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The Phoney (Le Faux-cul)

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The Phoney (Le Faux-cul)
Le Faux-cul Poster.jpg
Original French Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
GER.jpg West Germany
Directed by Roger Hanin
Release Date 1975
Language French
Les Productions Belles Rives
Main Cast
Character Actor
Maxime Bernard Blier
Freaumont André Falcon
President Gunda Ley Mory Traoré
Dahlia Marie Grinewald
Samuel Blumenfeld Gérard Darmon
Stafford Edward Meeks
Kaminsky Robert Hossein
Lucien Frémicourt Roger Dumas

The Phoney (Le Faux-cul) is a 1975 French spy comedy directed by Roger Hanin. The President of African state visites France to sign the agreement with the French government about delivering uranium from his country. Secret servicies of several states are trying to foil the signing of the agreement. Maxime (Bernard Blier), middle-aged official of French government, appears to be the key figure of this covert struggle.

The following weapons were used in the film The Phoney (Le Faux-cul):


Smith & Wesson Model 36

Israeli agent Samuel Blumenfeld (Gérard Darmon) uses the suppressed Smith & Wesson Model 36 in several scenes.

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special
Blumenfeld appears from the coffin with his suppressed revolver in hand.
Blumenfeld readies the revolver in the scene in WC.
He surprises the agent of the enemy side.

Luger P08 Artillery

American agent Kaminsky (Robert Hossein) uses the suppressed Luger P08 Artillery in several scenes.

Luger LP08 long barreled "Artillery" model - 9x19mm
Kaminsky fires at his target.
Kaminsky holds his pistol in the scene on the pasture.
The pistol is seen next to the body.

Colt M1911A1

In one scene American agent Stafford (Edward Meeks) draws the M1911A1 pistol on Maxime (Bernard Blier). Another 1911 (probably the same prop) is seen among the guns in Maxime's apartments. In the final scene Van Pallenberg (Hans Verner) holds the 1911.

Pre-War Colt M1911A1 - Commercial Model known as the "Colt Government Model" - .45 ACP. This has a deep Colt factory blued finish, common for commercial variants before and after the war.
Stafford tries to threaten Maxime.
M1911A1 on the top shelf in Maxime's apartments.
Van Pallenberg draws his 1911.
He puts it to his head.

Unique Model D3

In the final scene Maxime (Bernard Blier) draws the Unique Model D .22 caliber pistol (judging by the length of the barrel, it appears to be Model D3 with 8" barrel). Another Model D3 (probably the same prop) is seen among the guns in Maxime's apartments.

Unique Model D3 - .22 LR
Maxime takes Dahlia as hostage.
A view of the pistol from the muzzle.
Unique Model D3 on the top shelf.

Enfield No.2 Mk.1*

Enfield No.2 Mk.1* revolver is seen among the guns in Maxime's apartments.

Enfield No.2 Mk.1* - .38 S&W
Enfield No.2 Mk.1* on the top shelf.

Astra 400

Astra 400 pistol is seen among the guns in Maxime's apartments.

Astra 400 - 9 x 23mm Bergmann / Largo
Astra 400 on the bottom shelf.

Submachine Guns

Sten Mk II

In the final scene Maxime's mother (Hélène Duc) takes the Sten Mk II.

Sten Mk II (Canadian) - 9x19mm
Sten among other Maxime's guns.
Mommy takes the Sten and the Unique Model D3 from the cupboard.
A closeup of firing Sten.

Other Weapons

F1 hand grenade

A pair of F1 hand grenades is seen among the guns in Maxime's apartments.

F1 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade with Mle1935 fuse.
Two grenades on the bottom shelf.

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