of the cylinder. In order for the cylinder to be released the crosspin is depressed and then this frees the the cylinder rod which can then be pulled from the front of the frame thus the cylinder can be removed completely from the frame for cleaning etc. The second, is the older black powder type frame, which uses a conventional threaded screw which is on the underside of the frame in front of the cylinder, the cross pin core design purpose was just to facilitate easier disassembly of the gun. The crosspin frame wasn't widely available until the late 1890's.

The Single Action Army is seen fitted with many different types of grips, the most common being wood, Vulcanite (early hardened black rubber, often cosmetically duplicated via black plastic), Ivory, Pearl, and Stag Horn. Noting these differences is helpful to those visiting IMFDB, and is thus encouraged.


Type: Revolver

Caliber: .45 Colt (also called .45 Long Colt), .44-40 WCF, .38-40 WCF, .32-20 WCF, .38 Colt and others

Capacity: 6 round cylinder (typically loaded with 5 rounds)

Fire Modes: Single-Action

The Single Action Army and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Great Train Robbery Bandit cavalry model 1903
The Birth of a Nation Spottiswoode Aitken Dr. Cameron Artillery model 1915
Henry B. Walthall (as Henry Walthall) Col. Ben Cameron Artillery model
Walter Long Renegade Gus Artillery model
Tarzan of the Apes Member of the searching squard 1918
Back to God's Country Kewpie Morgan Bully in Bar 1919
William Colvin Mountie
Wellington A. Playter Capt. Rydal
Charles Murphy The Half-Breed
Uncredited Policeman
The Range Feud John Wayne Clint Turner 1931
Riders of Destiny John Wayne Sandy Sauders 1933
West of The Divide John Wayne Ted Hayden 1934
Blue Steel John Wayne Deputy U.S. Marshal Carruthers 1934
The Trail Beyond John Wayne Rod Drew 1934
The Petrified Forest Arizona lawman 1936
Stagecoach John Carradine Hatfield Artillery model 1939
Jesse James (1939) Tyrone Power Jesse James "Cavalry" model, "Artillery" model 1939
Henry Fonda Frank James "Cavalry" model, "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model without ejector rod
John Carradine Bob Ford "Cavalry" model
The Return of Frank James John Carradine Bob Ford "Cavalry" model 1940
Charles Tannen Robert Ford "Artillery" model
J. Edward Bromberg Mr. Runyan "Quick-Draw" model
Jackie Cooper Clem "Artillery" model
Sergeant York Gary Cooper Alvin York Cavalry model 1941
The Shepherd of the Hills Harry Carey Daniel Howitt Cavalry 1941
John Harmon Deputy Charles In a holster
My Darling Clementine Victor Mature Doc Holliday 1946
Henry Fonda Wyatt Earp
Ward Bond Morgan Earp
Fort Apache Ward Bond SGM Michael O'Rourke Cavalry 1948
Henry Fonda LTC Owen Thursday Cavalry
Red River John Wayne Thomas Dunson Artillery model 1948
Montgomery Clift Matt Garth Artillery model
John Ireland Cherry Valance Artillery model, Quickdraw Model
Noah Beery Jr. Buster McGee Artillery model
Jack Kelly Sandy Artillery model
Ray Hyke Walt Jergens Artillery model
Paul Fix Teeler Yacey Artillery model
Various Quickdraw model
The Paleface Jane Russell Calamity Jane 1948
Bob Hope Peter 'Painless' Potter
Jackie Searl Jasper Martin
Clem Bevans Hank Billings
Jeff York Big Joe
Whispering Smith Alan Ladd Luke "Whispering" Smith All "Artillery" model, escept for Leroy Barton's "Civilian" model 1948
Robert Preston Murray Sinclair
Murvyn Vye Blake Barton
Ward Wood Leroy Barton
Donald Crisp Barney Rebstock
Frank Faylen Whitey Du Sang
William Demarest Bill Dansing
Don Barclay Dr. Sawbuck
I Shot Jesse James John Ireland Robert Ford "Colt .45, improved pattern, silver mounted, pearl handle." 1949
Reed Hadley Jesse James
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon John Wayne Captain Nathan Brittles Cavalry model 1949
Ben Johnson Sergeant Tyree Cavalry model
Cavalry troopers Cavalry model
Rio Grande Ben Johnson Trooper Travis Tyree Quick-Draw 1950
John Wayne LTC Kirby Yorke Quick-Draw
Grant Withers Deputy Marshal Quick-Draw
Fred Kennedy Trooper Heinze Cavalry
Peter Ortiz CPT St. Jacques Cavalry
Steve Pendleton CPT Prescott Cavalry
Claude Jarman Jr. Trooper Jefferson Yorke Quick-Draw
Red Mountain Francis McDonald Marshal Roberts Cavalry 1951
Posse members Cavalry and Artillery
Arthur Kennedy Lane Waldron Mocked up as Remington 1858 New Army
Lizabeth Scott Chris
Springfield Rifle Mocked up as Remington 1858 New Army 1952
Son of Paleface Jane Russell Mike 'The Torch' Delroy 1952
Roy Rogers Roy Barton
Bill Williams Kirk
Lloyd Corrigan Doc Lovejoy
Douglass Dumbrille Sheriff McIntyre
High Noon Gary Cooper Will Kane Quick-draw model 1952
Ian MacDonald Frank Miller
Grace Kelly Amy Kane
Shane Alan Ladd Shane Nickel plated Cavalry Model with custom grips 1953
Jack Palance Jack Wilson Two Civilian Model with custom grips
Ben Johnson Chris Calloway
John Dierkes Morgan Ryker
Rufus Ryker's henchman
Hondo John Wayne Hondo Lane 1953
The Redhead From Wyoming Alex Nicol Sheriff Stan Blaine Artillery model 1953
Alexander Scourby Reece Duncan Artillery model
William Bishop Jim Averell Artillery model
Maureen O'Hara Kate Maxwell Artillery model
Jack Kelly Sandy Artillery model
Various Artillery model
Johnny Guitar Joan Crawford Vienna Quick-Draw Model 1954
Sterling Hayden Johnny 'Guitar' Logan Quick-Draw Model
Scott Brady Dancin' Kid Quick-Draw Model
Ward Bond John McIvers Quick-Draw Model
Ben Cooper Turkey Ralston Quick-Draw Model
Ernest Borgnine Bart Lonergan Quick-Draw Model
John Carradine Old Tom Quick-Draw Model
Royal Dano Corey Quick-Draw Model
Frank Ferguson Marshal Williams Quick-Draw Model
Mercedes McCambridge Emma Small Sheriff's Model, Quick-Draw
Various Possemen Quickdraw model
Drum Beat Alan Ladd Johnny MacKay "Civilian" and "Artillery" model 1954
Charles Bronson Kintpuash aka Captain Jack "Civilian" and "Artillery" model
Robert Keith Bill Satterwhite "Artillery" model
Frank Ferguson Mr. Dyar "Artillery" model
George J. Lewis Capt. Alonzo Clark "Cavalry" model
Peter Hansen Lt. Goodsall "Cavalry" model
Modoc warriors "Civilian" and "Artillery" model
Vera Cruz Burt Lancaster Joe Erin "Civilian" model, nickel plated with pearl grips 1954
Gary Cooper Benjamin Trane "Artillery" model
James Seay Abilene
Ernest Borgnine Donnegan "Civilian" model
James McCallion Little-Bit
Jack Elam Tex
Archie Savage Ballard
Charles Bronson Pittsburgh "Artillery" and "Civilian" models
Charles Horvath Reno
Saskatchewan Alan Ladd Thomas O'Rourke Cavalry Model 1954
Shelley Winters Grace Markey
Robert Douglas Superintendent Benton
Lowell Gilmore Chief Superintendent Banks
Hugh O'Brian Carl Smith Artillery Model
J. Carrol Naish Batouche
NWMP personnel
The Tall Men Cameron Mitchell Clint Allison Artillery model, Cavalry model 1955
Clark Gable Colonel Ben Allison Cavalry model
Robert Ryan Nathan Stark Cavalry model
Bad Day at Black Rock Lee Marvin Hector David 1955
Restless Youth (Trevozhnaya molodost) A Haidamak Cavalry model 1955
A Day of Fury Dale Robertson Jagade Artillery model 1956
Mara Corday Sharman Fulton Artillery model
Jock Mahoney Marshal Allan Burnett Artillery model
Jan Merlin Billy Brand Artillery model
Carl Benton Reid Judge John J. McLean Artillery model
Regis Parton Waco Artillery model, pearl grips
Various Artillery model
Love Me Tender Richard Egan Vance Reno Mocked up as Remington 1858 New Army 1956
Elvis Presley Clint Reno
James Drury Ray Reno
William Campbell Brett Reno
Neville Brand Mike Gavin
L.Q. Jones Pardee Fleming
Ken Clark Kelso
Santiago Alan Ladd Caleb "Cash" Adams Artillery model 1956
Paul Fix Trasker
Frank DeKova Jingo
Lloyd Nolan Clay Pike Civilian model
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral DeForest Kelley Morgan Earp Artillery model 1957
Burt Lancaster Wyatt Earp Artillery model
Kirk Douglas Doc Holliday Artillery model
Dennis Hopper Billy Clanton Artillery model
Various Artillery model
Forty Guns Barbara Stanwyck Jessica Drummond Pearl handle 1957
Barry Sullivan Grif Bonnell Pearl handle
John Ericson Brockie Drummond
Robert Dix Chico Bonnell Pearl handle
Hank Worden Marshal John Chisum
3:10 to Yuma Richard Jaeckel Charlie Prince 1957
Van Heflin Evans
Showdown at Boot Hill Charles Bronson Deputy Marshal Luke Welsh "Civilian" model 1958
Robert Hutton Sloane
Thomas Browne Henry Con Maynor
George Pembroke Sheriff Hinkle
Mike Mason Les Patton
Martin Smith Tex
William Stevens Corky "Artillery" model
Townsmen "Civilian" and "Artillery" models
The Badlanders Alan Ladd Peter Van Hoek, "The Dutchman" "Civilian" model 1958
Ernest Borgnine John "Mac" McBain
Adam Williams Deputy Leslie
Anthony Caruso Comanche
John Daheim Lee
Paul Baxley Jeff
Prison guards
Rio Bravo John Russell Nathan Burdette 1959
Dean Martin Dude
The Magnificent Seven Steve McQueen Vinn 1960
Flaming Star Elvis Presley Pacer Burton Cavalry model 1960
Steve Forrest Clint Burton Artillery model
John McIntire Sam Burton Mocked up as Remington 1858 New Army
Douglas Dick Will Howard
Sergeant Rutledge‎ Woody Strode Braxton Rutledge "Cavalry" model 1960
Jeffrey Hunter Tom Cantrell
The Unforgiven (1960) Burt Lancaster Ben Zachary "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model 1960
Audie Murphy Cash Zachary "Quick-Draw" model
Audrey Hepburn Rachel Zachary "Quick-Draw" model
The Deadly Companions Brian Keith Yellowleg Mocked-up as a Remington 1858 New Army 1961
Steve Cochran Billy Keplinger
Chill Wills Turk/Turky
One-Eyed Jacks Marlon Brando Rio "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model 1961
Karl Malden Dad Longworth "Quick-Draw" model, with stag grips
Ben Johnson Bob Amory "Artillery" model
Several mexican officers Mocked-up as a Remington 1858 New Army
Ride the High Country Joel McCrea Steve Judd Cavalry model 1962
Warren Oates Henry Hammond Sheriff's Model
A Fistful of Dollars Clint Eastwood The Man With No Name Artillery model with a color case hardened frame and "Silver Rattlesnake Grips" 1964
Various thugs from the Rojos and Baxters Various models
Circus World Circus performers Artillery models 1964
The Killers Lee Marvin Charlie Strom pearl grips 1964
Amongst Vultures Milan Srdoc Wabble "Quick-Draw" model with ivory grips 1964
Elke Sommer Annie Dillman
Gotz George Martin Bauman Jr. "Quick-Draw" model
Terence Hill Baker Jr.
