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Luger pistol

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Borchardt-Luger pistol prototype - 7.65x21mm Parabellum

The Parabellum pistol was developed by Georg Luger on behalf of Ludwig Loewe & Co (later renamed DWM) as an improvement of the Borchardt pistol of 1893, primarily reworking its large overhanging rear end and extremely straight grip angle, and carrying over its distinctive toggle action system. Parabellum was the pistol's name in most languages around the world, however it was instead referred to as simply the Luger pistol by an American importer a few years later, which has resulted in this being the standard common usage name within the English-speaking world.

The earliest prototypes were developed just before the turn of the century, with the initial Modell 1900 entering production in that year; Switzerland adopted a slightly modified version of this model. Between 1900 and 1906 several notable though relatively minor improvements were made to the design, culminating in the definitive Modell 1906. In terms of visual identification, the "new model" can be most easily differentiated from the "old model" in the following ways: The cocking knobs are symmetrical in depth as opposed to the scalloped shape towards the front (and feature checkering), the main spring's change from a leaf spring to a coil spring resulted in the deletion of the anti-bounce spring on the right toggle knob, and the frame was redesigned for weight. The frame change is most obvious between the trigger guard and barrel, with the old model having a consistent curve, while the new model features straight lines with a slight curve where they meet (also resulting in less visible surface area around the disassembly lever).

During these first years the pistol was tested by numerous other nations, all interested in replacing their revolvers with a self-loading pistol. Due to some nations' insistence on larger calibres, the bottlenecked 7.65x21mm cartridge was turned into a straight-walled cartridge in order to maximize bore diameter without having to redesign the fundamentals of the pistol. This compromise resulted in the now-ubiquitous 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. A much-redesigned .45 ACP variant was, however, later developed for US pistol trials. Other variations such as longer barrel pistols with detachable stocks were also tested by various nations in this time, such as Chile.

As covered in their own sections below, variants of the Parabellum were soon adopted by Germany as the P 04, P 08, and LP 08. It should be noted that although it is common to use P 08 (or rather near universally "P08" due to the English language's common lack of respect for the space in period German designations) as a catch-all term for Luger pistols, these are designations specific to the German military variants. The Parabellum/Luger was a commercial pistol that was in turn adopted by numerous militaries (with their own design details and designations, such as the Dutch M.11), and while Germany was easily the largest user of the pistol, and especially in film and TV theirs are by far the most common, this distinction is important.

The Luger pistol and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

P 04

P 04 (early-war) - 9x19mm Parabellum
P 04 (late-war) - 9x19mm Parabellum
P 04 (early-war) with stock - 9x19mm Parabellum

Following the Swiss adoption and early German Army testing, the German Navy adopted a variant of the Parabellum as the P 04 (Pistole 04). It featured a longer 150mm barrel, unique rear sight adjustable between 100m and 200m, shoulder stock lug, and matching stock/holster combo. It was chambered for the new 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, making the P 04 the world's first military-adopted 9x19mm pistol. DWM would also release the same pattern (differing only in markings) on the commercial market as the Marine-Modell 1904.

Despite this notable historic status the P 04 is often "forgotten", simply referred to as the "Navy Luger" / "Marine Luger", or even incorrectly as a "Navy P08" or "six inch P08". These misidentifications are extremely common, including on this website, and extend to other spaces such as airsoft replicas.

The P 04 existed in three variations. As adopted it featured the "old model" frame and a grip safety, however when more were ordered at the outbreak of the Great War the grip safety was deleted, and finally additional batches ordered towards the end of the war updated the "old model" frame to the "new model" frame (standardizing with the Army's P 08 frame). With Germany forced to massively downsize its armament after the war the P 04 was retired, and the Navy standardized on the Army's P 08 and LP 08.

In terms of identification, a P 04 can be differentiated from a P 08 by its longer barrel, large rear sight, early frame (pre-war and early-war), and grip safety (pre-war).


  • Type: Pistol, pistol carbine
  • Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum
  • Barrel length: 150mm (5.9")
  • Capacity: 8-round detachable box magazine
  • Fire mode: Semi-auto


Title Actor Character Note Date
West of Shanghai Boris Karloff General Wu Yen Fang 1937
Richard Loo Mr. Cheng
Beverly Roberts Jane Creed
Branded to Kill Ambushers Replica gun with approximate similarity 1967
The Exterminator seen in a weapon box 1980
Flame and Citron Mads Mikkelsen Jørgen 'Citron' Haagen Schmith 2008
Emden Men Oliver Korittke Maat Kluthe 2012


Title Actor Character Note/Episode Date
The Caravan of Sailors Oliver Kniffki Helmuth von Mücke 2006
Peaky Blinders - Season 2 Sabini's gangsters 2014

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Notation Release Date
Velvet Assassin 2009
The Saboteur Kruger Pistol 2009


Title Voice Actor Characters Notation Date
Atlantis: The Lost Empire 2001


Title Character Note Date
Phantom: The Animation Scythe Master 2004
High School of the Dead 2010
Coppelion Ibara Naruse Dart Gun 2013

P 08

P 08 - 9x19mm Parabellum
P 08 - 9x19mm Parabellum. This is a 1917 dated handgun.
P 08 with black grips - 9x19mm Parabellum
P 08 with nickel finish and black grips - 9x19mm Parabellum

Following the Navy's P 04, the German Army adopted their own variant of the Parabellum as the P 08 (Pistole 08). The P 08 is nearly identical to the finalized Modell 1906 commercial pattern of the time, differing in the deletion of the grip safety and addition of a shoulder stock lug. The P 08 replaced the horrendously outdated Reichsrevolver, and would serve through World War I and II. Although officially replaced by the Walther P38 going into WWII, the iconic P 08 would continue to serve until the end of that war.

While "Luger P 08" or simply "Luger" are used as conversational/colloquial terms and for clarity, strictly speaking "Luger" (and "Parabellum") is not part of the German military designation. As noted above, although the P 08 is a nation-specific military variant of a commercial gun, due to its long service life and iconic position in history and pop culture, the P 08 is essentially the de facto "normal" Luger variant, and makes up the vast majority of Luger pistols featured in film and television.

It can sometimes be seen standing in for the Japanese Nambu Type 14 due to its roughly similar silhouette, though they are not related designs.


  • Type: Pistol
  • Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum
  • Barrel length: 100mm (3.9")
  • Capacity: 8-round detachable box magazine
  • Fire mode: Semi-auto


