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Fair Wind, "Blue Bird"! (Poputnogo vetra, "Sinyaya ptitsa"!)

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Fair Wind, "Blue Bird"!
(Poputnogo vetra, "Sinyaya ptitsa"!)
PVSP Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
YUG.jpg Yugoslavia
Directed by Mikhail Yershov
Release Date 1967
Language Russian
Studio Lenfilm
Avala Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Milan Petrovic Milenko Jovanovic
Ralph Barney Aleksandr Gavrilov
Mrs. Rips Blazenka Katalinic
Lorimur Boris Amarantov
Gina Savic Radmila Karaklajic
Tanya Ivleva Yevgeniya Vetlova
Captain of "Blue Bird" Vitali Doronin
Dr. Vilar Aleksandar Jesic

Fair Wind, "Blue Bird"! (Russian title Poputnogo vetra, "Sinyaya ptitsa"!, Yugoslav title Dobar vetar "Plava ptico") is a 1967 Soviet-Yugoslav children's adventure movie directed by Mikhail Yershov and based on the eponymous story by Boris Kosier. The schooner "Blue Bird" is sailing along the Adriatic sea coast. The passengers of the schooner are children of several nationalities who are winners of the international competition "For Peace and Mutual Understanding". The ship is released from customs inspection when entering the ports, and drug mafia plans to use "Blue Bird" to smuggle drugs. But two schoolboys, Ralph from USA and Milan from Yugoslavia, uncover the gangsters and thwart their plans.

The following weapons were used in the film Fair Wind, "Blue Bird"! (Poputnogo vetra, "Sinyaya ptitsa"!):

Luger P08

Circus juggler Lorimur (Boris Amarantov) who appears to be a drug courier carries a Luger P08. In one scene the captain of "Blue Bird" (Vitali Doronin) and one of the sailors hold Lugers.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Lorimur holds a Luger.
Lorimur's pistol on the ground.
Due to continuity error, next moment the pistol is seen from another side (and then it reverts to previous position).
Lorimur and Milan grapple for the pistol.
A closeup of the P08.
Another closeup.
Captain (in center) and a sailor (at the left) hold Lugers.

Walther P38

A Walther P38 is used by Dr. Vilar (Aleksandar Jesic) who appears to be a secret police agent.

Walther P38 - 9x19mm
Vilar with a P38.

Various handguns

During the arrest of Lorimur several crewmembers of "Blue Bird" carry revolvers and pistols that aren't seen clear enough for identification.

Sailors with handgunds. A man at the left seems to be holding a revolver, and what appears to be Luger can be seen in center.
Another view of the scene.
The captain holds some hammerless pistol.
A sailor at the right holds a pistol. Lorimur's Luger is seen in hands of Milan at the left.


Ralph Barney (Aleksandr Gavrilov) has a pair of water guns, styled after Smith & Wesson revolvers.

Ralph carries a pair of water guns.
One of these guns is seen next to wounded Ralph.
Milan takes the gun, thinking that it's a real weapon, and aims at Lorimur.
But to Milan's astonishment the revolver only produces a spray of water.

Some firearms can be seen on posters and book covers.

Posters in Ralph's room. At the right a poster for High Noon with Gary Cooper holding Single Action Army revolver. At the left a photo of actors Aleksandr Estrin and Roman Gromadskiy in images of Western movie, holding revolvers, resembling Smith & Wesson No.3 Russian Model. It's worth noting that both actors never appeared in any such movie, so the photo is possibly made specially.
A revolver on book cover.
A Luger on book cover.
A fragment of a poster for some Western movie with a character, holding Winchester Model 1892.

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