Crossfire Trail

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Crossfire Trail
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Simon Wincer
Release Date 2001
Studio Turner Network Television
Distributor Turner Network Television
Main Cast
Character Actor
Rafe Covington Tom Selleck
Ann Rodeny Virginia Madsen
Joe Gill Wilford Brimley
Rock Mullaney David O'Hara
J.T. Langston Christian Kane
Sheriff Walter Moncrief Barry Corbin
Beaud Dorn Brad Johnson
Snake Corville Marshall R. Teague
Mike Taggart Patrick Kilpatrick
Bruce Barkow Mark Harmon

The following weapons were used in the film Crossfire Trail:



Smith and Wesson Schofield

Rafe Covington's (Tom Selleck) main sidearm is a Smith and Wesson Schofield He mostly carries this weapon in the first half of the film, but uses it along with his 1872 Colt in the end gunbattle.

Actual Hero Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 used by Tom Selleck in Crossfire Trail. Courtesy of NRA National Firearms Museum.
Rafe Covington (Tom Selleck) with holstered S&W Schofield
Rafe Covington (Tom Selleck) with S&W Schofield

Colt SAA

The Single Action Army is used by many characters throughout the movie. Rock Mullaney (David O'Hara) and Joe Gill (Wilford Brimley) keep one in quickdraw holsters. Beau Dorn (Brad Johnson) has a Colt in a shoulder holster as a backup to his Remington Model 1875. In the final shootout, Dorn dual-wields his Colt and his Remington. Bruce Barkow (Mark Harmon) also keeps one concealed in a shoulder holster, which he uses in the shootout. Snake Corville (Marshall R. Teague) keeps an ivory handled Colt SAA in a crossdraw holster.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 4.75" barrel, referred to as "Quick-Draw" or "Civilian" model.
Mike Taggart (Patrick Kilpatrick) calls out Rafe Covington (Tom Selleck). Big mistake.
Bruce Barkow (Mark Harmon) wields his Colt SAA against Rafe Covington (Tom Selleck) and his buddies in the final battle.
Beau Dorn (Brad Johnson) dual-wields his Colt SAA and nickel Remington Model 1875 when searching for Covington in the end battle.

Colt 1872 Open Top Revolver .44 Caliber

Covington (Tom Selleck) uses a Colt 1872 Open Top Revolver.44 Caliber for the second half of the movie in a crossdraw holster, and uses it in the end gunbattle as well. This is according to the May 2002 issue of the NRA's publication American Rifleman. It was built from parts for Tom Selleck by Ken Howell of R&D Gun Shop. Mr. Howell also provided custom firearms for Selleck in 1997's Last Stand at Saber River and Monte Walsh (2002).

Actual Hero Colt used by Tom Selleck in Crossfire Trail.Courtesy of the NRA National Firearm Museum.
During the final battle Rafe takes cover from Dorn while wielding his Colt.
A wounded Rafe plays dead, and then shoots Dorn twice.

Remington 1875

Bo Dorn (Brad Johnson), the bounty hunter, uses a nickel-plated Remington 1875 revolver as his main sidearm. He dual-wields his Colt SAA and nickel-plated Remington Model 1875 while searching for Rafe (Tom Selleck).

Remington 1875 - .45 Long Colt.
Beau Dorn (Brad Johnson) dual-wields his Colt SAA and nickel-plated Remington Model 1875 while searching for Rafe (Tom Selleck).
Beau dorn holsters his Colt SAA and goes with his Remington, right before the shootout with Rafe.

Rifles & Carbines

Winchester 1873

The Winchester Model 1873 is used by both villains and heroes throughout the movie.

Winchester Model 1873 carbine - 1st generation rifle - 44-40 Cal.
J.T. Langston (Christian Kane) with a Winchester 1873. Next to him is Rock Mullaney (David O'Hara).The distinctive stock of the Winchester Model 1866 "Golden Boy" can be seen in Mullaney's rifle scabbard. Two of Rafe Covington's (Tom Selleck) friends.
During the final gunbattle a multitude of Winchesters are used. From front to back: Joe Gill (Wilford Brimley) with a Winchester Model 1873, Gene Thompson (Ken Pogue) with a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" and Rafe Covington (Tom Selleck)with his Winchester Model 1876

Winchester 1866 'Yellow Boy'