Sieghardt Rupp Preston
Mirko Kraljev Bill
Davor Antolic Rod
Louis Velle Gordon "Cavalry" model
Stewart Granger Old Surehand
Viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley Lucky Jackson "Artillery" and "Cavalry" 1962
Ann-Margret Rusty Martin Two nickel plated "Artillery"
Coast of Skeletons Dietmar Schönherr Piet Van Houten Nickel plated "Artillery" model, possibly a German .22 replica 1965
The Great Sioux Massacre Darren McGavin Captain Benton "Cavalry" model 1965
Philip Carey Colonel Custer
Joseph Cotten Major Reno
John Matthews Dakota "Artillery" model
A Pistol for Ringo Giuliano Gemma Ringo "Artillery" model 1965
Fernando Sancho Sancho "Cavalry" model, Nickel-plated finish
Nieves Navarro Dolores "Quick-Draw" model
Various mexican bandits Various models
The Return of Ringo (Il Ritorno di Ringo) Giuliano Gemma Montgomery Brown/Ringo Target sights, "Cavalry" model, nickel-plated finish 1965
Fernando Sancho Esteban Fuentes Target sight, "Cavalry" model, nickel-plated finish
Antonio Casas Sheriff Carson Target sight, "Cavalry" model
George Martin Fernando Fuentes Target sight, "Cavalry" model, nickel-plated finish
Fuentes' Henchmen Target sight, "Cavalry" model, "Artillery" model
Others characters Target sight, "Quick-Draw" model
The Oil Prince Milan Srdoc Wabble "Quick-Draw" model 1965
The Sons of Katie Elder John Wayne John Elder Artillery Model 1965
George Kennedy Curley
Viva Maria! Rebel 1965
For a Few Dollars More Clint Eastwood Manco (Man with No Name) "Artillery" model, Uberti replica, rattlesnake grips 1965
Lee Van Cleef Colonel Douglas Mortimer "Buntline Special" with 10" and 18" barrel, special shoulder stock
Gian Maria Volonté El Indio "Cavalry" model
Luigi Pistilli Groggy "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model
Mario Brega Niño "Artillery model"
José Terrón Guy Calloway "Artillery" model
Minnesota Clay Cameron Mitchell Minnesota Clay "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model 1965
Georges Riviére Fox "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model
Gino Pernice Scratchy
Various Ortiz's and Fox's henchmen "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model
Old Surehand Larry Pennell "General" "Quick-Draw" model 1965
Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic Jim Potter
Terence Hill Toby
Milan Srdoc Wabble
Jelena Zigon Delia
Stewart Granger Old Surehand
Voja Miric Joe
Treasure of the Aztecs Kelo Henderson Frank Wilson "Artillery" model 1965
Pyramid of the Sun God Kelo Henderson Frank Wilson "Artillery" and "Cavalry" models 1965
Tickle Me Elvis Presley Lonnie Beale as Panhandle Kid Two nickel plated "Civilian" model with pearl grips 1965
Edward Faulkner Brad Bentley as Gambler Harry Unknown model
Louie Elias Jerry-Gardener Two, unknown model
Seven Guns for the MacGregors Robert Woods Gregor MacGregor "Artillery" model 1966
Leo Anchóriz Santillana "Artillery" model
Fernando Sancho Miguel "Quick-Draw" model
Antonio Molino Rojo Sheriff "Quick-Draw" model
The Sons of Great Bear (Die Söhne der großen Bärin) Jirí Vrstala Fred "Red Fox" Clark Cavalry 1966
Hannjo Hasse Pitt
Jozo Lepetic Bill
Rolf Ripperger Jok
Gerhard Rachold Lt. Roach
Helmut Schreiber Ben
Horst Jonischkan Adams
The Professionals (1966) Burt Lancaster Bill Dolworth 1966
A Bullet for the General Gian Maria Volonté El Chuncho Artillery model 1966
Aldo Sambrell Lt. Ferreira Artillery model
El Chuncho's men Artillery model
The Hills Run Red Thomas Hunter Jerry Brewster / Jim Houston Artillery model 1966
Dan Duryea Col. Winy Getz Artillery model
Henry Silva Garcia Mendez Artillery model
Nando Gazzolo Ken Milton Artillery model
Gianna Serra Hattie Gardner Artillery model
The cowboys, Mendez's gunmen
Django Franco Nero Django "Cavalry" model, "Artillery" model 1966
José Bódalo General Hugo Rodríguez "Artillery" model
José Terrón Ringo "Cavalry" model
Several mexican soldiers, revolutionaries and Jackson's men "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw"
The Big Gundown Lee Van Cleef Jonatan Corbett "Cavalry" model, "Artillery" model 1966
Benito Stefanelli Jess "Cavalry" model
Romano Puppo Rocky "Cavalry" model
Ángel del Pozo Chet Miller "Artillery" model
Mexican bandit "Quick-Draw" model
Navajo Joe Aldo Sambrell Mervyn Duncan Quickdraw and Cavalry 1966
Burt Reynolds Navajo Joe
Lucio Rosato Jeffrey Duncan Cavalry
Duncan's men
Death Rides a Horse Lee Van Cleef Ryan Artillery model 1966
John Phillip Law Bill Artillery and Cavalry models
Luigi Pistilli Walcott Artillery and Cavalry models
Walcott's henchmen Artillery model
Thunder at the Border Harald Leipnitz Silers "Artillery" model 1966
Aleksandar Gavric Derks
Milan Bosiljcic Vince
Nikola Gec Wirz
Miha Baloh Quilvera
Rik Battaglia Sgt. Mendoza
Frankie and Johnny Robert Strauss Blackie Nickel plated with pearl grips; "Civilian" model 1966
Texas Across the River Dean Martin Sam Hollis Visually modified to resemble Remington 1858 New Army 1966
Joey Bishop Kronk
The Rare Breed James Stewart Sam Burnett "Artillery" model 1966
Jack Elam Deke Simons "Artillery" model
Don Galloway Jamie Bowen "Artillery" model
Brian Keith Alexander Bowen
Harry Carey Jr. Ed Mabry
Face to Face (Faccia a faccia) Tomas Milian Solomon 'Beauregard' Bennet "Artillery" model 1967
Gian Maria Volonté Professor Brett Fletcher "Artillery" model
William Berger Charley Siringo "Artillery" model
Ángel del Pozo Maximilian de Winton "Artillery" model
Aldo Sambrell Zachary Chase "Artillery" model
Federico Boido The Sheriff of Purgatory City "Artillery" model
Antonio Casas Wild Bunch Member "Artillery" model
Calisto Calisti Sheriff of Yellow Creek "Artillery" model
Goffredo Unger Smiling Gunslinger in Purgatory City Hotel "Artillery" model
Various "Artillery" model
Hour of the Gun Robert Phillips Frank Stillwell 1967
James Garner Wyatt Earp
Jason Robards Doc Holliday
The War Wagon Kirk Douglas Lomax 1967
Bruce Cabot Frank Pierce
Hombre Paul Newman John Russell Cavalry Model 1967
Richard Boone Cicero
Hombre David Canary Lamar Dean 1967
El Dorado John Wayne Cole Thornton 1967
Robert Mitchum Sheriff J.P. Harran
Ed Asner Bart Jason
Let Them Rest Mark Damon George Bellow Ferguson "Artillery" model 1967
Carlo Palmucci Dean Light "Artillery" model
Massimo Sarchielli Leonardo Marquez "Artillery" model
Franco Citti Burt "Quick-Draw" model
Corinne Fontaine Pilar "Quick-Draw" model
Ferguson's henchmen, The Mexican rebels "Artillery" and "Quick-Draw" models
God Forgives... I Don't! San Antonio Gang "Cavalry" model, "Sheriff's" model 1967
Day of Anger Giuliano Gemma Scott Mary "Cavalry" model 1967
Lee Van Cleef Frank Talby "Cavalry" model, "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model
Al Mulock Wild Jack "Artillery" model
Wanted (1967) Giuliano Gemma Gary Ryan "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model 1967
Benito Stefanelli Bob Baker "Artillery" model
Serge Marquand Fred Lloyd "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model
Nello Pazzafini Father Carmelo "Quick-Draw" model
Mexican bandits "Artillery" model
Fred Lloyd gang "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model
Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot! Tomas Milian The Stranger "Artillery" model 1967
Francisco Sanz Hagerman
Roberto Camardiel Sorrow
Mexican bandits, Sorrow's henchmen
Five Golden Dragons Roy Chiao Inspector Chiao In holster 1967
Hong Kong police officers "Artillery" Model
Shalako Stephen Boyd Bosky Fulton 1968
Sean Connery Shalako
Brigitte Bardot Irina Lazaar
The Olsen Gang Ole Monty The Sheriff Custom engraved with ivory grips 1968
The Great Silence (Il grande silenzio) Klaus Kinski Tigrero / Loco 1968
Marisa Merlini Regina
Different characters
A Professional Gun (Il mercenario) Tony Musante Paco Roman Cavalry model 1968
Giovanna Ralli Columba Artillery model
Different characters
Run, Man, Run Donald O'Brien Nathaniel Cassidy "Cavalry" model 1968
Nello Pazzafini Riza "Artillery" model
Luciano Rossi Jean-Paul "Quick-Draw" model
Several characters
Once Upon a Time in the West Jack Elam Snakey With brass trigger guard 1968
Charles Bronson Harmonica Blued finish
Henry Fonda Frank Nickel plated Cavalry model
Jason Robards Cheyenne Blued finish
Various characters Various barrel lengths
The Great Silence Klaus Kinski Loco Uberti replica, "Cavalry" model, "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model 1968
Frank Wolff Sheriff Burnett "Cavalry" model, "Artillery" model
Trail of the Falcon Rolf Hoppe Bashan Cavalry model 1968
Bandits Cavalry model
Bandolero! James Stewart Mace Bishop 1968
Dean Martin Dee Bishop Visually modified to resemble Remington 1858 New Army
