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From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games
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Well, my real name is Daniel,I like this site very much. Is the only wikia I known so far that have also funny jokes. I also like guns, can talk about them for hours... I live in Italy for now. I hope to do a good job here. I like to travel, see new places and make new experiences, and discover about the countries's firearms industries and equipment of their armies. I would like to make friends here.

And this page is my personal space so please dont edit here. If you wanna say something to me, tell me in the talk page, is 100% sure that I will reply.


Sex = Male

Race = Caucasican

Nationality = Polish/Italian (naturalized)

Birthday = 1st June 1998

Height = 1,80cm circa

Weight = 50 kg circa

Spoken Languages = Italian (C2),English (C1),Spanish (B1),Polish (B1),French (A1),Cyrillic,Greek Alphabet,Georgian Alphabet, Glagolitic Alphabet

City/Zone where I live = Rome,Italy,Europe

Current job(s) = Anthropology Student

IMFDB needed equipment that I own: PS3,PS4,Tablet.

Favorite Games with guns

Here you can find the ones in black (exept Gun Builder) as they are not accepted officially:


Real Life (best simulator ever and with the biggest arsenal)

Assassin's Creed Series (specially the first 2,Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood,Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Chronicles: Russia,Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed Syndicate.)

Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 4

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield V

Call of Duty 3 (not owned yet)

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: WWII

Crash Bandicoot: N'Sane trilogy (yeah I m surprised to find guns there)

DayZ (not owned yet)

Enemy Front

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 5

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto V (Althought the favorite version is the enhanced because of the presence of the PL-01 Tank, I own the PS3 version. Also is the game that made me discover IMFDB.)

Gun Builder

Hatred (not owned yet)

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (not owned yet)

Mafia 2


Manhunt 2

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Sniper Elite V2 (not owned yet)

Sniper Elite III (not owned yet)

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

This War of Mine

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2

Weaphones series

Weapons Stripping 3D

Just Cause 3 (not owned yet)

Favorite Games without guns (yet)

I would like to see a guns in these games, cause I like to find guns in unexpected places.


Witcher 3

Favorite Movies

21 Jump Street (2012)

22 Jump Street

22 Minutes (22 minuty)

American Sniper

A Bridge Too Far


Central Intelligence

Delta Force

Demons of War (never seen yet)

Dictator, The


Civil War

Crank: High Voltage

Final Score

Hangover, The series


Hostage X

Hotel Rwanda (not seen yet)

Hot Fuzz

How I Unleashed World War II (remastered version,colored,still very funny,but just saw the desert part)

Olympus Has Fallen

London Has Fallen

Limitless (TV Series)

Lord of War

Losers, The (2010) (Jensen looks like me, in both appareance and personality)

Mother's Day (Dzién Matki)

Fast & Furious series

Foreigner, The

GoldenEye (1995)

Punisher: War Zone

Purge, The series

Sniper: Special Ops




The Belko Experiment

Rambo III

Zero Dark Thirty

Jackal, The

John Wick: Chapter 2

Kingsman: The Secret Service

War Dogs

Informer (2019), The

Medias with Polish Armed Forces

  • Wargame: European Escalation

Medias with Italian Armed Forces

Pages and sections I created







Major Contributions

Guns I used

  • Guns I fired
  • Guns I held

Airsoft and Replicas

Real Steel

Unusual Guns and Favorires

I like guns with unique features.Like the Galil with his bottle opener and wire cutter. If you known some particular guns, lemme known.


Countries that I had visited (and their guns)

Just listing the firearms used by armies during my lifetime (1998-present).

Italy: Multiple times : Beretta AR-70/223 (former),Beretta ARX-160,Beretta 92FS.

Poland : Multiple times : Kbs wz.96 Beryl (former),Grot,WIST-94 (former),VIS 100.

Austria : Multiple times : AUG,Glock 17

Czechia : Multiple times : Vz. 58 (former),CZ 805 BREN,CZ 75.