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Heart of Humanity Erich von Stroheim Lt. Eric von Eberhard 1918
The Murder of General Gryaznov (Arsena Jorjiashvili) A revolutionary 1921
The Big Parade A German officer and soldier 1925
The Lost World Lloyd Hughes Edward Malone In holster 1925
Wings German officers 1927
Two Arabian Knights Louis Wolheim Sgt. Peter O'Gaffney 1927
William Boyd W. Dangerfield Phelps III
Four Sons Earle Foxe Major von Stomm 1928
Verdun: Visions of History A German soldier 1928
Hell's Angels 1930
All Quiet on the Western Front German officers 1930
Doughboys Buster Keaton Elmer J. Stuyvesant Jr. 1930
Frank Mayo Captain Scott
Journey's End A German officer 1930
Dishonored Marlene Dietrich Marie Kolverer 1931
Victor McLaglen Col. Kranau
Freaks Johnny Eck Half Boy 1932
The Most Dangerous Game Joel McCrea Robert Rainsford 1932
Leslie Banks Count Zaroff
Noble Johnson Ivan
Dawn 1933
Captured! Philip Faversham Lt. Haversham 1933
Leslie Howard Capt. Fred Allison
German prison guards and Allied P.o.W.s
The General Died at Dawn Akim Tamiroff General Yang Only in holster 1936
Philip Ahn Oxford
Hans Fuerberg Yang's Military Advisor
Night Train to Munich Paul Henreid Capt. Karl Marsen 1940
The Fighting 69th 1940
Sundown Bruce Cabot William Crawford 1941
Gene Tierney Zia
Sergeant York Gary Cooper Sgt. Alvin York 1941
George Tobias Pvt. Michael T. "Pusher" Ross
Carl Esmond German Major
Fighting Film Collection No. 1 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 1) Aleksandr Gerr A German officer 1941
Nina Petropavlovskaya Ksyusha
Fighting Film Collection No. 7 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 7) SS officers and Czech resistance fighters 1941
The Murderers are Coming (Ubiytsy vykhodyat na dorogu) Oleg Zhakov The Nazi German Captain 1942
Georgiy Svetlani Stormtrooper seen only in holster
Boris Blinov Theo
Uncredited Albert
Uncredited Nazi German soldier
Seen during the intertitles
Antosha Rybkin Boris Chirkov Antosha Rybkin 1942
We Will Come Back (Sekretar raykoma) Vasili Vanin Stepan Kochet 1942
Mikhail Astangov Col. Makenau
Marina Ladynina Natasha
German officers and NCOs
Fighting Film Collection No. 9 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 9) Samuil Ditlovich SS Lt. Hans Muller 1942
German officers
Young Partisans (Yunye partizani) Andrey Fayt Stepan Andreevich 1942
Sergey Martinson A German soldier
German officers and Soviet partisans
Schweik Is Preparing for Battle (Schweik gotovitsya k boyu) Gestapo officers 1942
How the Steel Was Tempered (Kak zakalyalas stal) Vladimir Balashov Viktor Leshchinskiy 1942
German Imperial officers
Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror Thomas Gomez Meade 1942
SS officers In holsters
Gung Ho! A IJA Soldier 1943
Hangmen Also Die! A SS NCO 1943
Invincible (Nepobedimye) A German officer 1943
Native Shores (Rodnye berega) A German officer 1943
A Good Lad (Slavnyy malyy) A German officer 1943
In the Name of the Fatherland (Vo imya Rodiny) German officers 1943
The New Adventures of Schweik (Novye pokhozhdeniya Schweika) Sergey Filippov Gefreiter Spukke 1943
Boris Tenin Švejk
Sergey Martinson Adolf Hitler
Wait for Me (Zhdi menya) German officers 1943
Ivan Nikulin: Russian Sailor (Ivan Nikulin - Russkiy Matros) Ivan Pereverzev Ivan Nikulin 1944
Erast Garin Tikhon Spiridonovich
The Marine Battalion (Morskoy batalion) German Officers 1944
The Fighting Seabees Japanese officers 1944
The Last Hill (Malakhov kurgan) Fyodor Ishchenko A Soviet sailor 1944
Maria Pastukhova Maria Perventsova
German officers
Military Secret (Poyedinok) Vladimir Belokurov Peter Weininger alias Petrov 1945
Golden Path (Oqros biliki) Pyotr Sobolevsky Fritz Ebbing 1945
Andrey Fayt Fitschen-Horst Schulze
Grigol Chechelashvili Maier
Kote Daushvili Schetman
Rome, Open City (Roma città aperta) Harry Feist SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Bergmann 1945
Back to Bataan Japanese officers 1945
The Battle of the Rails (La bataille du rail) German officers and French Resistance fighters 1946
Bezymyannyy Island (Ostrov Bezymyannyy) Oleg Zhakov A German sailor 1946
Zigmund Kolosovskiy Boris Dmokhovsky Zygmunt Kolosowski 1946
Cheslav Sushkevich Andrzej Kresowicz
Aleksey Tarshin Lt. Rais
German officers
The Road Home (Synovya) Vitali Politseymako Major Von Grabbe 1946
Grigoriy Shpigel Oberleutnant Brenner
German officers and NCOs
Golden Earrings Ray Milland Col. Ralph Denistoun 1947
SS Officers
The Stolen Border (Uloupená hranice) Miroslav Holub Zeisler 1947
Robert Vrchota Kurt Reichman
Secret Agent (Podvig razvedchika) Sergey Petrov Astakhov 1947
A German officer
Battleground (1994) 1949
He Walked By Night 1948
The Third Man Austrian police 1949
The Silent Barricade A German Officer 1949
Tokyo Joe Tetsu Komai Lt. Gen. 'The Butcher' Takenobu 1949
State Department: File 649 Richard Loo 1949
The Star (Zvezda) German officers and NCOs 1949
The Battle of Stalingrad (Stalingradskaya bitva), Part I German officers 1949
The Battle of Stalingrad (Stalingradskaya bitva), Part II A German officer 1949
The Secret Brigade (Konstantin Zaslonov) Vladimir Solovyov Commandant Neuhaus 1949
Conspiracy of the Doomed (Zagovor obrechyonnykh) Pavel Kadochnikov Maks Venta 1950
Oleg Zhakov Kurtov
Conspirators, People's Front members
Go for Broke! Henry Nakamura Tommy trophy 1951
His Kind of Woman Robert Mitchum Dan Milner 1951
Halls of Montezuma Skip Homeier "Pretty Boy" Riley War souveneir 1951
Action B (Akce B) Jaroslav Mareš Juzek Kuczerjavý 1952
Miroslav Holub Burlak
Poison Ivy (La Môme vert-de-gris) Eddie Constantine Lemmy Caution 1953
The Onset (Nástup) Ladislav Chudík Bagár 1953
I Confess O.E. Hasse Otto Keller 1953
Ernst Thälmann - Son of his Class Hans-Peter Minetti Fiete Jansen 1954
Adolf Peter Hoffmann Hauptmann Alland
Werner Peters Hauptmann Quadde
German officers and soldiers
Dames Don't Care! (Les femmes s'en balancent) Eddie Constantine Lemmy Caution 1954
They Come Out of the Darkness (Pricházejí z tmy) Rudolf Hrusínský Ladislav Junek 1954
Ernst Thälmann - Leader of his Class Hans-Peter Minetti Fiete Jansen 1955
Werner Peters Hauptmann Quadde
Frithjof Ruede Wehrmacht General
German soldiers
Rififi (Du rififi chez les hommes) Jean Servais Tony le Stéphanois 1955
The Tank Brigade SS Officer 1955
Double Agents (La Nuit des espions) Robert Hossein Philip 'Lui' Davis 1955
A Generation (Pokolenie) Tadeusz Janczar Jasio Krone 1955
Urszula Modrzynska Dorota
Tadeusz Lomnicki Stach
Roman Polanski Mundek
German officers and Gestapo
Razzia (Razzia sur la chnouf) Seen in Liski's gun cache 1955
The Unknown Soldier Finnish Officers 1955
The Road (Doroga) Nikolay Gladkov A saboteur 1955
Attack An SS Officer 1956
The Man Who Never Was Stephen Boyd Patrick O'Reilly 1956
The Gambler (Bob le flambeur) Daniel Cauchy Paolo 1956
Jurásek František Zvarík SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Kretschmer 1956
SS officers
Murder on Dante Street (Ubiystvo na ulitse Dante) Arkadi Shcherbakov A German officer 1956
Nikolai Komissarov Hippolyte Lantier
Jet Pilot Janet Leigh Olga Orlief 1957
And Quiet Flows the Don (Tikhiy Don) German and Austro-Hungarian officers 1957
Canal (Kanal) Wienczyslaw Glinski Lt. Zadra 1957
German officer
The Young Lions Marlon Brando Lt. Christian Diestel 1958
The Unconquered (Neporazení) German Officer 1958
Carve Her Name With Pride German Army officers 1958
Ice Cold in Alex Frederick Jaeger A German officer 1958
Blue Arrow (Golubaya strela) Ivan Pereverzev Belsky 1958
Andrei Goncharov Maj. Karpenko
Over Tissa (Nad Tissoy) Konstantin Starostin Grab 1958
Valentin Zubkov Clark
The Hideous Sun Demon Peter Similuk George Messorio Continuity error 1959
Smugglers of Death Miroslav Holub Gamekeeper Paleček 1959
A spy
Riff Raff Girls (Du rififi chez les femmes) Daniel Emilfork Luigi 1959
Operation Amsterdam Tim Turner Dutch Lieutenant 1959
Destiny of a Man (Sudba cheloveka) Sergei Bondarchuk Andrei Sokolov 1959
Yuri Averin SS Sturmbannführer Muller
Ferry to Hong Kong Orson Welles Captain Hart 1959
Thirst (Zhazhda) Vyacheslav Tikhonov Oleg Bezborodko 1959
Consider All Risks (Classe tous risques) Lino Ventura Abel Davos 1960
Stan Krol Raymond Naldi
Death Is Called Engelchen (Smrt sa volá Engelchen) Leopold Haverl Nikolaj 1960
Vlado Müller Grigorij
Five Branded Women Italian partisan 1960
Far from the Motherland (Vdali ot rodiny) Vadim Medvedev Goncharenko alias Heinrich von Goldring 1960
Evgeniy Baliev Ludwig
Georgiy Kozakovskiy Lemke
Resistance fighters
The World in My Pocket Security guard of armored car, motorized cops 1961
A Man Named Rocca (Un nommé La Rocca) Charles Moulin Cipriano 1961
Various criminals
Reptilicus Povl Wøldike Dr. Peter Dalby 1961
The Gleiwitz Case (Der Fall Gleiwitz) Members of Naujocks' group 1961
Operation Caviar Eva Bartok Vera 1961
O. W. Fischer Thomas Lieven
The Return of Doctor Mabuse Joachim Mock Inspector Voss 1961
The Black Monocle (Le Monocle noir) Bernard Blier Commissioner Tournemire 1961
Raymond Meunier Raymond
The Eye of the Monocle (L'oeil du monocle) Paul Mercey Schlumpf 1962
Richard Larke Major Cyring
Henri Cogan Archiloque
Georges Lautner A German officer
Archiloque's and Matlov's men
And Your Love Too A West German police officer 1962
The Invisible Dr. Mabuse German police In holsters 1962
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse German police 1962
The Great Escape Steve McQueen Capt. Virgil Hilts 1963
Harry Riebauer Sgt. Strackwitz
George Mikell Lt. Dietrich In holster
Death Is Called Engelchen Walter Taub German General 1963
Pavel Bártl Dimitrij
The Longest Day French Resistance 1963
The Shortest Day (Il giorno più corto) Austro-Hugarian officers 1963
Maigret Sees Red (Maigret voit rouge) Michel Constantin Tony Cicero 1963
Ricky Cooper Charlie Cinaglio
Marcel Bozzuffi Inspector Torrence
The Little Soldier (Le petit soldat) Henri-Jacques Huet Jacques 1963
Paul Beauvais Paul
An Algerian agent
The Mad Executioners Seen in the police museum 1963
The Lark (Zhavoronok) German Officers 1964
The Assassination (Atentát) Oldrich Velen Gestapo man Sleicher 1964
The Great Spy Chase (Les Barbouzes) Lino Ventura Francis Lagneau Suppressed 1964
Francis Blanche Boris Vassiliev
Bernard Blier Eusebio Cafarelli
André Weber Rossini
Charles Millot Hans Müller
Panic in Bangkok (Banco à Bangkok pour OSS 117) Kerwin Mathews Hubert Bonisseur 1964
Laboratory Guard
Where is the General? (Gdzie jest general?) Stefan Rydel Col. Grabner 1964
Stanislaw Niwinski SS Officer
The Gendarme of St. Tropez Giuseppe Porelli Harper 1964
Gabriele Tinti Harper's Henchman
The Unvanquished (L'Insoumis) Fraser's henchman 1964
Attack and Retreat (Italiani brava gente) Arthur Kennedy Maj. Ferri 1964
A German officer
The Monocle Laughs (Le Monocle rit jaune) Holley Wong Oscar Hui 1964
Cheng-Liang Kwan Li Suppressed
Room 13 A police constable 1964
The Death Ray of Dr. Mabuse Kaspar's assistant 1964
Traitor's Gate Klaus Kinski Kane Possibly used only by a stunt performer 1964
Margot Trooger Dinah Pawling Only on a promotional image
Coast of Skeletons George Leech Carlo Seton 1965
A Tale About Nipper-Pipper (Skazka o Malchishe-Kibalchishe) Dmitriy Kapka Enemy General 1965
Enemy officers
The Heroes of Telemark Joe Dunne Quisling 1965
Von Ryan's Express Frank Sinatra Col. Joseph L. Ryan 1965
Trevor Howard Maj. Eric Fincham
John van Dreelen Col. Gortz
Jacques Stany Gortz's Aide
Fantômas se déchaîne Antoine Baud Bodyguard 1965
Dominique Zardi Bodyguard
Fantômas' Men
The Bells Toll for the Barefooted (Zvony pre bosých) Radovan Lukavský German Officer 1965
The Sound of Music Christopher Plummer Georg Ludwig von Trapp 1965
Daniel Truhitte Rolfe
That Man in Istanbul (Estanbul 65) Luis Induni Thug 1965
A Prayer for Katarina Horovitzova (Modlitba za Katerinu Horovitzovou) Lenka Fiserová Katerina Horovitzová 1965
Up to His Ears (Les tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine) Chinese triad killers 1965
OSS 117: Mission for a Killer (Furia à Bahia pour OSS 117) Dominique Zardi Hitman 1965
Henri Attal Hitman
Guy Delorme Karl
François Maistre Carlos
Jacques Riberolles Miguel Salza
Fake Hospital Orderly and Hijacker
The Adventures of Werner Holt (Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt) Manfred Karge Gilbert Wolzow 1965
German Officers
Ivory Coast Adventure Jean Marais Jean-Luc Hervé 1965
Liselotte Pulver Baby
Philippe Clay Renaud Lefranc
Various criminals
The Sucker (Le corniaud) Guy Delorme Luigi 1965
The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin (Giperboloid inzhenera Garina) Garin's private army officers 1965
The Camp Followers (Le soldatesse) An Italian officer 1965
Strike First Freddy (Slå først Frede!) Kolick's henchmen 1965
The Satan Bug Frank Sutton Donald With custom barrel shroud 1965
George Maharis Lee Barrett
Ed Asner Veretti
A Matter of Resistance Carlos Thompson Major Klopstock Holstered 1966
Marc Dudicourt Stabsfeldwebel Schimmelbeck
German soldiers
À tout coeur à Tokyo pour OSS 117 Henri Serre John Wilson 1966
Wilson´s Men
The Upper Hand (Du rififi à Paname) Claudio Brook Mike Coppolano 1966
The hitman in a Bar
Modesty Blaise Monica Vitti Modesty Blaise 1966
