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The Newton Boys

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The Newton Boys (1998)

The following weapons were used in the film The Newton Boys:


Single Action Army

Willis Newton (Matthew McConaughey), Jess Newton (Ethan Hawke), and Herbert "Slim" Holliday (Charles Gunning) each use Single Action Army revolvers during their bank and train robberies. Jess sometimes carries two.

Cavalry Model (7.5" barrel)

Willis (Matthew McConaughey) carries the Cavalry SAA with a 7.5" barrel.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model.
Willie points his Single Action Army at the bank teller during his first robbery.
Willis points his SAA at a bank guard after a brief struggle.
Willis backs away in shock after having to shoot the guard in the arm.
Willis aims his SAA at the train while preparing to throw a "poison gas" bomb.
Willis threatens a train guard.

Quickdraw Model (4.75" barrel)

Jess (Ethan Hawke) and Slim (Charles Gunning) use Quickdraw SAA revolvers with 4.75" barrels.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 4.75" barrel, case colored and blued, referred to as "Quick-Draw" or "Civilian" model.
Slim with his SAA outside the first bank.
Jess grabs his SAA when there is a knock at their hotel room door.
Jess fires his Single Action Armys akimbo.
Jess holds an SAA on a Canadian bank guard during the street robbery.
Jess keeps his SAA on a train engineer during the Rondout robbery.
Jess checks his SAA when the gang prepares to split up.

Colt New Service

The crooked banker from Boswell (Gary Moody) fires a Colt New Service when he and the sheriff are chasing Willis.

Colt New Service M1917 in moon clipped .45 ACP.
The banker shoots his New Service at Willis.

Smith & Wesson M1917

Dock Newton (Vincent D'Onofrio) can be seen cleaning a Smith & Wesson M1917 while riding in the gang's getaway car. Brentwood Glasscock (Dwight Yoakam) also carries a one during the robberies, notably using it during the Rondout train robbery with a lanyard attached. According to Joe Newton in real life, Glasscock carried a ".45 revolver" during the train robbery when he shot and wounded Dock out of confusion.

Smith & Wesson M1917 Revolver - .45 ACP
Dock checks a M1917.
Willis spins the cylinder of the M1917 to show Dock just how many zeroes are in one million dollars.
A M1917 and Brentwood's Police Positive can be seen packed away in one of the gang's suitcases.
Brentwood runs after the train with his M1917.
Brentwood aims his M1917 at Dock.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

One of the Canadian bank guards that foolishly confronts Dock carries a Smith & Wesson Model 10.

Smith & Wesson Model M&P Revolver - .38 Special
A bank guard sticks his revolver into Dock's chest.

Colt Police Positive

One of the Canadian bank guards in Toronto confronts Joe with a Colt Police Positive. Brentwood Glasscock (Dwight Yoakam) carries one during the same robbery, which Dock sniffs to see if it has been fired.

Colt Police Positive - .38 Special.
A M1917 and Brentwood's Police Positive can be seen packed away in one of the gang's suitcases.
A bank guard threatens Joe, who distracts him with a shotgun blast into the newspaper stand.



Dock Newton (Vincent D'Onofrio) carries an engraved nickel M1911 in a shoulder holster under his right arm. It is best seen in promotional material for the film, but he also uses it to shoot and wound a bank messenger in Canada.

Stembridge Gun Rentals' nickel-plated M1911 used in Titanic - .45 ACP
Dock carries his M1911 in the aftermath of the failed Canadian heist.
Dock's holstered M1911 when prepping for the Rondout robbery.
A promotional photo, often used in posters for the film, prominently features Dock's M1911. Note that the photo also shows Joe (Skeet Ulrich) armed with a Quickdraw SAA although he did not visibly carry one in the film.


Winchester Model 1892

The Boswell sheriff who double-crosses Willis and Slim fires a Winchester Model 1892 at them, hitting Slim's horse.

Winchester 1892 -.32WCF/.38-40/.44-40/.25-20.
The sheriff aims his rifle.


Double-barrelled shotgun

Joe Newton (Skeet Ulrich) carries a double-barreled shotgun during many of the gang's bank and train robberies.

Joe nervously watches the street during the Omaha bank robbery.
Joe and the rest of the gang prepares for the double bank job.
Brentwood and Joe threaten an old man on the Rondout train.
Joe orders the train passengers to help them move the sacks of money.

Winchester Model 1897 Field Model

Jess Newton (Ethan Hawke) carries a full length Winchester Model 1897 during the gang's bank robberies. Slim (Herbert Gunning) also carries one during the Rondout robbery.

Winchester Model 1897 - 12 gauge shotgun
Jess threatens an old lady watching their robbery from her apartment.
Slim watches the train robbery in progress.

Winchester Model 1912

Dock Newton (Vincent D'Onofrio) carries a Winchester Model 1912 during the gang's bank robberies. Joe (Skeet Ulrich) carries one during the Canadian heist.

Example of a Winchester Model 1912 Riot Gun used in film
Dock prepares to show Willis the "two-step" method for entering a bank.
Dock holds his Model '12 on a Canadian bank guard.
Dock threatens the guards with his shotgun.
Joe aims his Winchester '12 on a Canadian bank guard.
Joe's finger moves to the trigger.

Remington Model 11 Sportsman

Dock Newton (Vincent D'Onofrio) carries a Remington Model 11 Sportsman shotgun during one of the gang's bank heists. Willis (Matthew McConaughey) later attempts to use the gun during the Canadian street robbery, but it jams on him.

Browning Auto 5 (pre WW2) - 12 gauge
Dock ducks as a safe explodes inside the bank.
Willis threatens the bank guards with his shotgun.
A shell jams in Willis's shotgun after he fires a warning shot.
The jammed shell.
A bank guard grabs the shotgun from Willis and points it at him.

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