George Kennedy Sheriff Johnson Visually modified to resemble Remington 1858 New Army
Andrew Prine Roscoe Bookbinder Visually modified to resemble Remington 1858 New Army
Raquel Welch Maria Stoner Visually modified to resemble Remington 1858 New Army
Dee Bishop's men, posse members, Mexican bandits Visually modified to resemble Remington 1858 New Army
Don't Take God's Children for Wild Geese Françoise Rosay Leontine "Quickdraw" model 1968
The Valley of Death Rik Battaglia Murdock "Artillery" model 1968
The Shakiest Gun in the West Ruth McDevitt Olive mocked up as Remington 1858 New Army 1968
Don Knotts Jesse W. Heywood
Don Knotts Jesse W. Heywood "Artillery" model, front sight removed
Barbara Rhoades Penelope Cushings "Quick Draw" Model
Robert Yuro Arnold the Kid
Jackie Coogan Basch "Artillery" model
Dub Taylor Pop McGovern
stranger at the train station, stagecoach passenger, townspeople
Sabata Ignazio Spalla Carrincha "Cavalry" model 1969
Marco Zuanelli Sharky "Cavalry" model
Robert Hundar Oswald "Artillery" model
Aldo Canti Alley Cat "Artillery" model
Spartaco Conversi Slim "Quick-Draw" model
The Rope and the Colt (Une corde, un Colt...) Robert Hossein Manuel "Artillery" model 1969
Daniele Vargas Will Rogers
Serge Marquand Larry Rogers
Pierre Hatet Frank Rogers
Philippe Baronnet Bud Rogers
Pierre Collet Sheriff Ben
Álvaro de Luna Sheriff's deputy
Benito Stefanelli Ben Caine
Guido Lollobrigida Thomas Caine
Michel Lemoine Eli Caine
Pierre Hatet Frank Rogers
Ivano Staccioli Vallee
José Canalejas Next Vallee "Quick-draw" model
Various gunmen
True Grit John Wayne Marshall Reuben T. "Rooster" Cogburn Quickdraw model 1969
Robert Duvall "Lucky" Ned Pepper Quickdraw model
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Paul Newman Butch Cassidy 1969
Robert Redford The Sundance Kid Duel wields occasionally
Bolivian bandits Various models
Robert Redford Bolivian police
Tepepa (1969) Mexican soldier "Artillery" model 1969
Seen on a armory "Artillery" model, with drum removed
The Wild Bunch William Holden Pike Bishop 1969
Dub Taylor Rev. Wainscoat
Jorge Russick Major Zamorra
Ernest Borgnine Dutch Engstrom
Ben Johnson Tector Gorch
Mexican army soldiers
Robert Ryan Deke Thornton Various models
Thornton's posse Various models
Mackenna's Gold Gregory Peck MacKenna Quickdraw and Artillery model 1969
Omar Sharif Colorado Two Quickdraw model with pearl grips
Keenan Wynn Sanchez Quickdraw model
Dick Peabody Avila
Pepe Callahan Laguna
Eli Wallach Ben Baker
Julie Newmar Hesh-Ke
Telly Savalas Sergeant Tibbs Mocked up as Remington 1858 New Army
Duke Hobbie Lieutenant
100 Rifles Burt Reynolds Joe Herrera Artillery 1969
Thugs Artillery
4 for Texas Dean Martin Joe Jarrett Quickdraw model 1969
Charles Bronson Matson
Various gunmen
White Wolves (Weisse Wölfe) Helmut Schreiber Sam Blake Cavalry model 1969
Fred Delmare Peter Hille
Karl Zugowski Andy Sleek
Rolf Hoppe James Bashan
Predrag Milinkovic David
Holger Mahlich Sheriff Pat Patterson Artillery Model
Support Your Local Sheriff! Jack Elam Jake 1969
Support Your Local Sheriff! James Garner Jason 1969
Support Your Local Sheriff! Bruce Dern Joe 1969
Guns of the Magnificent Seven Monte Markham Keno 1969
Charro! Elvis Presley Jess Wade "Civilian" model 1969
Victor French Vince Hackett
Solomon Sturges Billy Roy Hackett
James Almanzar Sheriff Ramsey
Tony Young Lt. Rivera
Charles H. Gray Mody
James Sikking Gunner
Harry Landers Heff
Duane Grey Gabe
Monte Walsh (1970) Lee Marvin Monte Walsh "Artillery" model 1970
Jack Palance Chet Rollins "Quick-Draw" model
Mitchell Ryan Shorty
Rio Lobo Christopher Mitchum Capt. Tuscarora Phillips 1970
Adios, Sabata Ignazio Spalla Escudo "Cavalry" model 1970
Joseph Persaud Gitano
Salvatore Billa Manuel García
Chisum John Wayne John Chisum Quick-draw 1970
Ben Johnson James Pepper Artillery
Geoffrey Deuel Billy the Kid Quick-draw
Glenn Corbett Pat Garrett Quick-draw
Ron Soble Charley Bowdre
Robert Donner Bradley Morton
Christopher Mitchum Tom O'Folliard
Gregg Palmer Karl Riker "Quick-draw"
Lloyd Battista Neemo Buntline
Bruce Cabot Sheriff Brady
Richard Jaeckel Jess Evans "Quick-draw"
Christopher George Dan Nodeen "Artillery"
They Call Me Trinity Bud Spencer Bambino "Artillery" model 1970
Ezio Marano Weasel "Artillery" Model
Luciano Rossi Timmy "Artillery" model
Harriman's henchmen "Quick-Draw" model
Companeros Franco Nero Yodlaf Peterson "Cavalry" 1970
Tomas Milian El Vasco "Artillery"
José Bódalo Gen. Mongo "Cavalry"
Jack Palance John Seen in holster
Guerrillas, government officers, John's henchmen
Barquero Warren Oates Jack Remy "Artillery" model 1970
John Davis Chandler Lair "Cavalry" model
Brad Weston Driver "Cavalry" model
Several Jack Remy's horde members "Cavalry" model, "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model
And God Said to Cain Klaus Kinski Gary Hamilton "Artillery" model 1970
Antonio Cantafora Dick Acombar "Artillery" model
The Ballad of Cable Hogue L.Q. Jones Taggart 1970
Strother Martin Bowen
The Last Grenade Alex Cord Kip Thompson 1970
Patton George C. Scott General George S. Patton 1970
Fatal Error (Tödlicher Irrtum) Armin Mueller-Stahl Chris Howard "Artillery" 1970
Hartmut Beer Parker Two different of unclear model
Gerry Wolff Ben Gold-plated "Cavalry"
Rolf Ludwig Kid Kearny Gold-plated "Cavalry"
Lee Garret's assistant "Cavalry"
El Topo Paula Romo The Woman in Black A pair of gold-plated "Civilian" model 1970
Mara Lorenzio Mara Gold-plated "Civilian" model; nickel plated Colt Bisley
José Antonio Alcaraz The sheriff "Civilian" model; nickel plated Colt Bisley
Felipe Diaz Garza Sheriff's deputy "Civilian" model
David Silva The Colonel Nickel plated "Civilian" model
Francisco González Salazar The storekeeper
Héctor Martinez 1st Master Gunfighter "Artillery" model
Bandits, Franciscan friars, townsmen "Civilian", "Artillery", "Cavalry" models
The Omega Man Paul Koslo Dutch 1971
Four Murders Are Enough, Darling Jirí Lír Jaime 1971
Rum Runners (Boulevard du Rhum) Lino Ventura Cornelius von Zeelinga 1971
Mexicans Artillery models
Bad Man's River Lee Van Cleef Roy King "Artillery" model 1971
Gianni Garko Ed Pace
Simón Andreu Ángel Santos
Aldo Sambrell Canales
Shoot Out Gregory Peck Clay Lomax "Quick-Draw" 1971
James Gregory Sam Foley "Quick-Draw"
Jeff Corey Trooper "Quick-Draw"
Robert F. Lyons Bobby Jay Jones "Artillery" model
John Davis Chandler Skeeter "Artillery" model
Pepe Serna Pepe "Artillery" model
The Legend of Frenchie King (Les Pétroleuses) Michael J. Pollard The sheriff "Artillery" model 1971
Brigitte Bardot Louise
Claudia Cardinale Marie Sarrazin
Henri Czarniak Doctor Miller
Long Live Your Death Mexican bandits "Artillery" model 1971
Bounty hunters
Trinity is Still My Name Bud Spencer Bambino "Artillery" model 1971
Various characters Various models
Hannie Caulder Stephen Boyd Mysterious Stranger 1971
Red Sun (Soleil rouge) Alain Delon Gotch Kink Artillery model 1971
Charles Bronson Link Stuart Artillery model
Ursula Andress Cristina Artillery model
Gianni Medici Miguel Artillery model
Georges Lycan Sheriff Stone Artillery model
Soldiers and bandits Artillery model
Big Jake John Wayne Jake McCandles 1971
Richard Boone John Fain
Glenn Corbett "Breed" O'Brien
Patrick Wayne James McCandles
Various characters Various models
Osceola Gojko Mitic Osceola Cavalry model, gold-plated 1971
Gerhard Rachold Joe Hammer
Werner Kanitz Phipps
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean Paul Newman Judge Roy Bean 1972
Stacy Keach Bad Bob
Ned Beatty Tector Crites
Jacqueline Bisset Rose Bean
Ava Gardner Lily Langtry
Various characters
The Revengers William Holden John Bennedict "Artillery" model 1972
Woody Strode Job
Jorge Luke Chamaco
Jorge Martínez de Hoyos Cholo
Reinhard Kolldehoff Zweig
John Kelly Sheriff Whitcomb
Joe Kidd Clint Eastwood Joe Kidd Cavalry model 1972
Robert Duvall Frank Harlan Ivory grips
Pepe Callahan Naco
Paul Koslo Roy Gannon
James Wainwright Olin Mingo
Gregory Walcott Sheriff Bob Mitchell Nickel plated "Quickdraw" model with the front sight shaved down and fitted with pearl grips
The Cowboys Robert Carradine Slim Honeycutt Cavalry model 1972
The Magnificent Seven Ride Luke Askew Slim 1972
Chato's Land Richard Jordan Earl Hooker "Artillery" model 1972
The Bull of the West Brian Keith Johnny Wade "Artillery" model 1972
Gary Clarke Steve Hill
James Drury Man from Virginia
Lee J. Cobb Judge Garth
Doug McClure Trampas
George Kennedy Bear Suchette
A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die Benito Stefanelli Samuel "Piggot" Picket "Cavalry" model, "Artillery" model 1972
Reinhard Kolldehoff Sergeant Brent "Cavalry" model
Adolfo Lastretti Will Fernandez "Cavalry" model
Joe Pollini Jeremy "Cavalry" model
