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Colt 38 Special Squad (Quelli della calibro 38)

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Colt 38 Special Squad
(Quelli della calibro 38)
Quelli della calibro 38 Poster.jpg
Original Italian poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Massimo Dallamano
Release Date 1976
Language Italian
Studio European Inc.
Main Cast
Character Actor
Commissioner Vanni Marcel Bozzuffi
Marsigliese Ivan Rassimov
Commissioner Petrucci Giancarlo Bonuglia
Sandra Carole Andre
Det. Nicola Silvestri Riccardo Salvino
Guido Pugliese Antonio Marsina

Colt 38 Special Squad (original title Quelli della calibro 38, "Those ones of 38 caliber") is a 1976 Italian crime movie directed by Massimo Dallamano. Commissioner Vanni (Marcel Bozzuffi) is waging a personal war against a ruthless crime boss known as "Marsigliese" (Ivan Rassimov), who murdered Vanni's wife. The main weapon of this war is a special squad of four police detectives that ride swift bikes and carry powerful revolvers.

The following weapons were used in the film Colt 38 Special Squad (Quelli della calibro 38):


Llama Comanche

The signature weapon of the special squad are long barreled revolvers. Contrary to the movie title, they are neither Colts nor .38 caliber but .357 Llama Comanches, identified due to the combination of vent rib and short shrouded ejector rod (another revolver with such features is the Colt Trooper MK V but, the Trooper would not be released until six years after this film was released).

Llama Comanche III - .357 Magnum
Five revolvers for the special squad.
From left to right: two unnamed detectives (Daniele Gabbai and Ezio Miani), Franco Lubrano (Francesco Ferracini), and Nicola Silvestri (Riccardo Salvino).
A special squad member fires his revolver on a shooting range.
Franco Lubrano (Francesco Ferracini) and his unnamed comrade-in-arms (Daniele Gabbai) in action.
Commissioner Vanni (Marcel Bozzuffi) opens the revolver.
Vanni prepares to fire the revolver in Marsigliese's hideout.

Beretta M1934

In the opening scene, Commissioner Vanni (Marcel Bozzuffi) uses a Beretta M1934. It misfires when Vanni tries to shoot at Marsigliese and this inspires Vanni to arm his subordinates with revolvers.

Beretta Model 1934 - .380 ACP
A close view of Vanni's Beretta.

Unique Bcf-66

In several scenes, Marsigliese (Ivan Rassimov) is armed with a pistol that appears to be a French Unique Bcf-66 pistol (Marsigliese is supposed to be a French criminal, after all!). Sometimes it is fitted with a sound suppressor.

Unique Bcf-66 - .380 ACP
Marsigliese aims his suppressed pistol at a man whom he suspects to be a police informant.
The brown Bakelite grip with lanyard loop is seen.
Marsigliese holds a pistol in the final scene.
Marsigliese threatens a hostage boy with his pistol.

Beretta M1951

During the shootout in the opening scene, Marsigliese (Ivan Rassimov) is armed with a pistol that appears to be a Beretta M1951. M1951s are also seen in the hands of various criminals.

Beretta M951 - 9x19mm
Marsigliese fires his pistol.
A criminal holds an M1951 pistol.
Marsigliese's henchman, disguised as a policeman, fires at the prison guards escorting Guido Pugliese.

Luger P08

Marsigliese's henchmen use Luger P08 pistols in several scenes.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
A criminal fires a Luger in the opening scene.
Marsigliese's brother (Augusto Funari) fires a Luger.
Quelli della calibro 38-P08-3.jpg
Guido Pugliese (Antonio Marsina), Marsigliese's lieutenant, fires a Luger.

Submachine Guns

Beretta M38/42 or M38/44

In several scenes, police carry Beretta M38/42 or Beretta M38/44 SMGs. They are seen only at a distance or in darkness.

Beretta Model 38/42 - 9x19mm
Beretta Model 38/44 - 9x19mm
A policeman holds a Beretta SMG in the opening scene.
Numerous uniformed policemen with Beretta SMGs are seen in the final scene.

Sten Mk II

Several of Marsigliese's henchmen use Sten Mk II.

Sten Mk II (Canadian) - 9x19mm
A criminal fires a Sten in the opening scene.
Another view of the Sten.
Roland (Giancarlo Sisti) holds a Sten when the police storm Marsigliese's hideout.
Roland's Sten is seen next to his body.


ArmaLite AR-7

In one scene Marsigliese (Ivan Rassimov) fires an ArmaLite AR-7 fitted with sniper scope and sound suppressor.

ArmaLite AR-7 - .22 LR
Quelli della calibro 38-AR7-1.jpg
Marsigliese assembles the AR-7.
A close-up view of the receiver. The "AR-7" inscription and ArmaLite logo can be seen.
Marsigliese fires.


During the attack on Marsigliese's hideout and in the final scene at the airfield, several police snipers carry M16 assault rifles with sniper scopes.

The original M16, the first version with 3-prong flash hider - 5.56x45mm
Two police snipers with M16s.
Two unnamed detectives of the special squad (Daniele Gabbai (at the left) and Ezio Miani) aims sniper M16s in the final scene.
A closer view of the rifle.

M1 Carbine

In several scenes, police snipers carry rifles that are seen only partially but most likely are M1 Carbines, fitted with sniper scopes.

M1 Carbine (Post-War) - .30 Carbine
A police sniper holds his rifle at the left. Note the bayonet lug.
A police sniper in ambush.

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