Ireland : 2013 : AUG,Browning HP (former),USP. (RoI] SA80,Browning HP (at the time), Glock 17 (currently) (NI)

Canada : 2014 : Diemaco C7,Browning HP (former),C22

Monaco: 2017 : M16A2,Glock 17

France: 2017 : FAMAS (former),HK416F,PAMAS G1 (former),SIG SP2022 (former), Glock 17

Denmark : 2017 : M/95 and M/10,SIG P210 (former), SIG-Sauer P320.

Sweden : 2017 : AK5 and AK5C,Glock 17

Germany : 2017 : G36 (former),G95,P8

Slovenia : 2017/2018 : Zastava M70 (former), FN F2000 (former) FN SCAR-L, Beretta 92FS

Malta : 2018 : FAL (former), AKM, Makarov PM, Beretta 92FS

Ukraine : 2018 : AK-74, Makarov PM, (former), Fort-14

Lithuania : 2019 : G36, Glock 17 (former), SFP9

Latvia: 2019 : G36, Glock 17

Estonia: 2019 : G3 (former), Galil, (former), LMT R-20 RAHE, USP

Finland: 2019 : Valmet M62, Glock 17

Slovakia: 2021 : Vz. 58 (former), CZ 805 BREN, CZ 82/83 (former), CZ 75

Hungary: 2021 : AK-63 (former), CZ 805 BREN, FEG PA-63 (former), P9RC (former), CZ P-09

Serbia: 2021 : Zastava M70 (former), Zastava M21 (former), Zastava M19, Zastava CZ99

Macedonia: 2021: Zastava M70 (former), Colt M4A1, Zastava CZ99

Albania: 2021: ASh Tip 1 (former), Beretta AR-70/223, Makarov PM (former), Beretta 92 (former), Beretta Px4 Storm

Netherlands : 2022 : Diemaco C8,Glock 17

Belgium 2022 : FNC (former),FN SCAR,Browning HP (former),FN Five-seven

Luxemburg : 2022 : AUG (former), HK416,Glock 17

United Kingdom : 2022 : L85,L9A1 (former),L131A1

And of course these 2, which I always forget : Vatican and San Marino. These 2 doesn't have a proper armed forces and of course they don't develop guns.

Vatican : multiple times : SIG SG 550,P220.

San Marino : Beretta SC-70/223,Beretta 92FS.

Guns that I think fitted in games

For not waste space in talk pages here you can find my opinion :

Assassin's Creed Syndicate : Nagant 1895,Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver,Webley Mark IV

Assassin's Creed Unity : MAS 1873 used by Gendarmerie in Belle Epoque instead of flintlock pistol,Kar98k in WW2 instead of Brown Bess Flintlock Musket.

Battlefield 1 : Carcano M91 in "Avanti Savoia",Steyr 1912 used by Austro-Hungarian troops.

Battlefield 3 : FAMAS used by French police,MP-443 Grach instead of AKS-74U in Comrades loadout,Istiglal sniper rifle,INSAS,RGO.

Battlefield 4 : Enemies use a bigger loadout e.g. Chinese Assault use QBZ-03,Heavies use QJB-95,snipers use QBU-88,Russians use AK-12 variants; all alongside these already used,Chinese used Chinese launchers instead of Milkor MGL and SMAW,Istigal sniper rifle,Maadi,Maadi Griffin,Type 98,Pindad SS2,Type 11,Galil ACE,Type 82 hand grenade.

Battlefield 2042 : Beretta ARX-160,Beretta APX,CZ 805 BREN,CZ 75 P-09,Grot,VIS 100,Heckler & Koch HK433,K2C1,Daewoo K5,Vektor CR-21,Vektor CP1,FX-05 Xiuhcoatl,

Battlefield: Bad Company : OTs-14 Groza,MEC using Hatsan Escort instead of TOZ-194,MKEK JNG-90 instead of GOL sniper rifle,Tariq instead of MP-412 REX,RGO.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 : Original guns instead of having 1 version with attachment and 1 not,Arisaka Type 38 used in Operation Aurora,Saiga-12K used by Russians instead of TOZ-194,PKM or PKP Pecheneg instead of QJY-88,SVD or SV98 or SVU Dragunov instead of QBU-88,KSVK instead of Barrett M95,RPG used instead of Carl Gustav M3,G3 used instead of AEK-971 by Militia,OTs-14 Groza,RGO.