Deadlier Than the Male Steve Carlson Robert Drummond 1966
The Big Runaround Reinhard Kolldehoff German Sergeant 1966
And All Will Be Quiet (Potem nastapi cisza) SS petty officer 1966
Judith Sophia Loren Judith Auerbach 1966
Carriage to Vienna (Kocár do Vídne) Ludek Munzar Günter 1966
Jaromír Hanzlík Hans
Iva Janzurová Krista
A Game without Rules (Hra bez pravidel) Jan Tríska Duda 1966
The Second Wind (Le Deuxième Souffle) Lino Ventura Gustave "Gu" Minda 1966
Michel Constantin Alban
Let's Not Get Angry (Ne nous fâchons pas) Lino Ventura Antoine Beretto Suppressed 1966
The Colonel's henchmen
Is Paris Burning? German officers and French Resistance fighters 1966
Trap (Zapadnya) Igor Komarov Schwarz 1966
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill O'Brien's henchmen 1966
They Were Known Only by Sight (Ikh znali tolko v litso) Vladimir Volchik SS Sturmbannführer Norte 1966
The Tunnel (Tunelul) Aleksei Loktev Lt. Aleksei Denisov 1966
Emmerich Schäffer Hauptmann Otto von Keller
Alpine Ballad (Alpiyskaya ballada) Stanislav Lyubshin Ivan Tereshka 1966
Wake Up and Die (Svegliati e uccidi) Robert Hoffmann Luciano Lutring 1966
Criminals, French police
To Skin a Spy (Avec la peau des autres) Chalieff's henchman 1966
Lino Ventura Pascal Fabre
Triple Cross Christopher Plummer Eddie Chapman 1966
Gert Fröbe Colonel Steinhanger
Harry Meyen SS-Hauptsturmführer Keller
A Colt Is My Passport Akio Miyabe Miyoshi 1967
"Cyclone" Will Begin at Night ("Tsiklon" nachnyotsya nochyu) Pyotr Gorin Michel 1967
Double Trouble Michael Murphy Morley 1967
The 10th Victim (La decima vittima) Marcello Mastroianni Marcello Polletti 1967
The Last Adventure Alain Delon Manu Borelli 1967
The Big Grasshopper (La Grande Sauterelle) Mireille Darc Salène 1967
Hardy Krüger Carl
Georges Géret Marc
Spring on The Oder (Vesna na Odere) German officers 1967
Fantômas contre Scotland Yard Mobster 1967
Who's Got the Black Box (La route de Corinthe) Maurice Ronet Dex 1967
Operation Kid Brother Anthony Dawson Alpha 1967
Daniela Bianchi Maya Rafis
Franco Giacobini Juan
Guido Lollobrigida Kurt
Mario Soria Gamma
Zhenya, Zhenechka and "katyusha" Bernd Schneider Siegfried 1967
Krepkiy oreshek Nadezhda Rumyantseva Sgt. Rayisa Oreshkina 1967
Yuriy Sorokin SS Obersturmführer
German officers
I, Justice (Já, spravedlnost) Jirí Vrstala Harting 1967
Angelica Domröse Inge
Borman´s Man
Action Man (Le soleil des voyous) Jean Topart Mr. Henri 1967
Grand Slam (Ad ogni costo) Adolfo Celi Mark Milford Suppressed 1967
Shock Troops (Un homme de trop) Serge Sauvion Felix 1967
German officers
Major "Whirlwind" (Mayor "Vikhr") Vadim Beroev Major "Vikhr" 1967
Anastasiya Voznesenskaya Anya
Viktor Pavlov Kolya
Evgeniy Teterin "Sedoy"
Vladimir Gusev "Mukha"
Oleg Golubitsky SS Sturmbannfuhrer Gunther Fischer
Peeter Kard SS Obersturmfuhrer Liebo
Valentin Golubenko A Gestapo agent
German officers
Fair Wind, "Blue Bird"! (Poputnogo vetra, "Sinyaya ptitsa"!) Boris Amarantov Lorimur 1967
Milenko Jovanovic Milan Petrovic
Vitali Doronin Captain of "Blue Bird"
Sailors of "Blue Bird"
Strong with Spirit (Silnye dukhom) Gunars Cilinskis Nikolai Kuznetsov 1967
Anatoliy Romashin A German Oberleutnant
Yuri Volkov Major von Ortel
Way into "Saturn" (Put v "Saturn") Vladimir Pokrovskiy Col. Gustav von Klee In holster 1967
Viktor Lazarev Soviet State Security officer
Branded to Kill Ambushers Replica gun with approximate similarity 1967
The End of "Saturn" (Konets "Saturna") Vladimir Pokrovskiy Col. Gustav von Klee In holster 1968
Nikolai Prokopovich Maj. Herbert Wilhelmy
The Producers Kenneth Mars Franz Liebkind 1968
Targets Tim O'Kelly Bobby Thompson 1968
Where Eagles Dare Derren Nesbitt Maj. von Hapen 1968
Robert Beatty Gen. George Carnaby / Cpl. Cartwright Jones
The Gendarme Gets Married Mario David Frédo the Butcher 1968
Pasha (Le Pacha) Quinquin's henchman 1968
The Marathon (Maratón) Cestmír Randa Constable Matys 1968
Jaroslav Moucka Constable Kapišta
Vilém Besser Czech insurgent in the school
Antonín Molcík German commander in the school
Karel Hlusicka German Major
German warden and NCO, Czech insurgents
The Man Who Lies Jean-Louis Trintignant Jan Robin / Boris Varissa 1968
Ivan Mistrík Ján
Don't Take God's Children for Wild Geese Dominique Zardi Charles' henchman 1968
Counterpoint Maximilian Schell Brigadier Gen. Schiller 1968
Anton Diffring Col. Arndt
Curt Lowens Capt. Klingermann
The Shield and the Sword (Shchit i mech) German soldiers, Abwehr agents, resistance fighters 1968
The Air Seller (Prodavetz vozdukha) Gleb Strizhenov Williams 1968
Evgeniy Zharikov Luke
Artyom Karapetyan Bayley
Gennadiy Nilov Viktor Klimenko
I Was Nineteen (Ich war neunzehn) A German kid 1968
The Scouts (Razvedchiki) Ivan Mikolaychuk Capt.-Lt. Viktor Kurganov 1968
Konstantin Stepankov Miklos Gabor
German officers
The Diamond Arm (Brilliantovaya Ruka) Seen on the wall in the smugglers' den 1968
Vixen! Harrison Page Niles 1968
Michael Donovan O'Donnell O'Bannion
Garth Pillsbury Tom Palmer
The Bridge at Remagen Ben Gazzara Sgt. Angelo 1969
Song About Manshuk (Pesn o Manshuk) Nikita Mikhalkov Lt. Valeriy Yezhov 1969
The Olsen Gang in a Fix Ove Sprogøe Egon Olsen Water pistol 1969
The Battle of Neretva Yul Brynner Vlado 1969
Oleg Vidov Nikola
Long Live Your Death Franco Nero Dmitri Vassilovich Orlowsky 1969
Mr. Freedom Russian Agent 1969
Agent 88
Az oroszlán ugrani készül 1969
Liberation: The Fire Bulge German Officers 1969
Five for Hell Gianni Garko Lt. Hoffmann 1969
Margaret Lee Helga Richter Suppressed
Klaus Kinski Hans Mueller Suppressed
The Eighth (Osmiyat) Djoko Rosic Petar 1969
Bulgarian officers
The Brain Frank Valois Bruno 1969
On the way to Berlin (Na puti v Berlin) German officers 1969
One Chance in One Thousand (Odin shans iz tysyachi) Anatoliy Solonitsyn Capt. Migunko 1969
Viktor Pavlovsky SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Weiseing
Oleg Savosin Maj. Kracht
German officers and NCOs
24-25 Does Not Return (24-25 ne vozvrashchaetsya) Karlis Sebris Militsia Maj. Grigasts 1969
Edgar Liepins Militsia Lt. Klimov
The Secret of Santa Vittoria Hardy Krüger Captain Von Prum 1969
SS Lieutenant
No Blade Of Grass 1970
Kelly's Heroes Donald Sutherland Oddball 1970
Hornets' Nest Sergio Fantoni Capt. Friedrich von Hecht 1970
Mark Colleano Aldo
Jacques Sernas Maj. Taussig In holster
Violent City Charles Bronson Jeff Heston 1970
Rider on the Rain (Le passager de la pluie) Charles Bronson Col. Harry Dobbs 1970
The Red Circle (Le cercle rouge) Gian Maria Volonté Vogel 1970
Paul's partner
The Cop (Un condé) Henri Garcin "Nice Smile" Duval 1970
Michel Bouquet Inspector Favenin Suppressed
Théo Sarapo Lupo
Black Sun (Chyornoye solntse) Rein Aren Freddy "Africa" 1970
The Black Angels (Chernite angeli) Stefan Danailov Panther Sometimes with fake sound suppressor 1970
Dorotea Toncheva Katina
Violeta Gindeva Iskra
Iossif Surchadzhiev Andro
Dobrinka Stankova Racheto
Bulgarian police
My Zero Hour (Meine Stunde Null) Lev Prygunov Sgt. Mitja 1970
Karl Sturm Pvt. Meyer
Green Chains (Zelyonye tsepochki) Aleksandr Mikhaylov (III) Paul Richter aka "Uncle Petya" 1970
Mission in Kabul (Missiya v Kabule) Gennadiy Nilov Ivan Kolokoltsev 1971
Listen on the Other Side (Daisny tserguudee sonsotsgoo!) Vladimir Van-Zo-Li Satomi 1971
Japanese officers
No Way Back (Obratnoj dorogi net) Nikolay Olyalin Maj. Toporkov 1971
German Officiers
Rum Runners (Boulevard du Rhum) Duy Marchand The Actor 1971
Trial of the Road (Proverka na dorogakh) Vladimir Zamansky Lazarev 1971
Anda Zaice Inga
Bumbarash German Officer 1971
Angel's Leap (Le Saut de l'ange) Gordon Mitchell Henry Di Fusco suppressed 1971
Jean Yanne Louis Orsini
Vietnamese henchman
The Stolen Train (Otkradnatiyat vlak) Stefan Ilyev Capt. Andrey Cherkezov 1971
Puppet on a Chain Sven-Bertil Taube Paul Sherman 1971
Penny Casdagli Trudi
The Devil Came from Akasava (Der Teufel kam aus Akasava) Howard Vernon Humphrey 1971
The Seventh Bullet (Sedmaya pulya) Suymenkul Chokmorov Maxumov 1972
Hamza Umarov Hairullah
The Valachi Papers . Various Thugs and Mobsters 1972
Trouble Man Ralph Waite Pete Cockrell 1972
The Mechanic Bodyguard 1972
The Pariah (La Scoumoune) Jean-Paul Belmondo Roberto Borgo 1972
With Clean Hands (Cu mainile curate) Alexandru Dobrescu Ștefan Patulea 1972
Ilarion Ciobanu Mihai Roman
Dorin Dron Scorțea
Romanian Police and Criminals
Manhunt in Milan (La mala ordina) Henry Silva Dave Catania 1972
The Battle After the Victory (Boy posle pobedy) Mikhail Volkov Sergei Krylov-Kramer In holster 1967
Baba Yaga, Devil Witch Nazi German soldiers holstered 1973
Shaft in Africa Richard Roundtree John Shaft 1973
The Beast Must Die In the gun cabinet 1973
The Friends of Eddie Coyle Robert Mitchum Eddie Coyle 1973
The Last Cartridge (Ultimul cartus) Police and Criminals 1973
The Boss Henry Silva Nicola Lanzetta Both suppressed and standard 1973
Marino Masé Pignataro Suppressed
Blood in the Streets Fabio Testi Milo Ruiz 1973
Bernard Giraudeau The first kidnapper
The Violent Professionals Cirylle Spiga The assassin 1973
The Man from Acapulco (Le Magnifique) Karpof's henchman 1973
The Conspiracy (Le complot) A police detective 1973
Poem of Kovpak: Alarm (Duma o Kovpake: Nabat) Konstantin Stepankov Sidor Kovpak 1973
German officers
Now Where Did the 7th Company Get To? (Mais où est donc passée la 7ème compagnie?) Konrad von Bork Maj. von Kurtel 1973
German officers and soldiers, a fake French gendarme
Arms for Prague (Zbrane pro Prahu) Karel Hlusicka Jan Chýn 1974
Borsalino and Co. Volpone's henchman 1974
The Odessa File Maximilian Schell Eduard Roschmann 1974
Under a Stone Sky Anatoly Solonitsyn Hoffmeyer 1974
German Officers
The Last Four Days German officers 1974
The Destructors Jerry Brouer Kurt Rossovitch 1974
Emergency Squad (Squadra volante) A criminal 1974
Lacombe, Lucien Pierre Blaise Lucien Lacombe 1974
Pierre Decazes Henri Aubert
Stéphane Bouy Jean-Bernard de Voisin
Jean Rougerie Pierre Tonin
Pierre Saintons Hippolyte
French Gestapo and Milice personnel
The Return of the Pink Panther Christopher Plummer Sir Charles Litton 1975
The Old Gun (Le vieux fusil) Robert Hoffmann SS Lieutenant 1975
The Eiger Sanction 1975
Mad Enough to Kill (Folle à tuer) Tomas Milian Thompson Suppressed 1975
Marlène Jobert Julie Ballanger
Victor Lanoux George
The French Detective (Adieu, poulet) Claude Brosset Antoine Porter 1975
Brannigan John Wayne Det. Lt. Brannigan 1975
The Deadly Tower Kurt Russell Charles Whitman 1975
Chained Drivers (Okovani šoferi) Vladislav Dvorzhetsky Walter Holz 1975
Tatyana Sidorenko Lyuba
Irina Miroshnichenko Gordana
Violent City (Roma violenta) Various criminals 1975
Front Without Flanks (Front bez flangov) Aleksandr Denisov Petty Officer Vakulenchuk 1975
Vladimir Ivashov Capt. Afanasyev
Aleksei Borzunov Petrenko
German Officers
Breakout Seen in warden's office 1975
Syndicate Sadists Joseph Cotten Paterno Sr. 1975
Poem of Kovpak: Snow-Storm (Duma o Kovpake: Buran) Nikolay Merzlikin Vasily Nikolayev 1975
German officers
The Seventh Company Has Been Found (On a retrouvé la 7ème compagnie!) German officers and NCOs 1975
The Wolf Pack (Volchya staya) Anatoliy Grachyov Levchuk 1975
Port Boris Nikiforov Andrey Kotelnikov 1976
Grigore Grigoriu Maj. Leon Petrescu
Aleksandr Belina Miron
German officers
The Eagle Has Landed Siegfried Rauch Sgt. Maj. Otto Brandt 1976
Taxi Driver . . Part of Easy Andy's inventory 1976
Hunter Will Get You Jacques Destoop Crime Boss 1976
Bloody Payroll (Milano violenta) Claudio Cassinelli Raul Montalbani 1976
Vittorio Mezzogiorno Walter
Colt 38 Special Squad (Quelli della calibro 38) Criminals 1976
The Last Round (Il conto è chiuso) In Rico Manzetti's collection; nickel plated 1976
Appointed as the Granddaughter (Naznachayeshsya vnuchkoy) Nikolai Prokopovich Hauptmann Stoltz In holster 1976
An SS officer
Diamonds for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat (Brillianty dlya diktatury proletariata) Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy Viktor Vorontsov 1976
Yekaterina Vasilyeva Anna Viktorovna
Boomerang (Comme un boomerang) Alain Delon Jacques Batkin 1976
Mama, I'm Alive (Mama, ich lebe) Peter Prager Günther Becker 1977
Soldier of Orange Rijk de Gooyer Breitner 1977
One-Two, Soldiers Were Going... German Tank Crew Member 1977
The Spy Who Loved Me Opening Credits 1977
The Gang (Le Gang) Maurice Barrier Lucien 1977
Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea Milos Vávra SS Untersturmführer 1977
Front Beyond the Front Line (Front za liniey fronta) German Officers 1977
The Cynic, the Rat and the Fist A criminal 1977
Blood and Diamonds (Diamanti Sporchi Di Sangue) Claudio Cassinelli Guido Mauri 1977
Death is My Trade Götz George Franz Lang 1977
Wilfried Elste Siebert
The Big Sleep Robert Mitchum Marlowe 1978
Shadows of a Hot Summer (Stíny horkého léta) Karel Chromík UPA Officer 1978
Revenge (Revansa) Iron Guard Legionnaires 1978
The Cheap Detective Nicol Williamson Col. Schlissel 1978
Special Destination Force (Otryad osobogo naznacheniya) Pavel Remezov Ivan Prokopenko 1978
German Officers
The End of the Emperor of the Taiga (Konets imperatora taygi) Ivan Krasko Ivan Solovyov 1978
