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Traitor's Gate (Das Verrätertor)

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Traitor's Gate
(Das Verrätertor)
Traitors Gate Poster.jpg
Original English Poster
Country GER.jpg West Germany
UKD.jpg UK
Directed by Freddie Francis
Release Date 1964
Language English
Studio Rialto Film
Summit Film Productions
Distributor Constantin Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Trayne Albert Lieven
Graham / Dick Lee-Carnaby Gary Raymond
Dinah Pawling Margot Trooger
Hope Joyner Catherine Schell
Hector Eddi Arent
Kane Klaus Kinski
Inspector Adams Edward Underdown

Traitor's Gate (Das Verrätertor) is a 1964 West German-British detective movie directed by Freddie Francis and adapted from the 1927 novel by Edgar Wallace. Crime mastermind Trayne (Albert Lieven) plans to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. He organizes the escape of convict Graham (Gary Raymond) who looks astonishingly similar to the officer of Queen's Guard Dick Lee-Carnaby who serves in the Tower. Trayne's secretary Hope Joyner (Catherine Schell) who is Dick's bride becomes an involuntary helper. However, when a curious German tourist (Eddi Arent) accidentally gets involved in the case, the plan goes wrong...

The film is the eighteenth installment in the Rialto Film studio film series (1959-1972) adapted from the novels of Edgar Wallace. Unlike most films of the series, this one was really filmed in England, voiced in English and only then dubbed in German.


The following weapons were used in the film Traitor's Gate (Das Verrätertor):


Harrington & Richardson Premier

Trayne's henchman Kane (Klaus Kinski) carries a Harrington & Richardson Premier compact top-break revolver in several scenes.

Harrington & Richardson Premier 2nd Model - 4th Variation - .32 S&W
In the opening scene Kane fires his revolver at a police motorcyclist who pursues fugitive Graham.
Kane holds the revolver in the final scene on the steamer.
Traitors Gate-Revolver-3.jpg
Kane aims his revolver at Dick Lee-Carnaby and Hope Joyner.
A good view of the revolver on the promotional image. The shape of the trigger guard allows to differ H&R Premier from very similar Iver Johnson Safety Automatic.

Webley .38 Mk IV / Enfield No.2

During the investigation of the robbery in the Tower, an MP carries a revolver in a WWII pattern canvas holster, used for Webley .38 Mk IV and Enfield No.2 revolvers. As only the minor part of the grip is seen, there is no way to identify the gun.

Traitors Gate-Revolver2-1.jpg



Kane (Klaus Kinski) uses a suppressed M1911 pistol in several scenes. The fake suppressor is screwed inside the barrel, as it is often seen on screen. When Kane kills a criminal who tried to blackmail Trayne, the pistol is fitted with a kind of cover over the ejection port, probably to prevent the spent brass to fly away. When the pistol fires, the slide moves back but but much less than it should have.

M1911 - .455 Webley Auto Mk. I, a licensed handgun to the British Armed Forces during and after World War I
Kane kills a blackmailer.
Another view of Kane's pistol in the same scene.
Kane threatens Hope Joyner (Catherine Schell).
A promotional image that depicts the same scene provides a different view of the pistol.
Another view of Kane's pistol in the same scene.
Kane surrenders his pistol to Graham under the threat of the latter's gun. The lanyard ring is seen on the grip; such feature is more common to WWI British contract M1911s.

Beretta 950 Jetfire

After the robbery, Graham (Gary Raymond) holds a compact pistol, fitted with a sound suppressor. It is seen mostly in darkness, but judging by the size of the gun, the Beretta-style open-top slide, the logo on the grip and the shape of the trigger guard, the gun is supposed to be a Beretta 950 Jetfire. During the conflict with Trayne, Graham uses his pistol to shoot Trayne's bodyguard and then puts the gun in hand of stunned Trayne. Nevertheless in the following scene on the steamer, Graham again holds same pistol.

Beretta 950B Jetfire - .25 ACP
Graham draws a suppressed pistol after the robbery. The open-top slide is seen.
Graham kills Trayne's driver...
...and puts the pistol in Trayne's hand.
Stunned Graham tries to reach his pistol in the final scene.

Unidentified pocket pistol

A pocket pistol is used by Dinah Pawling (Margot Trooger) in the final scene. It is seen only in darkness. Despite the relatively small size of the gun, it has a large bore. Possibly this pistol is not a live gun but some kind of replica.

Dinah holds her pistol.
A view of the muzzle.
Dinah's pistol is seen on a promotional image.

Luger P08

When Kane descends from a helicopter on a steamer in the final scene, he holds a pistol that is supposed to be a Luger P08; but when Kane is on the steamer, he holds a revolver (see above). Very likely Kinski was replaced by a stunt performer during the set of this scene.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Kane holds a Luger when he descends from the helicopter.
Dinah Pawling (Margot Trooger) holds a Luger on a promotional image. She doesn't use this gun in the movie.

Rifles and Assault Rifles


The soldiers of Queen's Guard in the Tower of London carry L1A1 rifles with L1A3 bayonets. An L1A1 in hands of a sentry is best seen during the Ceremony of the Keys.

L1A1 SLR, original model - 7.62x51mm NATO
Traitors Gate-L1A1-1.jpg
Traitors Gate-L1A1-2.jpg
Traitors Gate-L1A1-3.jpg
A sentry performs the rifle drill.
L1A1 rifles in hands of the Guards.

Unidentified Sniper Rifle

A small caliber bolt action rifle with the sniper scope is seen in Trayne's apartments. Kane (Klaus Kinski) and then Dinah Pawling (Margot Trooger) hold this gun but never fire it.

Kane aims the rifle.
Dinah aims the rifle.
The rifle on the table.
Trayne (Albert Lieven) reaches out to the rifle.
The buttstock of the rifle is seen when the gun is in Dinah's hands.


Double Barreled Shotgun

In the opening scene several of the police constables and prison guards, pursuing fugitive Graham, carry Double Barreled Shotguns.

Samuel Buckley & Company/Anson & Deeley Side by Side Shotgun - 12 gauge
One of the pursuers holds a double barreled shotgun.
The shotgun is seen at the right.

Single Barreled Shotgun

Several Single Barreled Shotguns are also seen in hands of police and prison guards.

Savage Model 220B - 20 gauge
Traitors Gate-Shotgun2-1.jpg
Two of the pursuers hold single barreled shotguns.

Other Weapons

BSA Martini Line Thrower

A line thrower, based on Martini-Henry rifle, is used by the robbers during their actions in the Tower.

BSA Martini action line throwing gun - .450 blank
A robber holds the line thrower.
He shoots.

Schermuly Line Thrower

Two Schermuly line throwers, based on Webley & Scott Signal Pistols, are seen in the cabin on the steamer in the final scene. The gun on the top is based on No. 1 Mk. V or No. 2 Mk. V, while the one of the bottom is based on No. 1 Mk. III or No. 1 Mk. III*.

WWII Royal Navy Schermuly Line Thrower No 2 Mk V
WWII Royal Navy Schermuly Line Thrower No 1
Traitors Gate-SchermulyLineThrower-1.jpg
Traitors Gate-SchermulyLineThrower-2.jpg


Original German poster

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