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Charro Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Charles Marquis Warren
Release Date 1969
Studio National General Pictures
Distributor National General Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jess Wade Elvis Presley
Tracey Winters Ina Balin
Vince Hackett Victor French
Sara Ramsey Barbara Werle
Billy Roy Hackett Solomon Sturges
Marcie Lynn Kellogg
Opie Keetch Paul Brinegar
Lt. Rivera Tony Young
Sheriff Ramsey James Almanzar

Charro! is an American 1969 Western movie directed by Charles Marquis Warren and starring Elvis Presley as Jess Wade, a former outlaw. Jess leaves the gang, led by Vince Hackett (Victor French), but when the gang steals from Mexico a gold-plated cannon, a symbol of victory in Mexican-French war, they falsely accuse Jess in this crime. Now he has to prove his innocence and helps to defend a town against the gang.

The following weapons were used in the film Charro!:



Single Action Army

Single Action Army revolvers of "Civilian" model are used by numerous characters, notably Jess Wade (Elvis Presley), gang boss Vince Hackett (Victor French) and his brother Billy Roy Hackett (Solomon Sturges). Sheriff Ramsey (James Almanzar) and Mexican Army Lt. Rivera (Tony Young) carry SAA revolvers in holsters.

Note: see additional screenshots and promotion stills on talk page.

Colt Single Action Army with 4.75" barrel, case colored and blued, referred to as "Quick-Draw" or "Civilian" model - .45 Long Colt
Vince Hackett waylays Jess Wade in a Mexican town.
Jess draws his revolver in same scene.
Vince holds Jess' revolver.
Jess' old flame Tracey Winters (Ina Balin) returns Jess a revolver that he once left in her room.
Billy Roy Hackett uses Tracey Winters as cover.
Vince fires at Lt. Rivera.
Mody (Charles H. Gray) with his revolver in hand sneaks to a cleft in the rocks where Jess hides.
Jess fires at Gunner who made an attempt to throw dynamite.
A revolver in hand of Vince Hacket, deeply shocked by the scene of his brother's death.


Winchester Model 1892

Winchester Model 1892 Carbine

Anachronistic for 1870s Winchester Model 1892 carbines are seen in hands of Hackett's gang members Gunner (James Sikking) and Heff (Harry Landers), and townsmen Jerome Selby (John Pickard), Henry Carter (J. Edward McKinley) and Martin Tilford (Garry Walberg).

Note: see additional screenshots and promotion stills on talk page.

Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine - .32WCF/.38-40/.44-40/.25-20.
Gunner with his Winchester carbine. In next moment the carbine switches to a Winchester Model 1892 rifle (see below) and then back to carbine.
The saddle ring of Gunner's carbine is seen.
Heff with Winchester 1892 carbine. This carbine lacks the saddle ring but the mounting bracket can be seen.
A row of Winchester Model 1892 in Sheriff Ramsey's office. Second from the left Winchester is a rifle rather than a carbine (see below).
Another view of Sheriff's gun rack.
Jeff Wade, now Sheriff's deputy, hands Winchesters to townsmen who volunteer in posse: Jerome Selby (at the left) and Henry Carter (in center) (Will Joslyn, the bearded man at the right, is armed with a Winchester Model 1892 rifle, see below).
From left to right: Jerome Selby, Henry Carter and Martin Tilford with Winchester 1892 cabines, and Will Joslyn with Winchester 1892 rifle.

Winchester Model 1892 Rifle

Gunner's (James Sikking) Winchester 1892 carbine switches to a Winchester Model 1892 rifle. Townsmen Will Joslyn (Robert Luster) and Jerome Selby (John Pickard) also carry Winchester 1892 rifles. It seems to be that a single prop is reused in all these scenes, and this is a "short rifle" in .38-40 caliber with slightly shortened barrel.

Winchester 1892 Short Rifle - .38-40
On a closeup, Gunner's carbine switches to a rifle. Note the lack of the front sight, probably because the barrel is slightly shortened, maybe due to a damage. The top barrel band also looks non-standard.
The rifle switches back to carbine - and then again to rifle.
Winchesters in Sheriff's office. The rifle is second from the left; other guns are carbines.
Another view of Sheriff's gun rack.
Jess Wade arms Will Joslyn with this rifle.
Due to a continuty error in next scene Will Joslyn holds a carbine while the rifle is in hands of Jerome Selby.
James Sikking as Gunner holds a Winchester Model 1892 rifle on a promotion still.

Enfield Pattern 1856 Cavalry Carbine

Most Mexican cavalrymen of Lt. Rivera's unit are armed with Enfield Pattern 1856 Cavalry Carbines.

Enfield Pattern 1856 Cavalry Carbine - .577 caliber
A cavalryman at the left holds a carbine.
Cavalrymen carry carbines.
A good view of a carbine in hands of a cavalryman. Note the sling swivel just near the muzzle, a typical feature of P1856 carbine.

Unidentified rifles

Several Mexicans carry unidenfitied rifles. They are longer than Enfield P1856 carbines, used by most cavalrymen.

Two men carry rifles that look longer than carbines of their comrades.


Colt Model 1878

Sheriff Dan Ramsey (James Almanzar) carries a double barreled shotgun with exposed hammers, most likely a Colt Model 1878.

Colt Model 1878 reproduction - 12 Gauge
Sheriff checks his shotgun.
The shotgun on the table.
Sheriff Ramsey aims his shotgun at Billy Roy Hackett.


"Victoria" Cannon

A Napoleonic style smoothbore field cannon with personal name "Victoria" (Victory), gold-plated with silver-decorated wheels, is a plot item. This symbol of Mexican victory in French-Mexican war 1861-1867 is stolen by Vince Hackett's gang. In several scenes they use the cannon to shoot dynamite sticks (a feat, impossible in reality, as the instability of dynamite in combination with the sudden acceleration of the shell would set off the explosive in the barrel of the weapon; real "dynamite guns" were using compressed air for shooting).

French Gribeauval 12-Pounder Cannon
The cannon is transported on a horse cart.
The gang deploy the cannon against Riversa's cavalry unit, crossing the river. Mody (Charles H. Gray) holds a bundle of dynamite sticks.
A pyrotechnical imitator in the muzzle is seen.
After a sniper shot of Jess Wade ignited the gunpowder, the loose cannon rolls down the hill.
Jess returns the cannon to Mexico.

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