Battlefield Hardline : Alejandro sniper rifle,Makarov PM,FX-05 Xiuhcoatl,ARX-100,Galil ACE,Mossberg 500,Colt Junior.

Battlefield V: Sten used in "Under No Flag" instead of M1928 Thompson,M1 Garand used by the US Army in "The Last Tiger",M1 Bazooka in "The Last Tiger",MAS-36 used in "Tiralleur",Kbsp wz. 38M.

Bravo Team : AK74,Saiga-12,SVD,PKM.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare : Armatix xP1,PHASR,Tracking Point sniper rifle,Beryl M762 used by Nigerian Army instead of AK-12 Protorype,Kel-Tec PMR-30, SVU Dragunov, Bullpup PKP Pecheneg,HK416,X95,Barrett XM109,MP-443 Grach used by KPA instead of VBR-Belgium PDW,Kord instead of DShK.

Call of Duty: Black Ops : Most of anachronistic guns exept PM-63 doesn't fit,Webley Mark IV used by British Commando in Project Nova,M79,SKS,K-50M,RGD-5.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II : G3,PM-63,MSBS,SAR-21,XM25,Colt Python,vz. 61 Skorpion,AK-12 instead of AN-94, HK416 used by US soldiers instead of XM8,AK-103,Galil ACE,SIG-Sauer P320,MP-443 Grach,APB,Alejandro sniper rifle, a Pakistani gun,PKM,PP-19 Bizon,PKP Pecheneg,Hawk shotgun,QSZ-92,QBU-88,RPG-32,CornerShot,M26 MASS,SDC western weapons replaced by Chinese ones.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III : SAR-21,Maadi Griffin,SIG-Sauer MCX, Demons Within : M1 Garand,M1 Carbine,M1897 Trench Gun used by US Army,Kar98k,MP40,StG-44,Panzerschreck by Nazis.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War : G3,SVD,Makarov PM,RGD-5.

Call of Duty: Ghosts : AK-103 and FN FAL (these two at least in Legends Never Die),CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM,WIST-94L,Taurus PT 24/7,FX-05 Xiuhcoatl,PKP Pecheneg,Remington 870 MCS, Galil ACE,SCAR-L,Thales F90,Sako TRG-42.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare : Armatix xP1,PHASR,Tracking Point sniper rifle,X95 as "MTAR-X2",SIG-Sauer MPX,SIG-Sauer MCX,SCAR-L.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS) : Makarov PM,P226,L85A2, G3,M4A1,L115,M249,PKM,M79,M72 LAW,SA-7 Grail,RGD-5.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare : Makarov PM,P226,AK-74,L85A2,L115,PKM,RGM-140 Kastet,M79,SA-7 Grail,RGD-5.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Nintendo DS) : AK-103,FAL,SVD,Barrett M82,PKM,P226,Makarov,RG-6.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 : Saiga-12K instead of Armsel Striker,MP-443 Grach used by Russians,P226,DSR-1 instead of WA2000,C14 Timberwolf,L115,Bushmaster M17S,MGL-140,RG-6,SA-7 Grail,Russian use Russians guns instead of foreign guns.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 : Saiga-12K used by Russians instead of SPAS-12,M1014 instead of SPAS-12,HK416 instead of Colt CM901,MP-443 Grach instead of MP-412 REX,FAMAS in French levels,SIG 516,Remington 870 MCS,MG3,vz. 58,CZ 75,Skorpion in Czech levels,MGL-140,RG-6,British guns in Mind the Gap,Indian guns in Persona Non Grata,PP-90 in Turbolence,SA-7 Grail,RGO.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Nintendo DS) : M16A4,RPK-74,PKM,Remington 870 MCS,Saiga-12K,PP-90M,PP-19 Bizon,Makarov,RG-6,AT4,SA-7 Grail,RGO.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) : G36C used by Price in "Captive" instead of Heckler & Koch HK433,M240 used by Marines instead of Heckler & Koch MG5,Makarov PMM,MP-443 Grach,Saiga-12K,Fort-12,FNP-45,Five-seven,Browning HP,USP,CZ 75,P226,PR-15 Ragun,CornerShot,MP9,Beretta ARX-160,Haenel MK-556,MSBS,C14 Timberwolf,McMillan TAC-50,MG3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) : FX-05 Xiuhcoatl,Five-seven,AK-12,Saiga-12K,SVD,MP-443 Grach,G36,USP,Grot,VIS 100,Beretta ARX-160,Beretta APX,Beretta M9A3,CZ 805 BREN,CZ 75,HK416,Daewoo K2C1,Howa Type 20,Heckler & Koch VP9,QBZ-95,QBZ-191,QSZ-92,SIG-Sauer P320,XM7,Springfield XD,Zastava M19,Zastava CZ99,C14 Timberwolf,McMillan TAC-50.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (2023) : FX-05 Xiuhcoatl,Five-seven,AK-12,Saiga-12K,SVD,MP-443 Grach,USP,Grot,VIS 100,Beretta APX,CZ 75,HK416,Daewoo K2C1,Howa Type 20,Heckler & Koch VP9,QBZ-191,QSZ-92,SIG-Sauer P320,L85A3,Springfield XD,Zastava M19,Zastava CZ99,C14 Timberwolf,McMillan TAC-50.