Convoy Busters (Un poliziotto scomodo) Seen in gun crate 1978
Rebellious "Orion" (Myatezhnyy "Orion") Aleksey Safonov Von Hiller 1978
German officers and NCOs
Velvet Season (Barkhatnyy sezon) Bernard's henchman 1978
The Hijacking of Savoy (Pokhishchenie Savoi) Aleksandr Mikhajlov Gido Torstensen 1979
Leonid Bronevoy Jean Challot
Algimantas Masiulis Max Abendrot
Olev Eskola Roggers
Nartai Begalin Jocker
Shavkat Gaziev Jose Ramiro
Drug trafficers, Brazilian police
Concorde Affaire '79 Ottaviano Dell'Acqua Blonde Henchman 1979
The Lady Vanishes Wolf Kahler Lt. Helmut von Reider 1979
The Passage Malcolm McDowell Capt. von Berkow 1979
James Mason Prof. John Bergson
Gestapo Men
Rough Plain (Drsná planina) Thugs 1979
Country Trip of Sergeant Tsybulya (Dachnaya poezdka serzhanta Tsybuli) Sergei Ivanov Sgt. Tsybulya 1979
Pirates of the XXth Century (Piraty XX veka) Pyotr Velyaminov Captain Ivan Ilyich 1979
The Sea Wolves George Mikell Capt. Rofer 1980
The Blues Brothers Henry Gibson Illinois Nazis Leader 1980
Personal Safety Not Guaranteed (Lichnoy bezopasnosti ne garantiruyu) Leonhard Merzin Krakovski 1980
Mercedes Gets Away from the Chase ('Mersedes' ukhodit ot pogoni) German Yushko Capt. Vladimir Loktev 1980
Igor Livanov Lt. Aleksandr Yermolenko
Caboblanco Jason Robards Gunther Beckdorff 1980
Denny Miller Horst
Lili Marleen Karl-Heinz von Hassel SS-Gruppenführer Henkel 1981
Across the Gobi and the Khingan (Govi Khyangand tulaldsan ni) Imperial Japanese Kwantung Army officers 1981
Fracchia the Human Beast (Fracchia la belva umana) Paolo Villaggio The human beast 1981
Raiders of the Lost Ark Wolf Kahler Col. Herman Dietrich In holster 1981
Anthony Higgins Maj. Gobler In holster
German soldiers
For Your Eyes Only Topol Milos Columbo 1981
Gallipoli 1981
Teheran 43 Igor Kostolevsky Andrei 1981
German Agents
Front in the Rear of the Enemy (Front v tylu vraga) Aleksandr Mikhaylov Maj. Karasyov 1981
German Officers and Gestapo Agents
Do Not Set Traps for Leshiy... (Ne stavte Leshemu kapkany...) Yuri Kotyushev A bandit 1981
Silva Ivars Kalnins Edwin von Wellerheim 1981
The Ace of Aces (L'As des as) Frank Hoffmann Gunther von Beckman 1982
German officers and police
Cossack Outpost (Kazachya zastava) Vladimir Khotinenko Semyon 1982
Borislav Brondukov Aleksey Butov
In the Last Place (V poslednyuyu ochered) Vasiliy Mishchenko Aleksandr Smirnov 1982
Vasiliy Funtikov Alik
The White Rose Werner Stocker Christoph Probst 1982
German soldiers
High Road To China Henchman 1983
The Keep Wolf Kahler SS Adjutant In holster 1983
Start Liquidation (Pristupit k likvidatsii) Aleksandr Galibin Burkovski 1983
Rookies Run Amok 2 (Le retour des bidasses en folie) Pierre Semmler Lt. Karl 1983
Gérard Rinaldi Alfred
Project A Sailor 1983
The Inheritors (Die Erben) Roger Schauer Charly 1983
The Fourth Year of War (Shyol chetvyortyy god voyny...) Nikolai Yeryomenko, Jr. Lt. Antipov 1983
Aleksandr Denisov Zhurba
Lyudmila Savelyeva Capt. Nadezhda Moroz
Aleksandr Fridental Maj. Kübler In holster
German officers
Top Secret! Christopher Villiers Nigel 1984
Les Morfalous Jean-Paul Belmondo Sgt. Pierre Augagneur 1984
Wild Geese II Stroebling's henchmen 1985
The Date in the Milky Way (Svidanie Na Mlechnom Puti) Anatoli Lukyanenko Boris 1985
The Unknown Soldier Pekka Ketonen 2nd Lieutenant Kariluoto 1984
Finnish officers
Running Scared Drug Dealer 1986
Biggles: Adventures in Time Neil Dickson Capt. James Bigglesworth 1986
Secrets of Madame Wong (Tayny madam Vong) Aleksandr Abdulov Dole 1986
Cuckoo in a Dark Forest Oleg Tabakov Otto Kukuck 1986
Escape from Sobibor Rutger Hauer Sasha Pechersky 1987
Alan Arkin Leon Feldhendler
Hartmut Becker Sgt. Gustav Wagner
SS Officers and NCOs, Prisoners
The Action (Aktsiya) Oleg Strizhenov Valentin Kareev 1987
German officers
Hard Ticket to Hawaii Ronn Moss Rowdy Abilene 1987
Man on Fire Conti's henchman 1987
Island of Lost Ships (Ostrov pogibshikh korabley) Arunas Storpirstis Fergus Slayton 1987
Sign of Disaster (Znak bedy) Aleksey Maslov A German Hauptmann 1987
Kaspars Puce A German Feldwebel
Bulletproof Henry Silva Col. Kartiff 1988
William Smith Russian Major
Kings of Crime (Vory v zakone) Vladimir Steklov Volodya Petrov 1988
Gia Lejava Ramzes
The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission Natalia Nogulich Yelena Petrovic 1988
Ray Armstrong Wolfgang Kranz
Picasso Trigger Steve Bond Travis Abilene Custom barrel 1988
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Michael Byrne Col. Ernst Vogel 1989
The Winter War Finnish Officer 1989
Before Sunrise (Pered rassvetom) A German officer 1989
The Visit (Vizit damy) Viktor Bortsov Police officer 1989
River of Death Robert Vaughn Dr. Wolfgang Manteuffel 1989
Donald Pleasence Heinrich Spaatz
Time to Kill (Tempo di uccidere) Nicolas Cage Lt. Enrico Silvestri 1989
The Krays Gary Kemp Ronnie Kray 1990
It's We, O God! (Eto mi, Gospodi!..) A German officer 1990
Guns Erik Estrada Juan degas with laser aimpoint 1990
Europa Europa Hanns Zischler Captain von Lereneau 1990
New Jack City Bill Cobbs Old Man 1991
Mobsters Gangster 1991
Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady Paul Humpoletz Hugo Oberstein Supposedly a replica or toy gun 1991
Unknown Pages from the Life of a Scout (Neizvestnye stranitsy iz zhizni razvedchika) German officers 1991
KGB Agents Also Fall in Love (Agenty KGB tozhe vlyublyayutsya) Seen in the evidence warehouse 1991
A Midnight Clear Curt Lowens Old German soldier 1992
The Warrior's Heart German officers 1992
Shining Through Liam Neeson Franz Otto Deitrich 1992
Casino Valeriy Smetskoy Jess Chandler 1992
The Arbiter (Arbitr) Ivan Okhlobystin Andrei 1992
Alyona Khmelnitskaya Anna
Good Luck, Gentlemen (Udachi vam, gospoda) Criminals 1993
The Wild East Arkadiy Shamaev Fascist 1993
Fascists, Skull's thug
Schindler's List SS Troops 1993
Stalingrad Dieter Okras Capt. Haller 1993
Karel Hermánek Capt. Musk
Sylvester Groth Otto
Hold-Up (Nalyot) A criminal 1993
Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt Tristan Ludlow 1994
Uncovered Helen McCrory Lola 1994
John Wood Cesar
Goldeneye Opening Credits 1995
No Way Back Kristopher Logan "Mr. Contingency" 1995
Etsushi Toyokawa Yuji Kobayashi
Sahara Julian Garner Lt. von Schletow 1995
Michael Collins IRA forces 1996
The Phantom Catherine Zeta-Jones Sala 1996
Operation Happy New Year (Operatsiya 'S novym godom') Viktor Sukhorukov Killer w/ supressor 1996
Heaven's Burning Petru Gheorghiu Boorjan 1997
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Robert Wagner Number Two 1997
Mike Myers Austin Powers
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Kevin Spacey Jim Williams 1997
John Cusack John Kelso
Jude Law Billy Hanson
Wild Things In the gun cabinet 1998
Dark City Kiefer Sutherland Dr. Schreber 1998
Saving Private Ryan German Troops 1998
Love Kills Donovan Leitch Dominique 1999
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Mindy Sterling Frau Farbissina 1999
American Beauty In the gun cabinet 1999
Brother 2 (Brat 2) Konstantin Murzenko Fascist 2000
April Captains (Capitães de Abril) Luís Miguel Cintra Gen. Pais 2000
Enigma Dougray Scott Thomas Jericho 2001
The Lost Battalion German Soldiers 2001
The Mummy Returns Quill Roberts Shafek 2001
Edges of the Lord Olaf Lubaszenko‎ Gniecio Lipa 2001
Richard Banel Wladek Lipa
Haley Joel Osment Romek
German officers
The Scoundrel's Wife German Soldier 2002
Deathwatch British and German soldiers 2002
The Star (Zvezda) Aleksey Panin Sgt. Mamochkin 2002
German Troops
Senso '45 A German officer 2002
Strange Gardens (Effroyables jardins) Michael Hanemann Nazi German sergeant 2003
Hitler: The Rise of Evil Various German soldiers and paralmilitaries 2003
Zelary Vasil Rusinák Soviet army starshina (WO) 2003
Beyond the Front Line Ilkka Heiskanen Lt.Col. Alpo Marttinen 2004
The Trixxer Günther Jauch A disguised Wixxer 2004
The Wixxer
Lars Rudolph Harry Smeerlap
Hellboy Ladislav Beran Karl Ruprecht Kroenen 2004
On an Unnamed Hill (Na bezymyannoy vysote) German Officer 2004
A Very Long Engagement François Levantal Thouvenel 2004
Sophie Scholl – The Final Days Gerald Alexander Held Robert Mohr 2005
Joyeux Noel Daniel Brühl Oberleutnant Horstmeyer 2005
The Producers Will Ferrell Franz Liebkind 2005
Piranha (Okhota na piranyu) Yevgeniy Mironov Prokhor 2006
Hollywoodland Ben Affleck George Reeves 2006
Black Book Waldemar Kobus Günther Franken 2006
Hans's driver
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies Jean Dujardin Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath / Lucien Bramard / OSS 117 2006
Michael Hofland Col. von Umsprung
Richard Sammel Moeller
Pan's Labyrinth Sergi López Capt. Vidal 2006
Joy Division Lea Mornar Astrid 2006
German NCO
Beerfest Mo'Nique Cherry 2006
Zodiac Zodiac killer 2007
Frontier(s) Jean-Pierre Jorris Von Geisler 2007
The Border Finnish White Soldiers 2007
Tali-Ihantala 1944 Finnish officers 2007
The Bridge Lars Steinhöfel Walter Forst 2008
German Soldiers
Female Agents German soldier 2008
Flame and Citron Danish nazist 2008
Hitler's Kaput! (Gitler kaput!) Evelina Bledans Gestapo 'Frau' Oddo 2008
Back in Time (My iz budushchego) German Officer 2008
Max Manus: Man of War Police 2008
Mesrine: Public Enemy Number 1 Vincent Cassel Mesrine 2008
Miracle at St. Anna Laz Alonso Cpl. Hector Negron 2008
German officers
Tears of April Mikko Kouki Finnish White Guard officer 2008
The 39 Steps Paul Comrie German Agent 2008
Michael Stokes German Agent
Brother's War Tino Struckmann Capt. Klaus Mueller 2009
Red and White (Merah Putih) Rudy Wowor Maj. Van Gaartner 2009
OSS 117: Lost in Rio Jean Dujardin Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath / Noël Flantier / OSS 117 2009
Rüdiger Vogler Prof. Von Zimmel
Louise Monot Col. Koulechov
Alex Lutz Friedrich
Dnieper Line: Love and War Nikolai Kozak Paul Schmidt 2009
The Priest (Pop) Aleksey Senchilo Hans 2009
Sniper: Weapons of Retaliation Joachim Paul Assböck Karl Kleist 2009
Dmitriy Pevtsov Yashin
Anna Khitrik Berta
Vladas Bagdonas Otto Hamerbohl
German Officers
71: Into the Fire North Korean Officer 2010
Beneath Hill 60 German Soldiers 2010
Habermann Ben Becker Maj. Kurt Koslowski 2010
The Brest Fortress (Brestskaya Krepost) 2010
New Kids Turbo Tim Haars Gerrie 2010
The Alien Girl Oleg Baykulov Babei 2010
Paradox Soldiers (My iz budushchego 2) UPA Fighter 2010
Captain America: The First Avenger Hugo Weaving Johann Schmidt / The Red Skull Modified into an energy-based weapon 2010
Beyond the Border Swedish and German Officers 2011
Antti Reini Wille Jarvinen
My Best Enemy SS Officer 2011
Hotel Lux SS Officers 2011
Hans Kloss: More Than Death at Stake Tomasz Kot Young Hans Kloss 2012
Into the White German and British Pilots 2012
Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed Lincoln Hoppe Erich Neumann 2012
Corbin Allred T-5 Rossi
Red Tails Richard Conti German Guard 2012
Shpion Aleksey Gorbunov The Spy Clutch 2012
The Abwehr Chief Driver
FDR: American Badass 2012
Emden Men Ken Duken Karl Overbeck 2012
The World's End Mark Donovan Big Ugly Bastard 2013
Stalingrad Thomas Kretschmann Hauptmann Peter Kahn 2013
Pyotr Fyodorov Capt. Gromov
Run Boy Run Urs Rechn SS-Scharführer 2013
The Monuments Men Justus von Dohnányi Capt. Viktor Stahl 2014
Holger Handtke Col. Wegner
The Silent Mountain Werner Daehn Oberleutnant Sven Kornatz 2014
White Soldier Abraham Belaga Sergeant Robert Tual 2014
Emile Berling André Cariou
Black Commando members
Black Sea 2014
City 44 Józef Pawlowski Stefan Zawadzki 2014
Maurycy Popiel "Góral"
Filip Gurlacz "Rogal"
Michal Zurawski "Czarny"
Igor Obloza SS Dirlewanger man with a doll
SS soldiers, Polish insurgents
Woman in Gold Tom Schilling Heinrich 2015
13 Minutes Oliver Bigalke SA-Mann 2015
A KZ guard
Villmark Asylum Ellen Dorrit Petersen Live 2015
The Dawns Here Are Quiet (A zori zdes tikhie...) Nazi soldier 2015
Legend Tom Hardy Ronnie Kray 2015
Hardcore Henry Sharlto Copley Jimmy 2016
Blood Father Michael Parks Preacher 2016
The King's Choice Fallschirmjäger officer 2016
The Age of Shadows Japanese Police Officers 2016
Allied August Diehl Oberst Hobar 2016
Live by Night Robert Glenister Albert White 2016
Bye Bye Germany Christian Kmiotek SS-Obersturmbannführer Otte 2017
Wonder Woman German soldier 2017
The Guardians A German officer 2017
The Unknown Soldier Johannes Holopainen 2nd Lieutenant Kariluoto 2017
Finnish officers
A War Within Hansen Thure Lindhardt 2018
Tom Wlaschiha Gerhard Bauer
Morten Brovn Jes
Sebastian Jessen Esben
Veit Stübner Wilhelm Schmidt
Jojo Rabbit Rebel Wilson Fraulein Rahm 2019
To Paris! (Na Parizh) A German officer 2019
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Seen in armory 2019
Secret in the Mountain Rainer Wöss Gestapomann Sick 2019
Brigitte Hobmeier Elsa Mitterjäger
Persian Lessons David Schütter SS-Schütze Paul 2020
Lars Eidinger SS-Hauptsturmführer Klaus Koch
The Axe. 1943 (Topor. 1943) Nikolay Kozak Nikolay Rodin 2021
All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) German Army Officer 2022
Bullet Train Miles Marz Young Tangerine Toy gun 2022
Golden Kamuy Hiroshi Tamaki Lieutenant Tsurumi mocked up as a Borchardt C-93 2024


