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The Valley of Death

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The Valley of Death
Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten Poster.jpg
Original German Theatrical Release Poster
Country GER.jpg Germany
ITA.jpg Italy
YUG.jpg Yugoslavia
Directed by Harald Reinl
Release Date 1968
Language German
Studio CCC Film
Jadran Film
Super International Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Winnetou Pierre Brice
Old Shatterhand Lex Barker
Mabel Kingsley Karin Dor
Murdock Rik Battaglia
Sam Hawkens Ralf Wolter
Lt. Cummings Clarke Reynolds
Red Buffalo Voyo Goric
Lord Castlepool Eddi Arent

The Valley of Death (original German title Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten) is a 1968 Eurowestern directed by Harald Reinl. It is the eleventh movie in Winnetou film series, based on the novels by Karl May, and the last of classic 1960s Winnetou movies.

The following weapons were used in the film The Valley of Death:


Single Action Army

Murdock (Rik Battaglia), the gang leader, carries the Single Action Army revolver.

Colt Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel known as the "Artillery" model. The most common of the SAA revolvers as it is just the right length. - .45 Long Colt
Murdock readies his revolver.
Murdock takes Mabel Kingsley as hostage.
Murdock fires his revolver in the final scene.

Arminius HW-1S

Murdock's brigands, including Davis (Ilija Ivezic), Boone (Nikola Gec), Brown (Vladimir Bacic) and Craigh (Ivo Kristof), are armed with 5-shot Arminius revolvers with 6" barrels. It appear to be the same long barreled version of HW-1S signal revolver that is widely used in other Winnetou movies.

Arminius HW-1S signal revolver with 6" barrel - 9mm Knall blank
Meadows (Milan Sosa) holds his revolver at Lt. Cummings.
Meadows (in green shirt) holds his revolver. The 5-shot cylinder can be seen.
Davis (at the left) fires his revolver at attacking Sioux warriors.

Remington 1858 New Army

The Remington 1858 New Army revolver is Lt. Cummings' (Clarke Reynolds) service sidearm. It is briefly seen in one scene and doesn't fire on screen.

Remington 1858 New Army - .44 caliber
A brigand disarms Lt. Cummings. The general shape of the revolver matches Remington 1858.

Rifles and Muskets

"Henry 25-shot Carbine"

Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker) is armed with one of his signature weapons, "Henry 25-shot Carbine" (Henrystutzen, as it is called in original novels), made by Mr. Henry, a fictional gunsmith from St. Louis. The screen gun is a custom prop, made specially for the movies, apparently built around Gasser M1870.

Old Shatterhand's "Henry 25-shot Carbine", as it appears on screen
Old Shatterhand defends Mabel Kingsley.
The pistol grip can be seen.
Another view of the gun. The cylinder magazine is too small to contain 25 shots (in the novels the gun is described as having large spherical magazine).
Two signature guns: "Henry 25-shot" and "The Silver Gun".

"The Silver Gun"

The double barreled rifle, named "The Silver Gun", is Winnetou's (Pierre Brice) signature weapon.

Three screen "Silver Guns", used by Pierre Brice in Winnetou films
Winnetou holds the "The Silver Gun".
Two signature guns: "Henry 25-shot" and "The Silver Gun".

"Liddy" Break Action Rifle

Sam Hawkens' (Ralf Wolter) weapon is long barreled hunting rifle, nicknamed "Liddy". While its outlook resembles Martini-Henry rifles, it is break action gun, as it can be seen in Winnetou and the Crossbreed.

Sam Hawkens' "Liddy" rifle, as it appears on screen
Sam holds his rifle at the left.
A close view of the barrel.
A general view of the rifle.

Single Shot Rifles

Sioux and Osage warriors also carry single shot rifles, which are similar to "Liddy", but have sporterized forearm.

Sioux chief Red Buffalo (Voyo Goric) holds the rifle.
Sioux warriors hold rifles at the background.
A Sioux warrior holds the rifle.
Osage warriors and their chief White Feather (Sime Jagarinac) with rifles.
A close view of the barrel.

Winchester Model 1892

Murdock (Rik Battaglia) and some of his brigands are armed with Winchester Model 1892 rifles.

Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine - .32WCF/.38-40/.44-40/.25-20.
Craigh (Ivo Kristof) holds the Winchester in the opening scene.
Boone (Nikola Gec) (at the left) holds the Winchester in ambush.
Murdock (in center) and Meadows (Milan Sosa) (at the left) fire Winchesters.
Another view of Murdock's Winchester.
Lord Castlepool (Eddi Arent) holds what appears to be the same model of Winchester.

Kipplaufbuchse Single Shot Rifle

Most of Murdock's brigans, two Lt. Cummings' soldiers (Valent Borovic and Miroslav Buhin) and some other characters are armed with single shot top-break hunting rifles. In the final scene Winnetou (Pierre Brice) disarms one of the enemies and uses his gun. Such rifles were (and still are) produced by various manufacturers in Europe and America, often referred by the German term Kipplaufbuchse.

Savage Model 219 - .30-30. A good example of top-break single shot rifle, similar to the screen guns.
A coachman (stunt performer Milan Mikuljan) holds the single shot rifle.
A soldier holds the single shot rifle.
Brown (Vladimir Bacic) and one more brigand hold their rifles in ambush.
Brigands repel the attack of Sioux warriors.
A brigand guards captured Mabel Kingsley.

Unidentified rifle

In one scene a Sioux warrior holds a lever-action rifle that has pistol-gripped stock, unlike Winchester rifles (such stocks appear on some Marlin rifles but the screen gun looks different).

The Sioux hits Old Shatterhand with his rifle.

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