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Rookies Run Amok 2 (Le retour des bidasses en folie)

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Rookies Run Amok 2
(Le retour des bidasses en folie)
Le Retour des bidasses en folie Poster.jpg
Original Movie Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
Directed by Michel Vocoret
Release Date 1983
Language French
Studio Cinéthèque
France International Productions
Les Productions Belles Rives
Main Cast
Character Actor
Gérard/Alfred Gérard Rinaldi
Jean/Emile Jean Sarrus
Phil/Marcel Gérard Filipelli
Sgt. Lucien Luis Rego
Adjutant Cossade Franck-Olivier Bonnet
Gen. Lastra Jacques Jouanneau
Colonel von Berg Roger Carel
Ginette Michèle Rey
Pauline Marianne Loyen

Rookies Run Amok 2 (original title Le retour des bidasses en folie, "The Return of the Mad Sadsacks") is a 1983 French comedy directed by Michel Vocoret and starring a popular French comedy group Les Charlots. In the opening scene three of the Charlots visit their fathers (played by the same actors) in the day when the veterans are awarded for their World War II service. The fathers tell their sons a story that happened to them in 1944, and soon it appears that the adventure has a continuation in more modern days...

Note: despite the title, this movie is unrelated to 1971 Les Charlots movie Les Bidasses en folie (English release titles Rookies Run Amok or Five Crazy Boys).

The following weapons were used in the film Rookies Run Amok 2 (Le retour des bidasses en folie):


Mle 1892 Revolver

Adjutant (Warrant Officer) Cossade (Franck-Olivier Bonnet) carries a sidearm in holster. The shape of the grip with the lanyard ring allows to identify the gun as Mle 1892 Revolver.

Modele d’Ordonnance Mle 1892 Revolver - 8 x 27mm SR
A small part of the grip with a lanyard ring can be seen.

Luger P08

Luger P08 pistols are used by German officers. In one scene Alfred (Gérard Rinaldi), disguised as a German officer, holds a P08.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Lt. Karl (Pierre Semmler) holds a Luger.

Submachine Guns


Many German soldiers are seen with MP40 SMGs.

MP40 submachine gun - 9x19mm
A German officer fires an MP40 from the turret of armoured car.
German soldiers with MP40 on a road block.
German soldiers with MP40s.

Sten Mk II

Some French soldiers are armed with Sten Mk II SMGs.

Sten Mk II (Canadian) - 9x19mm
One of the soldiers holds a Sten Mk II.
A Sten Mk II is seen at the foreground.

Sten Mk III

French soldiers also use Sten Mk III SMGs.

Sten Mk III - 9x19mm
Two of the soldiers hold Sten Mk IIIs.
A Sten Mk III is seen at the foreground.
A barrel of Sten Mk III is seen behind a Sten Mk II.


Double Barreled Side by Side Shotguns

In the final scene veterans Alfred (Gérard Rinaldi) and Marcel (Gérard Filipelli) are seen with double barreled shotguns.

Alfred and Marcel with side by side shotguns.

Double Barreled O/U Shotgun

In the same scene Emile (Jean Sarrus) carries an Over and Under Shotgun.

Emile holds an O/U shotgun.



Most French soldiers, including Alfred (Gérard Rinaldi), Emile (Jean Sarrus) and Marcel (Gérard Filipelli), use MAS-36 rifles.

MAS-36 - 7.5x54mm French
Numerous MAS-36s with fixed bayonets are seen in gun rack.
Marcel, Emile and Alfred (from left to right) use their MAS-36s for duck hunting.
Alfred in ambush with MAS-36.
French soldiers with MAS-36 rifles and Sten SMGs.
Sgt. Lucien (Luis Rego) carries a MAS-36.

Mauser Gewehr 98M

In the scene when Alfred (Gérard Rinaldi), Emile (Jean Sarrus) and Marcel (Gérard Filipelli) return to their unit on a captured German tank, Mauser Gewehr 98M rifles are seen in hands of all three instead of their MAS-36s (later they use MAS-36s again). Gewehr 98M rifles are also used by German soldiers. These rifles have tangent-leaf sights rather than Lange sights so they appear to be of 1920s version.

Mauser Gewehr 1898M - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Emile holds a Gewehr 98 rifle while riding on a captured tank.
German soldiers carry Gewehr 98 rifles. Straight bolt handles can be seen.
German soldiers with Gewehr 98 rifles in another scene. The rifles are fitted with tangent-leaf sights.
A close view of a barrel.

FN Trombone

In the opening scene veterans Alfred (Gérard Rinaldi), Emile (Jean Sarrus) and Marcel (Gérard Filipelli) have a good time, firing small caliber rifles in the shooting gallery on the village fair. FN Trombone seems to be a good guess.

FN Trombone - .22 Short, .22 Long, .22 LR
Le retour des bidasses en folie-Rifle-1.jpg
Le retour des bidasses en folie-Rifle-2.jpg

Machine Guns

Browning M1919A4

In one scene an M24 Chaffee tank appears as a German tank. In addition to its main 76-mm gun it is armed with two machine guns, a front-mounted Browning M1919A4E1 and a top-mounted Browning M1919A4.

Browning M1919A4 on an M31C pedestal mount - .30-06 Springfield
An M1919 is seen on the turret.
A close view of the machine gun.
A machine gun is seen at the left.

Browning M1919A4E1

The abovementioned M24 Chaffee has a front-mounted Browning M1919A4E1 machine gun.

Browning M1919A4E1 - .30-06 Springfield
A front machine gun.

M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle

In the same scene a German officer fires a machine gun, mounted on the cupola of M8 Greyhound that appears as a German armoured car. It appears to be a M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle with removed bipod. Similar machine gun, this time on a bipod, is used by French soldiers in one scene. It, again without a bipod, also is visible in the middle of the rifles rack.

M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle - .30-06
A machine gun is seen on the turret, next to the tanker officer with MP40 in hands.
The officer fires the machine gun.
French soldiers with machine gun. While a belt is seen, it appears to be simply put over the machine gun, not used to feed it.
A machine gun is seem among MAS-36 rifles in gun rack.


M24 Chaffee Light Tank

In one scene Alfred, Emile and Marcel encounter a German tank that appears to be an M24 Chaffee. The tank gun is fitted with a muzzle brake that makes the tank look similar to M41 Walker Bulldog but the chassis allows to tell for sure that it's an M24.

A front view of the tank.
A side view of the tank.
An FPS view of the tank gun.

M8 Greyhound Armoured Car

In the abovementioned scene the tank is supported with an armoured car that appears to be an M8 Greyhound.

The Greyhound in German camo.
A close view of the turret with 37-mm gun.

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