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Noragami BR DVD cover.jpg
Country Japan.jpg Japan
Language Japanese
Channel MBS
Tokyo MX
BS Fuji
Creator Kotaro Tamura (Director)
Genre Mystery
Broadcast 2014
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 25+OVA

Noragami (ノラガミ) is the 2014 anime series about stray Shinto God, named Yato.

The following weapons were used in the anime series Noragami:



Bishamonten (or Bishamon - shinto God of War) possess shinki yokai (Japanese demon), named Kazuha, that can transforms to the M1911A1 pistol during the battles. Bishamonten often fires this guns akimbo with Smith & Wesson Model 629. Bishamon continue uses it at the second season, before Yato destroyed it by his sword.

World War II Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP. This was an issued U.S. Army pistol with parkerized finish, thus the official designation of M1911A1
Bishamon draws her pistol during the opening credite.
Close Up at the "Borderline" (S1E05).
Shinki yokai transforms to the pistol at the "Scary Person" (S1E06).
Two holstered handguns. M1911A1 at the left. "Scary Person" (S1E06).
Bishamon fires her handguns akimbo at the "Scary Person" (S1E06). M1911A1 in her right hand.
Another close Up at the "Wish" (S2E4).
Bishamon fires at the "Wish" (S2E4).

Luger P08

Yokai, named Nora (Stray) transforms to Luger P08 in the hands of God Ebisu during the battle in Yomi (hell in Shinto) at the "The Sound of a Thread Snapping" (S2E09).

Luger P08 - 9x19mm. This is blank adapted movie gun.
Good view of the barrel.
Noragami Pistol 2 2.jpg
Noragami Pistol 2 3.jpg
Close view of the slide.

Smith & Wesson Model 629

Another Bishamonten shinki yokai, named Karuha, can transforms to the Smith & Wesson Model 629 during the battles. Bishamonten often fires this guns akimbo with M1911A1. At the second season the grip changes to wooden. This gun was also destroyed by Yato.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 with Hogue Grips - .44 Magnum
Shinki yokai transforms to the revolver during the opening credite.
Bishamon fires at the "Scary Person" (S1E06).
Close view of the cylindr at the "Scary Person" (S1E06).
Bishamon struggles with Yato at the "Scary Person" (S1E06).
Two holstered handguns at the "Scary Person" (S1E06). Smith & Wesson Model 629 at the right.
Bishamon fires her handguns akimbo. Smith & Wesson Model 629 in her left hand at the "Scary Person" (S1E06).
Close Up at the "False Bond" (S2E03).
Bishamon aims at the "False Bond" (S2E03).
Another view of the same scene at the "False Bond" (S2E03).
Bishamon covers with her revolver at the "Wish" (S2E04)

Long Guns

Browning BPS

Serial killer fires Browning BPS at the "The Yatogami Serial Murder Incident" (OVA 3)

Browning BPS Hunter Model - 20 Gauge
Noragami shotgun 1.jpg
Serial killer fires...
...and fires again.
Noragami shotgun 4.jpg

Daisy Red Ryder

Bishamon and Kazuma both "fires" Daisy Red Ryder air rifle at the shooting range at the "A Picture Together" (OVA 4).

Daisy Red Ryder with brown stock - .177
Bishamon ivestigate air rifle.
Noragami rifle 2.jpg
Kazuma "fires".
Noragami rifle 4.jpg
Noragami rifle 5.jpg
Noragami rifle 6.jpg


During the opening of the first season, the song states that Yato uses a rifle (小銃; Shoujuu), but it never appears in this anime.

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