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Flame and Citron

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Flame and Citron
'Cinema Poster
Country DEN.jpg Denmark
GER.jpg Germany
Directed by Ole Christian Madsen
Release Date 2008
Language Danish
Studio Nimbus Film Productions
Wüste Filmproduktion
Distributor IFC Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
Bent 'Flame' Faurschou-Hviid Thure Lindhardt
Jørgen 'Citron' Haagen Schmith Mads Mikkelsen
Ketty Selmer Stine Stengade
Aksel Winther Peter Mygind
Karl Heinz Hoffmann Christian Berkel
Gilbert Hanns Zischler
Frode 'Ravnen' Jacobsen Lars Mikkelsen
Flame's father Jesper Christensen
Teddy Thomas Voss

Flame and Citron (Original title: Flammen & Citronen) is a 2008 Danish-German war drama set during the Nazi occupation of Denmark directed by Ole Christian Madsen and starring Thure Lindhardt and Mads Mikkelsen.

The following weapons were used in the film Flame and Citron:


FN M1906

Flame (Thure Lindhardt) and Citron (Mads Mikkelsen) carry FN Model 1906 pocket pistols.

FN Model 1905/1906 - .25 ACP
Flame puts his personal weapons on the table. On right is a FN Model 1906.
When transported by ambulance Citron pulls his spare pistol hidden on his leg.

FN Model 1900

Flame (Thure Lindhardt) primarily uses a FN Model 1900 pistol.

Model 1900 - .32 ACP
Flame aims his gun at Col. Gilbert (Hanns Zischler).
FN Model 1900 in the middle.

Luger P08

Some characters, include Citron (Mads Mikkelsen), are armed with Luger pistols.

Luger P04 - 9x19 mm
Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Citron used a Luger P04 with long barrel.
Danish SS officer are seen with standard type.

Beretta Model 1935

The commander of the Copenhagen Gestapo Hoffmann (Christian Berkel) carries a Beretta Model 1935 pistol.

Beretta Model 1935, the .32 ACP version of the Model 1934. Other than caliber, the pistols are identical.

Walther PP

SS-sturmbannführer Hermann Seibold (Karel Dobrý) pulls a Walther PP pistol on Flame.

War Time Walther PP - .32 ACP

Walther P38

One of the Gestapo man shoots in captured Resistance fighters from a Walther P38 pistol.

Walther P38 pistol - 9x19mm

Mauser Model 712 Schnellfeuer

A Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer pistol is seen several times throughout the film.

Mauser Model 712 Schnellfeuer with 10-round magazine - 7.63x25mm Mauser
The Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer in Citron's trunk (far left).
The Gestapo man shoots captured resistance fighters with a Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer fitted with holster/stock.

Bergmann-Bayard M1910/21

On top of the pile of weapons in the Citon´s trunk is Danish Bergmann-Bayard M1910/21 pistol.

Danish Bergmann-Bayard M1910/21 - 9×23mm Largo

Colt M1911A1

Citron (Mads Mikkelsen) has a Colt M1911A1 pistol in his trunk as well..

Pre-War Colt M1911A1 Pistol - Commercial Model known as the "Colt Government Model" - .45 ACP

Colt Model 1903/1908

Among the weapons in Citron's trunk is a Colt Model 1903/1908 pistol.

Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless Pistol Blued - .32 ACP

Danish M1880 Army Revolver

Both main characters also own a Danish M1880 revolver.

Danish M1885 - .45 Cal
Flame's Danish M1880 Army revolver laid out in front of him.
Citron (Mads Mikkelsen) takes out a revolver from his trunk.

Submachine guns

Sten Mk II

Flame (Thure Lindhardt) and Citron (Mads Mikkelsen) are seen in action with Sten Mk IIs.

Sten Mk II - 9x19mm
Flame with a Sten gun.
A Sten gun in Citron's trunk. Note that the magazine well housing appears to be vertical, however this is a feature of the Mk II Sten whereby it could be rotated downwards when a magazine was not inserted to act as a dust cover for the magazine well and the ejection port.
A magazine being inserted after the magazine well has been rotated to the correct position.
Citron uses this weapon in the final battle with the Germans.

Husqvarna M/1944

Danish Nazi and resistance fighters are armed with Husqvarna M/1944 submachine guns.

Husqvarna M/1944 (Swedish copy of Suomi KP/-31) - 9x19mm Parabellum
A patrol of Danish Nazis is armed with Husqvarna M/1944 submachine guns.
Some members of the patrol have also a Karabiner 98k (background in middle).
In the final battle with the nazis is Citron (Mads Mikkelsen) seen also with this weapon (alternated stick and drum magazines).


Some nazis and resistance fighters are armed with MP40 submachine guns.

MP40 submachine gun - 9x19mm
The SS officer in the car holds a MP40.
The SS officer shoots at a fleeing Citron.
The resistence fighter Heinrich (Martin Greis) (left) fired a MP40.


Karabiner 98k

Danish nazis and German soldiers widely were equipped with Karabiner 98ks.

Karabiner 98k - German manufacture 1937 date - 7.92x57mm Mauser

Machine guns

Bren Gun

The resistence fighter Teddy (Thomas Voss) uses a Bren Gun.

Bren Mk1 - .303 British


German troops are equipped with MG42 machine guns.

MG42 Machine Gun - 7.92x57mm Mauser.

ZB26 Machine Gun

German soldiers have also a ZB26 Machine Gun

ZB26 Light Machine Gun - 7.92x57mm

Hand grenades

Mills Bomb

Citron (Mads Mikkelsen) in his last fight throw a Mills Bomb at the Nazi soldiers.

Mills Bomb High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade

Model 17 Eierhandgranate

Citron (Mads Mikkelsen) has in his trunk also a Model 17 Eierhandgranate.

Model 17 Eierhandgranate neuer Art ("New Model").

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