The Grand Duel Alberto Dentice Wermeer "Artillery" model 1972
Antonio Casale Hole "Cavalry" model
Marc Mazza Eli Saxon "Artillery Model"
Horst Frank David Saxon "Quick-Draw" model, golden finish
Baba Yaga, Devil Witch Angela Covello Toni 1973
uncredited Gangster
High Plains Drifter Geoffrey Lewis Stacey Bridges 1973
My Name Is Nobody Marc Mazza Don John "Artillery" model 1973
Terence Hill Nobody "Artillery Model
Antoine Saint-John Scape "Artillery" model
The Crazies Evans City Police officer 1973
Westworld Yul Brynner The Gunslinger 1973
Dick Van Patten The Banker
Richard Benjamin Peter Martin
James Brolin John Blane
Oklahoma Crude Oil company gunmen Quickdraw model 1973
Apaches (Apachen) Milan Bosiljcic Johnson "Cavalry" 1973
Hartmut Beer Gleason
Wilfried Zander Morrie
Johnson's henchmen and gold prospectors
Leon Niemczyk Ramon "Artillery"
Chino Marcel Bozzuffi Maral In holster 1973
Ettore Manni Sheriff In holster
Maral's men "Artillery"
Happy New Year (La bonne année) Charles Gérard Charlot Possibly a replica or a toy gun 1973
Melvin Purvis G-MAN John Karlen Tony Redecci Cavalry 1974
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia El Jefe's bodyguards 1974
Ulzana Paul Berndt Wardley In holster 1974
Dan Sandulescu Buuly In holster
A sergeant "Cavalry"
Kit & Co. Dean Reed Kit Bellew Cavalry 1974
Hannjo Hasse Captain Consadine
The Meanest Men in the West Charles Bronson Harge Talbot Jr. "Artillery" 1974
Lee Marvin Kalig Talbot "Artillery"
Lee J. Cobb Judge Henry Garth "Artillery"
James Drury The Virginian With shortened barrel
Charles Grodin Arnie Doud "Civilian" and "Artillery"
Ross Hagen Bassett "Civilian" and "Artillery"
Don Mitchell Preble "Artillery"
Albert Salmi Quinn "Artillery"
Brad Weston Keeler With shortened barrel
Lance Kerwin Young Kalig Talbot With sawed-off barrel
Breakheart Pass Charles Bronson John Deakin "Artillery" model 1975
Ben Johnson Marshal Nathan Pearce
Richard Crenna Governor Fairchild "Quick-Draw" model
Robert Tessier Levi Calhoun
John Mitchum The card player
A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe Klaus Kinski Doc Foster "Artillery" model 1975
Raimund Harmstorf Captain Milton "Artillery" model
Don Felipe's henchmen "Quick-Draw" model
The Apple Dumpling Gang Don Knotts Theodore Ogelvie Cavalry model 1975
Bing Russell Herm Dally Cavalry model
Harry Morgan Homer McCoy Artillery model, pearl grips
Dennis Fimple Rudy Hooks Artillery model
The Last Hard Men Jorge Rivero Cesar Menendez Nickel plated with pearl grip 1976
Larry Wilcox Mike Shelby "Quickdraw"
Morgan Paull Portugee Shiraz
John Quade Will Gant
Christopher Mitchum Hal Brickman "Quickdraw"
Sheriff deputies "Quickdraw" and "Artillery"
The Shootist John Wayne J.B. Books Custom nickel plated and heavily engraved 1976
Hugh O'Brian Jack Pulford
Ron Howard Gillom Rogers Shooting Bookes's SAA that was handed to him
Bill McKinney Jay Cobb
Various characters Various models
The Muthers John Montgomery "Turko" 1976
Keoma Franco Nero Keoma "Artillery" model 1976
Orso Maria Guerrini Butch Shannon "Artillery" model
Antonio Marsina Lenny Shannon "Artillery" model
Joshua Sinclair Sam Shannon "Artillery" model with pearl grips
Donald O'Brien Caldwell "Artillery" model
Caldwell's henchmen "Artillery" and "Cavalry" models
The Last Round (Il conto è chiuso) In Rico Manzetti's collection; "Quick-Draw" model 1976
The Pacing Mustang (Mustang-inokhodets) Mikhail Golubovich Wild Jo Calone 1976
Georgi Dvornikov Charley
Stasis Petronaitis James Foster
From Noon Till Three Charles Bronson Graham Dorsey "Civilian" model 1976
Jill Ireland Amanda Starback "Civilian" and "Cavalry" models
Douglas Fowley Buck Bowers "Artillery" model
Stan Haze Ape "Civilian" and "Artillery" models
Hector Morales The Mexican "Civilian" and "Artillery" models
Don 'Red' Barry Red Roxy "Artillery" model
A Man Called Blade (Mannaja) Maurizio Merli Mannaja "Artillery" model 1977
John Steiner Theo Voller
Donald O'Brien Burt Craven
Antonio Casale Dahlman
Voller's, McGowan's and Dahlman's men
The White Buffalo Charles Bronson Wild Bill Hickok "Quickdraw" with stag horn grips 1977
Capt. Caster's officers "Quickdraw"
Soft-Boiled Boots (Sapogi vsmyatku) Boris Andreyev Vasiliy Blistanov Cavalry Model w/ pearl/ivory grips 1977
The Driver Ryan O'Neal The Driver 1978
Goin' South Jeff Morris Cowboy Artillery Model 1978
Severino Gojko Mitic Severino Cavalry Model 1978
The Villain Kirk Douglas Cactus Jack Artillery Model 1979
Arnold Schwarzenegger Handsome Stranger Quickdraw Model
Disco Godfather John Casino Cowboy Artillery model 1979
Breaker Morant A Boer Commando 1980
High Noon Part II: The Return of Will Kane Pernell Roberts J.D. Ward Artillery Model 1980
Lee Majors Will Kane Cavalry Model
Heaven's Gate Kris Kristofferson James Averill Artillery model 1980
Christopher Walken Nathan D. Champion Cavalry Model
Mickey Rourke Nick Ray Cavalry Model
Sam Waterston Frank Canton Cavalry model
Different characters Cavalry model
The Long Riders James Keach Jesse James Cavalry model 1980
James Remar Sam Starr Artillery model
Nicholas Guest Bob Ford Army model
Death Hunt Charles Bronson Albert Johnson 1981
Sing, Cowboy, Sing Siegfried Seibt Sheriff of Rosecity Cavalry model 1981
Silent Rage Chuck Norris Sheriff Dan Stevens Quickdraw model with ivory grips 1982
The Scout (Der Scout) Milan Beli Maj. Brannigan "Cavalry" 1983
Manfred Zetzsche Col. Howard
US Cavalrymen
Red Dawn Patrick Swayze Jed Eckert Quickdraw model with ivory grips 1984
The Vengeance of the Winged Serpent (La vengeance du serpent à plumes) Jorge Luke Guerrilla leader 1984
Wheels of Fire Jack S. Daniels Scag 1985
Scourge's Men, True believer's soldiers
Silverado Scott Glenn Emmet Quickdraw model with a color case hardened frame 1985
Kevin Kline Paden Nickel plated Artillery model, later seen with ivory grips
Kevin Costner Jake Dual wields nickel plated Quickdraw models with pearl grips in a fancy Mexican holster rig
James Gammon Dawson Artillery model with a color case hardened frame
Brian Dennehy Sheriff Cobb Nickel Artillery model with original hard rubber grips
Jeff Fahey Deputy Tyree
Sam Gauny Deputy Garth Cavalry model
Ray Baker Ethan McKendrick Quickdraw model with color case hardened frame
Earl Hindman J.T. Hollis Quickdraw model
Danny Glover Malachi 'Mal' Johnson Cavalry model
Pepe Serna Scruffy Wearing Jake's SAAs that he took from him
Ted White Hoyt Dual wields a Quickdraw and Artillery model
Various characters Various models
The Annihilators A thug Quickdraw 1985
Morons from Outer Space James Sikking Colonel Raymond Laribee, CIA matched pair of nickel-plated "Artillery" models 1985
The Quick and the Dead Kate Capshaw Susanna McKaskel 1987
The Quick and the Dead Sam Elliott Con Vallian 1987
Near Dark Lance Henriksen Jesse Hooker 1987
Near Dark Jenette Goldstein Diamondback 1987
Matewan James Earl Jones Few Clothes 1987
Equalizer 2000 Corinne Wahl Karen "Cavalry" Model 1987
William Steis Lawton
Rebels officer
Young Guns Regulators and Thugs Various models 1988
Emilio Estevez Billy the Kid Quickdraw model
Charlie Sheen "Dick" Brewer
Kiefer Sutherland "Doc" Scurlock
Casey Siemaszko Charley Bowdre
Bulletproof René Enríquez General Maximiliano Brogado white grips, cavalry model 1988
Picasso Trigger Patty Duffek Pattycakes Artillery model 1988
Female agents
Return of the Killer Tomatoes Frank Davis Sam Smith Two engraved replicas of Artillery model 1988
Cowboys In holsters
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The grey haired grave robber during the circus train chase Quickdraw model 1989
UHF unnamed villain 1989
L.A. Bounty Thug Artillery model 1989
Journey Southwest (Cesta na jihozápad) Oldrich Vlach Bill Civilian model, supposedly European copy 1989
Guns detective 5.5" "Artillery" model 1990
El Diablo (1990) Robert Beltran El Diablo "Quick-Draw" model, nickel plated 1990
Joe Pantoliano Kid Durango "Quick-Draw" model, nickel plated
Miguel Sandoval Roberto/Bob "Quick-Draw model"
Luis Contreras Pestoso "Quick-Draw model"
Robert Miano Mexican bandit without ejector tube
Problem Child John Ritter Ben Fake 1990
Tremors Fred Ward Earl 1990
Mother Seen in gun store; Nickel plated Cavalry model 1990
Samurai Cop Ivory Grips 1991
Unforgiven Saul Rubinek W.W. Beauchamp 1992
Richard Harris English Bob Nickel plated Artillery model
Gene Hackman Sheriff Bill Daggett/Little Bill
Ron White Clyde Ledbetter Cavalry model
Jefferson Mappin Fatty Rossiter Cavalry model
Thunderheart GOONs (Guardians of the Oglala Nation) holstered 1992
Freejack A restaurant patron 1992
GunCrazy Drew Barrymore Anita Minteer Nickel plated with ivory grips 1992
Tombstone Michael Biehn Johnny Ringo Nickel plated Quickdraw model 1993