Title Actor Character Note/Episode Date
McHale's Navy John Wright Willy Moss "Washing Machine Charlie" (S1E22) 1963
Joe Flynn Capt. Binghamton "A Nip in Time" (S4E5) 1965
Bob Hastings Lt. Carpenter
Carl Ballantine Lester Gruber "Who Was That German I Saw You With?" (S4E26) 1966
James Frawley German Sergeant
Stawka wieksza niz zycie Stanislaw Mikulski Hans Kloss 1966-1968
Emil Karewicz Hermann Brunner
Mieczyslaw Waskowski Glaubel "Scisle tajne"
Ignacy Gogolewski Willy Ruppert "Ostatnia szansa"
Henryk Bak Gebhart "Podwojny Nelson"
Leonard Pietraszak Hubert Ornel "Haslo"
Andrzej Krasicki Knoch "Lisc debu"
Jerzy Radwan Ring "Spotkanie"
Barbara Horawianka Anne-Marie Elken "Spotkanie"
Janusz Zakrzenski Wehrnitz "Poszukiwany gruppenführer Wolf"
Józef Duriasz Lubow "Poszukiwany gruppenführer Wolf"
German officers, resistance fighters
Czterej pancerni i pies SS officer 1966-1970
Doctor Who Guy Siner General Ravon "Genesis of the Daleks" 1963-1989
Ian Marter Harry Sullivan "Genesis of the Daleks"
Peter Miles Security Commander Nyder "Genesis of the Daleks"
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Senta Berger Serena "The Double Affair" (S01E08) 1964-1968
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. David McCallum Illya Kuryakin 1964-1968
Hogan's Heroes German soldiers and resistance members 1965-1971
Rat Patrol 1966-1968
Mission: Impossible - Season 1 secret policeman "Memory" (S01E02) 1966
casino guard "Odds on Evil" (S01E06)
Greg Morris Barney Collier suppressed, "The Short Tail Spy" (S01E14)
Albert Dekker Colonel Shtemenko suppressed, "The Short Tail Spy" (S01E14)
Eric Braeden Andrei Fetyakov "The Short Tail Spy" (S01E14)
Steven Hill Daniel Briggs "The Short Tail Spy" (S01E14)
J.D. Cannon Miklos Klaar "Action!" (S01E23) 1967
Garrison's Gorillas Various Nazis 1967-1968
Wesley Lau Col. Karl Vogel "Banker's Hours"
Brendon Boone Chief
Curt Lowens Col. Krueger "Now I Lay Me Down to Die"
Christopher Cary Goniff
Bors 1968
Columbo Robert Culp Dr. Bart Kepple "Double Exposure" (S03E04) 1971-2003
Dick Van Dyke Paul Galesko "Negative Reaction" (S04E02)
Shadows Disappear at Noon (Teni ischezayut v polden) Sergey Yakovlev Ustin Morozov Ep.4 1972
Roman Filippov Demid Menshikov
Seventeen Moments of Spring Otto Mellies Helmut Kolder 1973
Failure of Engineer Garin (Krakh inzhenera Garina) Shefer's henchmen 1973
How the Steel Was Tempered (Kak zakalyalas stal) A street thug 1973
Once There Was a House (Byl jednou jeden dum) Josef Vinklár Arnošt Ticháček "Obvaziste Boccaccio" (S1E5) 1974
Jan Libícek Innkeeper Štovíček "Obvaziste Boccaccio" (S1E5)
Jan Teplý Gestapo officer "Obvaziste Boccaccio" (S1E5)
Father Brown Philip Stone Sir Arthur Travers "The Mirror of the Magistrate" (Ep.6) 1974
Born by Revolution: We Will Help You (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: My pomozhem tebe) Nikolai Sektimenko Innokentiy 1975
Here Lies the Border (Zdes prokhodit granitsa) Nabi Rakhimov Abzal Ep.2 1975
Shukhrat Irgashev "The Engineer"
Omega Option (Variant "Omega") Abwehr agents 1975
30 Cases of Major Zeman Josef Somr Karel Prágr "Smrt u jezera" (S01E01) 1976
Vilém Besser Sepp "Vyznavaci ohne" (S01E02)
The Road to Calvary (Khozhdenie po mukam) Aleksandr Lazarev, Sr. Zhadov Ep.4 1977
Inna Gulaya Liza Rastorgueva
Eternal Call (Vechnyy zov) - Season 1 Yuri Gusev Pyotr Zubov 1979
Vladlen Biryukov Yakov Aleinikov
Archiv des Todes Jürgen Zartmann Georg "Ein Mann wird gejagt" 1980
Gojko Mitic Boris "Überall lauert der Tod"
Hannjo Hasse Major Zirrgiebel "Überall lauert der Tod"
Renate Blume Unterführerin Renate Wiesner "Der falsche Fotograf"
Fantômas Pierre Malet Fandor Ep.3 1980
Long Road in the Dunes (Ilgais cels kapas) Yevgeni Zharikov Aleksandr Yefimov Ep.4 1982
Harijs Liepins Osvalds Kreizis Ep.4
Uldis Dumpis Manfred Zingrueber Ep.4
Romualdas Ramanauskas Richard Losberg Ep.5
20th of December (20-e dekabrya) Mikhail Kozakov Felix Dzerzhinsky 1982
Tatyana Tkach A female robber
Reilly: Ace of Spies Sam Neill Reilly 1983
Reilly: Ace of Spies Alfred Molina Blumkin 1983
Eternal Call (Vechnyy zov) - Season 2 Oleg Basilashvili Arnold Lakhnovsky 1983
Take Him Alive (Vzyat zhivym) German officers 1983
Bergerac Ralph Michael Brigadier Wimble "The Company You Keep" (S03E08) 1984
Front Without Mercy (Front ohne Gnade) Gojko Mitic Pablo Calvo Ep.6 1984
Klaus-Jürgen Steinmann A Gestapo operative Ep.1
Harald Warmbrunn SS-Untersturmführer Zeise Ep.2
Willi Schrade Helmut Leif Ep.4
Detlef Bierstedt A Gestapo operative Ep.4,11
Hans Teuscher Cyrus Rosenfeld Ep.11
Kaspar Eichel Max Krauthaar Ep.13
Gerd Michael Henneberg A sabotuer Ep.13
Wehrmacht and SS officers
Anzacs Jon Blake Flanagan 1985
The State Border: Film 5 Various characters 1986
The State Border: Film 6 Sergei Parfyonov Ol'hovik 1987
Special Operations Squad (Otryad spetsyalnogo naznacheniya) Aleksandr Mikhaylov Nikolay Grachyov 1987
Oleg Korchikov Naumov
Boris Klyuev SS Hauptsturmführer von Gettel
Uldis Lieldidzs SS Hauptsturmführer Krause
German officers and NCOs
Bergerac James Maxwell Raymond Charteris "Treasure Hunt" (S05E09) 1987
The State Border: Film 7 Saboteur 1988
Katrin Kohv Rina
Lenin...The Train Günther Maria Halmer Von Planetz 1988
Robin McCallum Von Bühring
German officers
Incident at the Airport (Sluchay v aeroportu) Iso Abdurashidov Bek 1989
Bergerac Derrick Branche Damian Shore "Second Time Around" (S07E09) 1989
Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Kidnapped Prime Minister Jack Elliott John Egan 1990
Lisa Harrow Mrs. Daniels
The Halt of Wanderers (Prival strannikov) Yuriy Stoskov Aleksandr Ivanovich Smirnov 1991
Vladimir Borisov Detective Syrtsov
Giorgi Kavtaradze Givi Lomidze
Gennadiy Matveev Vova
Valentin Golubenko Corrupt Militsiya Major "Bugor"
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Mystery of Hunters Lodge Seen on the wall 1991
Julie Lescaut Jean Benguigui Chapuis "Ville haute, ville basse" (S03E01) 1994
The X-Files - Season 6 Chris Owens German Officer (1939 version of Jeffrey Spender) "Triangle" (S6E03) 1998
Various German soldiers "Triangle" (S6E03)
The Sopranos Vincent Pastore Pussy "House Arrest" (S02E011) 1999-2007
Band of Brothers Peter McCabe Cpl. Donald Hoobler 2001
German troops
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Murder in Mesopotamia Hugh Fraser Captain Arthur Hastings 2001
Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin Boris Matveev Fabian Ep.1 2002
Sergei Murzin Perrit's bodyguard
Hitler: The Rise of Evil various 2003
Foyle's War - Season 3 Peter Stark Schimmel "They Fought in the Fields" (S3E3) 2004
Anthony Howell DS Paul Milner "They Fought in the Fields" (S3E3)
Anatole Taubman Raimund Weiser "They Fought in the Fields" (S3E3)
Samuel Oatley Jack Archer "A War of Nerves" (S3E4)
Honeysuckle Weeks Samantha Stewart "A War of Nerves" (S3E4)
Chappelle's Show Dave Chappelle Silky Johnston (S02E11) 2004
The Penal Battalion Yuriy Stepanov Antip Glymov 2004
German soldiers
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation George Murdock Stuart Manslow "Snakes" (S05E12) 2005
Agatha Christie's Marple Robert Pugh Col. Easterbrook "A Murder Is Announced" (S01E04) 2005
Dresden A German MP officer 2006
Verdun: Descent into Hell Karl von Andrian 2006
Stargate SG-1 - Season 9 Christopher Judge Teal'c "Camelot" (S09E20) 2005-2006
Lost - Season 3 Elizabeth Mitchell Juliet Burke "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1" 2006-2007
M.C. Gainey Tom Friendly "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"
March of Millions Tonio Arango Heinrich von Gernstorff Ep. 2 2007
Liquidation (Likvidatsiya) Counterintelligence agents 2007
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries Serge Soric Andrej Pavletic "In the Blink of an Eye" (S05E04) 2007
Foyle's War - Season 6 Malcolm Sinclair Martin Keppler "Plan of Attack" (S06E01) 2008
Flashpoint (2008) Xhemi Agaj Goran Tomasic (S01E01) "Scorpio" 2008
KochiKame Kakeru Yoshida Kanta Ep. 06 2009
Krupp: A Family Between War and Peace Gestapo and SS men Ep. 03 2009
CSI: NY - Season 5 Ed Asner Klaus Braun "Yahrezit" (S05E22) 2009
Marcel Reich-Ranicki German officer 2009
Justified - Season 1 Peter Jason Owen Carnes "The Collection" (S1E06) 2010
Sanctuary German soldiers and resistance members "Normandy" (S03E17) 2011
"Narkomovskiy" Train (Narkomovskiy oboz) A German officer 2011
Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Clocks Stephen Boxer Christopher Mabbutt 2011
Birdsong German soldier 2012
The White Guard (Belaya gvardiya) German officer 2012
Red Mountains (Krasnye gory) Aziz Beyshenaliev Matsuoka stands for Nambu Type 14 2013
Valeriy Li Shimoda
Batu Khasikov Ushiba
Stanislav Lesnoy German Major
Ivan Oransky Erich
Yevgeni Tsyganov Arkadiy Engelhardt
Nazi Germans
Snipers. Love Under the Gun (Snaypery. Lyubov pod pritselom) German officers 2013
Our Mothers, Our Fathers Lukas Gregorowicz Jerzy 2013
Ludwig Trepte Viktor Goldstein
Sylvester Groth Standartenfuhrer Heimer
Peaky Blinders - Season 1 Iddo Goldberg Freddie 2013
Samuel Edward-Cook Danny
Foyle's War - Season 8 Lars Eidinger Karl Strasser "Sunflower" (S08E03) 2013
Zero Hour (2013) "Winding" (S1E08) 2013
Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Labours of Hercules Tom Wlaschiha Lt. Drouet alias Schwartz 2013
Nicholas McGaughey Inspector Lementeuil
Swiss police
Spies (Razvedchitsy) Svetlana Ivanova Arina Prozorovskaya Denix replica 2013
Svetlana Ustinova Zoya Velichko
Evgeniy Pronin Capt. Nikolay Petrov
Anatoliy Rudenko Vladimir Semyonov Denix replica
Igor Kopylov Vadim
Andrey Polishchuk SS Obersturmführer Keller
Markus Kunze Maj. Gunter von Rickert
Kirill Zhandarov Capt. Valeriy Shapkin
German officers and NCOs, Ternowiecki's bodyguards Original and Denix
Days of Honour. Uprising (Czas honoru. Powstanie) Polish insurgent 2014
Clara Immerwahr Maximilian Brückner Fritz Haber holstered 2014
Katharina Schüttler Clara Immerwahr
Peaky Blinders - Season 2 Sam Hazeldine Georgie Sewell 2014
Sabini's gangsters
14 - Diaries of the Great War Jonas Friedrich Leonhardi Ernst Jünger 2014
Front Pavel Yuzhakov-Kharlanchuk Vlad Volnyi Original and Denix replica 2014
Yuriy Itskov Trokhin Original and replica
Olga Kuzmina Yefreytor Olga Belyakova Denix replica
Mitya Labush Aleksey Mishin Denix replica
Abwehr operatives, criminals Original and replica
Hetaeras of Major Sokolov (Getery mayora Sokolova) Filipp Yankovskiy Krest 2014
Sergey Garmash Mikhalych
Aleksander Christian Anria Commissioner Nel
Alisa Gorshkova Tula
(uncredited) Tikhon
The Interpreter (Perevodchik) Joachim Paul Assböck SS-Sturmbannführer Martin Leitner Denix replica 2014
Fargo - Season 2 Nick Offerman Karl Weathers 2015
Father Brown - Season 3 A Gestapo agent "The Judgement of Man" (S03E10) 2015
The Man in the High Castle Rick Worthy Lem Washington Suppressed 2015
Foyle's War - Season 9 Al Arif's bodyguards "Trespass" (S9E2) 2015
SS officer "Elise" (S9E3)
The Executioner (Palach) Viktoriya Tolstoganova Antonina Malyshkina Blank-firing ME P08 2015
Snow and Ashes (Sneg i pepel) Aleksey Krasnotsvetov Nikita Breus Denix replica 2015
Antonis Shamanidi Aslan Bodoev
Rebellion (miniseries) Barry Ward Arthur Mahon Ep. 01 2016
Jason Cullen Peter Mahon Ep. 01/02
Barry Keoghan Cormac McDevitt Ep. 02
The Man in the High Castle Rick Worthy Lem Washington 2016
Grantchester - Season 2 Elliot Levey Laszlo Herzl (S2E4) 2016
Maigret John Light Jean Tonnelier "Maigret's Dead Man" 2016
Iván Fenyö Pietr Holosko
Adrian Rawlins Oscar Bonvoisin "Maigret in Montmatre"
Black Cat Sergey Yushkevich Nikolay Tsyganov aka Pan 2016
Rivals Forever - The Sneaker Battle Dirk Borchardt Moosbacher 2017
Demon of the Revolution (Demon revolyutsii) (uncredited) The first hitman 2017
A Danish smuggler
Hunting the Devil (Okhota na dyavola) Artyom Tkachenko Phil Kilby Blank-firing ME P08 2017
Sergey Bezrukov Max Livius
Artyom Krylov Lt. Juhani Timonen
Evgeniy Karpov Otto Skorzeny
Sebastien Sisak Martin
Viktoria Malektorovich Helga
Nikita Lyushnenko Heinz
Trotsky Denix replica; seen among handguns 2017
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3 Ray McKinnon Proctor John w/black grips; "Sleigh Ride" (S3E16) 2017
General Strike 1918 Fabian Krüger Emil Sonderegger 2018
Irina Wrona Nina Sonderegger
Endeavour - Season 5 Dominic Thorburn Dr. Rex Laidlaw (S05E04) 2018
Greg Austin Kit Hutchens
One Warrior in the Field (Odin v pole voin) Aleksandr Sokolovskiy Capt. Andrey Perevezyev Blank-firing ME Luger P08 2018
Vladimir Gladkiy Volodya
German officers and NCOs
Konstantin Oktyabrskiy Maj. Krauss Standard and blank-firing ME Luger P08
Andrey Mostrenko ROA Podporuchik' Grygin
1918: Uprising of the Sailors Lucas Prisor Karl Artelt Denix Luger P08 2018
Andreas Dobberkau Werner Riedel
German sailors
The Last Battle (Posledniy boy) Igor Petrusenko Igor Runge blank-firing ME Luger P08 2019
German officers
Endeavour - Season 6 Seen on a table; (S06E02) 2019
Subject to Destruction (Podlezhit unichtozheniyu) Vlad Nikityuk Kroshkin 2019
The Turncoat Rainer Bock Wilhelm „Willi“ Stehauf Ep. 01, 02 2020
Midsomer Murders Rosalie Craig Carys Nicholson Suppressed; described as "Luger Model 1917, a Swedish semi-auto pistol constructed for using of light wooden bullets" (S21E02) 2020
The Black Sea (Chyornoye more) Dmitriy Pervushin Oberleutnant Gunther Yemets 2020
The Saboteur 3: Crimea (Diversant. Krym) Adrian Zwicker Hauptman Junghans 2020
Alex the Fierce (Alex Lyutyj) Vladislav Konoplyov Alex Lyutyj Original and Gletcher CO2 2020
Dmitriy Mulyar Sergey Vernigor
Vitaliy Shchannikov Hans
Evgehniy Nevar Hilfspolizei Vavilov
The Red Ghost (Krasnyy prizrak) Wolfgang Cerny Hauptsturmführer Braun Only on film poster 2021
The Kitchenblock Sergey Shakurov Serp Ieronov 2021
Roman Evdokimov Young Serp
Pyotr Natarov Valerka Lagunov
Daniil Vershinin Igor Korzukhin
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 7 Colman Domingo Victor Strand "The Beacon" (S7E01), "The Portrait" (S7E07), "PADRE" (S7E08), "Sonny Boy" (S7E12), "Divine Providence" (S7E14) 2021-2022
Alycia Debnam-Carey Alicia Clark "Divine Providence" (S7E14)
Dalgliesh Jonjo O'Neill Julius Marsh Denix replica; "The Black Tower - Part Two" (S01E04) 2021
Babylon Berlin - Season 4‎ Ronald Kukulies Knuschke 2022
Thomas Arnold Oberwachtmeister Naumann
Liv Lisa Fries Charlotte Ritter
Irene Böhm Toni Ritter
Berlin Police Officers
Hotel Europa David Berton Capitaine Escoffier 2022
Makke Schneider An Oberleutnant
Jonathan Berlin Emil Dreesen
Jesse Albert Robert Harthaler
Peter Nottmeier Jupp Pützer
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - Season 1 Romain Levi Stéphane Codron "L'ame Perdue" (S1E01) 2023
Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon
The Continental: From the World of John Wick Continental Enforcer "Brothers in Arms" (S1E01) 2023
Davos 1917 Stipe Erceg Franz 2023
David Kross Dr. Mangold
Jeanette Hain Ilse von Hausner
Dominique Devenport Johanna Gabathuler
German soldiers and Swiss policemen

