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From Noon Till Three

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From Noon Till Three
From Noon Till Three Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Frank D. Gilroy
Release Date 1976
Studio Frankovich Productions
William Self Productions
Distributor MGM
Main Cast
Character Actor
Graham Dorsey Charles Bronson
Amanda Starback Jill Ireland
Buck Bowers Douglas Fowley
Ape Stan Haze
Boy Damon Douglas
The Mexican Hector Morales
Sheriff Bert Williams

From Noon Till Three is an American 1976 comedy Western movie directed by Frank D. Gilroy and starring Charles Bronson as Graham Dorsey, an outlaw on Wild West, and Jill Ireland as Amanda Starback, a charming young widow.

The following weapons were used in the film From Noon Till Three:


Single Action Army

Single Action Army Civilian Model

Graham Dorsey (Charles Bronson) uses a Single Action Army revolver of "Civilian" model in several scenes, including the bank robbery in Graham's dream. In said scene "Civilian" model revolvers are also seen in hands of Ape (Stan Haze) and The Mexican (Hector Morales). Graham's revolver also falls in hands of Amanda Starback (Jill Ireland).

Colt Single Action Army with 4.75" barrel, case colored and blued, referred to as "Quick-Draw" or "Civilian" model - .45 Long Colt
The bank robbery in Graham's dream. Graham (in center) and Ape (at the background) hold "Civilian" revolvers while gang boss Buck Bowers (Douglas Fowley) (with grey beard) and The Mexican (Hector Morales) (in sombrero hat) are armed with "Artillery" revolvers. Due to a continuity error in next moment Ape's and The Mexican's revolvers switch each other.
Graham draws his revolver when he appears in Amanda Starback's house.
Graham's holstered revolver is seen when he escapes from chasing sheriff's deputies.
Graham threatens dentist Dr. Finger (uncredited).
A close view of Graham's revolver in said scene.
Amanda holds Graham at gunpoint with his own revolver.
A closeup of the revolver in Amanda's hands.
Bandits of Red Roxy's gang with "Artillery" (at the right) and "Civilian" revolvers.
Drunken Graham, brandishing a revolver, breaks onto the stage of the theater where a play about him and Amanda is being staged.
Graham, disguised as Dr. Finger, holds a "Civilian" revolver on a promotion still.

Single Action Army Artillery Model

During the scene of the bank robbery in Graham's dream Single Action Army "Artillery" revolvers are used by gang boss Buck Bowers (Douglas Fowley), Ape (Stan Haze) and The Mexican (Hector Morales) (both has "Civilian" and "Artillery" revolvers switching each other). Red Roxy (Don 'Red' Barry), leader of another gang, one of Roxy's bandits, and one of sheriff's deputies also use "Artillery" revolvers.

Colt Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel known as the "Artillery" model - .45 Long Colt
Buck Bowers (the one with grey beard) and The Mexican hold "Artillery" revolvers. In next moment The Mexican's revolver switches to a "Civilian" model.
Ape holds an "Artillery" revolver instead of previously seen "Civilian" while The Mexican now has a "Civilian" model.
A sheriff's deputy holds an "Artillery" revolver during the chase after Graham Dorsey.
Bandits of Red Roxy's gang with "Artillery" (at the right) and "Civilian" revolvers.
Red Roxy holds an "Artillery" revolver during the robbery of stagecoach.
Ape holds an "Artillery" revolver on a promotion still.
The Mexican (at far left) holds an "Artillery" revolver on a promotion still. Ape's revolver isn't seen clear enough for positive identification.

Single Action Army Cavalry Model

When Amanda Starback (Jill Ireland) threatens Graham, she holds a "Cavalry" revolver with nickel finish and white, likely ivory, grips.

Colt Single Action Army with 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model - .45 Long Colt
Amanda aims the revolver at Graham.
Long "Cavalry" barrel is seen.
Another view of the scene on a promotion still.


Winchester Model 1892

Winchester Model 1892 Rifle

Winchester Model 1892 rifles, both with long faceted and shorter smooth barrels, are seen during the bank robbery in Graham's dream. The dentist Dr. Finger (uncredited) also owns a Winchester Model 1892 rifle.

Winchester 1892 -.32WCF/.38-40/.44-40/.25-20
Winchester 1892 - .38-40
Numerous Winchester 1892 rifles aim at the gang.
Two long rifles aim at the gang from the doors of the saloon.
A short rifle with smooth barrel (at the foreground) and two long rifles.
Graham Dorsey (Charles Bronson) dresses in Dr. Finger clothes and leaves the unlucky dentist unconscious and in Graham's clothes. Dorsey also puts doctor's rifle in his hands so that the pursuing sheriff's deputies would take Finger for an outlaw.
The result of Dorsey's efforts.
A Winchester 1892 long rifle is seen in hands of shooting gallery owner in the town of Gladstone.
Boy (Damon Douglas), one more gang member, holds a Winchester 1892 rifle on a promotion still. In the movie this scene is very dark and unfit for identification of guns.

Winchester Model 1892 Carbine

Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbines are briefly seen during the bank robbery. Amanda (Jill Ireland) holds a carbine in one scene.

Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine - .32WCF/.38-40/.44-40/.25-20.
What appear to be a Winchester 1892 carbine is seen at far left in the scene of the bank robbery.
A carbine aims from a window.
Amanda takes a carbine. Saddle ring can be seen.
Amanda confronts the locals who appear at her house.

Trapdoor Springfield Rifle

What appear to be a full length Trapdoor Springfield Rifle, most likely a military model, is seen among numerous Winchesters during the bank robbery.

For comparison: Replica Springfield Model 1873 "Trapdoor Springfield" built by Uberti Arms - .45-70
The barrel of military style rifle is seen.
The barrel is long enough for a full length rifle.


Colt Model 1878

Double barreled shotguns with exposed hammers, most likely Colt Model 1878s, are seen in Graham's dream about bank robbery, and in hands of an old lady (uncredited) during her confrontation with fake Dr. Finger (Graham Dorsey in disguise) and of coachmen on stagecoachs in two scenes. Versions with different barrel length are seen.

Colt Model 1878 - 12 Gauge
Colt Model 1878 reproduction - 12 Gauge
Shotguns together with Winchesters aim at the gang.
An old lady with a shotgun.
A coachman holds a shotgun.
A coachman raises hands without any idea to use his shotgun when Red Roxy's gang stops the stagecoach.

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