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Violent City

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Violent City
Città violenta
VC poster.jpg
Official DVD Cover
Country ITA.jpg Italy
FRA.jpg France
Directed by Philippe Godeau
Release Date 1970
Language English
Distributor Universal Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jeff Heston Charles Bronson
Vanessa Shelton Jill Ireland
Al Weber Telly Savalas

The Family (1973 re-release)

Violent City (aka The Family and Città violenta) is 1970 French/Italian crime film co-written and directed by Sergio Sollima, starring Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas, and Jill Ireland. It was initially released in the US as Violent City, which was the translation of the Italian title, Città violenta. The film was then retitled The Family for a second, much wider, release in 1973, to shamelessly capitalize on the success of The Godfather. (See the poster for The Family on the right.) Producers had initially wanted Jon Voight and Sharon Tate for the leads, but Charles Bronson was already under contract, so he and his wife Jill Ireland were brought in. The film was shot on location in New Orleans and St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, with some studio scenes filmed at Cinecittà Studios in Rome.

The following weapons appear in the film Violent City:



Luger P08

A hitman who comes after Jeff Heston (Charles Bronson) is armed with a Luger P08. Jeff later takes it away and uses it for himself.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
The hitmen blow up Jeff's Mustang.
Jeff with the hitman's Luger.
Another Luger in Killain's (Michel Constantin) case.
A production still of Jeff with a Luger.

Beretta M951

Another hitman is armed with a Beretta M951.

Beretta M951 - 9x19mm
VC 1951 01.jpg


Smith & Wesson Model 49

Jeff carries a Smith & Wesson Model 49 for self defense. Vanessa (Jill Ireland) plays with it for a bit.

Smith & Wesson Model 49 - .38 Special
Jeff holds his S&W 49 on Killain.
Vanessa with Jeff's S&W 49.
VC SW49 03.jpg
VC SW49 04.jpg
VC SW49 05.jpg

Colt Official Police

A police officer (uncredited) fires a nickel plated Colt Official Police at the end of the film.

Colt Official Police - 4" Barrel - .38 Special
VC OP 01.jpg
VC OP 02.jpg


Winchester Model 1200

Jeff carries a Winchester Model 1200 when he goes into the bayou to kill Vanessa.

Winchester Model 1200 Police Model - 12 Gauge
Jeff opens the chamber on his Winchester 1200.
VC W1200 02.jpg
VC W1200 03.jpg
VC W1200 04.jpg


Remington 700

In a flashback, Jeff kills Coogan's uncle with a Remington 700.

Remington Model 700 BDL - .300 Win. Mag.
VC R700 01.jpg
VC R700 02.jpg
A production still of Jeff with the Remington 700.

ArmaLite AR-7

Jeff goes after Coogan with a suppressed ArmaLite AR-7.

Armalite AR-7 - .22 LR
Jeff assembles the AR-7.
VC AR7 02.jpg
Jeff screws on the suppressor.
Jeff scores the bullet. Notice that this is obviously not a .22 LR round in his hands.
VC AR7 05.jpg

Ruger Model 44

Jeff uses a Ruger Model 44 at the end of the film.

Ruger Model 44 Deerstalker - .44 Magnum
VC R44 01.jpg
VC R44 02.jpg
VC R44 03.jpg
A production still of Jeff with the Ruger Model 44.

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