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Baccano! (2007)

Baccano! (translated from Italian as "Ruckus") is a anime television series based on a series of light novels by Ryohgo Narita. The show consists of 13 televised episodes and 3 DVD-exclusive episodes, and is primarily set in New York City and Chicago between 1930 to 1932. The author has cited several American gangster flicks such as The Untouchables, The Public Enemy, Once Upon A Time In America and Miller's Crossing as being key inspirations.

The following weapons were used in the anime series Baccano!:



The iconic M1911A1 is one of the more frequently seen weapons in the series. Most are unmodified, save for the Gandor brothers who all carry M1911A1s equipped with sound suppressors.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
A Russo family thug threatens Jacuzzi with a M1911A1.
A closeup of a M1911A1.
Luck Gandor holds Dallas Genoard at gunpoint with his suppressed M1911A1.
Berga Gandor threatens one of Dallas' thugs.

Luger P08

Goose, the leader of the Lemures, carries a Luger P08.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm

Mauser C96 with Stock

One of the Daily Days reporters is seen with a Mauser C96 fitted with a stock.

C96 "Broomhandle" Mauser fitted with holster/stock combo - 7.63x25mm.
Mauser C96; third from the left


Schofield Model 3

A Schofield Model 3 can be seen in a case on the table during Firo's induction ceremony.

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 with blued finish - .45 Schofield. (left side)

Smith & Wesson Model 10

The Smith & Wesson Model 10 is frequently seen in the hands of various characters.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 w/ 3" barrel - .38 Special
The phony conductor thumbs back the hammer on his S&W Model 10.
"There is no way to be spared!"
"Little Vicky" takes the Flying Pussyfoot's dining car hostage.
"Little Vicky" fires one of his S&W Model 10s.
I shall fire the ceremonial pistola!

Webley Mk VI

One of the reporters at the Daily Days uses a Webley Mk IV.

Webley Mk.IV WW2 British Army version - .38 S&W
Webley Mk. IV; bottom-most weapon


M1903 Springfield

One of the Lemures uses a 1903A4 Springfield Sniper Rifle with an M84 scope.

M1903A4 Springfield sniper w/ M84 scope - .30-06 with

Pump-Action Rifle

Ladd Russo's weapon of choice is a fictional rifle with a straight-grip stock, a hexagonal barrel, and (oddly) no sights; it appears to have been based on the Winchester Model 1873, but is pump-action rather than lever-action. Notably, Ladd typically uses the rifle one-handed; a lever-action rifle could actually be cycled with one hand, so the decision to make it a pump-action instead is rather bizarre.

Winchester Model 1873 "Mare's Leg" with octagonal barrel - .44-40 WCF
Ladd chambers a round in his rifle.
You're just so sure that I'm not gonna do this!
A closeup of the muzzle of Ladd's rifle.
Ladd yells at a subordinate, showing terrible trigger discipline; this is actually appropriate, as beyond Ladd's complete disregard for practically anyone's safety, trigger discipline was extremely uncommon during the 1930s.
One of the bullets from Ladd's rifle, shortly after Graham Spectre manages to grab it out of the air with his adjustable wrench; this isn't even the most impossible thing he does during this scene. Note that the bullet is spitzer-pointed, which would cause some serious problems with his clearly tube-fed rifle.
Another closeup of the muzzle of Ladd's rifle.


Winchester Model 1897

The Winchester Model 1897 makes an appearance in the hands of a police officer during the first episode.

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun - 12 gauge.

Submachine Guns

M1928 Thompson Submachine Gun

Keeping with the classic Depression-era feel, the most prevalent weapon in Baccano! is the iconic M1928 Thompson Submachine Gun.

M1928 "Tommy Gun" - .45 ACP with 50-round drum magazine, made famous through countless classic gangster movies.
A shot of a M1928 being fired as a clip-show of Depression-era images rolls in the background.

Other Weapons

Type 93/Type 100 flamethrower

Near the end of the Flying Pussyfoot arc, Goose is seen using a flamethrower which appears to be a Japanese Type 93 / 100 Flamethrower.

Captured Japanese Type 100 flamethrower.
A shot of the flamethrower's tanks.
Goose aims the flamethrower at Jacuzzi.
Goose with his flamethrower.

Glove Gun

Goose's glove has a semi-automatic gun built into it that fires when the barrel is pressed inward with the intent of pressing the barrel up against a target. This general concept is similar to the OSS Pistol Glove.

OSS Pistol Glove - .38

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