Call of Duty: WWII : MAS-36,Vis wz. 35,P38,Colt M1909,Sten used by S.O.E. agents instead of M3 Grease Gun.

Crash Bandicoot: N'Sane Trilogy: usable: F88 Austeyr,Browning HP,Glock. unusable: AKM,Remington 700 instead of Evans Repeating Rifle,Milkor MGL,M67.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive : Makarov PM,Manurhin MR-73,Beretta AR-70/90,Beretta ARX-160,CTAR-21,G36C,Saiga-12K,SVD,Sako TRG-42,PSG-1,DSR-1,PKM.

Death Stranding : Lee-Enfield (usable), Winchester Model 1912 (usable), M1 Garand (usable), M1 Carbine (usable), M3 Grease Gun (usable), M1 Bazooka (usable), M16 (usable), M60 (usable), M4A1 (usable),SIG-Sauer MCX,SIG-Sauer MPX,Kriss Vector,SIG-Sauer P320,Crye Precision Six12 instead of fictional shotgun,Barrett MRAD,Heckler & Koch M320,X2 Taser.

Enemy Front : FP-45 Liberator,MAS-36,Krag-Jørgensen,DP-27,PPS-43,Vis wz. 35.

Far Cry 2 : Galil or Vektor R5,M16A2 instead of "Armalite AR-16",L85A1 (maybe as a Easter Egg,jams even without rust),FAMAS,Vektor Z88,Vektor SS-77,Hungarian guns,Brazilian guns.

Far Cry 3 : M249 used by Mercs Heavies instead of PKM,MP5A3 used by Sam Becker instead of AK-103,Beretta M9,M4A1,FAL,Pindad SS2,Arisaka Type 38,Nambu Type 14,Howa Type 89,Minebea P9,AUG,USP,Type 97 hand grenade.

Far Cry 4 : FAL or L1A1 used by Royal Army instead of AK-103,INSAS,Browning HP,MSG90 used by snipers instead of SVD,M16A2 or G36C used by Royal Guards instead P416,MP5 used by Royal Guards Chargers,M4A1,Beretta M9,QBZ-95,QSZ-92,Brown Bess Flintlock Musket,Blunderbuss,Gahendra,MP40,Lee-Enfield,L85A2,Glock 17.

Far Cry 5 : SIG-Sauer P320,Glock 17,Tokarev TT-33,Makarov PM,Springfield Armory XD,Colt Single Action Army,Remington 870,Remington 700,M4A1,SIG SG 552,SIG SG 556,SIG 516,SIG-Sauer MCX,L85A1,USP,G36,Galil ACE,SCAR-L,M2 Flamethrower,Kar98k,M1 Garand,M1 Carbine,BAR,M1 Thompson,FG42,M1941 Johnson machine gun,StG-44,AW,Serbu BFG-50A,Uzi. (Base game) PM-63 used by VC instead of MP40, Tokarev TT-33 used by VC,RPD used by VC instead of M60, Mosin Nagant instead of CZ 527,SKS,K-50M. (Hour of Darkness) Five-seven,FN F2000 (Far Cry: New Dawn)

Far Cry 6 : Mambi AMR,PM-63,SA-7 Grail,GP-25.