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Notation Release Date
Hidden & Dangerous 1999
Hitman: Codename 47 2000
No One Lives Forever 2000
World War II Online: Battleground Europe 2001
BloodRayne Leug 08 2002
Commandos 2: Men of Courage 2001
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2001
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2003
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin 2003
Forgotten Hope 2003
Hidden & Dangerous 2 Standard and with suppressor 2003
Call of Duty: United Offensive 2004
Call of Duty 2 2005
Sniper Elite 2005
Commandos: Strike Force 2006
Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 2006
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 P08 Luger Pistol 2006
Splinter Cell: Double Agent 2006
Company of Heroes 2006
Eternal Damnation Unusable 2006
Alliance of Valiant Arms "Luger P-08" 2007
Team Fortress 2 "Lugermorph" Heavily stylized; inspired by Max's sidearm from the Sam and Max series 2007
Forgotten Hope 2 "Luger Pistole 08" 2007
"Parabellum M/23"
Death to Spies 2007
Counter-Strike Online 2008
The Royal Marines Commando 2008
Counter-Strike Online "Luger" 2008
Operation Thunderstorm 2008
Mare Nostrum 2008
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 2009
NecroVisioN "Luger P08" 2009
The Saboteur Kruger Pistol 2009
Death to Spies: Moment of Truth Luger P08 2009
Luger P08 with Suppressor
Velvet Assassin 2009
The Godfather II 2009
Resonance of Fate P-09 Multiple models appear on display but only the standard model is obtainable. 2010
UberSoldier 2011
7554 2011
Karma Online 2011
Sniper Elite V2 2012
Uprising44: The Silent Shadows 2012
The Great War 1918 2013
Payday 2 "Parabellum" Added in WWII Weapon Pack (2017) 2013
State of Decay "P.08" added in Lifeline DLC (2014) 2013
Warface Luger 2013
Company of Heroes 2 2013
Sniper Elite III 2014
Enemy Front Luger P08 2014
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly P 08 P 04 barrel also available 2014
Verdun "Pistole Parabellum 1908 Luger" 2015
Battle of Empires: 1914-1918 "Luger" 2015
Rainbow Six Siege weapon's charm; unusable 2015
Battlefield 1 2016
Heroes & Generals 2016
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 2016
Umbrella Corps Wolfsbane w/ optional suppressors and optics 2016
Sniper Elite 4 2017
Day of Infamy P-08 2017
Ghost Recon: Wildlands 2017
Screaming Steel: 1914-1918 P-08 Luger 2017
Far Cry 5 P08 2018
Squad 44: Letters From The Front "Luger" Introduced in Plan Jaune update 2018
Battlefield V "P-08 Pistol" 2018
Strange Brigade "Laine P12" 2018
Vigor "Luger" 2018
Tannenberg "Pistole Parabellum 1908 Luger" 2019
Call of Duty: Vanguard "Klauser" 2021
Land of War: The Beginning 2021
Enlisted 2021
Sniper Elite 5 2022
Beyond The Wire Pistole 08 2022
Isonzo "Pistole Parabellum 1908 Luger" Caporetto expansion 2022
Marauders Luger P08 2022


