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Strange Brigade

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Strange Brigade
Release Date: August 28, 2018
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion Developments
Platforms: PC
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Strange Brigade is a 2018 third-person shooter that places great emphasis on cooperative gameplay. The game can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes. In the game, the player assumes the role of an adventurer in the 1930s and can team up with three other players to fight against various mythological enemies such as mummies, giant scorpions, and minotaurs. The game's four playable characters, which can be customized, have different weapons and abilities. Each weapon has several upgrade slots that can be used to improve its combat performance. Players can change and upgrade their weapons in the workbenches of a level. The gameplay of the game was inspired by several cooperative games, such as Left 4 Dead and Rebellion's own Zombie Army Trilogy, while the story and tone of the game were inspired by the adventure series of the 1930s.

The following weapons appear in the video game Strange Brigade:


Beretta M1934

The Beretta M1934 has the best reloading speed of all sidearms in the game. It appears as the "Hyde & Sons Compact" and is available in the American Aviatrix Character Expansion Pack.

Beretta M1934 - .380 ACP
The "Hyde & Sons Compact" in-game.
Inserting a new 7-round magazine.
Moving the slide. A cartridge is always thrown out regardless of whether the weapon is empty or not. This feature is present on all sidearms and also some of the submachine guns.

Colt M1911A1

The M1911A1 appears as the "Marley .45 Automatic" and is playable in the base game.

Gold tone replica of an M1911A1
The "Marley .45 Automatic" in-game.
The left side.
Dropping the used 7 round magazine. The used magazine of all weapons contain their bullets.
Relasing the slide.
A "Marley .45 Automatic" in the armory.

Flintlock Pistol

A Flintlock Pistol is used by the "Dread Pirate Tiberian" boss.

Flintlock "Knee Pistol", Tunisia - 45mm (1.77 inch)

Luger P08

Another selectable sidearm is the "Laine P12" which is a Luger P08.

Marushin Gold Luger P08
The "Laine P12" in-game.
The used magazine falls out off the gun. The toggle action is not seen moving.
Inserting a new 8 round magazine.

Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer

The Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer can be purchased in mid-game which has the highest fire rate but the lowest damage. It is referred to as the "Katzen Machine Pistol" in the game; Katzen means cats in German. The modeled 20-round magazine only contains 10 rounds.

Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer - 7.63x25mm Mauser
The "Katzen Machine Pistol" in-game.
Changing the magazines.

Tokarev TT-33

The Tokarev TT-33 is available in the Japanese Naval Officer Character Expansion Pack as the "Marchador TT". With 12 bullets in the magazine, it has the highest capacity of all sidearms.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
The "Marchador TT" in-game.
The left side.
Loading in a full magazine.
Chambering the "Marchador TT".

Walther P38

The Secret Service Weapons Pack gives access to the Walther P38 which appears as the "Wilkens & White P19" and has the best accuracy of all sidearms.

Gold Walther P38 - 9x19mm
Holding the "Wilkens & White P19".
Aiming the pistol.
Racking the slide after reloading a 9 round magazine.

Webley Mk. VI

The Webley Mk VI is the only revolver in the game. It appears as the "Wesley Revolver". Alongside the Beretta M1934, it has the highest damage.

Webley Mark VI - .455 Webley
The "Wesley Revolver" in-game.
Cocking back the hammer.
The opened revolver. Note the spent casings; the game does not keep of how many rounds have been fired. In this case, only one cartridge was fired and yet all are used.
Feeding the cylinder with a speedloader.
Finishing the reload by cocking the hammer.
A "Wesley Revolver" in the armory.

Submachine Guns

Beretta Model 38A

The Beretta Model 38A, labeled "Royce M33 Carbine", can be bought in mid-game. A special version called the "Twin Shooter" can be found in weapon crates.

Beretta Model 38A - 9x19mm
The "Royce M33 Carbine" in-game.
Grapping the used magazine...
...and bringing up a new 50 round one.
The "Twin Shooter" without a magazine.


The Italian FNAB-43 is available in the Secret Service Weapons Pack and appears as the "Stoudenmire 960". Instead of a magazine capacity of 40-rounds, the in-game FNAB has 80-rounds and can be reloaded the fastest.

FNA-B 43 with 40-round magazine - 9x19mm
The "Stoudenmire 960" in-game.
Getting rid of the used magazine.
Inserting a fresh one.
Pulling back the charging handle.

M1A1 Thompson

The M1A1 Thompson appears as the "Thompkins M1" and "Ricochet Rifle" for the special version.

M1A1 Thompson - .45 ACP
The "Thompkins M1" in-game.
Reloading a 20 round magazine.
Charging the "Thompkins".

M3 "Grease Gun"

The M3 "Grease Gun" can be purchased with the Maharani Huntress Character Expansion Pack. It appears as the "Audley A40 Exemplar" in-game and holds 32 rounds in the magazine.

M3 "Grease Gun" - .45 ACP
The "Audley A40 Exemplar" in-game.
Taking the "empty" magazine.
Getting a new one.

OVP M1918

The OVP M1918 is available as the "Chamberlain Automatic Rifle" and holds 35-rounds in its magazine.

Villar Perosa M1918 - 9x19mm Glisenti
The "Chamberlain Automatic Rifle" in-game.
About to removing the used magazine.
Smashing in a new one.


The PPSh-41 is named the "Colbeck Wildfire" in-game and is available in the American Aviatrix Character Expansion Pack. It has the highest damage per second but lacks accuracy.

PPSh-41 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
The "Colbeck Wildfire" is held by the barrel in-game.
Taking out the used mgazine.
Putting in a new 71-round one.
Pulling back the charging handle.