Ghost Recon : Shadow Wars : PKM,PKP Pecheneg,KSVK,PP-90M,PP-19 Bizon,HK416,HK417,M110,Saiga-12K,M1014,MP-443 Grach, AT-4,Carl Gustav M3.

Ghost Recon : Predator : Browning HP,MP5,MP5SD,Barrett M82.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier : G3,Browning HP,Glock 17,GSh-18,SIG-Sauer P320,Beretta M9,M4A1,AK-103,FX-05 Xiuhcoatl,HK416,Integrally suppressed Six12,Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout,Kord instead of GE M134,RPG (usable),AT-4,Carl Gustav M3,FGM-148 Javelin.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands : HK21 used by Cartel Heavy Gunman instead of PKP Pecheneg, Galil ACE used by Los Extranjeros Heavy instead of Vector R5,Ingram FBM,Ruger Security-9,Ruger Mini-30,Archangel Stock Ruger Mini-14,M762 Beryl, MSBS Bullpup,G3,Browning HP,Walther PPK,SIG-Sauer P320,Glock 17,MP-443 Grach,Caracal F40,Cobray Street Sweeper,ARX-160,ARX-200,Beretta Px4 Storm,Jericho 941,CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM,QCW-05,QSZ-92,Imbel IA2,FAD Assault Rifle,Diemaco C8,Valmet M62,Gepard GM6 Lynx,Howa Type 89,FNC,MARS-L,Kar98k,Walther P38,Browning M2,Carl Gustav M3,L123 used on L85A2 instead of FN EGLM,FN EGLM used on SCAR instead of GLM grenade launcher.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint : Winchester Model 1887,Caracal Sultan,MP-443 Grach,Jericho 941,Glock 17,Zastava CZ99,CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM,Heckler & Koch HK433,MSBS Bullpup,PR-15 Ragun,MARS-L,Haenel MK-556,XM7,FIM-92 Stinger,FGM-148 Javelin.

Goldeneye Reloaded : Saiga-12K used by Russians instead of Mossberg 500,MP-443 Grach instead of Tokarev TT-33,Walther PPK,PP-2000 instead of MP5K,AKS-74U instead of MP5,PP-91 Kedr,Beretta 92FS,Spanish guns in Nightclub.

GTA1 : M1911A1,Beretta 92FS,P226,Desert Eagle,Colt Python,Taser,Micro Uzi,MAC-11,TEC-DC9,M16A2,Remington 700,Remington 870,M37 "Stakeout,M60,M72 LAW,HK69A1.

GTA London : Browning HP,Webley revolver,Luger P08,Walther PPK,L1A1 SLR,Lee-Enfield,Double Barrel Shotgun,Bren.

GTA Advanced : Beretta 92FS,Colt Python,Taser,MP5A3,M16A2,Remington 700,HK69A1.

GTA : Chinatown Wars : M16 used by US Army instead of AK-47,Glock 17,Desert Eagle,M4A1,Remington 1100,Remington 700,PSG-1,NDM-86,HK69A1.

GTA III : MP5,M4A1,Beretta 92FS,Colt Python,Taser,HK69A1.

GTA: Vice City : M72 LAW,Beretta M12,M16A1,Beretta AR-70/223,Beretta 92,M79.

GTA: San Andreas : Glock,Armsel Striker,MAC-10,M16A2,Barrett M82,M249 SAW,M79.

GTA IV : MP5 or UMP variant instead of Filipino MP-10,Beretta M9,Double Barrel Shotgun,SVD instead of PSG1,Zastava M70,Zastava M21,Zastava CZ99,M26 Taser in base game,Galil,Colt Anaconda in TLaD version.