Val Kilmer Doc Holliday Nickel plated Quickdraw model
Peter Sherayko "Texas Jack" Vermillion Artillery model
Harry Carey, Jr. Tombstone marshal Fred White Artillery model
Michael Rooker McMasters Artillery model
Kurt Russell Wyatt Earp Carries a Cavalry Model in addition to his Buntline Special
Bill Paxton Morgan Earp Cavalry model
Powers Boothe "Curly Bill" Brocius and his gang Cavalry model
Jon Tenney Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan Cavalry model
Billy Bob Thornton Johnny Tyler Cavalry model
Thomas Haden Church Billy Clanton Cavalry model
John Corbett Barnes Cavalry model
Robert John Burke Cowboy Frank McLaury
Various characters Various models
The Hound of London Craig Bowlsby Lance Sterling Blank firing, supposedly Chiappa SAA 1873 1993
Drew Kemp Mr. Campbell
Jonathan of the Bears Franco Nero Jonathan Kowalski "Artillery" model 1994
Bobby Rhodes Williamson
Enzo G. Castellari Goodwin henchman
John Saxon Fred Goodwin
Ennio Girolami Mercenary
Boris Khmelnitskiy Religious Mercenary
Viktor Gajnov Tall Mercenary
Igor Alimov Young Jonathan
David Hess Maddock
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman Chief Tawanka
Uncredited Sasha Kowalsky
Evgeniy Bogorodskiy Gangster
Gangsters, Vigilantes, Mercenaries
The Mask Jim Carrey Ipkiss/Mask Nickel-plated Artillery models 1994
Wyatt Earp Kevin Costner Wyatt Earp Calvary model for right hand, Artillery model for left hand 1994
Bill Pullman Ed Masterston Artillery model for left hand
Gene Hackman Nicholas Earp Quickdraw model
Linden Ashby Morgan Earp Duel wields a Quickdraw model and Artillery model
Rex Linn Frank Mclaurey Artillery model
Lewis Smith Curly Bill Brocius Cavalry model
Gabriel Folse Billy Clanton Artillery model
Michael Madsen Virgil Earp Nickel-plated artillery model
Mark Harmon Johnny Behan Calvary model
Mare Winningham Mattie Balylock Artillery model
Dennis Quaid John "Doc" Holiday Nickel-plated Sheriff's model
Various actors Various characters Various models
Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt Tristan Ludlow nickel, Cavalry 1994
Anthony Hopkins Colonel Ludlow
The Night Before Christmas Bud Spencer Moses Cavalry model 1994
Boots Southerland Sam Stone Quickdraw model
Ron Carey Sheriff Fox Cavalry model
Fritz Sperberg Deputy Joe Quickdraw model
Neil Summers Dodge Quickdraw model
Stone's henchmen Various models
Wild Bill Ellen Barkin Calamity Jane 1995
Bruce Dern Will Plummer
The Quick and the Dead Sharon Stone Ellen "The Lady" Ivory Grips 1995
Russell Crowe Cort Nickel finish and wood grips
Leonardo DiCaprio Fee "The Kid" Herod Custom engravement and ivory grips
Leonardo DiCaprio Fee "The Kid" Herod Cavalry model with a nickel finish and solid ivory grips and called "The Eagle Butt Peacemaker"
Gene Hackman John Herod Dual Quickdraw SAAs with custom gold dragon grips
Jonothon Gill Spotted Horse Cavalry model
Lance Henriksen "Ace Hanlon" Custom engravement with nickel finish and custom grips
Various civilians celebrating various barrel lengths
Dead Man Johnny Depp William Blake Blued quickdraw model 1995
Mili Avital Thel Russell Blued quickdraw model
Lance Henriksen Bounty hunter Cole Wilson Nickel-plated quickdraw model
Lone Star Matthew McConaughey Buddy Deeds Quickdraw model 1996
Leprechaun 4: In Space Warwick Davis Leprechaun "Artillery" model 1997
Against the Law Richard Grieco Rex Nickel plated "Artillery" model 1997
Switchback Jared Leto Lane Dixon 1997
A Life Less Ordinary Cameron Diaz Celine Cavalry model 1997
A Life Less Ordinary Maury Chaykin Tod Johnson Cavalry model 1997
Soldier Jason Isaacs Colonel Mekum fitted with pearl grips 1998
The Newton Boys Matthew McConaughey Willis Newton Cavalry model 1998
Charles Gunning Herbert "Slim" Holliday Quickdraw model
Ethan Hawke Jess Newton Quickdraw model, occasionally carries two
Various characters Various models
Judas Kiss Til Schweiger Ruben Rubenbauer "Artillery" model 1998
Carla Gugino Coco Chavez
Dollar for the Dead Emilio Estevez Cowboy/Man with No Name "Artillery" model, "Quick-Draw" model 1998
William Forsythe Dooley
Joaquim de Almeida Fray Ramón "Sheriff" model with removed ejector rod
Jonathan Banks Colonel Skinner "Cavalry" model
Howie Long Reager "Cavalry" model with nickel-plated finish
Several characters "Quick-Draw" model, "Artillery" model
The Avengers Uma Thurman Emma Peel nickel-plated, Quickdraw 1998
Wild Wild West Ted Levine General McGrath Cavalry model 1999
The Mummy Stephen Dunham Mr. Henderson Quickdraw model 1999
Purgatory Brad Rowe Leo "Sonny" Dillard "Civilian" model 1999
Eric Roberts Jack "Blackjack" Britton Dual "Cavalry" model
JD Souther Brooks / Jesse James Dual "Cavalry" model
Donnie Wahlberg Deputy Glen / Billy The Kid Dual engraved nickel plated "Civilian" model with ivory grips
Randy Quaid Doc Woods / Doc Holliday Nickel plated "Artillery" model with ivory grips
Richard Edson Euripides Nickel plated "Artillery" and "Cavalry" models
John Diehl Badger Dual "Cavalry" model
Gang members "Artillery" and "Cavalry" models
High Noon Tom Skerritt Will Kane 2000
Shanghai Noon Owen Wilson Roy O'Bannon Carries a pair fitted with pearl grips 2000
From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter Marco Leonardi Johnny Madrid 2000
Poor White Trash Tony Denman Michael Bronco Airsoft "Artillery" model, spray-painted black 2000
Thirteen Ghosts 2001
Manitou's Shoe Santa Marias gang 2001
Sky du Mont Santa Maria
3000 Miles to Graceland Kevin Costner Thomas J. Murphy 2001
Sheriff who pulls over Murphy Possibly a Ruger Vaquero and not an actual Colt, had front sight filed off
Crossfire Trail Mark Harmon Bruce Barkow 2001
Patrick Kilpatrick Mike Taggart
David O'Hara Rock Mullaney
Christian Kane J.T. Langston
Brad Johnson Beau Dorn
Wilford Brimley Joe Gill
Marshall R. Teague Snake Corville fitted with ivory grips
Various actors Various characters Various models
Monte Walsh (2002) Tom Selleck Monte Walsh 2002
George Eads Shorty
Various actors Various characters Various models
Lone Hero Lou Diamond Phillips Bart Nickel plated "1895 Commemorative" 2002
Sean Patrick Flanery John "Quick-Draw" and "Artillery"
Robert Forster Gus "Artillery"
Mark Metcalf Bill Harris Nickel plated "Quick-Draw"
Tyler Labine Tim Nickel plated "Artillery"
Alonso Oyarzun Pablo Nickel plated "Quick-Draw"
The Big Empty Sean Bean Cowboy Quick-Draw 2003
Zatoichi Saburô Ishikura Tashichi Ogi Artillery 2003
Daigaku Sekine Ginzo's Henchman
The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting Shaun Johnston Sheriff Castillo 2003
Kill Bill Vol. 1 David Carradine Bill Nickel-plated EMF Hartford 'Pinkerton' with a "Bird's Head" grip 2003
The Last Samurai Tony Goldwyn Colonel Bagley Cavalry model 2003
Open Range Robert Duvall "Boss" Spearman 2003
Diego Luna Button Cavalry model
Michael Gambon Denton Baxter Artillery model
Kevin Costner Charley Waite Cavalry model, will occasionally dual wield
James Russo Sheriff Poole Artillery model
Herb Kohler Candyshop owner
Julian Richings Wylie
Various characters Various models
Tremors 4: The Legend Begins Billy Drago Black Hand Kelly 2004
Brent Roam Juan
Hidalgo Viggo Mortensen Frank T. Hopkins 2004
Omar Sharif Sheikh Riyadh
Kill Bill Vol. 2 David Carradine Bill Nickel-plated EMF Hartford 'Pinkerton' with a "Bird's Head" grip and custom muzzle brake 2004
The Fog Christian Bocher Patrick Malone 2005
Douglas Arthurs David Williams
Yves Cameron Richard Wayne
Charles Andre Norman Castle
Miracle at Sage Creek David Carradine Ike A-Uberti "New Dakota" 2005
Peter J. Brown Snake
Thadd Turner Sergeant Banks
Brian Libby Frank
Buck Taylor Buckskin Charlie
Bandidas Penélope Cruz The Gunman Artillery model 2006
Salma Hayek Minamoto no Yoshitsune Cavalry model
Regulators, Bank clerk Cavalry model, Quick-Draw
Night of the Living Dead 3D Greg Travis Henry Cooper 4.75" barrel 2006
Joshua DesRoches Ben 4.75" barrel
Brianna Brown Barb 4.75" barrel
The Golden Compass Sam Elliott Lee Scoresby 2007
3:10 to Yuma Russell Crowe Ben Wade Custom grips with gold crosses, nicknamed "The Hand of God" 2007
Johnny Whitworth Darden
Dallas Roberts Grayson Butterfield Nickel plated Quickdraw model
Luke Wilson Zeke Carries Wade's custom SAAs after stealing them from him
Various characters Various models
Sukiyaki Western Django Hideaki Itô The Gunman Artillery model 2007
Yusuke Iseya Minamoto no Yoshitsune Artillery model
Quentin Tarantino Ringo Quick-Draw model
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Brad Pitt Jesse James Has a Artillery and Cavalry model 2007
Sam Rockwell Charley Ford Quickdraw model
Jeremy Renner Wood Hite
Casey Affleck Bob Ford Quickdraw model
Planet Terror Michael Parks Earl McGraw Artillery model 2007
Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant Guy Pal Warrior Monk 2008
The Ruins Sergio Calderón Lead Mayan 7.5" barrel 2008
Appaloosa Adam Nelson Mackie Shelton 2008
Lance Henriksen Ring Shelton Nickel-plated Cavalry model
Jeremy Irons Randall Bragg
Viggo Mortensen Everett Hitch
Ed Harris Virgil Cole Carries a Cavalry model with Stag horn grips and an Artillery model in his belt
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Brendan Fraser Rick O' Connell Cavalry model 2008
An American Carol Kelsey Grammer Gen. George S. Patton Nickel-plated "Quickdraw" model with faux ivory grips 2008
Doomsday Eloise Cupido Afro girl Nickel-plated "Artillery" Model 2008
Lone Rider Lou Diamond Phillips Bobby Hattaway "Cavalry" Model 2008
Mike Star Lloyd
Robert Baker Vic "Artillery" and "Civilian" Models
Croker's henchmen
Lucky Luke Jean Dujardin Lucky Luke Nickel-plated, engraved, "Artillery" Model 2009
Gabriel Corrado Luke's father Nickel-plated, engraved, "Artillery" Model
Alexandra Lamy Belle Nickel-plated, engraved, "Artillery" Model
Michaël Youn Billy the Kid Nickel-plated, engraved, "Artillery" Model
Jonah Hex Josh Brolin Jonah Hex Carries two Cavalry models 2010
Megan Fox Leila Carries two
Survival of the Dead Alan Van Sprang Sgt. Crocket Two Artillery Models 2010
Richard Fitzpatrick Seamus Muldoon
Nude Nuns with Big Guns David Castro Chavo Cavalry model 2010
Maz Siam Father Bernardo Cavalry model
Father in wheelchair Cavalry model
Xango Henry Kick-Stand Cavalry model
Thugs Cavalry model
Weekend Tomasz Tyndyk Johnny 2010
The Expendables Sylvester Stallone Barney Ross shortened barrel 2010
Sherlock Holmes Gareth David-Lloyd Dr. John Watson Denix Peacemaker non-firing replica 2010
Ben Syder Sherlock Holmes
William Huw Inspector Lestrade
Dominic Keating Thorpe Holmes
Elizabeth Arends Anesidora Ivory
Big Money Rustlas Jody Sadler Tank Cavalry model, nickel plated 2010
Shaggy 2 Dope Sheriff Sugar Wolf Artillery model and Quick Draw model, nickel plated
Jamie Madrox Raw Stank Artillery model, nickel plated and blued
Monoxide Dusty Poot Artillery model, nickel plated and blued
Jumpsteady townsman Artillery model
Todd Bridges Scruffy Scrub #3 Quick Draw model
Awesome Dre Scruffy Scrub #4 Quick Draw model
Erwin Shepansky Sheriff Fred Freckles Artillery model
Scott D'Amore The First Bank Robber Artillery model
townsmen Artillery model and Quick Draw model
American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James Anthony Tyler Quinn Marshal Burdette "Cavalry" Model, nickel plated with ivory gris 2010
Christopher Weir Cobb
Union Soldiers "Cavalry" Model
6 Guns Brian Wimmer Will Stevens "Cavalry" Model .22 caliber 2010
Sage Mears Selina Stevens
Barry Van Dyke Frank Allison
Jason Ellefson Tommy Kleiber "Artillery" Model
Shane Van Dyke Chris Beall "Civilian" Model
Carey Van Dyke Joe Beall
A posse member
Drive Angry Billy Burke Jonah King Quickdraw model 2011
Good Day for It Joe Flanigan Deputy Doug Brady 2011
Cowboys & Aliens Harrison Ford Woodrow Dolarhyde Cavalry, nickel-plated 2011
Meeting Evil Samuel L. Jackson Richie .22 2012
Luke Wilson John Felton .22
The Expendables 2 Sylvester Stallone Barney Ross shortened barrel 2012
Gangster Squad Robert Patrick Detective Kennard 2012
Casa de mi Padre Pedro Armendáriz Jr. Miguel Alvarez nickel-plated, engraved, deleted scene 2012
Get the Gringo Daniel Giménez Cacho Javi Huerta said to have belonged to Pancho Villa 2012
Witching and Bitching (Las brujas de Zugarramurdi) on the book cover 2013
Dhoom 3 Uday Chopra Ali Akbar Fateh Khan non-firing replica 2013
The World's End Pete Buzzsaw Holland Post Apocalyptic Thug Artillery 2013
Banklady Artillery Model; seen in a showcase 2013
Sweetwater Jason Isaacs Prophet Josiah Cavalry Model 2013
Ed Harris Sheriff Cornelius Jackson Cavalry Model
January Jones Sarah Cavalry Model
Luce Rains Kingfisher Cavalry Model
Jenny Gabrielle Jolene Cavalry Model
The Salvation Mads Mikkelsen Jon Jensen "Cavalry" model 2014
Mikael Persbrandt Peter Jensen
Michael Raymond-James Paul Delarue
Sean Cameron Michael Lester
Eric Cantona Corsican
David James Tracker
Langley Kirkwood "Man With Beard"
Douglas Henshall Sheriff Mallick "Artillery" model Denix replica
Andre Odendaal Deputy Cash
Eva Green Madelaine "Cavalry" model Denix replica
Alexander Arnold Voichek Borowski
Nick Borain "Man With Cigar"
Anthony Bishop "Skinny Man"
Mad Max: Fury Road Richard Carter The Bullet Farmer 2015
Wilson City Jan Kraus Police chief Wittich Artillery Model 2015
Bone Tomahawk Matthew Fox John Brooder Cavalry Model w/nickel plating 2015
The Hateful Eight Kurt Russell John Ruth, "The Hangman" 2015
Slow West Kodi Smit-McPhee Jay Cavendish "Civilian" and "Cavalry" 2015
Michael Fassbender Silas Selleck "Cavalry"
Caren Pistorius Rose Ross
Ben Mendelsohn Payne
Michael Whalley The Kid
Madeleine Sami Marimacho
Eddie Campbell Skelly
Karl Willetts Johan
Hayden Frost Union soldier
Kieran Charnock Union soldier
Forsaken Kiefer Sutherland John Henry Clayton "Civilian" Model 2015
Chris Ippolito Bob Waters
Aaron Poole Frank Tillman "Cavalry" and "Artillery" Models
Micheal Mitchell Clyde Burnett "Artillery" Model
Lex Cassar Tim Slade
Mercenaries "Cavalry" and "Civilian" Models
Karate Kill Jeffrey James Lippold Texan Bartender 2016
The Bad Batch Suki Waterhouse Arlen promo shot only 2016
Free State of Jones Matthew McConaughey Newton Night Artillery Model, walnut grips 2016
Jane Got a Gun Natalie Portman Jane Hammond Cavalry Model 2016
The Magnificent Seven Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Vasquez 2016
The Magnificent Seven Chris Pratt Josh Farraday 2016
In a Valley of Violence John Travolta Marshal Clyde Martin "Cavalry" Model 2016
James Ransone Deputy Gilly Martin "Civilian" Model, nickel plated with ivory grips
Kaius Harrison William T. Baxter
Brimstone Paul Anderson Frank "Cavalry" Model 2016
Jack Roth Wolf "Artillery" Model; .22 caliber replica or blank firing
Kit Harington Samuel "Civilian" Model; in holster
Bill Tangradi Nathan In holster
Triple 9 Seen in archival footage 2016
Neruda Luis Gnecco Pablo Neruda 2016
Hostiles Christian Bale Capt. Joseph Blocker "Cavalry" model 2017
Rosamund Pike Rosalee Quaid
Jesse Plemons Lt. Rudy Kidder
Rory Cochrane Master Sgt. Thomas Metz
Jonathan Majors Corp. Henry Woodson
Scott Wilson Cyrus Lounde
Brian Duffy Silas Lounde
Adam Beach Black Hawk
David Midthunder Buffalo Man
Richard Bucher Ezekiel Lounde "Artillery" model
Luce Rains Virgil Lounde
Mack the Knife - Brecht's Threepenny Film Christian Redl Tiger Brown Uberti Replica 2018
Holmes & Watson Rebecca Hall Grace Hart Two Cavalry model 2018
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Tim Blake Nelson Buster Scruggs Nickel plated "Artillery" 2018
Clancy Brown Curly Joe "Cavalry", "Artillery" and "Civilian" models
Danny McCarthy Curly Joe's Brother "Cavalry" Model
Willie Watson The Kid Two "Artillery" model with silver grips
James Franco Cowboy "Cavalry" Model
Ralph Ineson Posse Leader "Cavalry" Model
Brian Brown Posse #2 "Cavalry" Model
Jesse Luken Drover "Cavalry" Model
Matthew Willig Cantina Scum "Cavalry" Model
J.J. Dashnaw Cantina Scum "Artillery" Model
Jesse Youngblood Cantina Scum "Artillery" Model
Clinton Roberts Cantina Scum "Artillery" Model
The Highwaymen Woody Harrelson Benjamin Maney Gault 4.75" Quickdraw 2019
The Highwaymen Kevin Costner Frank Hamer 4.75" Quickdraw 2019
Zombieland: Double Tap Rosario Dawson Nevada 2019
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio Rick Dalton 2019
Women of Mafia 2 Enrique Arce Javier Artillery model, Pearl grips 2019
The Kid Ethan Hawke Sheriff Pat Garrett Two "Cavary" model 2019
Dane DeHaan Billy "The Kid" Bonney "Cavalry" and "Artillery" model
Jake Schur Rio Cutler "Civilian" model
Vincent D'Onofrio Sheriff Romero Seen only in holster, supposedly "Cavalry" model
Ben Dickey Deputy Jim East "Cavalry" model
Joseph Santos Deputy James Bell "Cavalry" model
Chad Daschnaw Dave Rudabaugh "Artillery" model
Hawk D'Onofrio Oran Moler "Artillery" model
Sheriff's deputies, outlaws Various
Deadwood: The Movie Robin Weigert Calamity Jane Nickel plated "Artillery" model with pearl grips 2019
John Hawkes Sol Star "Artillery" model
Jim Anderson Hearst's henchman "Artillery" model
W. Earl Brown Dan Dority In holster, model unclear
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Seen in armory 2019
Badland Kevin Makely Matthias Breecher Two nickel plated "Artillery" model with pearl grips 2019
Trace Adkins General Corbin Dandridge "Artillery" model
Wes Studi Harlan Red
James Russo Fred Quaid
Omid Zader Hector
Oscar Leiva Omar Ferrer
Ryan Kelley Deputy Jasper Mortenson
Aidan Bristow Deputy Deacon Ryader
