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Mle 1892 Revolver

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Revolver d'ordonnance modèle 1892 - 8x27mm SR
Revolver d'ordonnance modèle 1892 - 8x27mm SR (left side)

The Modele d’Ordonnance Mle 1892 revolver was based on an early revolver of the 1880s, which was itself partially designed by Nagant. The Mle 1892 replaced the Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1873 revolver upon its introduction and became the standard military sidearm for French forces until several years after World War I. It continued in French service for over half a century. It was developed by and produced at the government arsenal at St. Etienne and had some of the latest advances in revolver design of its time: a swing-out cylinder, a curved grip, a hammer safety, and an ejector rod which ejected all cases simultaneously. The Mle 1892s frame comes in two halves; the entire left side of the frame is a hinged plate that may be swung forward to allow access to the lock work. The major failing of the Mle 1892 was not in fact the weapon itself, but its underpowered ammunition. The Mle 1892 was also produced in Belgium and Spain, and there were some minor variations over the years; for example, some have round barrels, while others have hexagonal.


(1892 - 1924)

  • Type: Revolver
  • Caliber: 8x27mm SR, 7.62x38R Nagant (Belgian models for sale in Russia), .22 LR (rare target versions)
  • Length: 9.44 inches
  • Barrel Length: 4.50 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Muzzle Velocity: 849 feet per second
  • Capacity: 6-round cylinder

