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Bergerac - Season 3

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Bergerac S03 DVD.jpg
Country UKD.jpg UK
AUS.jpg Australia
Channel BBC
Seven Network
Creator Robert Banks Stewart
Genre Detective
Broadcast 1983-1984
No. of Episodes 10
Main Cast
Character Actor
Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac John Nettles
Charlie Hungerford Terence Alexander
Deborah Hungerford Deborah Grant
Detective Inspector Barney Crozier Sean Arnold
Detective Constable Wilson Geoffrey Leesley
Diamante Lil Mela White

The following weapons were used in Season 3 of the television series Bergerac:



Smith & Wesson Model 36

WDC Liz Phillips (Celia Gregory) carries a Smith & Wesson Model 36 in "A Hole in the Bucket" (S03E02). In "A Touch of Eastern Promise" (S03E06), Adnan Rashid (Zia Mohyeddin) holds a Smith & Wesson Model 36 that is then taken from him by Zaki Mansoor (Nadim Sawalha). Julian West (Edwin Richfield) uses a Smith & Wesson Model 36 in the climactic scene of "Tug of War" (S03E09).

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special
The revolver in WDC Liz Phillips' purse in "A Hole in the Bucket".
Liz Phillips fires at a hitman.
Adnan Rashid draws a revolver from the glove box in "A Touch of Eastern Promise".
The grip is seen.
Adnan Rashid threatens Zaki Mansoor with his gun.
The gun in Zaki Mansoor's hands.
Zaki Mansoor draws the revolver.
He holds the gun during the boat chase in the final scene.
Julian West aims his revolver in the climactic scene of "Tug of War".
Close-ups of the revolver.
West's revolver on the ground.
West takes Geoff Broughton as hostage.

Unidentified Revolver

Security guards at Gervase Ewell's estate carry holstered revolvers in "House Guests" (S03E10). These full size handguns with wide grips may be some Smith & Wesson or Colt models.

The grip of the guard's revolver is seen. Judging by the size of the holster, the gun has an approximately 4" barrel.


Walther PPK

Skinner (Bruce Lidington) holds a Walther PPK in the climactic scene of "A Hole in the Bucket" (S03E02).

Walther PPK - .380 ACP. Note the ring just behind the magazine.
Skinner draws the pistol.
He aims the gun at Jim Bergerac.

Walther P38

An unnamed hitman (Giles Meredith) uses a suppressed Walther P38 during the assassination attempt in "A Hole in the Bucket" (S03E02).

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
The hitman draws his P38.
He attaches the suppressor. As it is common on screen, the suppressor is screwed inside the barrel.
The hitman readies the pistol.
He fires.

Luger P08

Brigadier Wimble (Ralph Michael) fires a Luger P08 at fleeing burglars in "The Company You Keep" (S03E08).

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Wimble fires his pistol.
The jointed arm is seen moving.

Walther P5

Mercer (Jonathan Kent), the leader of a leftist terrorist group, is armed with a Walther P5 in "House Guests" (S03E10).

Walther P5 - 9x19mm
The Walther P5 (at the top) together with the Uzi and the Browning Hi-Power are hidden on Mercer's yacht.
Mercer holds his P5 when the trio sneak into Gervase Ewell's villa.
Mercer holds one of the hostages at gunpoint.
Mercer aims at Jim Bergerac.

Browning Hi-Power

Neldricken (Dudley Sutton) is armed with a Browning Hi-Power in "House Guests" (S03E10).

Classic Commercial Browning Hi-Power (Belgian Mfg) - 9x19mm
The Hi-Power (at the bottom) together with the Uzi and the Walther P5 are hidden on Mercer's yacht.
Neldricken holds one of the hostages at gunpoint.
Another view of Neldricken's pistol.
The grip is seen when Neldricken uses the pistol to open a briefcase.
Neldricken holds the pistol.

Antique Pistol

An antique pistol is seen on the wall in George Thomas's estate in "Ice Maiden" (S03E04). The furnishings of the house are also used in "S.P.A.R.T.A." (S05E06), and the pistol is probably the same flintlock gun.

Charleville Model 1777 Cavalry Officer Flintlock - .69 cal
A pistol is seen on the wall. It is supposed to be a flintlock gun, judging by what is probably the same prop in Season 5.

Submachine Guns


Hoesler (Patrick Field) is armed with an Uzi in "House Guests" (S03E10).

IMI Uzi with buttstock collapsed - 9x19mm
The Uzi together with the Browning Hi-Power and the Walther P5 are hidden on Mercer's yacht.
Hoesler readies the Uzi.
Another view of the SMG.
Hoesler holds the Uzi when the trio sneaks into Gervase Ewell' villa.
Hoesler breaks into the room.


Unidentified Shotguns

A pair of long guns are briefly seen in George Thomas's estate in "Ice Maiden" (S03E04). The furnishings of the house are also used in "S.P.A.R.T.A." (S05E06) where what are likely the same guns are seen better. Judging by the view in Season 5, they can be identified as shotguns, either single barreled or double barreled.

One of the long guns is seen partially. It seems to have open hammer(s).
Another long gun on the wall. It seems to be hammerless.


Unidentified Rifle

In the climactic scene of "House Guests" (S03E10), a police officer of a special unit holds a rifle, possibly a sniper rifle, that is seen very briefly and in the distance.



In one scene in "The Company You Keep" (S03E08) a historical site with a German coastal gun of unclear model is seen. The walled concrete platform matches the position of the real Battery Lothringen on Jersey, but the gun itself is different from the 15 cm SK L/45 naval guns that were used on that battery.


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