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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a 1988 combined live-action/animated film produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Robert Zemeckis. Taking place in 1947 Los Angeles in a world where cartoon characters ("toons") and humans coexist, the film deals with a sour private eye (Bob Hoskins) investigating a toon rabbit (voiced by Charles Fleischer) and his buxom toon wife (voiced by Kathleen Turner) who both become implicated in the murder of a human. The film also stars Christopher Lloyd and Joanna Cassidy and also features cameos from numerous iconic cartoon characters. In 2016, the film was deemed "culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant" and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the United States Library of Congress.

The following weapons were used in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit:


Colt Trooper Mk III

A Colt Trooper Mk III is held on Eddie by Smart Ass (voiced by David Lander), the leader of the 'Weasels', part of Judge Doom's (Christopher Lloyd) 'Toon Patrol' (Judge Doom's Toon Patrol Weasels are armed with "real" firearms, since they are detailed to "enforce the law" outside of Toontown). Another Weasel, Greasy, also carries a Trooper Mk III. The gun is anachronistic since the Trooper Mk. III was introduced in 1969 and the movie is set in 1947. During the climax, Judge Doom is holding a nickel plated version with ivory grips, when he drops a silver platter on the floor, when he is about to unveil the "Dipmobile".

Colt Mk Trooper with 4" barrel - .357 Magnum
Smart Ass with his Colt Trooper Mk III. Note the swivel on the grip, since these guns were made as "string puppets" to give the impression that a toon is holding a real gun. Greasy - in the green suit - is also carrying a Trooper Mk III.

Colt Single Action Army "Buntline" Special

An unseen hand aims a nickel-plated Colt Buntline Special at Eddie Valiant, who dodges and lets the bullets hit R.K. Maroon. Later, Jessica Rabbit tells Eddie that Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd) pulled the trigger.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 12" barrel known as the "Buntline Special".
The Buntline Special about to be fired.

Cartoon Revolver

Near the climax of the film, Eddie pulls a cartoon revolver out that was given to him as a gift by Yosemite Sam. The revolver takes 6 talking bullets that unfortunately turn out to be "dum-dums".

Eddie takes out the toon revolver.
The six bullets.

Colt Detective Special

A Colt Detective Special is briefly seen in Eddie's Suitcase.

Colt Detective Special - .38 Special
The Colt Detective Special on the right in Eddie's Suitcase.


Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless

R.K. Maroon (Alan Tilvern) holds a gold-plated Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless on Eddie. Eddie later is seen holding it. Roger Rabbit (voiced by Charles Fleischer) is seen holding it on Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd).

Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless Pistol Nickel - .32 ACP
Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) holds the Colt 1903.

Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket

The cartoon version of the Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket is used by Jessica Rabbit (voiced by Kathleen Turner) to fire over Eddie's shoulder.

Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket - .25 ACP
Jessica aims the Colt Model 1908.

Submachine Guns

M1928 Thompson

One of Judge Doom's 'Weasels', Wheezy (voiced by June Foray), brandishes a M1928 Thompson submachine gun (aka the "Tommy Gun") when the Weasels invade Eddie's office.

M1928 "Tommy Gun" .45 ACP with 50-round drum magazine, made famous through countless classic gangster movies
Wheezy wielding the Thompson.

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