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Velvet Assassin

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Velvet Assassin (2009)

Velvet Assassin is a third person shooter/stealth action game available for the PC and Xbox 360. The player controls Violette Summer, a British spy during the second World War. The game is often called as the "World War II Splinter Cell", because both games share the same gameplay elements such as sneaking, hiding bodies and insanely hard difficulty. The game was released in April 2009 and received mixed reviews.

The following weapons appear in the game Velvet Assassin:

Colt M1911A1

The Colt M1911A1 appears in the game as "Colt". It is the first real firearm Violette can obtain after the knife. The M1911A1 first appears in the second level, strangely in the middle of a German bunker in a steel locker. Has the standard 7-round capacity and is always suppressed. A powerful weapon that can kill any German soldier with one, or at most two shots to the chest but finding ammo for it can be a problem.

World War 2 issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
The M1911A1 in a German locker with a box of .45 ACP ammunition.
Violette aims with her suppressed Colt M1911A1.
Violette holding an M1911A1 on a loading screen. Unsuppressed version of the Colt in not available in the game.

Luger P08

The Luger P08 first appears in the third level as a usable weapon. Holds 8 bullets, deals the same damage as the Colt M1911A1 but is not suppressed. The Luger P04 "Marine" is the standard handgun of the German officers, and is recognizable by a barrel shorter than the Artillerie model and the rear sight which are not adjustable. During a conversation one of the German soldiers mentions that the "Parabellum is the most beautiful weapon ever made." Also, unique silver Lugers can be found in the game as hidden collectibles.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
The Luger P08 and a box of ammo in a locker.
Violette aims with her Luger while disguised as a German SS Officer.
Luger P04 "Marine" with stock/holster - 9x19mm
The Luger P04 "Marine" on a loading screen.
A German officer searches for Violette with his Luger "Marine" in hand.

Leuchtpistole 42

The LP-42 Flare Pistol can be used to distract guards, or even to set them on fire. It is an ultimate one-shot-kill weapon but appears only in a few missions and is often well hidden. It acts as a suppressed weapon, because shooting it in the middle of a German camp will not alert the guards.

LP-42 Flare Pistol - 26.65mm
LP-42 flare pistol in a locker.
Violette holds the Leuchtpistole 42.
Somebody is about to get badly burnt.

Stevens Model 620

The Stevens Model 620 shotgun first appears in the second level after the gas tank explosion. Violette uses it to escape the bunker before it collapses. Strangely lots of German soldiers use it as their primary weapon, most notably during the "Cathedral" level. It is modelled with the 5-round tube but holds six shells. Due to an animation error Violette loads the shells into the ejection port during the reload. Called "Stevens Shot Gun Model 620", which is a bit strange since video games rarely include the manufacturer's name when referring to a weapon. The VG artists made an error in their depiction of the Model 620. The shotgun in the game has a fore end that extends all the way forward to the magazine tube cap (like a 5 shot Remington 870 or a 5 shot S&W Model 3000 shotgun), however the Model 620 has two inches of shell tube ahead of the forearm when in the forward position.

Stevens Model 620 - 12 ga.
The Stevens Model 620 shotgun in a locker.
The Model 620 on Violette's back.
Violette blows away a German guard with the Model 620.


The Sturmgewehr 44 is the most powerful but also the most inaccurate weapon in Velvet Assassin. The large recoil and muzzle flash makes the aiming a little bit hard, but the 30-round magazine and large stopping power compensates this issue. Many of the enemy soldiers carry one throughout the game. Unfortunately, it can only be picked up and used in the last two levels. Referred to as "StG44 Assault Rifle".

STG-44 - 7.92x33mm
STG-44 and Luger P08 in a locker.
A German guard stands with his STG-44 in the crypt.
STG-44 in the hands of a patrolling soldier.
Violette doesn't like if she gets woken up early.

Gewehr 43

The semi-automatic Gewehr 43 appears as "G43 Sniper Rifle" in Velvet Assassin. First found in "The Third Man" level, hidden in a locker. It is always equipped with a ZF42 scope. Holds only 5 bullets instead of the real weapon's 10-round capacity and incorrectly appears as a bolt-action rifle.

Scoped Gewehr 43 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The Gewehr 43 in a locker next to a Luger.
Violette holding the scoped Gewehr 43.
Violette aims at an unsuspicious guard.


Most German soldiers carry MP40 submachine guns in the game. This weapon cannot be used by the player.

MP40 - 9x19mm
A German soldier with an MP40 on his shoulder.
A guard searches for the intruder.

Flammenwerfer 35

The Flammenwerfer 35 is used by German soldiers most notably in the "Fade to Grey" level to wipe out the villagers. Violette can never acquire this powerful weapon.

Flammenwerfer 35
3D model of the flamethrower used in the game.
A German soldier fires the flamethrower.
Violette stabs a guard to avenge the killed villagers.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate

The Model 24 Stielhandgranate can be found on some guards' belt. It can be secretly triggered on their belt turning them into a walking bomb that explodes after a few seconds. This is a useful technique to take out groups of enemies - but the sound of the explosion can alert the others.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
Model 24 Stielhandgranate on a dead soldier's belt.

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