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About myself

  • Age: 50
  • Country: Russia
  • Site Status: Admin (September 19, 2013)

My Contribution

Created Movies Pages

785 pages

Movie pages created by me and later rebuild by other users.

Created TV Pages

Large Updated Movies and TV Pages

28 pages (often pages that were started by others and then abandoned in poor condition)

Created Actors Pages

More than eight thousand; listing them all clutters the page greatly and slows the work.

Created Directors Categories


Alain Corneau; Aleksandr Faintsimmer; Alexandre Arcady; Andrew V. McLaglen; Claude Zidi; Christian-Jaque; Damiano Damiani; Denys de La Patellière; Douglas Hickox; Édouard Molinaro; Eldor Urazbaev; Enzo G. Castellari; Fernando Di Leo; Francis Veber; François Truffaut; George Erschbamer; Gérard Oury; Henri Verneuil; Jacques Deray; James Fargo; James Glickenhaus; Jim Wynorski; José Giovanni; José Pinheiro; Juliusz Machulski; Kevin Connor; Mark L. Lester; Michael Cimino; Michael Winner; Mikhail Kalatozov; Pierre Schoendoerffer; René Clément; Robert Enrico; Russell Mulcahy; Sam Firstenberg; Sergio Corbucci; Sergio Martino; Sergiu Nicolaescu; Stelvio Massi; Steno; Steve Carver; Ted Post; Terence Young; Umberto Lenzi; Venyamin Dorman; William Tannen

Contribution in cooperation with AVSniff

Created Movies and TV Pages

359 pages

* — pages, originally created by another user but completely revamped

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