Skin I Live In, The

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The Skin I Live In
The Skin I Live In-Poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Country ESP.jpg Spain
Directed by Pedro Almodóvar
Release Date 2011
Language Spanish
Studio El Deseo S.A.
Distributor Warners España
Main Cast
Character Actor
Robert Ledgard Antonio Banderas
Vera Cruz Elena Anaya
Marilia Marisa Paredes
Vicente Jan Cornet
Norma Ledgard Blanca Suárez

The Skin I Live In (original title La piel que habito) is a 2011 Spanish psychological thriller directed by Pedro Almodóvar and starring Antonio Banderas as Dr. Robert Ledgard.

The following weapons are seen in the movie The Skin I Live In:



Astra 680

A snub nose revolver is Marilia's (Marisa Paredes) weapon. In one scene Robert Ledgard (Antonio Banderas) uses it. The revolver has Astra logo and mostly resemble Astra 680 model.

Astra 680, 2" barrel - .38 Special
Marilia holds her revolver.
Ledgard fires Marilia's revolver.
The revolver in the kitchen table. Astra logo is seen on the grip.
Marilia draws the revolver.
Marilia holds the revolver in the final scene.

Browning Hi-Power Mark III

A Browning Hi-Power Mark III is Robert Ledgard's (Antonio Banderas) weapon. In the final scene Vera (Elena Anaya) uses this pistol.

Commercial Browning Hi-Power Mark III - 9x19mm
Ledgard's Hi-Power is seen in a flashback scene.
The pistol in the drawer.
Ledgard aims his pistol.
Vera takes the pistol from the drawer.
Vera fires in the final scene.
Vera fires from below the bed.

Unidentified rifle

A bolt action rifle is briefly seen in Ledgard's room in one scene.

The rifle is seen at the right. It has some item inserted in the muzzle.

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