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Now Where Did the 7th Company Get To? (Mais où est donc passée la 7ème compagnie?)

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Now Where Did the 7th Company Get To?
(Mais où est donc passée la 7ème compagnie?)
7eme compagnie Poster.jpg
Original French Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Robert Lamoureux
Release Date 1973
Language French
Studio Euro International Film
Gaumont International
Main Cast
Character Actor
Pvt. Pitivier Jean Lefebvre
Sergent-chef (Staff Sergeant) Chaudard Pierre Mondy
Pvt. Tassin Aldo Maccione
Col. Blanchet Robert Lamoureux
Capt. Dumont Pierre Tornade
Lt. Duvauchel Erik Colin
Pvt. Carlier Alain Doutey
Maj. Von Kurtel Konrad von Bork

Now Where Did the 7th Company Get To? (Mais où est donc passée la 7ème compagnie?) is a 1973 French-Italian war comedy directed by Robert Lamoureux. The story is set in May 1940 during the Battle of France. Sergeant and two soldiers, sent on a mission, find themselves behind enemy lines. Together with a French pilot whose plane is downed in air fight they encounter various adventures.

The film was followed with two sequels: The Seventh Company Has Been Found (On a retrouvé la 7ème compagnie!) (1975) and The Seventh Company Outdoors (La 7ème compagnie au clair de lune) (1977), also filmed by Robert Lamoureux.

The following weapons were used in the film Now Where Did the 7th Company Get To? (Mais où est donc passée la 7ème compagnie?):


MAS Mle 1892

Sergeant Chaudard (Pierre Mondy) and various French officers carry holsters for Mle 1892 Revolvers. In most cases these holsters appear to be flat and empty except for a single occasion of a German agent, disguised as a French gendarme of road block. A small part of the grip with lanyard ring is seen in his holster. During the encounter with main characters, the fake gendarme draws his gun and fires, but the handgun itself isn't seen.

Modele d’Ordonnance Mle 1892 Revolver - 8x27mm SR
Capt. Dumont (Pierre Tornade) carries a revolver holster. Note that the holster bent at the bottom which proves that it is empty.
Col. Blanchet (a cameo of film director Robert Lamoureux) carries a revolver holster. An officer at the background carries a holster for some compact pistol.
Sgt. Chaudard carries a revolver holster.
Another view of Chaudard's holster.
A fake gendarme carries a holster. A small part of the grip with lanyard ring can be seen.


Luger P08

Luger P08 pistols are seen in hands of two crewmembers of German armoured vehicle, one of the fake French gendarmes and German Maj. von Kurtel (Konrad von Bork).

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
A German motorcyclist carries a holster for Luger P08.
Two crewmembers of a German vehicle hold Lugers when they enter a farm.
7eme compagnie-P08-3.jpg
One of the Germans fires. The jointed arm of the Luger doesn't move so the muzzle flash appear to be produced by a pyrotechnic charge rather than a blank cartridge.
The second fake gendarme fires in air, signalling to German ambush that the cars with French officers approach.
Maj. von Kurtel orders French officers to surrender.
The second fake gendarme hides a Luger behind his back. He carries a holster for a compact pistol.
He fires at Pvt. Carlier who reveals himself as a French while being disguised as a German.

Submachine Guns


Many German soldiers are armed with MP40 SMGs.

MP40 - 9x19mm
German soldier on motorcycle carries MP40s.
Same soldier with MP40 is seen at the right.
A close view of the barrel of MP40.
A soldier with MP40.
7eme compagnie-MP40-5.jpg
German soldiers encircle French 7th Company in forest.
German soldiers guard French POWs.
German soldiers aim their MP40s at French POWs who greet the victory of French pilot in air fight.
An officer takes an MP40 from a soldier.
A Feldgendarmerie soldier orders wine from a French shopkeeper.



Pitivier (Jean Lefebvre) and other French soldiers carry MAS-36 rifles.

MAS-36 - 7.5x54mm French
A close view of the barrel of MAS-36.
A soldier carries a MAS-36.
Pitivier (at the left) and another soldier carry MAS-36s.
A close view of the bolt of Pitivier's rifle.
Rifles of the soldiers of 7th Company.
Pitivier's rifle is seen in the scene on the cemetry.
7eme compagnie-MAS36-7.jpg
Another good view of Pitivier's rifle.

Mauser rifle

Some German soldiers are armed with Mauser rifles. They are seen too unclear to be identified for sure. Some rifles seem shorter and possibly are Karabiner 98k while others are longer and may be Gewehr 98s.