GTA V : Glock or Beretta 92FS instead of Taurus PT92, Glock 18 instead of "AP Pistol",FIM-92 Stinger used by US Army,Diemaco C8,USAS-12 instead of "Assault Shotgun",Mk 18 instaed of "Carbine Rifle",FN P90 or Magpul PDR instead of "Assault SMG",M249 SAW instead of "Combat MG",FX-05 Xiuhcoatl,Galil ACE,Cordoba pistol,MAC-11,USP,Chiappa Rhino,MP-443 Grach,SVD or SVU Dragunov,PP-2000,Beretta ARX-160,APS Underwater Rifle,AT-4,CheyTac M200,C14 Timberwolf,California-compliant AR-15,Russian guns used by Bogdan's Crew like Saiga-12K instead of Mossberg 590,PP-2000 instead of Micro Uzi,MP-443 Grach instead of Taurus PT92,PP-19-01 Vityaz,AK-103 instead of Norinco Type 56-2, more real-life-like guns.

Half-Life : M45 MARSOC instead of Desert Eagle used by USMC,M1014 instaed of SPAS-12,M16A3.

Half-Life 2 : AKM,XM29 OICW,G36.

Homefront (VG) : SIG-Sauer P320,M14 EBR,AK-101,M26 MASS.

Mafia: Definitive Edition : Smith & Wesson Model 27 instead of Colt Python,Winchester Model 1897 instead of Remington 870,Carcano M91,BAR.

Mafia 2 : Lupara,M1 Carbine,BAR,Carcano M91/30,Beretta M1934,M1 Bazooka.

Mafia III : XM21,Carcano M91/30,MAS-36,vz. 58,FN FAL,BAR (usable),Tokarev TT-33 (usable),Walther P38,Beretta M1951,M2 Flamethrower.

Manhunt : M1911,MP5A3,Remington 870,Remington 700 instead of Enfield Enforcer.

Manhunt 2 : Orion Flare Gun instead of Model 4 flare gun,M1911,MP5A3,Remington 700 instead of Enfield Enforcer.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter : Zastava M70 and Zastava M84 in the level "Old Friends",Armscor M30 in Filipino levels,Diemaco C8,SVD,Kbs wz.96 Beryl.

Metal Gear : Vector R5,M16A2,BXP,MP5SD,Truvelo CMS,M24 SWS,Mossberg 500,M249 SAW,Vektor SS-77,Milkor MGL.

Metal Gear 2 : Makarov PMM,AK-74,AUG (usable),AKS-74U,Mossberg 500,MP5SD2,SVD,M24 SWS,M249 SAW,PKM,RG-6,RPG-7.

Metal Gear 2: Snake's Revenge : P226,AKS-74U,AKM,G3,SVD,PKM,M79,RPG-7.

Metal Gear: Ghost Babel : FN P90,NeoStead 2000,Truvelo CMS,M110,M249,Milkor MGL,Carl Gustav M3,FIM-92 Stinger.

Metal Gear Solid : Colt M4 used by Genome soldiers,M1014 (support troops in TS),M249 SAW,Milkor MGL,SR-25,AT4,Tabuk Sniper Rifle for Sniper Wolf.

Metal Gear Solid 2 : FN P90 (usable),Glock (usable),AN-94 (usable),SPAS-12 (usable),MP5SD2,M1014,M249 SAW.

Metal Gear Solid 3 : Makarov PM (usable),Type 17 (usable),RPD,PK,LPO-50 flamethrower instead of M2 Flamethrower,wz.1960 grenade launcher,SVT-40,LAW,MTs 21-12,MAC-10,Nagant 1895.

Metal Gear Solid 4 : FAD Assault Rifle or Galil ACE for South America Militia,Remington 870 custom used by PMCs instead of Masterkey,AA-12,CheyTac M200, Smith & Wesson Model 629 Stealth Hunter,AKM,AK-107,FN F2000,Beretta M9,vz. 58,CZ 75,CZ 805 BREN,Howa Type 89,Minebea P9,M203 instead of XM320 on the M4A1,TDI Vector,M26 MASS instead of Masterkey, American guns in American places instead of Russian ones, e.g. Barrett M82A2 instead of SVD in Shadow Moses.