The Mle 1892 Revolver and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notes Date
Morocco Harry Schultz The German Sergeant 1930
Ullrich Haupt Adjutant Caesar
The World Moves On André Cheron A French officer 1934
Daybreak (Le jour se lève) French police 1935
The Road to Glory Warner Baxter Capt. Paul La Roche 1936
Fredric March Lt. Michel Denet
French soldiers
La Grande Illusion seen on table 1937
The Wages of Fear (Le salaire de la peur) Charles Vanel Mr. Jo 1953
Folco Lulli Luigi
Poison Ivy (La Môme vert-de-gris) Jess Hahn Sailors jailer 1953
Roger Hanin Rudy´s henchman
Jean-Marie Robain Willie Freen
The Most Wanted Man (L'Ennemi public No 1) Police and prison guards 1953
Dames Don't Care! (Les femmes s'en balancent) Eddie Constantine Lemmy Caution 1954
Robert Berri Fernandez
Razzia (Razzia sur la chnouf) Albert Rémy Aime 1955
Paths of Glory French officers 1957
The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (Vynález zkázy) Frantisek Slégr Captain Spade 1958
Face of the Frog Werner Hedman Inspektor Genter / Inspector Higgins shorted barrel 1959
Siegfried Lowitz Inspector William Elk
British police and Frog's henchmen
Magnificent Sinner A Russian prison guard officer 1959
Shoot the Pianist (Tirez sur le pianiste) Daniel Boulanger Ernest 1960
Albert Rémy Chico Saroyan
Jean-Jacques Aslanian Richard Saroyan
Highway Pick-Up (Chair de poule) Lucien Raimbourg Roux 1963
Robert Hossein Daniel Boisett
The Indian Scarf Seen in the weapon closet 1963
Code Name: Tiger (Le Tigre aime la chair fraîche) Jimmy Karoubi The dwarf Jean-Luc 1964
Mata Hari, Agent H21 Jean-Louis Trintignant Captain François Lasalle 1964
Jeanne Moreau Mata Hari / Margaretha Geertruida Zelle
French police and officers
Weekend at Dunkirk Jean-Paul Belmondo Julien Maillat 1964
François Guérin A French officer
The Majordomo (Le majordome) A moustached criminal Two revolvers akimbo 1965
The Battle of Algiers FLN guerrillas 1966
Is Paris Burning? A French Resistance fighter 1966
Shock Troops (Un homme de trop) Jean-Claude Brialy Jean 1967
Jacques Perrin Kerk
Michel Creton Solin
Dominique Viriot Julien
The Green Berets Seen on a display board 1968
Ho! Bank security guards 1968
Pasha (Le Pacha) Émile's henchmen 1968
Don't Take God's Children for Wild Geese Dominique Zardi Charles' henchman 1968
Mayerling Omar Sharif Crown Prince Rudolf 1968
Bonnot's Gang (La bande à Bonnot) Bruno Cremer Jules Bonnot 1968
Jean-Pierre Kalfon Octave Garnier
French police
Mr. Freedom Freedom agents and Communists 1969
An Old, Old Tale (Staraya, staraya skazka) Georgiy Shtil Bodyguard 1969
On a Comet Miroslav Holub Hikmet 1970
Penicka & Paraplícko Radoslav Brzobohatý Pěnička 1970
Borsalino Jean-Paul Belmondo François Capella 1970
Alain Delon Roch Siffredi
Lionel Vitrant Fernand
Four Murders Are Enough, Darling Gangsters 1971
Take It Easy It's a Waltz (Laisse aller ... c'est une Valse) Paul Préboist Rollas 1971
The Pariah (La Scoumoune) Gérard Depardieu Burgler 1972
Last Tango in Paris Maria Schneider Jeanne 1972
State of Siege (État de Siège) Police and guerrillas 1972
The Day of the Jackal French officer 1973
Two Men in Town (Deux hommes dans la ville) Victor Lanoux Marcel 1973
Now Where Did the 7th Company Get To? (Mais où est donc passée la 7ème compagnie?) A fake French gendarme In holster 1973
And Now My Love French officers 1974
Kit & Co. Dean Reed Kit Bellew In holster 1974
The Old Gun (Le vieux fusil) Maquisards commander 1975
The Gypsy (Le gitan) Alain Delon The Gypsy 1975
A guard
March or Die Gene Hackman Major Foster 1977
Marcel Bozzuffi Lt. Fontaine
Rufus Sgt. Triand
Judge Fayard Called the Sheriff Roger Ibáñez Sauveur Sotero 1977
Guards of shipments, the killer
The Seventh Company Outdoors (La 7ème compagnie au clair de lune) Jean-François Dérec Francis 1977
Adele Hasn't Had Her Dinner Yet Michal Docolomanský Detective Nick Carter 1978
Rudolf Hrusínský Commissioner Ledvina
Ladislav Pesek Professor Albín Boček
A thug
The Big Red One Vichy French officer 1980
Inspector Blunder (Inspecteur la Bavure) Seen in Michel Clément's apartments 1980
Operation Leopard (La légion saute sur Kolwezi) Pierre Rousseau Marcel Debruyn 1980
Gérard Essomba Bia Komb
Petrovka, 38 Seen in the ballistic laboratory 1980
Coup de Torchon Philippe Noiret Lucien Cordier 1981
Unfinished Supper (Nezakonchennyy uzhin) Seen in documentary footage 1981
Sing, Cowboy, Sing Siegfried Seibt Sheriff of Rosecity 1981
Dan Dobre Arnold's henchman
Fort Saganne Gérard Depardieu Lt. Charles Saganne 1984
Hippolyte Girardot Dr. Courette
H.M. Deserters (C.K. Dezerterzy) Edward Zentara Austo-Hungarian officer 1986
Without a Clue Ben Kingsley Dr. John Watson 1988
Michael Caine "Sherlock Holmes" (Reginald Kincaid)
Wild Target (Cible émouvante) Marie Trintignant Renée Dandrieux 1993
Philippe Girard Tony
Charlie Nelson Hector Dremyan
Twelve Monkeys A French officer 1995
Les Misérables French prison guards 1995
Son for Father... (Syn za ottsa...) seen among the gang weapons 1995
Deserter´s Gold Boguslaw Linda Rysiek "Rudy" 1998
The Prince of the Pacific (Le prince du Pacifique) Thierry Lhermitte Capt. de Morsac 2000
François Berléand Commandant Lefèvre
Patrick Timsit Barnabé
Daniel Giménez Cacho Lefèvre's Second In holster
A Very Long Engagement French officer 2004
The Turkish Gambit (Turetskiy gambit) Didier Bienaimé D'Hevrais 2005
Anatoly Kuznetsov General Ganetsky
Viktor Verzhbitskiy Lukan
Marat Basharov Mitya Gridnev
Joyeux Noel Guillaume Canet Lieutenant Audebert 2005
Days of Glory French Officer 2006
Flyboys James Franco Blaine Rawlings 2006
David Ellison Beagle
Tyler Lebine Briggs Lowrly
Trivial (La disparue de Deauville) Sophie Marceau Victoria Benutti 2007
Mathias Mégard Man in film
Atonement A French soldier 2007
The Army of Crime French Resistance 2009
Rebellion Kanaka separatist 2011
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Jude Law Dr. John Watson 2011
Thierry Neuvic Claude Ravache
This Is the End James Franco Himself 2013
Jonah Hill Himself
Seth Rogen Himself
Danny McBride Himself
Diplomacy French officer 2014
The Water Diviner Greek soldiers 2014
Far from Men Yann Goven René 2014
Viggo Mortensen Daru
An Algerian rebel and a French soldier
The Fear Nino Rocher Gabriel Dufour 2015
Guernica Jack Davenport Vasyl 2016
Allied Raphael Acloque "Renoir" 2016
Wonder Woman German spies 2017
The Guardians Cyril Descours Georges Sandrail 2017
A War Within Sebastian Jessen Esben 2018
A French soldier
An Officer and a Spy (J'Accuse) Jean Dujardin Col. Georges Picquart 2019
Death on the Nile Orlando Seale Captain Rens 2022
All Quiet on the Western Front A French Army Officer 2022


