Pirates of the XXth Century (Piraty XX veka)

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Pirates of the XXth Century (1979)

Piraty XX veka (Pirates of the XXth Century) is a 1979 Soviet film directed by Boris Durov about modern piracy. A Soviet cargo ship carrying a load of medicinal opium is attacked by a group of vicious pirates, who sink the ship and leave its crew for dead. The surviving crew members decide to take revenge by attacking the pirates, who have hidden their ship at a small Pacific island. This film was the highest grossing Soviet movie of 1980.

The following weapons are used in the film Pirates of the XXth Century (also known as Piraty XX veka):



Colt M1911A1

Colt M1911A1 pistols are carried by a few of the pirates who seize control of the Soviet cargo ship. Chief mate Sergej Sergejitsch (Nikolai Yeryomenko, Jr.) also uses a M1911A1 when he attacks the pirate ship in the finale.

World War 2 issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP.
Chief mate Sergej Sergejitsch holds the pirate Salech (Talgat Nigmatulin) hostage with a Colt M1911A1.
Sergej Sergejitsch prepares to attack the remaining pirates with his M1911A1.
Sergej Sergejitsch with his M1911A1 on board of the crashed pirate ship in the final scene.

Luger P08

The Luger P08 was taken by Soviet sailors from a captured pirate. It is carried by Captain Iwan Iljitsch (Pyotr Velyaminov) during the attack on the pirate ship.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm. This is blank adapted movie gun.
Captain Iwan Iljitsch (on the left) with P08 pistol and two of his crew with SPSh flare pistols.
Captain encounters two of his crew, one of whom has been fatally shot by the pirates.

Walther P38

The chrome plated Walther P38 is used by Captain Iwan Iljitsch (Pyotr Velyaminov) after the pirate ship is seized.

Walther P38 pistol WWII dated - nickel plated - 9x19mm
Captain Iwan Iljitsch takes chrome plated P38 from the pirate captain's strongbox.
The captain examines the pirates' earnings while holding his P38. A M1928 Thompson submachine gun lies on the table.

SMGs and assault rifles

Sten Mk II

Sten Mk II submachine guns are carried by the Indian police officers who escort the cargo of opium during the introduction of the movie, and later by many of the pirates who board the ship to steal its cargo.

Sten Mk II Submachine gun - 9x19mm
Police officers armed with Sten Mk IIs watch as the cargo of opium is loaded aboard the Soviet ship.
A pirate (stunt performer Bimbolat Kumbolatov) kicks Captain Iwan Iljitsch in the chest as he boards the cargo ship.
Another pirate (Gennadi Chetverikov) fires his Sten at the crew.
Soviet boatswain (Tadeush Kasyanov) measures the depth of the water on board the pirate ship with a captured Sten Mk II next to him.

M1928A1 Thompson

Several of the pirates, including Salech (Talgat Nigmatulin) are armed with M1928A1 Thompson submachine guns when they capture the Soviet ship. The weapons appear in various configurations, with different handguards and some lacking buttstocks.

M1928A1 Thompson with a Stick Magazine - .45 ACP
M1928A1 Thompson, converted for using MP40 magazines fitted for 7.62x25 blank cartridges
A pirate holding his Thompson with one hand. (Note the odd magazine: this weapon has been adapted for 9mm blanks.)
Another pirate (Nartai Begalin), eyes closed, wildly fires his M1928A1 Thompson.
Chief mate Sergej Sergejitsch fires a captured Thompson at the pirates.

Sturmgewehr 44 (visually modified to resemble M16)

One of the most common weapons used by both the pirates and later the Soviet crew members are Sturmgewehr 44 automatic rifles, visually modified with the addition of a carrying handle, a modified front sight and shorter magazines to resemble either the M16 or the AR-10 rifle.

Sturmgewehr 44 - 7.92x33mm
Sturmgewehr 44, visually modified to resemble M16 - 7.62x39 blank
A pirate (Vladimir Episkoposyan) fires a STG-44 during the hijacking of the cargo ship.
A close view on fake M16 barrel.
A pirate (Nartai Begalin) searching for a missing comrade with a STG-44.
A modified STG-44 is seen near Sergej Sergejitsch.
A modified STG-44 hangs to the left of the pirates, while a M1928 Thompson hangs on the right.


PK Machine Gun (visually modified to resemble MG34)

Three of the pirates are armed with PK Machine Guns that have been visually modified with the addition of a different barrel and buttstock to resemble MG34 machine guns. These are used to gun down several crew members when the pirates attack the cargo ship.

A picture of the original MG34 and PK conversion
MG34 7.92x57mm Mauser with 75-round ammo drum
A pirate (Nartai Begalin) fires a MG-34 machine gun from the hip.
Another pirate fires a MG-34.


SPSh Flare Pistol

The SPSh flare pistol is used by the Soviet sailors when they attack the pirate ship. The weapon is fired at close quarters to subdue some of the pirates, allowing the sailors to steal their weapons.

Russian SPSh Flare Pistol 26.5mm
Captain Iwan Iljitsch (on the left) with Luger P08 pistol and two of his crew with SPSh flare pistols.

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