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The Satan Bug

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The Satan Bug
The Satan Bug Poster.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by John Sturges
Release Date 1965
Studio The Mirisch Corporation
Distributor United Artists
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lee Barrett George Maharis
Dr. Gregor Hoffman Richard Basehart
Ann Williams Anne Francis
Gen. Williams Dana Andrews
Dr. Yang James Hong
Eric Cavanaugh Richard Bull
Donald Frank Sutton
Veretti Edward Asner
Lt. Raskin John Clarke
Lt. Johnson Hari Rhodes

The Satan Bug is a 1965 thriller movie directed by John Sturges and loosely based on the 1962 novel by Alistair MacLean. A deadly virus nicknamed "The Satan Bug" is stolen from a top-secret bioweapons laboratory. Lee Barrett (George Maharis), a former intelligence agent turned a private investigator, is brought back to service to ivestigate the case and prevent the usage of the virus that can lead to the death of all life on Earth.

The following weapons were used in the film The Satan Bug:


Colt Detective Special

Colt Detective Special revolvers are used by Lee Barrett (George Maharis), the head of SDI (a fictional special service) Eric Cavanaugh (Richard Bull) and his subordinates, Ainsley's henchman Veretti (Edward Asner) and the pilot (Michael Barrier) of Ainsley's helicopter.

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with Round Butt - .38 Special
Lee Barrett aims a Colt DS in the scene on his boat.
Barrett waits in ambush with the revolver in hand in the same scene.
Eric Cavanaugh holds his revolver in the scene in the lab.
Veretti holds a Colt DS.
Veretti holds his Colt during the encounter with SDI agents.
An SDI agent (William Bryant) surrenders his Colt DS under the threat of the opening the flask with the virus. The second agent (James Doohan) also surrenders his revolver in this scene but his gun is seen in distance and may be a Colt DS or a S&W 36. The second seems more credible as only a single gun of each of these models is seen at a time.
A fake SDI agent (Steve Gravers) aims a Colt DS at Dr. Hoffman.
The pilot of Ainsley's helicopter draws his revolver in the final scene.
Another view of the revolver.

Smith & Wesson Model 36

When Veretti (Edward Asner) holds at gunpoint Barrett and Ann Williams in the minivan, his revolver switches to a Smith & Wesson Model 36 due to a continuity error. SDI agents, as well as one of the Ainsley's henchman, posing as an SDI agent, also use S&W 36 revolvers. Lee Barrett (George Maharis) seizes the revolver of the said fake agent in the climactic scene.

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special. First pattern with flat latch cylinder release.
While in the minivan, Veretti's revolver switches from a Colt DS to an S&W 36.
Veretti holds the revolver with cocked hammer.
A fake SDI agent (Harry Lauter) at the foreground holds an S&W 36. The flat latch cylinder release can be seen.
Another view of the same character's revolver.
A SDI agent at the far right holds an S&W 36 after the shootout with Donald and Veretti.
Barrett aims an S&W 36 in the climactic scene.
Barrett aims the revolver at Hoffman during the final confrontation in the helicopter.
Another view of Barrett's revolver.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

Security guards of the Station Three lab and police officers carry revolvers in holsters. Smith & Wesson Model 10 seems to be a decent guess.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 - .38 Special
A security guard (John Hubbard) carries a holstered revolver. The grip matches the S&W Model 10.
A police officer on the road block carries a holstered revolver.
A police officer carries a holstered revolver during the operation on the Dodger Stadium.


Custom Luger P08

Ainsley's henchman Donald (Frank Sutton) is armed with a Luger P08, fitted with a perforated barrel shroud. The pistol was dressed as a futuristic weapon for the 1963 episode "Death Ship" (S04E06) of The Twilight Zone TV series and reused in Satan Bug (maybe this prop found usage in even more productions). When the pistol fires, there is only a faint smoke from the barrel, but the jointed arm moves, so this is not a toy gun.
In one scene captured Lee Barrett (George Maharis) makes an attempt to escape, disarms Donald and seizes the pistol (it is seen very blurry in his hands) but in turn he is disarmed by Veretti (Edward Asner).

Luger P08 - 9x19mm. The screen gun is fitted with a custom barrel.
Donald aims his pistol at Barrett and Ann Williams.
The barrel is seen inside the shroud.
The perforation on the barrel shroud is seen.
Donald holds the pistol.
Veretti holds Donald's pistol after he disarms Barrett.
An SDI agent examines Donald's pistol.
Another view of the pistol in hands of the agent.


Remington Model 870

Two SDI agents who try to intercept the minivan of Ainsley's henchmen are armed with Remington Model 870 shotguns. During the confrontation they have to surrender the guns, and Donald (Frank Sutton) takes a shotgun. Remington 870 shotguns are also used by SDI agents and police officers in other scenes.

Remington 870 Police Magnum Riot Shotgun - 12 gauge
A Remington 870 is seen in the police car.
SDI agents (William Bryant at the foreground, James Doohan at the background) aims their shotguns at Donald and Veretti.
One of the agents runs with the shotgun in hands.
Donald holds a shotgun.
Donald aims the shotgun at the far left.
An SDI agent fires a shotgun at Donald and Veretti.
He operates the pump.
The same character carries his shotgun (at the left) after the shootout.

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