Metal Gear Solid V : Browning HP,M1911A1,Ruger Mk II,Makarov PM,Glock 17,APB,Colt Python,Colt Single Action Army,Sa.25,MP5,MP5K,Uzi,G11,Remington 870,Saiga-12,Mossberg 590 Bullpup,HS-10,M16A1,CAR-15,Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot,FAL,G3,AKM,AK74,AKS-74U,Heckler & Koch MSG-90,SVD,AW50F,Gepard GM1,Remington 700,Mosin Nagant,VSS,Barrett M82,PTRD-41,PTRS-41,FN MAG,FN Minimi,M60,PKM,RPK,RPK-74,HK79,GP-25,M203,Milkor MGL,OICW,M47 Dragon,FIM-92 Stinger,SA-7 Grail,Carl Gustav,RPG-7,RGD-5.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance : Barrett XM109,Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf used by Denver Police instead of "MAK-200",FX-05 Xiuhcoatl in Mexico,AK-12 or G-13 in Georgia,real guns instead of these fictionals,usable guns with HF bayonets.

Red Dead Redemption :  Mondragón Rifle,Spanish Mauser 1893, Model 1879 Hotchkiss, Springfield M1903.

Red Dead Redemption II : Colt M1871, Colt Lightning, Colt 1878 Double Action, Remington Model 1890, Smith & Wesson Model 3, Smith & Wesson  Safety Hammerless, Colt-Burgess rifle , M1895 Lee Navy, Winchester Model 1895, Mle 1892 Revolver, Mauser C78, Spanish Mauser 1893

Resident Evil 4 : Star Model P,Star Z84,CETME Model L,G36,PSG-1.

Resident Evil: Village : Mod. 2000,Dracula md.98,Beretta ARX-160,PSL,Pm. 64,Pm.66,AG-7.

Scribblenauts : M60 instead of M84 Skorpion,Desert Eagle,AKM,M16,AUG,FAL,M14 EBR,SVD,Remington 700,M3 Grease Gun,SPAS-12,M4 Super 90,M79,FGM-148 Javelin,FIM-92 Stinger.

Sleeping Dogs : QBZ-95,QBZ-03,QSZ-92,QBU-88,QJY-88,QLB-06,QCW-05, CS/LR4,AMR-2,M99,Type 64 submachine gun, Type 82-2,Type 56,NDM-86, Type 64 pistol,Glock 17,Glock 18,Smith & Wesson Model 10,MP5A3,HK416,HK417,Redon RD-5M.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 : Zastava M70 used in Sarajevo instead of INSAS,Zastava M76,M4A1,STAR-21,XM8 Sharpshooter.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 : Bor,G-13,SIG-Sauer P320,PSS-2,M4A1,G36C,AK-12,HK416,LSAT,PKP Pecheneg,PP-19 Bizon,MP5 MLI,MP7,SR-3M,SVU Dragunov,Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout,DRD Tactical Paratus,Sako TRG-22,DSR-1,Haenel RS9,Saiga-12K,RPG-7,Georgian guns.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts : Makarov PMM,FN Five-seven,QSZ-92,QCW-05,PP-19 Bizon,SIG MPX,QBZ-95,SCAR-L,Saiga-12K,Hawk shotgun,Bor,PKP Pecheneg,RPG-7.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 : Beretta M9A3,Beretta Px4 Storm,Beretta APX,SIG-Sauer P320,Five-seven,Caracal F40,USP,MP-443 Grach,Jericho 941,IWI Masada,Zastava CZ99,Springfield XD,QSZ-92,Beretta Mx4 Storm,FN P90,PP-19 Bizon,PP-19-01 Vityaz,MP5 MLI,Uzi Pro,QCW-05,Beretta ARX-160,SIG-Sauer MPX,SCAR-H,Sultan,HK416,HK417,AUG A3,Grot,Galil ACE,IWI Carmel,MPT-76,QBZ-95,Zastava M19,Desert Tech MDR,Saiga-12K,Tavor TS12,Scorpio TCT,Steyr Scout,SCAR Mk. 20,Zastava M93 Black Arrow,Tor,Desert Tech SRS,RPG-32.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist : SVD,UTAS UTS-15,AW,DIO KH2002,L85A2,M4A1,SIG 516,INSAS,Beretta M9,Glock 17,Sako TRG-22,FN FAL,SR-3M,FN P90.