Title Voice Actor Characters Notation Date
What If...? - Season 1 None Heinz Kruger "What If... Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?" (S1E01) 2021


Title Character Note Date
Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro Fujiko Mine 1979
Golgo 13: The Professional Dr. Z's men 1983
The Cockpit Captain Erhardt Von Rheindars Ep. 1 "Slipstream" 1993
Lupin III: The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure Hermann von Diett with ornate engravings 1995
Kochikame 1996 - 2005
Harlock Saga Alberich 1999
Najica Blitz Tactics Koharu "Mission: 005 - The Fragile Dream with a Crimson Colored Horizon" 2001
Gungrave 2003 - 2004
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo Général Fernand de Morcerf Gold Plated 2004 - 2005
Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa Fritz Lang 2005
Edward Elric
The Boondocks 2005 - Present
Black Lagoon 2006
Baccano! Goose 2007
Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed "Beginning" (E08) 2008
Eden of the East In Takizawa's closet 2009
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Scythe Master 2009
Guilty Crown Gai Tsutsugami 2011 - 2012
Hellsing The Major Chrome Plated 2012
Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Jeanne customised 2013
Patema Inverted Izamura Customized and golden-plated 2013
Aiga security police
Noragami Ebisu 2015
Saga of Tanya the Evil Tanya von Degurechaff 2017
Princess Principal Kingdom Agents Ep. 01 2017
Ange Ep. 04
Violet Evergarden Major Gilbert Bougainvillea Ep. 08 2018
Captain Dietfried Bougainvillea Ep. 12/13
Sirius the Jaeger Willard Ep. 07, 11, 12 2018
Lupin Zero Colonel Meerschaum Ep. "The Man who Operates in Secret" 2022 - 2023