Dandridge's and Quaid's henchmen, Sheriff's deputies, townsmen "Artillery" and "Civilian" models, and airsoft Umarex replica
Old Henry Tim Blake Nelson Henry "Civilian" Model 2021
Gavin Lewis Wyatt
Scott Haze Sheriff Curry
Brad Carter Branigan
Ketchum's henchmen "Artillery" Model
Terror on the Prairie Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis The Kid 2022
Gina Carano Hattie McAllister
Heath Freeman Gold Teeth
Donald Cerrone Jeb McAllister
Ambulance McColm Cephas Jr. Young William Sharp engraved Toy Gun 2022
Max Ferro Young Daniel Sharp


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Lawman John Russell Marshal Dan Troop Artillery Model 1958 - 1962
Peter Brown Deputy Johnny McKay Quickdraw Model
Bonanza Lorne Greene Ben Cartwright Throughout Series 1959-1973
Gilligan's Island Bob Denver Gilligan Quick Draw model, nickel finish, stag horn grips / "The Sound of Quacking" (S01E07) 1964
Jim Backus Mr. Howell Artillery model / "The Sound of Quacking" (S01E07)
Gilligan's Island Bob Denver Gilligan Quick Draw and Artillery models, stag horn grips / "The Sweepstakes" (S02E05) 1965
I Spy George Montgomery Nicolai 1964 - 1968
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Gavin MacLeod Cleveland "The Hong Kong Shilling Affair " (S01E24) 1964-1968
F Troop Ken Berry Capt. Wilton Parmenter "Cavalry" model 1965-1967
Kid Vicious "Cavalry" model / "Wilton, the Kid" (S02E13) 1966
"Artillery" model, stag horn grips / "Wilton, the Kid" (S02E13) 1966
Forrest Tucker Sgt. Morgan O'Rourke "Cavalry" model 1965-1967
"Artillery" model / "Corporal Agarn's Farewell to the Troops" (S01E04) 1965
Larry Storch Cpl. Randolph Agarn "Cavalry" model 1965-1967
"Artillery" model / "Corporal Agarn's Farewell to the Troops" (S01E04) 1965
El Diablo "Quick Draw" model, front sight removed / "El Diablo" (S01E19) 1966
Ivan Bell Trooper Duddelson "Cavalry" model 1965-1967
"Quick Draw" model / "Corporal Agarn's Farewell to the Troops" (S01E04) 1965
Melody Patterson Wrangler Jane "Cavalry" model, ivory grips (S01, part of S02); pearl grips (most of S02) 1965-1967
troopers "Cavalry" model 1965-1967
Vic Tayback Bill Colton "Artillery" model / "Corporal Agarn's Farewell to the Troops" (S01E04) 1965
Robert Anderson (V) Bob Colton "Artillery" model / "Corporal Agarn's Farewell to the Troops" (S01E04) 1965
Jack Elam Sam Urp "Artillery" model, ivory grips / "Dirge for the Scourge" (S01E06) 1965
Tony Martinez Felipe "Quick Draw" model / "El Diablo" (S01E19) 1966
Pedro "Artillery" model / "El Diablo" (S01E19) 1966
Richard Reeves Jim Sweeney "Artillery" model / "Reunion for O'Rourke" (S01E25) 1966
Ben Gage Mike O'Hanlon "Artillery" model / "Reunion for O'Rourke" (S01E25) 1966
James Griffith Sgt. Crawford "Cavalry" model / "Johnny Eagle Eye" (S01E30) 1966
Paul Sorenson Tombstone "Artillery" model / "Reach for the Sky, Pardner" (S02E04) 1966
George Barrows Pecos
Sterling Holloway Sheriff Pat Lawton "Quick Draw" model / "Wilton, the Kid" (S02E13) 1966
Mako Samurai Warrior "Cavalry" model in holster / "From Karate With Love" (S02E18) 1967
Miko Mayama Miko Tanahara
Victor French Cpl. Matt Delaney "Cavalry" model / "The Day They Shot Agorn" (S02E24) 1967
Arch Johnson Colonel Adams "Cavalry" model / "Guns, Guns, Who's Got the Guns?" (S02E26) 1967
James Gregory Big Jim Parker "Artillery" model / "Carpetbagging, Anyone?" (S02E28) 1967
Star Trek Ron Soble Marshall Wyatt Earp Buntline Special Model / "Spectre of the Gun" 1966 - 1969
Bill Zuckert Cochise County Sheriff John Behan Artillery Model / "Spectre of the Gun"
William Shatner Captain James T. Kirk Artillery Model fitted with ivory grips / "Spectre of the Gun"
Leonard Nimoy Lt. Commander Spock Artillery Model / "Spectre of the Gun"
DeForest Kelley Doctor Leonard H. McCoy Artillery Model / "Spectre of the Gun"
James Doohan Montgomery "Scotty" Scott Artillery Model / "Spectre of the Gun"
Charles Maxwell Virgil Earp Artillery Model / "Spectre of the Gun"
Rex Holman Morgan Earp Artillery Model / "Spectre of the Gun"
Various actors Various characters Artillery Model / "Spectre of the Gun"
Columbo Peter Falk Lt. Columbo Cavalry model with pearl grips/ "Dead Weight" (S01E03) 1971
Father Brown Mike Pratt Col. Merton "Artillery" (?) Model; "The Arrow of Heaven" (Ep.12) 1974
Magnum P.I. - Season 1 Red West Bull "All Roads Lead to Floyd" (S1E13) 1981
Bergerac Pair of "Artillery" Model chrome plated with ivory grips; Seen in display case; "Picking It Up" (S01E01) 1981
The A-Team D. D. Howard Carrie nickel-plated and fitted with ivory grips / "Showdown!" 1983 - 1987
Jack Ging General Fullbright kept in crossdraw holsters
Miami Vice Willie Nelson a Texas Ranger pair of Quickdraw models / "El Viejo" 1984 - 1989
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes Artillery Model; (S01E02), (S02E02) 1984-1985
Charles Cork Cartwright Artillery Model; (S02E04)
Lonesome Dove Chris Cooper July Johnson 1989
Lonesome Dove Frederic Forrest Blue Duck 1989
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes Daniel Massey J. Neil Gibson Artillery Model; (S01E02) 1991
Celia Gregory Maria Gibson
A police constable
Star Trek: The Next Generation Patrick Stewart Jean-Luc Picard "Time's Arrow, Part 1" (S05E26) 1992
Jerry Hardin Samuel Clemens "Time's Arrow, Part 2" (S06E01) 1992
John Pyper-Ferguson Eli Hollander "A Fistful of Datas" (S06E08) 1992
Michael Dorn Lt. Worf Cavalry model with nickel finish / "A Fistful of Datas" (S06E08) 1992
Marina Sirtis Deanna Troi "A Fistful of Datas" (S06E08) 1992
Brent Spiner Data "A Fistful of Datas" (S06E08) 1992
Law & Order - Season 2 Harley Cross Jamie Maser "Trust" (S02E15), cavalry 1991 - 1992
Michael Moriarty EADA Ben Stone "Trust" (S02E15), cavalry
Return To Lonesome Dove Nia Peeples Augustina Vega Artillery Model 1993
Rick Schroder Newt Artillery Model
Chris Cooper July Cavalry Model
Barry Tubb Jasper Fant Cavalry Model
Walker, Texas Ranger Ranger C.D. Parker 1993 - 2001
Chuck Norris Hays Cooper dual-wielded / "Flashback"
leader of the Dealy Gang dual-wielded
Rough Riders Tom Berenger Teddy Roosevelt Artillery Model /Throughout series 1997
Brad Johnson Henry Nash Nickel plated Bisley Colt SAA with ivory grips /Throughout series
Various Actors Various US Army officers Artillery Model / Various episodes
The X-Files - Season 7 Krista Allen Maitreya Polished Nickel, Ivory Grips, 'Quick-Draw' length (4.75" barrel) / "First Person Shooter" (S7E13) 2000
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2000 - ????
The X-Files - Season 9 Robert Patrick FBI Special Agent John Doggett 'Quick-Draw' length (4.75" barrel) / "Hellbound" (S9E08) 2002
Firefly Adam Baldwin Jayne Cobb "War Stories" (S01E10), Artillery model 2002
Christina Hendricks Saffron "Trash" (S01E11), Artillery model
henchman "Heart of Gold" (S01E13)
King Solomon's Mines Patrick Swayze Allen Quartermain "Artillery" Model 2004
Gavin Hood Bruce McNabb "Civilian" Model
Langley Kirkwood Sergei "Artillery" Model
Riches (Bogatstvo) Cavalry model; seen in gun store, also seen in footage from The Great Train Robbery (1903) 2004
Supernatural Jim Beaver Bobby Singer Artillery Model possibly a Cimarron or Uberti 2005 - ????
Deadwood Gun Salesman Colt Sheriff's Model Single Action Army with a 3.5" barrel / "Deadwood" 2004 - 2006
Paula Malcomson Trixie Colt Sheriff's Model Single Action Army with a 3.5" barrel / "A Lie Agreed Upon, Pt. 2"
John Hawkes Sol Star Colt Sheriff's Model Single Action Army with a 3.5" barrel/ "A Lie Agreed Upon, Pt. 2"
Robin Weigert Calamity Jane Cavalry Model / Throughout series
Allan Graf Captain Joe Turner Cavalry Model / "Childish Things"
Philip Moon Mr. Lee Cavalry Model / "Boy-the-Earth-Talks-To"
Gale Harold Wyatt Earp Cavalry Model / "Leviathan Smiles"
Austin Nichols Morgan Earp Cavalry Model / "Leviathan Smiles"
Barrett Cavalry Model / "A Constant Throb"
Ian McShane Al Swearengen Cavalry Model ]/ "A Constant Throb"
Newman Cavalry Model / "The Catbird Seat"
Dayton Callie Charlie Utter Artillery Model / Throughout series
Garret Dillahunt Jack McCall Artillery Model / "Here Was a Man"
W. Earl Brown Dan Dority Artillery Model / "A Lie Agreed Upon, Pt. 2"
Jeff Cahill Eamon Artillery Model / "Requiem for a Gleet"
Pruitt Taylor Vince Mose Manuel Artillery Model / "Childish Things"
Leon Rippy Tom Nuttall Artillery Model / "Full Faith and Credit"
Various Actors Various Characters Various Models / Various episodes
Everybody Hates Chris Various Actors Various Characters Seen in a clip from the film Shane / "Everybody Hates Picture Day" 2005
Demons (Besy) Evgeniy Stychkin Pyotr Verkhovensky "Cavalry" Model (Denix replica) 2006
Sanctuary Amanda Tapping Dr. Helen Magnus Quick draw model / "Tempus" (S04E01) 2008 - ????
