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Resonance of Fate

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Nice, but where's the trigger?

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Resonance of Fate
Release Date: January 28, 2010
October 18, 2018
Developer: tri-ACE
Publisher: Sega, Ubisoft, tri-ACE
Series: Resonance of Fate
Platforms: PS3
Xbox 360
Windows PC
Genre: JRPG

Resonance of Fate (known in Japan as End of Eternity) is a Japanese role-playing game developed by tri-ACE, originally released on PS3/Xbox 360 in 2010 by Sega. tri-ACE self-published the 2018 PS4/PC port. Resonance of Fate is set in a steampunk world, and features firearms as the main tools of combat. The game features a complex real-time/turn-based hybrid combat system known as the "tri-Attack Battle system". The game stars a trio of mercenaries, Zashyron (Ken Narita/Nolan North), Zephyr (Hiro Shimono/Scott Menville) and Leanne (Aya Endō/Jessica DiCicco).

The following weapons appear in the video game Resonance of Fate:


Beretta 84

Leanne uses a Beretta 84 named "B-N84" as her default weapon. It has low power and charges slowly past point-blank distance, but charges quite quickly within it. It's also quite light, which is good since Leanne starts with terrible carry weight.

Beretta 84 (earlier version with round trigger guard) - .380 ACP
Leanne waves the Beretta 84 around on a victory screen. She's so tiny any other gun in the game looks huge in her hands.
The "B-N84" on the game's customize screen.

Desert Eagle

A Desert Eagle Mark XIX known as the "MI50A" appears as an arena prize. While it can be viewed before even the first fight, it can't be obtained till Chapter 10 since gold coins are unobtainable before then. There's also a series of enemies with unobtainable giant Desert Eagles grafted to their head.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50 AE
Somehow a Desert Eagle is one of the lightest guns in this game.


This two-tone 1911 variant named "1191.45-Auto" (A name that makes no sense as the game is set in the year 1136 of its fictional calendar) is the default equipment of Zephyr. Zephyr uses a different style of 1911 in the opening cutscene. Zashyron also carries one outside of battle, but only one is in the player's inventory at the start of the game. Every character is forcibly and temporarily equipped with one during the optional tutorial. Zashyron uses a yet another completely different 1911 in the pre-rendered attract screen video.

During the opening cutscene Vephyr uses a 1911 that's completely different from the one he'll start the game with.
Vashyron uses yet another distinct style of 1911 in a attract mode cutscene.
The gun Zashyron has holstered outside of battle never changes, regardless of what you equip to him.
Zashyron poses after winning a battle, slightly confused at how none of the bandits in the game carry money.
Zephyr fires mid-air.
This poor 1911 has no idea what horrors await it.
This isn't even its final form. Thankfully none of the "customizations" show on the 3D model.
What in the name of John Moses Browning is going on here?

SIG-Sauer P226R

A SIG-Sauer P226R known as the SG-B226 is purchasable from the shop at the start of the game. Due to its high cost it can't be obtained till the late Chapter 3 without excessive grinding. It is likely the first new firearm obtained past the starting equipment and will obsolete the Beretta 84.

SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm Parabellum
The P226 on the customization screen.
Also unlocked at the end of chapter 3 are alternative clothing options.
A close-up of the underside during a victory animation. Unlike the M1911, this the P226 actually has an accessory rail on its model instead of just its customization screen.


The Luger P08 appears as the "P-09". It can purchased relatively far in the game.

A display at the arena and Cranktown market shows multiple variants. "P-08" can barely be made out on the display. Only the normal version can be obtained by the player.

Luger P08 with black grips - 9x19mm
Luger LP08 long barreled "Artillery" model - 9x19mm
A display stand of Lugers.
The same display elsewhere.
Luger on the customization screen.
Leanne holds the Luger in a victory animation.

Nagant Revolver

Many enemies wield Nagant Revolvers. They can't be obtained by the player.

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant
A bandit in the bestiary.
A rogue gunman returns fire with his trusty magnum.

Smith & Wesson Model 28

Gelsey uses a Smith & Wesson Model 28. It can't be obtained by the player.

Smith & Wesson Model 28 - .357 Magnum
To show how insane he is, Gelsey is introduced playing Russian roulette on his own volition.

Submachine Guns


An MP5K known as "SMG-05" is Zashyron's default weapon. Since a character's level is the sum of their pistol, SMG and grenade proficiency levels, and these proficiency levels can only be raised by dealing damage with that weapon type, all three player characters will use it extensively.

Heckler & Koch MP5K - version with SEF Plastic Trigger Pack - 9x19mm. This is a very well worn motion picture weapon
"YOU CAN FLY?!" "No. Jump good."
The selector lever is briefly seen in a victory animation.
Somehow, the MP5k has a lower weight than the 1911.

TDI Vector

A stockless and somewhat deformed TDI Vector known as the "PDW-XN.V2" can be obtained in an optional dungeon. An identical looking but more powerful "PDW-XN.V3" can be obtained later in a mandatory dungeon near the end of the game.

TDI / KRISS USA Gen I Vector - .45 ACP
Customization screen. Note that the trigger has been significantly lowered, and the pistol grip has been extended to accommodate; this was likely done to reuse animations from the MP5K.
Leanne holds the Vector in a victory animation.


Many generic enemies near the start of the game use a MAC-10. Mid-game enemies add a suppressor that doesn't change the sound effect. It can not be obtained by the player.

Ingram MAC-10 - 9x19mm
Unlike the main characters, generic enemies exercise trigger discipline. This is mainly achieved by their inability to actually grasp anything.


In the pre-rendered attract mode video, Zashyron fights an assailiant that is wielding a Intratec TEC-9. For some reason it has a metal frame with lots of rivets.

Intratec TEC-9 - 9x19mm.
Lots of detail. Too bad it's the wrong detail.

Long Guns

No long guns are usable by the player characters. Tri-Ace has stated this decision was due to them requiring additional animations.

Lewis Gun

The collectable doll Witchy Bazooka, contrary to her name, has a Lewis Gun as an accessory.

Lewis Gun - .303 British

AK-101 with GP-30

Some later game enemies uses AK-101s with GP-30s attached. The GP-30s are never used and these enemies throw hand grenades like all the human enemies do.

GP-30 40mm grenade launcher mounted on an AK-101 (5.56x45mm)
Being the only enemies to pack a rifle, these bandits have much higher range and damage than those before them and are a significantly tougher fight.

Unknown Rifles

The main characters base has a small target shooting setup. Given they aren't secured and there are no holes in the wall, they are likely air rifles.

"At least it's better than shooting a paper target."

Winchester 1897

Some bandits wield oddly small Winchester Model 1897s. Guard NPC on the upper levels also hold them.

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun - 12 gauge.
A bandit in the bestiary wields a shotgun.

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