LP 08

LP 08 - 9x19mm Parabellum
LP 08 with Trommelmagazin 08 drum magazine - 9x19mm Parabellum
LP 08 with stock and Trommelmagazin 08 - 9x19mm Parabellum

The LP 08 (Lange Pistole 08, "Long Pistol 08") is a variant of the P 08 with a longer barrel, barrel-mounted 800m tangent sight, and a detachable stock (which also features a leather holster). It was developed shortly after the adoption of the standard P 08 and adopted in 1913. The LP 08 was intented for use by artillery crews and other behind-the-front troops whose primary duties are roles besides frontline fighting, but who may be put in a position of needing to defend themselves; it is essentially the earliest precursor to the much more modern Personal Defense Weapon concept (such as the MP7). The LP 08 was also very well liked by the Air Service, as its compact, handy nature paired with semi-automatic fire made it ideal for use in early (pre mounted machine gun) military aircraft, both as a survivial weapon and to fire at enemy planes.

As trench warfare set in during the Great War, it was realized that these stocked, semi-auto pistols were far superior than the cumbersome fixed magazine bolt action rifles for trench raiding. To aid in this, the drum magazine which had recently been developed for the Mondragón rifle was adapted to fit the LP 08, resulting in the Trommelmagazin 08; its 32-round capacity gave this pistol carbine massively more close range firepower than anything else of the time. The drum magazine would soon go on to be used in one of the world's first submachine guns, the MP 18.

Although often colloquially referred to as the "Artillery Luger", this is a much more contemporary term for the weapon created by collectors and historians.


  • Type: Pistol, pistol carbine
  • Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum
  • Barrel length: 200mm (7.9")
  • Capacity: 8-round detachable box magazine, 32-round detachable drum magazine (Trommelmagazin 08)
  • Fire mode: Semi-auto


Title Actor Character Note Date
The General Died at Dawn William Frawley Brighton 1936
Yang's bodyguards
The Battle of Stalingrad (Stalingradskaya bitva), Part I German officers 1949
The Witch (Noita palaa elämään) on the wall of Baron's castle 1952
The Guns of Navarone George Mikell Capt. Sessler 1961
The Eye of the Monocle (L'oeil du monocle) Robert Dalban Poussin 1962
Michel Duplaix Archiloque's henchman
The Deadly Decoy (Le gorille a mordu l'archevêque) Roger Hanin "The Gorilla" 1962
Bob Morel Soufflant
Monsieur Gangster Horst Frank Theo with stock and suppressor 1963
Code Name: Tiger (Le Tigre aime la chair fraîche) Roger Hanin Louis Rapière aka Tiger 1964
Henri Attal 1st killer at the airport
Dominique Zardi 2nd killer at the airport
The Monocle Laughs (Le Monocle rit jaune) Robert Dalban Poussin 1964
The Majordomo (Le majordome) The Cat's henchman 1965
Let's Not Get Angry (Ne nous fâchons pas) The Colonel's henchmen stock, suppressed 1966
So Darling So Deadly Golden Dragon's henchman 1966
The Last Adventure Alain Delon Manu Borelli 1967
Who's Got the Black Box (La route de Corinthe) Antonio Passalia The Killer suppressed 1967
One of Khalidès men
Branded to Kill Ambushers Replica gun with approximate similarity 1967
Ho! Seen in François Holin's weapon box 1968
Don't Take God's Children for Wild Geese Bernard Blier Charles 1968
Take It Easy It's a Waltz (Laisse aller ... c'est une Valse) Michel Constantin Michel 1971
Varèse´s Man
In the Black Sands (V chyornykh peskakh) Bimbolat Vatayev Shamurad-Khan 1973
The Land That Time Forgot Doug McClure Bowen Tyler 1975
Keith Barron Lt. John Bradley
John McEnery Capt. Friedrich von Schoenvorts
Anthony Ainley Lt. Dietz
German and British sailors
The Phoney (Le Faux-cul) Robert Hossein Kaminsky Suppressed 1975
Project A Biao Yuen Hong Tin-Tzue 1983
Dick Wei San-Po
Hong Kong Police Force and Marine Police officers, gangsters
Hagi-Tragger Vadim Zakharchenko Voroshilovets suppressed 1994
Sergey Shakurov Al-Harun
Michael Collins IRA forces 1996
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Stuart Townsend Dorian Gray Gold plated 2003
Layer Cake Daniel Craig XXXX 2004
King Kong Thomas Kretschmann Capt. Englehorn 2005
War Horse Sebastian Hülk German Officer with stock 2011
German Troops
The King's Man Matthew Goode The Shepard 2021


Title Actor Character Note/Episode Date
Columbo "Double Exposure" (S03E04) 1971-2003
The Strogovs (Strogovy) Adolf Ilyin Evdokim Yutkin Ep.8 1976
Viktor Pavlov Demyan Shtychkov
A White Army officer
The Professionals 1977-1981
Anzacs Paul Hogan Pat Cleary stock 1985
Investigation Held by ZnaToKi (Sledstvie vedut ZnaToKi) Yuri Averin Mordvnov Sr. "Case No.22"; with fake sound suppressor 1989
Vitaliy Yedininskov Mordvinov Jr.
Roman Vildan Krushanskiy
Koval's henchman
Clash of Futures Jakub Koudela Captain Kappel Ep. 01 "Surviving" 2021
Jan Krauter Hans Beimler
Luc Feit Fiete
Joel Basman Rudolf Höß Ep. 04 "Revolution"

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Notation Release Date
BloodRayne Leug 08 Artillery stock and drum mag 2002
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames 2008
Bioshock 2 Gold plated 2010
Deadfall Adventures P-08 2013
Verdun Lange Pistole Parabellum 1908 Artillerie Luger stock and drum magazine 2015
Battle of Empires: 1914-1918 drum magazine 2015
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 2016
Screaming Steel: 1914-1918 drum magazine 2017
Enlisted stock and drum magazine 2021
Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront 2021
Beyond The Wire Lange Pistole 08 stock, 8-round or 32-round magazines 2022


Title Voice Actor Characters Notation Date
Fantastic Mr. Fox Franklin Bean 2009


Title Character Note Date
Black Lagoon Aryan Socialist Union soldier gold plated 2006

Luger Carbine

Luger Carbine - 7.65x21mm Luger

A rare commercial carbine version of the Luger pistol produced by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) around the turn of the 20th century. The carbines are all chambered in 7.65x21mm Parabellum. Their model names have been variously referred as Model 1900 or Model 1902.

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Battlefield 1 2016
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 2016
Far Cry 5 2018
Far Cry New Dawn 2019
Far Cry 6 2021

Non-Firing Replicas

Marushin P-08 Hermann Goring

Marushin P-08 Hermann Goring
Tokyo Marui Ashford Gold Luger - 6mm BB. This is a licensed replica of the gold-plated Luger P 08s from Resident Evil – Code: Veronica, themselves based on the Marushin P-08 Hermann Goring model gun.
Gold-plated Krieghoff Presentation Luger for comparison - 9x19mm. Note that, compared to the Marushin replica, it lacks the dated presentation marking plate, and has a different grip pattern.

The P-08 Hermann Goring is a non-firing metal P 08 model made by Marushin of Japan (sometimes branded under Marushin's American brand name, American Collectors Group). They are replicas of the gold-plated and engraved "Krieghoff Presentation Luger" produced by Krieghoff Heinrich Gun Co of Suhl sometime in the 1930s-40s.

The Krieghoff Presentation Lugers were made with gold or platinum plating, ivory grips with Germanic Oak Leaf and Acorn patterns, and the platinum models are known to feature a presentation marking dated August 15, 1939. They were documented to have been purchased by Nazi German leader Hermann Göring, likely as gifts. Few Krieghoff Presentation Lugers exist, and even fewer are properly documented; the main source of information related to these guns comes from the book The Krieghoff Parabellum by Randall Gibson.

The Marushin replicas have a number of differences compared to the real gold-plated Krieghoff Presentation Luger (of which only one is known to exist, and was auctioned by the Rock Island Auction Company) that made them visually distinguishable:

  • The Marushin replica has a 1939-dated presentation marking plate, which the real weapon lacks
  • The Marushin replica has a custom grip pattern that is not found on the real weapons

Additionally, the Marushin model guns are all made with the "serial number" 16999; the real gold-plated Krieghoff Presentation Luger instead has the serial number 16939.

An airsoft replica of the Marushin model replica was made by Tokyo Marui under the name Ashford Gold Luger, as a licensed spin-off product of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica, which featured Lugers that are based on the Marushin models. They can be identified by the absence of a lanyard loop behind their toggle locks.


Title Actor Character Note Date
Cutie Honey Eriko Sato Honey Kisaragi 2004
Eriko Sato Panther Claw Goons

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Notation Release Date
Resident Evil: Code Veronica "Ashford Gold Lugers" ornately-engraved and gold-plated 2000

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