Starfield : Armatix xP1,SIG-Sauer P320,Glock 17,Caracal F40,FN Five-seven,Beretta APX,Heckler & Koch VP9,FN P90,TDI Vector,Beretta PMX,AR-15,XM7,Beretta ARX-160,X95,AK-12,KS-1,CZ BREN 2,Sultan,QBZ-191,Howa Type 20,Scorpio TCT,FN EVOLYS,SIG-Sauer MG 338.

The Last of Us : Beretta M9 (usable), M1911A1,Thompson Center Arms Contender instead of "El Diablo',ArmaLite AR-7,M24 SWS,SR-25,M14,Ruger Mini-30,Barrett M82MP5A3,MP5SD,M60,M249 SAW,M79, MGL-140,AT-4.

The Last of Us Part II : (Ellie) M1911A1, M60,MP5A3,Ruger Mini-30,TEC-DC9, Barrett M82,M79 (Abby) SW1911,M14 EBR, M4A1,SCAR-H,Mk 48 Mod 1,M1014,Remington 870 MCS,M107A1,M320.

This War of Mine : SVD or Zastava M76,Zastava M84 or PKM,DShK,MP5,MP5SD,Zastava M56,RPG-7.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune : FAL,Taurus Raging Bull,MP5,Pindad SS2,Galil,PKM,M60,Luger P08,Model 24 Stielhandgranate.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves : Makarov PM instead of Colt Defender,PKM instead of fictional minigun,Mini Ero instead of Micro Uzi,TOZ-194 instead of Mossberg 500 by Mercs,Zastava M70,RG-6 or RH-Alan RGB6 instead of Milkor M32 MGL,FIM-92 Stinger or SA-7 Grail,Beretta 92FS used by Istambul police instead of Desert Eagle.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception : Mossberg 500 used by Agents instead of Double Barrel Shotgun, AW sniper rifle instead of Finnish TKIV 85,L85A2,FAMAS in French levels,G36,M4A1,Micro Uzi,Webley revolver,Lee-Enfield.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End : Beretta ARX-160 used by Mafiosi instead of Robinson Armament XCR,Vektor SS-77 used by Shoreline instead of Stoner 63,Milkor M32 MGL instead of "China Lake Launcher,Fostech Origin-12 instead of "Condor",Vektor R1 instead of IMI Romat, P226,Beretta 92FS (usable).

Uncharted: Lost Legacy : Ishapore 1A1 SLR instead of IMI Romat,PKM istead of Stoner 63,SVD,AK-103,SA-18 Igla,MSBS,Glock 18,Five-seveN,Browning HP (usable).

Watch Dogs : M4A1,M16A4,Glock,USP,AUG instead of Galil ACE,M249 SAW instead of Ultimax 100, Colt Python.

Watch Dogs 2 : M110 used by Police snipers instead of SVD,TEC-DC9,SIG-Sauer MCX,M4A1,M16,AR-15,Caracal Sultan,AUG,Daewoo K2,M60,PKM,Uzi,Glock 17,P226,Desert Eagle,Caracal F40,USP,Daewoo K5,Defense Distributed Liberator,GL-06.

Watch Dogs: Legion : P226,Glock 17,AX338,L85A3,KS-1.

Wolfenstein: The New Order : M1911A1,M1 Carbine,Walther P38,MP40,StG-44,Kar98k,MG42,Panzerschreck.

Polish made guns

Since the independence of the country, a lot of indigenous design were developed. Most of the guns are made by Fabryka Broni Radom. Other industries exist or existed, like Tarnow or Fabryka Karabinow, the second one was destroyed during WW2. Licensed copies were also made like the Soviet guns during the early years of the Cold War (PPS-43,AKM,RPD,etc) and in modern years more international designs the Walther P99 or the Milkor M32 MGL. Also a lot of modernized Soviet guns are made but in recent years this tendency is disappearing. NOTE! I will show only the Polish guns only if they are present or got pics IN THE SITE.

Fabryka Broni Radom

Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów

Państwowa Fabryka Karabinów

Pioneer Arms Corp


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