Title Actor Character Notes / Episode Date
Mission: Impossible Joseph Campanella Captain Miklos Cherno "The Spy" (S02E16) 1968
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes Michael Poole Ivanov "The Case of the Dixon Torpedo" (S01E08) 1971
Fantômas Fabrice Luchini Bonardin Ep.2 1980
A police officer
The State Border: Film 4 Gediminas Karka Hamber 1984
Lenin...The Train A French officer 1988
The Alsatians or the Two Matildas Jacques Coltelloni Charles de la Tour 1996
Jürgen Zwingel Ruprecht
Michel Voïta Louis de la Tour
Richard Sammel Ernst von Wismar
Marc Berman Max Seligman
French, Prussian, and German soldiers
Three Days of June Patrick Catalifo Henri Dragance 2004
French soldiers
Verdun: Descent into Hell Johannes Oliver Hamm Charles Delvert 2006
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Cat Among the Pigeons Raji James Prince Ali Yusef 2008
Adam De Ville Bob Rawlinson
14 - Diaries of the Great War French Captain 2014
Les Fusillés Michael Gregorio Bastien 2015
French officers
Endeavour - Season 3 Tom McKay Cole Matthews "Coda" (S03E04) 2016
Tom Mothersdale Peter Matthews
Shaun Evans DC Endeavour Morse
Maigret Leo Staar Inspector LaPointe "Maigret: Night on the Crossroads" 2016
Through the Mill Luc Chareyron French officer 2017
Virginie Ledoyen Lucie Baud
Philippe Torreton Charles Auda
Paris Police 1900 Renaud Rutten Alphonse Chagnolle 2021
Jérémie Laheurte Inspector Antoine Jouin
Christophe Montenez Colonel Gabriel Sabran
Noam Morgensztern Gustave Pertaud Snub nose nickel plated
Members of the Ligue Antisemitique
Hotel Europa David Berton Capt. Escoffier 2022
Henriette Confurius Elsa Wahlen
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - Season 1 seen in armory; "L'ame Perdue" (S1E01) 2023

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Eternal Darkness "Revolver" 2001
Forgotten Hope 2 "Revolver Mle 1892" Added in v2.6 (2022) 2007
The Saboteur ".44 Pistol" has a target barrel 2009
7554 "M1892 Revolver" Standard 2011
Battle of Empires: 1914-1918 "M1892 Revolver" 2015
Verdun "Revolver de 8mm modèle 1892" 2015
Squad 44: Letters From The Front "MAS Mle. 1892" Added in 2024 Operation Clean Sweep Update 2018
Tannenberg "Revolver de 8mm modèle 1892" Romanian Update 2019
Beyond The Wire "Revolver Mle 1892" 2022
Amnesia: The Bunker "Gun" 2023


Title Character Notes Date
Noir Kirika and Altena episode 21 and later 2001
Saga of Tanya the Evil Republican officers 2017
Princess Principal Ep. 03; seen hanging on a wall 2017

Dutch M1891/1894 Army Revolver

Dutch Model 1894 Revolver - Cal. 9.4mm

This revolver was developed specifically for the Dutch (East Indian) military. The M1891 revolvers and their slightly updated M1894 version were intended for the Dutch armed forces and police in the East Indies. Although described as a standalone development, it bears a clear resemblance with the Mle 1892, suggesting that both revolvers had the same origins. Dutch model is different with a solid frame with a one-round reloading system, as in the vast majority of other European revolvers of the time.


Title Actor Character Notes Date
A Woman at Her Window (Une femme à sa fenêtre) Greek secret police 1976

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