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23-F Poster.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country ESP.jpg Spain
Directed by Chema de la Pena
Release Date 2011
Language Spanish
Studio Lazona
Distributor Warner Bros Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lt. Col. Antonio Tejero Paco Tous
Maj. Gen. Alfonso Armada Juan Diego
Juan Carlos I Fernando Cayo
Sabino Fernández Campos Mariano Venancio
Adolfo Suárez Ginés García Millán
Lt. Gen. Jaime Milans del Bosch Lluís Marco
Capt. Jesús Muñecas Aguilar Luis Zahera

23-F (full Spanish title 23-F: la pelicula ("23-F: The Film")) is a 2011 Spanish historical movie directed by Chema de la Pena. The movie depicts the events of "23-F", an attempted coup d'etat in Spain on 23-24 February 1981, performed by officers of the Guardia Civil.

The following weapons were used in the film 23-F:



Star Model BM

In full accordance with real events, Lt. Col. Antonio Tejero (Paco Tous), Capt. Jesús Muñecas Aguilar (Luis Zahera), Santiago Vecinos (Luis Callejo), Enrique Bobis González (Juan Alberto López), Carlos Lázaro Corthay (Tomás del Estal) and other Guardia Civil officers are armed with Star Model BM pistols.

Star Model BM - 9x19mm
Lt. Col. Antonio Tejero readies his pistol during the opening credits.
Tejero orders his people to assault the Congress.
An officer holds a security guard at gunpoint.
A pile of Star Model BM pistols and unidentified revolvers, taken from security guards.
An officer in Congress hall.
Tejero and his men in standoff with Gen. José Aramburu Topete (Jesús Castejón) who tries to stop the coup.

M1911-style pistol

An officer, commanding the troops in TVE broadcasting studio, hold an M1911-style pistol, probably one of full-size Star models.

For comparison: Star Model B - 9x19mm
The officer draws his pistol.

Llama Pistol

When Lt. Gen. Jaime Milans del Bosch (Lluís Marco) surrenders his pistol when the coup had failed, it appears to be a Llama model but the exact model is unknown.

The pistol resembles late version of Llama III but lacks the ventilated rib.

Unidentified revolver

Some security guards of the Congress carry revolvers. These guns are most likely Spanish produced Astra or Llama model.

A security guard carries a revolver in holster.
A pile of Star Model BM pistols and unidentified revolvers, taken from security guards.

Submachine Guns

Star Z62

Some of Guardia Civil are armed with Star Z62 SMGs.

Star Z62
A Guardia Civil with Star Z62 in a bus.
A Guardia Civil NCO holds a Star Z62.
Guardia Civil in the Congress hall.
A Guardia Civil at the background holds a Star Z62.



Most Guardia Civil personnel and Spanish Army soldiers are armed with CETME Model C rifles.

CETME Model C - 7.62x51mm NATO
Guardia Civil with CETME rifles in a bus.
The wooden handguard of Model C is seen.
Guardia Civil threaten TVE cameramen in the Congress.
Guardia Civil on guard in the Congress.
A Guardia Civil aims his rifle at a member of Congress.
A close view of the rifle.
Two soldiers with CETME Model C rifles in TVE broadcasting studio.


Documentary footage of violence in post-Franco Spain shows various terrorists, training with firearms (possibly Basque group ETA).

Smith & Wesson 59

A pistol with slide-mounted safety that appears to be a Smith & Wesson 59 is seen in documentary footage.

Smith & Wesson 59 - 9x19mm

Parinco Model 3R

An SMG that is possibly a Spanish Parinco Model 3R is seen in documentary footage.

Parinco Model 3R - 9x19mm


An FN FAL is seen in documentary footage.

FN FAL "G Series" - 7.62x51mm NATO


M60 tanks and M113 APCs are seen when Brunete Motorized Division under rebelleous Gen. Jaime Milans del Bosch deploys the troops of Brunete Motorized Division on Valencia streets. In reality Brunete had M47 tanks that were unavailable during the filming and replaced with roughly similar M60s of Spanish Army Brigada Guadarrama XII.


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