Sten Mk. II

The Sten Mk II is available and is referred to as the "Kingsley Special Repeater" in-game. It holds 28 rounds per magazine in-game; while the real weapon's magazines hold 32, it wasn't uncommon for soldiers to underload them to 30 or 28 to prevent stoppages.

Sten Mark II - 9x19mm Parabellum
The "Kingsley Special Repeater" in-game. Note the closed bolt; this is incorrect, as the Sten is an open-bolt gun.
The other side. Given that it's a Sten, the gold plating probably cost more than the gun itself.
Removing a used magazine, which seems to lack feed lips.
Inserting a "full" mag of 28 rounds.
Charging the gun. Note the ejected casing flying out, despite the magazine having been emptied prior, nevermind that the Sten shouldn't be capable of chambering a round in the first place; to top it all off, the case in question is a bottlenecked rifle round, quite distinctly unlike anything the Sten can actually fire.
The special "Chill Burster".


Carcano M91/41

The semi-auto "Gehrig-Delgane S1" is modeled after the Italian Carcano M91/41 bolt-action rifle and acts like an M1 Garand with its en-bloc clip and fire rate. It can be selectable when purchasing the Secret Service Weapons Pack. The bullets of the "Gehrig-Delgane S1" can penetrate enemies.

Fucile Modello 91/41 - 6.5mm
Holding the "Gehrig-Delgane S1".
Loading in a new 6-round en bloc clip.

De Lisle Carbine

A De Lisle Carbine, appearing as the "Scarab Launcher", can be purchased in the weapon crate which as the name in the game suggests is a grenade launcher.

De Lisle Carbine - .45 ACP

Gewehr 43

The German Gewehr 43 has with its in-game name "Mikhailov-38" a Russian-style origins and is available in the Japanese Naval Officer Character Expansion Pack. The rifle's accuracy recovery is the fastest of all rifles in the game. There are only 4-rounds in its magazine despite having a modeled 10-round one.

Gewehr 43 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The "Mikhailov-38" in-game.
Releasing the empty magazine.
Loading in a new mag.
Charging the "Mikhailov".

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I

The Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I appears in-game as the "Lee Ensham Mk. III" on which the bolt handle is used correctly. However, the rifle does not need to be reloaded.

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mark I - .303 British
The "Lee Ensham Mk. III" in-game.
Chambering a new round.

Mosin-Nagant M91/30

The Mosin-Nagant M91/30, referred to as the "Eastleigh M1" in-game, is available in the Maharani Huntress Character Expansion Pack. It has no bolt handle and fires semi-automatic.

Mosin-Nagant M91/30 - 7.62x54mm R
The "Eastleigh M1" in-game.
Opening the chamber with the non-existent bolt handle.
Sinking in a 5-round stripper clip which gives the rifle a capacity of 10 rounds.

Ross Mk. III

The "Hyde & Sons .303 Huntsman" is a Canadian Ross Mk. III and is also a bolt action rifle in the game. A scoped variant can be picked up from the weapon crates.

Ross Mark III Model 1910 - .303 British
The "Hyde & Sons .303 Huntsman" in-game.
The left side. Note the raised rear sight.
Working the straight bolt handle.
Ross Mark III Model 1910 with Warner & Swasey M1913 Prismatic Musket Sight - .303 British
The special "Huntsman" with a Warner & Swasey M1913 Prismatic Musket Sight.

Winchester Model 1895

The Winchester Model 1895 appears as the "Westminster 1895". Like the "Hyde & Sons .303 Huntsman" and "Lee Ensham Mk. III", it is correctly operated with the lever and also does not need to be reloaded. The special version has a scope and is just called the "Westminster", which fires semi-automatic.

Winchester Model 1895 - .30 Cal
The "Westminster 1895" in-game.
Ejecting a spent casing by moving the lever.
The special "Westminster" with a Model 330 Weaver scope.


The ZH-29 appears as the "Audley Burst Rifle" and (as the name already reveals) is a 3-round burst rifle with a 15-rounds magazine. The special variant turns it into a full-auto variant.

ZH-29 with 10-round magazine - 7.92×57mm Mauser
Holding an "Audley Burst Rifle" in the afterlife.



A Blunderbuss can be found inside a weapon crate.

Blunderbuss Flintlock
A floating "Blunderbuss" over the crate.
The player character holds the "Blunderbuss". The gun fires its available 12 rounds semi-automatically; the hammer moves back without cocking.

M30 Luftwaffe Drilling

The in-game "Leamington Model 14" is an M30 Luftwaffe Drilling.

Sauer & Sohn M30 Luftwaffe Drilling - 12 gauge, 9.3x74mmR
The "Leamington Model 14" in-game.
The used shells flying out.
Inserting two new shells.

Sawed Off Double Barreled Shotgun

The weaponry includes a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun under the name "Eastleigh Express" or the "Shockgun" for the special variant.


Winchester Model 1897

The "AB Woolf Slamfire" is a Winchester Model 1897.

Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun" - 12 gauge
Holding the "AB Woolf Slamfire".
There is also no reload animation, the player character just pumps the action for the next shell.

Grenades & Explosives

"Decoy Grenade"

Model 1914 ball grenade; for comparision



Fuse Grenade

A type of fuse grenade is used by undead buccaneers in "Isle of the Dead".

1700 Hand Grenade


The in-game grenade is heavily based on an M67 hand grenade.

M69 training grenade

"Land Mine"

A landmine can be selected that detonate either by stepping on it or after 30 seconds.

A thrown "Land Mine" on the ground.

"Sticky Bomb"

Arrived at an object, it extends its spikes.



Several Pirate cannons can be used throughout the "Cut-Throat Cavern" mission.

Naval cannon - 18th century
The player character ingnites the fuze.
After firing a shot, the muzzle of the cannon is blown up.


A flamethrower can be picked up from a weapon chest.


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