Top Shot - Season 1 Spencer Hoglund Himself Cavalry Model / "Wild, Wild West" 2010
All of the contestants As themselves Cavalry Model / "Wild, Wild West"
Iain & Chris As themselves Cavalry Model / "Season Finale"
Top Shot - Season 3 All of the contestants As themselves 2011
Doctor Who Alex Kingston River Song "The Impossible Astronaut" (S6E01) 2011
Midsomer Murders John Nettles "Wyatt Earp" Two nickel plated Quick-Draw; S13E3 "Blood on the Saddle" 2010
Jason Hughes Det. Sgt. Ben Jones Quick-Draw; S13E3 "Blood on the Saddle"
David Rintoul Jack Fincher Two Quick-Draw; S13E3 "Blood on the Saddle"
Daniel Ryan Adam Burbage Cavalry; S13E3 "Blood on the Saddle"
Falling Skies - Season 1 Colin Cunningham John Pope 2011
Supernatural - Season 7 James Patrick Stuart Dick Roman Nickel plated with ivory grips / "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters" (S07E09) 2011
Jim Beaver Bobby Singer
Doctor Who Karen Gillan Amy Pond "A Town Called Mercy" (S7E03) 2012
Hawaii Five-0 - Season 3 George Takei Choi Kelly 2012 - 2013
Ripper Street Edoardo Ballerini Frank Goodnight "Artillery" / "A Man of My Company" (S01E07) 2013
Various Pinkerton agents "Artillery" / "A Man of My Company" (S01E07)
Pinkerton agent "Quickdraw" with "Bird's Head" grips / "A Man of My Company" (S01E07)
Father Brown - Season 1 Dan Fredenburgh James Trewlove "The Flying Stars" (S01E02) 2013
John Light Flambeau "The Blue Cross" (S01E10)
The Man in the High Castle Rupert Evans Frank Frink 2015
The Man in the High Castle Joel de la Fuente Chief Inspector Kido 2015
The Son - Season 1 Matthew Posey Tom Sullivan "No Prisoners" (S1E05) 2017
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3 Worth Howe Russell Brown Nickel; "The New Frontier" (S3E02), "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame" (S3E05) 2017
Dayton Callie Jeremiah Otto Sr. Nickel; "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame" (S3E05), "Red Dirt" (S3E06)
Frank Dillane Nicholas Clark Nickel; "Red Dirt" (S3E06), "The Unveiling" (S3E07), "Children of Wrath" (S3E08)
Kim Dickens Madison Clark Nickel; "Children of Wrath" (S3E08)
Black Hat Reservation resident Holstered; "This Land Is Your Land" (S3E13)
Godless Jack O'Connell Roy Goode "Cavalry" Model 2017
Scoot McNairy Sheriff Bill McNue
Luke Robertson Bill Chick
Thomas Brodie-Sangster Deputy Witney Winn "Artillery" Model
Merritt Wever Mary Agnes McNue
Audrey Moore Sarah Doyle
Christiane Seidel Martha Bishop "Civilian" Model
Rio Alexander Bud Ledbetter
Justin Welborn Floyd Wilson
Women of La Belle, gang members
Wynonna Earp Melanie Scrofano Wynonna Earp Buntline Special with 12" barrel and ivory grips 2016 -
Tim Rozon John Henry "Doc" Holliday Nickel-plated Cavalry model with 7.5" barrel 2016 -
Dominique Provost-Chalkley Waverly Earp Buntline Special / "I Hope You Dance" (S2E12) 2017
Natalie Krill Willa Earp Buntline Special / "Landslide" (S1E11) 2016
Adrian Holmes US Marshal Bass Reeves Artillery Model / "Everybody Knows" (S2E07) 2017
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 4 Garret Dillahunt John Dorie Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "What's Your Story?" (S4E01), "Good Out Here" (S4E03), "Buried" (S4E04), "Laura" (S4E05), "Just In Case" (S4E06), "People Like Us" (S4E09), "Blackjack" (S4E13), "I Lose People..." (S4E15), "... I Lose Myself" (S4E16) 2018
Clint James Leland Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "What's Your Story?" (S4E01)
Jackson Beals Bill
Colman Domingo Victor Strand Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD", holstered; "Good Out Here" (S4E03)
Jenna Elfman June / "Naomi" Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "Buried" (S4E04), "Laura" (S4E05)
Lennie James Morgan Jones Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "Just In Case" (S4E06)
Wynonna Earp Megan Follows Michelle Gibson Buntline Special / "No Cure for Crazy" (S3E04) 2018
The Son - Season 2 deputies "The Blind Tiger" (S2E03) 2019
Father Brown - Season 7 John Light Hercule Flambeau Artillery Model; (S07E10) 2019
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 5 Garret Dillahunt John Dorie Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "Here to Help" (S5E01), "The Hurt That Will Happen" (S5E02), "Humbug's Gulch" (S5E03), "The Little Prince" (S5E06), "Still Standing" (S5E07), "Is Anybody Out There?" (S5E08), "Channel 4" (S5E09), "Ner Tamid" (S5E12), "Leave What You Don't" (S5E13), "Channel 5" (S5E15), "End of the Line" (S5E16) 2019
Jenna Elfman June Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "Here to Help" (S5E01), "Ner Tamid" (S5E12), "Leave What You Don't" (S5E13)
Danay Garcia Luciana Galvez Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "The Hurt That Will Happen" (S5E02), "Leave What You Don't" (S5E13)
His Dark Materials - Season 2 Lin-Manuel Miranda Lee Scoresby 2020
Better Call Saul - Season 5 Spenser Granese Arlo Necklace; "Magic Man" (S5E01) 2020
Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles (Sherlok v Rossii) Maksim Matveev Sherlock Holmes Denix replica, "Civilian" model 2020
Vladimir Mishukov Dr. Ilya Kartsev
Pavel Maykov Lavr Trudniy
Valeriy Kukhareshin Albert Dreitzen
Fyodor Fedotov Anton Sviridov
Andrey Lyovin Fadey Parshin
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 6 Jenny Biggs Pioneer Ranger Holstered; "The End Is the Beginning" (S6E01), "Welcome to the Club" (S6E02), "The Key" (S6E04) 2020-2021
Garret Dillahunt John Dorie Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "The Key" (S6E04), "Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg" (S6E06), "The Door" (S6E08)
Robert Ashker Kraft Pioneer Gunsmith Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "The Key" (S6E04)
Zoe Colletti Dakota Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "The Door" (S6E08)
Jenna Elfman June Dorie Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "Things Left to Do" (S6E09), "J.D." (S6E13), "USS Pennsylvania" (S6E15), "The Beginning" (S6E16)
Craig Nigh Ranger Hill Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "Things Left to Do" (S6E09), "J.D." (S6E13)
Keith Carradine John Dorie Sr. Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "J.D." (S6E13), "The Beginning" (S6E16)
1883 Tim McGraw John Dutton "Artillery" Model 2021
Sam Elliott Shea Brennan "Civilian" and "Cavalry" Modeld
Isabel May Elsa Dutton "Artillery" and "Sheriff's" Models
LaMonica Garrett Thomas "Artillery" Model
Billy Bob Thornton Marshal Jim Courtright "Civilian" Model
Taylor Sheridan Charles Goodnight "Civilian" Model
James Landry Hébert Wade "Artillery" Model
Noah Le Gros Colton "Artillery" Model
David Midthunder Two Feathers "Artillery" Model
Russell Rakestraw Gang leader "Civilian" and "Cavalry" Models
Sacha Seberg Darius "Civilian" Model
Anna Fiamora Risa "Artillery" Model
Alan Heitz A catcalling man "Civilian" Model
Settlers, bandits, Lakota warriors "Cavalry", "Artillery" and "Civilian" Models
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 7 Jenna Elfman June Dorie Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "Cindy Hawkins" (S7E03), "Amina" (S7E15) 2021-2022
Keith Carradine John Dorie Sr. Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "Cindy Hawkins" (S7E03), "Sonny Boy" (S7E12)
Around the World in 80 Days Gary Beadle Bass Reeves Ep. 07 2021
Leonie Benesch Abigail Fix
John Light Ambrose Abernathy
The Boarding House Viktoriya Tolstoganova Olga Zakharova 2022
Stasya Miloslavskaya Polina Ep. 4
1923 - Season 1 James Badge Dale John Dutton Sr. 2022
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 8 Jenna Elfman June Dorie Nickel-plated with custom engraved grips "JD"; "The Road Ahead" (S8E12) 2023
Jayla Walton Odessa Sanderson / "Dove"
The Continental: From the World of John Wick seen in armory; "Brothers in Arms" (S1E01), "Loyalty to the Master" (S1E02) 2023
Gyeongseong Creature Park Seo-joon Jang Tae-sang 2023
Echo - Season 1 Lighthorsemen "Tuklo" (S1E03) 2024
Adam Horwitz Outlaw
Kade Pittman Outlaw
Fallout - Season 1 Walton Goggins Cooper Howard "The End" (S1E01), "The Head" (S1E03) 2024
Teagan Meredith Janey Howard Holstered; "The End" (S1E01)
Mason Cufari Roy Spencer

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Resident Evil 2 Chambered in 9mm NATO, rapid fire and quick reload Received after unlocking Claire's second outfit, acts more like Schofield 1998
Metal Gear Solid Can bounce shots off multiple walls to hit targets in cover with it Artillery Model, possibly nickel-plated 1998
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Cannot be used by player Artillery model 2001
BloodRayne Cole 44 Cavalry model 2002
Ghost Squad PM6 With wood grip Bisley model with 7.5" barrel 2004
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Can bounce shots off multiple walls to hit targets in cover with it Artillery model, possibly nickel-plated 2004
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Bullets will commonly ricochet off walls and hit targets even if you miss Artillery model; hammer fanned when hipfired 2004
Resident Evil 4 Broken Butterfly top-break action, chambered in .45 magnum, hybrid of SAA and S&W Schofield 2005
Gun Colt Peacemaker's Artillery model, heavy engravements and custom colors, fitted with ivory grips 2005
Eternal Damnation Unusable 2006
Call of Juarez 1889 Classic Six Shooter Is used by many enemies, and is relatively weak 2006/2007
Alliance of Valiant Arms With ivory grips, engraved barrel, frame, & cylinder, and 7.5" barrel Hammer fanned when fired 2007
Cross Fire "Colt SAA" engraved frame 2007
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Classic gun Anachoristic pistol, Quickdraw model 2009
Bioshock 2 not usable 2010
Red Dead Redemption Cattleman Revolver could be based off Uberti Cattleman Replica, Artillery Model 2010
Dead Rising 2 2010
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Single Action Army 2010
The Expendables 2: Videogame Colt Pistol 2012
Silent Hill: Downpour 2012
Fistful of Frags "Colt Peacemaker" Nickel-Plated, Quickdraw model Able to be fanned 2014
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Colt Single Action Army Engraved 2014
Assassin's Creed Syndicate Single Action Army 2015
Rainbow Six Siege unusable 2015
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Fannable; 5.5" barrel 2016
Battlefield 1 "Peacekeeper" Has 7.5" barrel, blued finish with silver outlining, can be fanned 2016
TheHunter: Call of the Wild ".45 Rolleston" Able to be spun, hammer can be fanned 2017
Hunt: Showdown Caldwell Pax Variant with knife attached to grip available 2018
Maximum Action "Single Action" 7.5" barrel 2018
Fallout 76 "Single Action Revolver" Ivory grips replacement Chambers .44 Magnum 2018
Receiver 2 Colt Single Action Army 5.5" barrel 2020
Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth "Modern Revolver" Unique paint job. 2024


Film Title Character Notation Date
The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots 1969-1976
Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro 1979
The Dagger of Kamui Sailor 1985
Julie Rochelle aka Chico
Violence Jack: Harem Bomber Rose's henchman 1986
Porco Rosso Pirates 1992
Sailor Moon U-Estern Cavalry Model 1992
Lupin III: Dragon of Doom Fujiko Mine Cavalry Model 1994
Hyper Police 1997
Cowboy Bebop A character in a Spaghetti Western "Cowboy Funk" 1998 - 1999
Punch and Judy, the hosts of Big Shots Throughout series
Cowboy Bebop the Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door A character in a Spaghetti Western Artillery model 2001
Punch and Judy, the hosts of Big Shots
Gun Frontier Harlock 2002
Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World Various minor characters Artillery model 2003
Desert Punk Makoto Kawazu 2004
Burn-Up Scramble Maya Jingu 2004
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo Gérard Villefort 2004-2005
Black Lagoon Thug at the Yellow Flag Nickel plated 2006
Case Closed: The Private Eyes' Requiem Faux cowgirls Artillery model 2006
Afro Samurai Justice 2007
Hellsing Pip artillery model 2006-???
Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed "Beginning" (E08) 2008
Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C³ Yura Airsoft, one is shown nickel-plated 2013
The Empire of Corpses Zombies 2015
Magical Girl Raising Project Calamity Mary 2016
Bungo Stray Dogs Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald Ep. 17 2016
John Steinbeck / Jon Sutainbekku
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Seen on coin in mid-episode eye catches; S5, nearly all episodes 2018
Appare-Ranman! TJ 2020
Chase the Bad
Gil' henchmen
The Magnificent Kotobuki Torihei "Rahama's Longest Day" (E03) 2019
Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Gerald S. Patton Based on real Patton's revolver, but gold-plated 2020
Charlotte Yeager "Civilian" model, blued finish
Gertrud Barkhorn
Jujutsu Kaisen "Black Flash" (S1E19) 2020-2021
Lupin Zero Daisuke Jigen Ep. "Young Lupin Meets a Wolf" 2022 - 2023
Undead Girl Murder Farce Sherlock Holmes 2023
Dr. Watson


Film/TV Show Voice Actor Character Note Date
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Christopher Lloyd Judge Doom Buntline Special Model 1988
Rango Johnny Depp Rango Erroneously depicted as having a swing-out cylinder 2011
Rango Town's folk 2011
Love, Death & Robots - Season 1 Ande Sogliuzzo Pearly nickel with 7.5" barrel; "The Dump" (S1E09) 2019
Love, Death & Robots - Season 3 seen on poster; "Three Robots: Exit Strategies" (S3E01) 2022
What If...? - Season 2 Gunslinger Loki w/Long barrel; "What If... Strange Supreme Intervened?" (S2E09) 2023

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