The general store owner, Gene Thompson (Ken Pogue) uses a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" in the end gunbattle, as does Rock Mullaney (David O'Hara), who empties his into one of Barkow's men. A Winchester 1866 is also used by Snake Corville (Marshall R. Teague) when he attempts to snipe Rafe Covington from a rooftop.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" - .44 RF.
Snake Corville (Marshall R. Teague) attempts to snipe Rafe. Big surprise he fails miserably.
During the final gunbattle a multitude of Winchesters are used. From front to back: Joe Gill (Wilford Brimley) with a Winchester Model 1873, Gene Thompson (Ken Pogue) with a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy and Rafe Covington (Tom Selleck)with his Winchester Model 1876.
Gene Thompson (Ken Pogue) with a Winchester 1866 "Golden Boy". Though blurry Rock Mullaney (David O'Hara) is wielding a Colt SAA.

Winchester 1876 Centennial

Charles Rodney ordered a Winchester Model 1876 full-stocked carbine, as used by the Canadian North West Mounted Police (the mounties), but died before he could claim it. Rafe Covington purchases it and uses it to dispatch a multitude of bad guys. It is used at the end of the movie by Anne Rodney (Virginia Madsen) to kill Bruce Barkow (Mark Harmon) simultaneously killing the man who ordered her husband's murder and saving Rafe Covington (Tom Selleck) - her new love.

Actual Hero Winchester Model 1876 musket-carbine used by Tom Selleck in Crossfire Trail. Courtesy of the NRA National Firearms Museum.
Rafe Covington confronts a very drunk Taggart. The newly purchased Winchester 1876 in his hand.
none After having literally blown Taggart out of his boots Rafe prepares to ride off. He doesn't realize that Snake Corville is up on a rooftop with a Winchester.
A nice action shot of Rafe having just knocked Snake off the rooftop and watching him with his Winchester at the ready. Ensuring that Snake is no longer a threat.
Anne Rodney (Virginia Madsen) standing triumphant. Having dispatched the killer of her husband and saving the new man in her life.

Remington-Keene Repeating Rifle

Beau Dorn (Brad Johnson) uses a bolt-action sniper rifle to shoot and kill J.T. Langston (Christian Kane). It's a Remington-Keene Deluxe Sporter Bolt Action Rifle in .40-60 Marlin. Remington manufactured the rifle from 1880 - 1885 with only around 5,000 rifles produced. Also according to the May 2002 issue of American Rifleman the Remington-Keene used by Brad Johnson was overhauled by Ken Howell of R&D Gun Shop.--Jcordell 02:14, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

Remington-Keene Repeating Rifle in carbine configuration (45-70 Government)
Dorn (Brad Johnson) shoots and kills Langston(Christian Kane).
A nice close up of the Remington-Keene. Note the custom offset mounts holding possibly a Wm. Malcolm or John W. Sidle full length scope.
Dorn prepares to snipe Rafe Covington (Tom Selleck) and Rock Mullaney (David O'Hara) . He doesn't know that Joe Gill (Wilford Brimley) has the Sharps-Bochardt ready and that Dorn is in his crosshairs.

Evans Repeating Rifle

The 28 shot Evans Repeating Rifle is used by Joe Gill (Wilford Brimley). When asked why he doesn't get rid of it he states "Well, it holds twenty-eight bullets...and I ain't a very good shot...I'm going to town." In the middle of the gunbattle, the rifle runs out of rounds, and Gill switches to a Winchester 1873 that is brought out to him by the owner of the general store (Ken Pogue). The version that Gill uses is the carbine with the twenty-two inch barrel.

Evans Repeating Rifle "Sporter" configuration with 26 inch barrel.
Joe (Wilford Brimley) during the final battle. Nice action shot.
Another shot of Joe (Wilford Brimley) and his Evans Repeating Rifle.

Sharps Model 1874

In the beginning of the film, Covington steals a scoped Sharps Model 1874 from the captain who murdered Charles Rodney. Covington uses it to kill a Bison, and Joe Gill uses it at the beginning of the end gunbattle to shoot Dorn. Gill isn't a very good shot with the Sharps either, and hits Dorn's rifle instead.

Sharps 1874 - .45-70 caliber
The Sharps hanging on the wall in the captain's cabin. Just before Rafe (Tom Selleck) beats him to a pulp and takes it.
Joe Gill (Wilford Brimley) uses the Sharps in a counter-sniper role against Beau Dorn (Brad Johnson) who is in a church bell tower. This screencap is of the moment that he opens fire.

Weblink is a website that provided some background information for firearms used onscreen by Tom Selleck in Crossfire Trail, Monte Walsh (2002) and Last Stand At Saber River.

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