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Poor White Trash

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Poor White Trash
Poor White Trash PCA.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Michael Addis
Release Date 2000
Studio Kingsize Entertainmnt
Distributor Hollywood Independents
Xenon Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Linda Bronco Sean Young
Ron Lake William Devane
Michael Bronco Tony Denman
Lennie Lake Jacob Tierney
Sandy Lake Jaime Pressly
Brian Ross Jason London
Suzy Kerri Randles
Suzi Danielle Harris
Judge Pike M. Emmet Walsh

The following weapons were used in the film Poor White Trash:


Smith & Wesson Model 686

Linda Bronco (Sean Young) is seen with a Smith & Wesson Model 686.

Smith & Wesson Model 686 6" Barrel - .357 Magnum
Linda grabs the revolver by the barrel. It appears that the hammer is cocked.
Linda is armed with the revolver and a Winchester Model 1894.

Smith & Wesson Perfected Model

Michael Bronco (Tony Denman), Linda Bronco and a townsman are seen with a nickel-plated Smith & Wesson Perfected Model.

Smith & Wesson Perfected Model with nickel finish - .38 SW
Michael verifies that his revolver is loaded.
Michael points the revolver. Lennie Lake (left) holds a Browning BL-22.
The revolver falls into a frying pan. The side latch is visible.
Linda points the revolver.
A townsman (right background) holds a S&W Perfected Model. The townsman in the foreground holds an M16A1.

Bruni Olympic 6

Brian Ross (Jason London) carries a blank-firing Bruni Olympic 6. Linda takes it from him.

Bruni Olympic 6 with composite grips - .22 blanks
Brian pulls a revolver from his boot.
Brian points the revolver while Linda reaches for it.
Linda puts the revolver in her purse.

Single Action Army Airsoft

Michael uses a painted Airsoft Single Action Army revolver to commit a robbery.

Single Action Army "Artillery" model - various calibers.
Lennie paints an Airsoft revolver resembling a Single Action Army revolver.
The revolver is nearly ready.
Michael holds the revolver.
Michael takes cash from the register while holding the revolver.

Unknown Airsoft Revolver

Lennie uses a painted Airsoft revolver to commit a robbery.

Lennie paints an Airsoft revolver.
Lennie enters the restaurant holding the revolver as the robbery begins.
Lennie points the revolver.

Unknown Revolver

Linda uses an unknown revolver during the robbery.

Linda holds an unknown revolver, which appears to be another Airsoft revolver painted black.


AMT Hardballer Longslide

Early in the movie, Deputy Haggard's (Todd Babcock) service pistol is an AMT Hardballer Longslide with orange front sight ramp. A townsman is seen with one.

AMT Hardballer Longslide - .45 ACP
Deputy Haggard holds an AMT Hardballer Longslide.
A townsman aims an AMT Hardballer Longslide.


Sheriff Ross (Doug MacHugh), Deputy Haggard and a townsman are seen with the M1911A1.

Colt Government Model - .45 ACP
Sheriff Ross (left) holds an M1911A1.
Late in the movie, Deputy Haggard carries an M1911A1 as his service pistol.
A townsman aims an M1911A1.

Ruger Mk II Target

A townsman is seen with a Ruger Mk II Target.

Ruger Mk II Target - .22 LR
A townsman loads a Ruger Mk II Target.


Winchester Model 1894

Linda Bronco and a townsman are seen with the Winchester Model 1894.

Winchester Model 1894 - various calibers.
Linda takes cover while holding a Winchester Model 1894.
Another view of Linda's rifle.
A townsman aims a Winchester.

Browning BL-22

Lennie Lake (Jacob Tierney), Brian Ross and a townsman are seen with a Browning BL-22.

Browning BL-22 Grade I - .22LR
Lennie checks out the rifle. Michael (left) holds a Smith & Wesson Perfected Model.
Lennie points the rifle.
Brian uses the rifle as a close combat weapon.
A townsman aims a rifle. Unlike the sample, this gun has a Lyman front sight.


Townsmen are seen with M16A1 rifles.

M16A1 with 30-round magazine - 5.56x45
A townsman stores an M16A1 in the freezer.
A townsman loads an M16A1.
A townsman aims an M16A1.
A townsman aims an M16A1. The townsman in the right background holds a S&W Perfected Model.

Ruger 10/22

Sandy Lake (Jaime Pressly) uses a Ruger 10/22. A townsman briefly has possession.

Ruger 10/22 - .22 LR
Sandy holds a Ruger 10/22 as she leads the townsmen into the impending firefight.
Sandy prepares to fire.
A townsman holds the rifle.


Remington Model 1100

Ricky Kenworthy uses a Remington Model 1100.

Remington Model 1100 Sporting - various gauges.
Ricky aims the shotgun.

Air Gun

Crosman 760

Brian Ross uses a Crosman 760 air rifle.

Crosman 760 Air Rifle - .177 BB, 1970-1980s manufacture.
Brian robs a store with a Crosman 760.
Brian holds a Crosman 760.

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