For comparison: Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
For comparison: Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
7eme compagnie-Mauser-2.jpg
7eme compagnie-Mauser-3.jpg
Soldiers with Mauser rifles. Some rifles seem shorter and possibly are Karabiner 98k while others are longer and may be Gewehr 98s.
A German soldier guards French POWs. The bolt of the rifle has turned down handle but the stock lacks a notch for the bolt handle, unlike 98k.
One of the soldiers, guarding French POWs, holds a full-length rifle.

Machine Guns

Chatellerault M1924/29

Pvt. Tassin (Aldo Maccione) carries a Chatellerault M1924/29 light machine gun throughout the movie.

Chatellerault Mle 1924 M29 Light Machine Gun - 7.5x54mm
Tassin with FM24/29 light machine gun.
7eme compagnie-FM2429-2.jpg
Tassin holds the machine gun in the scene on the cemetry.
Three soldiers on their way in the wood. The monopod on the buttstock of the machine gun is seen.
A good view of the machine gun.
Tassin fires at fake gendarmes.


MG42 machine guns, out of time for 1940, are seen in several scenes.

MG42 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
7eme compagnie-Halftrack-1.jpg
MG42 machine guns are mounted on M3 Halftracks, visually modified to resemble Sd.Kfz. 250/251.
An MG42 in ambush.

Browning M1919A4E1

Browning M1919A4E1 machine guns are front-mounted on M24 Chaffee tanks that stand for German Panzer III.

Browning M1919A4E1 - .30-06 Springfield
The barrel of frontal machine gun is seen.
The barrel of frontal machine gun is seen.

Other Weapons

Model 24 Stielhandgranate

In the scene on the cemetry a German soldier throws a Model 24 Stielhandgranate.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade
7eme compagnie-Grenade-1.jpg
A German soldier readies to throw a Stielhandgranate that is seen very blurry due to fast motion.

3.7 cm Pak 35/36

The half-track APC, captured by the main characters, is equipped with a 3.7 cm Pak 35/36 cannon. The gun is fitted with a mockup barrel, much longer than the original one, but the breech, cradle and shield appear to be genuine. Tassin (Aldo Maccione) and Pitivier (Jean Lefebvre) serve the gun.

3.7 cm Pak 35/36 anti-tank gun - 37x249 mm R
The Halftrack with AT gun. Note the long barrel.
The vehicle is captured by French soldiers.
The breech is seen.
Another view of the open breech.
Pitivier holds a gun round.
Tassin and Pitivier load and aim the gun.
They prepare to fire.

2 Inch M3 Smoke Mortar

M24 Chaffee tanks, standing for German Panzer III, are equpped with 2 Inch M3 smoke mortar, mounted at the left of the main gun. This weapon is identical with the British Bomb Thrower, 2 inch, Mk I smoke mortar.

Bomb Thrower, 2 inch, Mk I (UK) / 2 inch Mortar M3 (US) - 50.8mm smoke bomb
The muzzle of Mortar M3 is seen in the gun mantlet.


M3 Halftrack

In one scene the four main characters capture a German half-track technical support vehicle, armed with a 37mm AT gun. The vehicle is an M3 Halftrack, standing for Sd.Kfz. 250 or 251. Some more M3 Halftracks, fitted with fake sloped armor on sides to make them resemble Sd.Kfz. 251s, are seen in one scene.

7eme compagnie-Halftrack-1.jpg
M3 Halftracks, visually modified to resemble Sd.Kfz. 250/251. MG42 machine guns are mounted on the vehicles.
7eme compagnie-Pak-1.jpg
7eme compagnie-Pak-2.jpg
The M3 Halftrack with 37mm AT gun.

M24 Chaffee

Several M24 Chaffee tanks stand for German Panzer III tanks. One of M24s is visually modified to resemble Panther tank (out of time for 1940); such props are seen in many French war movies.

An M24 Chaffee on road. Unlike other tanks of same model, seen in the movie, this particular vehicle lacks the frontal machine gun.
Another M24 Chaffee. This tank has the frontal machine gun on place.
Two standard M24 tanks and a Chaffee, disguised as a "small Panther" (at the background).
The fake "Panther" is destroyed by a hit of AT gun.


A North American T-6 Texan appears as a Luftwaffe attack plane.
Another T-6 Texan appears as Armee de l'Air Francaise fighter plane.
SIPA S.121 appears as a Luftwaffe fighter plane.


A Renault R35 tank is seen on a wartime photo in French newspaper.

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